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Chapter 100

Lin Yuyan walked towards the old man on the sofa holding her baby.

The child in his arms slept soundly, with a white tender face, a tall nose, and a small pink mouth. It looked very cute.

“This is the old lady of the Chu family.” The steward next to her introduced her.

“I have seen the old man.” Lin Yuyan suddenly felt a strong pressure, and looked up at the old man Chu who was sitting on the sofa with a smile, secretly wondering in her heart, why is such a kind and amiable old man so powerful? The aura.

“Quickly, hurry up and bring the child over and let me have a look!” The old man Chu, who had been looking forward to his grandson for many years, couldn’t move his eyes away anymore when he saw the baby boy.

The old butler walked over, took the child from Lin Yuyan, and sent it to Master Chu.

Mr. Chu’s old face was full of joy, his eyes were out of sight with a smile, and he reached out to take the baby.

The moment he was hugged by Mr. Chu, Xiao Ren’er’s eyes suddenly opened, dark and bright, and looked at Mr. Chu without blinking.

“Hey! My dear grandson! Did you know that it was Grandpa hugging you?” Grandpa Chu liked it so much that he didn’t know what to do. At the first sight of this child, he knew that the child was indeed from the Chu family. Having been in the market for so many years, he has long developed first-class intuition and judgment.

Lin Yuyan heard what Old Man Chu said, and a stone in her heart had fallen to the ground. Originally, she was worried that Old Lady Chu would not recognize this child, but she is all right now! It seems that making a large sum of money is not a problem!

After teasing the little man in his arms for a while, Old Lady Chu began to look at Lin Yuyan who was sitting on the sofa.

The appearance is first-rate and beautiful, but the temperament is not very good, not his ideal grandson-in-law. Old lady Chu made a judgment immediately.

Look at Lin Yuyan’s slender figure, it doesn’t look like the one who had just given birth. There was a little more doubt in my mind.

“What is your name? How did you meet Allen? Was this child born to you and Allen?” The old lady Chu looked very kind, but he shouldn’t be dignified when he is serious.

“Well, my name is Lin Yuyan. I gave birth to President Chu. This is actually a misunderstanding. President Chu and I were drunk the night before…” The old lady Chu was sharp. With a stare, Lin Yuyan became a little incoherent.

“The kid after the one-night stand? How old is this kid? Does Allen know about this?” Old Madam Chu’s eyes became sharper. It feels like this woman is lying.

Lin Yuyan rolled her eyes and lied: “My child, it’s been more than two months. President Chu, he doesn’t know yet…” Seeing the cold face of Old Lady Chu, Lin Yuyan hurriedly distinguished: “But this child is indeed from the Chu family! If you don’t believe it, you can do a DNA paternity test!”

Old man Chu stared at Lin Yuyan with sharp eyes, as if he wanted to tell from her face if she was lying.

Lin Yuyan nodded desperately, for fear that the business would fly away. If the Chu family didn’t admit the child, her plan would be ruined!

“Uncle Li, go and ask the doctor to come over.” Elder Chu ordered.

Lin Yuyan finally let go of her hanging heart upon hearing the words of Mr. Chu. A smug smile appeared on his face.

Mr. Chu glanced at Lin Yuyan, and said majesticly: “Miss Lin, the child will stay with me first, and I will put 100 million dollars into your account. After the identification result comes out, the money will be automatically transferred to you. Account.”

The implication is that you can give you money, but don’t want to enter the gate of our Chu family!

One hundred million dollars! Lin Yuyan’s eyes widened unbelievably! Excited and bowed again and again: “Thank you old lady, thank you old lady!”

Lin Yuyan’s greedy and excited look was seen by Old Man Chu, and she couldn’t help snorting coldly.

This kind of woman is not worthy of entering the Chu family’s gate! However, the old man Chu looked down at the child in his arms, a doting smile floated on his face, this child was really cute, he looked exactly like Allen when he was a child!

Great! He finally has a great grandson! Old lady Chu looked at the baby in his arms with love.


In an inconspicuous small apartment in Chicago, Noila Mo was lying on the bed.

The tears have drained, and the heart is so painful that I have long lost the ability to ache, and my pale hands are stroking the deflated belly nervously…

Baby… baby, why did you leave your mother? Mom hasn’t had time to take a look at you… baby, my dear daughter, what do you look like? Does it look like a mother?

Yu Feng came over and handed over a bowl of chicken soup with some guilt: “Noila, get up and have some soup! Your body is too weak, and you need a good supplement.”

Noila Mo said lightly, “I have no appetite.” He stopped looking at Yu Feng.

She had resentment towards her sister and Yu Feng in her heart. The child died when she was born. It was fate. She didn’t blame others, but why didn’t she let her take a look at the child? She gave birth to the baby who had worked so hard in October, so why didn’t she take a look at it and deal with it?

My sister said that she was afraid that she would be sad. But isn’t she sad now? She always looked at her child in her dreams, even if she only glanced at her… to see what her little baby looked like, otherwise, she would not even recognize her little baby when she went to heaven in the future…

I heard it was a daughter, the little girl she dreamed of, her little boy, but her mother hadn’t even seen it!

Tears filled my eyes again, the pillows under my head were all soaked, and my heartache was so painful that I couldn’t breathe!

In just a few days, Noila Mo had lost more than ten kilos, and her weight had completely dropped to the level before pregnancy. The whole person was lying on the bed, completely like a thin shadow, like a paper man, so pale and thin that it palpitated.


“Master! Congratulations!” As soon as Allen Chu returned home, the servants began to congratulate him.

“Congratulations?” Allen Chu raised his eyebrows and asked strangely. Today he just received the report from City C, and Noila Mo still has no shadow at all. Including the woman who sold Liang Nuanxin’s ring, she also evaporated! No clue can be found. His heart is heavy.

“Master, you have a son! A woman came to the door with a child in the morning and said it was your son. The old lady sent someone to do a DNA paternity test. That child is indeed yours!” The servant said beamingly .

“Son?” Allen Chu walked to the living room with the servant for some reason.

Old lady Chu was teasing the child with the nurse. As soon as he saw Allen Chu coming back, Mrs. Chu raised his hand to him with joy: “Allen, my good grandson is so cute, you kid, you finally did something that made me happy!”

Allen Chu walked over and looked at his son who had appeared inexplicably.

A pair of clear big eyes are dark and bright, and the white part of the eyes is slightly blue, as clear as the most transparent lake. The white and tender skin has no blemishes, and a layer of fine hairs evenly covers it. With a tall nose and a little pink mouth, he looked at him curiously.

Allen Chu’s heart suddenly softened, and his cold and arrogant eyes became a little more gentle. The baby in the swaddle seemed to notice his changes, suddenly grinned, and gave Allen Chu a big smile!

One of the softest corners in Allen Chu’s heart was suddenly touched, and in an instant, he fell in love with this child deeply. This is his son, and the magical telepathy tells him that this is definitely his son!

Grandpa Chu said jealously next to him: “Little things, I laughed so happy when I saw my dad! Why didn’t you laugh when grandpa hugged you?” He gently scratched the child’s small face with his fingers, and the spoiled look was so fascinating. Can’t stand it.

Allen Chu carefully picked up the child and looked at it carefully. The more I look, the more I like it! Old Madam Chu also smiled and said, “Look, it looks like you when you were a kid! It’s almost printed in a mold!”

Allen Chu also felt that the child was familiar, but the more he looked at it, the more he realized that this child was a bit like Noila Mo! The corners of the crooked lips, the eyes that squinted like a little moon with a smile, look so much like Noila Mo!

Allen Chu smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly: Allen Chu, are you crazy! Noila Mo hates that you are too late, where would you be willing to give birth to a child! Besides, the child in her belly is not yours, it’s that senior…

He picked up the child lovingly, and pressed his face to his soft little cheek. Allen Chu found that he really loved this child. I fell in love with the first sight.

“Allen, give your son a name!” The old lady Chu smiled and k*ssed the child’s face.

Allen Chu pondered for a while: “Sihan. It’s called Sihan.”

Chu Sihan, Old Madam Chu thought for a while, and shook his head. The name is not good and not expensive enough.

Allen Chu raised his eyes and looked at Old Madam Chu: “It’s called Sihan.” Old Madam Chu and Allen Chu looked at each other for a while. Forget it, because this kid gave him a good grandson, he was called Si. Chill.

“Little Sihan, dear baby, hurry up! When you grow up, grandpa will take you around the world!” Old grandpa Chu began to tease the child. Suddenly he was a little sad: “Oh, my dear grandson, when you grow up, grandpa is too old. I’m afraid grandpa won’t see you grow up!”

The atmosphere was a little sad for a while, and Allen Chu stood by the sofa and looked at Mrs. Chu. He was also slightly sad. Grandpa is indeed old, and his hair is completely white.

“Allen, when are you going to play until? When will you be willing to get married?!” Old Madam Chu’s voice increased. This grandson is so uncomfortable, he won’t get married when he is 27. He still wants to wait to drink his wedding wine!

“Grandpa, don’t worry about that.” Allen Chu said lightly.

“Don’t worry? Don’t worry about whether you won’t get married in this life!” The old lady Chu has an angry face: “Uncle Li, how is the matter of choosing a wife for Allen going? You must show me the results within a week. !”

Seeing the old lady Chu’s anger, Li Shu, the housekeeper, quickly replied: “I have shown the young master 1,000 photos, and he is not satisfied! He is not even willing to meet him!”

“Then find 1,000 more girls! Find all the single and unmarried women from all over the world, and let him choose!” Old Madam Chu’s voice was firm.

Chapter 101

After Noila Mo lay on the bed for more than a month, her spirits improved.

Lin Yuyan and Yu Feng left a sum of money for her to travel in France. That’s good, Noila Mo really doesn’t want to see them now.

Although I knew that my sister was doing it for her own good, the practice of disposing of the newly born baby without letting her look at it was really hard for Noila Mo to accept.

The weather outside is fine. Noila Mo suddenly wanted to go out for a walk. She never went out much since she was in Chicago.

I couldn’t wear clothes when I was pregnant before, but fortunately, Lin Yuyan left a lot of clothes. Noila Mo rummaged in it for a long time and finally found a black dress that was not so coquettish.

Putting on a black skirt, simply tied her hair in a ponytail, and then wrapped a thin beige scarf, Noila Mo wrapped her back and went out.

The sky was blue, and the red men and green women walking on the street were all strangers, and Noila Mo suddenly found that he was homesick. In this season, City C is the time when flowers are in full bloom, and the air is full of faint fragrance of flowers…

How is Dad? Has the body fully recovered?

Senior Shen, how is he? You should be married, right?

Also, that person, Allen Chu, how about him? He has long forgotten that there is another Noila Mo in the world, right? A few months is enough for the vicissitudes of life.

The little woman on the street, with the tranquility on her face after healed from a huge wound, her white face is extremely transparent in the afternoon sun. The exquisite facial features have attracted the attention of Europeans and Americans passing by. Typical oriental beauties…

The special paparazzi who looked around for Allen Chu’s fiancee with a camera also spotted Noila Mo. You don’t need to look too beautiful, but you have to have a good temperament, and look pure… Isn’t the little woman in front of him what Old Man Chu wants from Allen Chu’s fiancee?

The shutter of “Kachakacha” flickered, but Noila Mo, who was sitting in a corner cafe, was completely unaware of it. She was immersed in the warm sunshine, and the trauma and grief seemed to be slowly fading. Long feather eyelashes are hanging down, and the serene expression is as beautiful as an oil painting.

“Master, what do you think of these?” As soon as Allen Chu arrived home, the butler took out a bunch of photos and handed them to him.

Allen Chu glanced casually, and felt bored: “Not qualified! Look for it again!”

“Young Master” the butler said aggrievedly, “Just take a look! Eric said that the quality of this batch is very high, and they are of the type you like. You can choose again!”

Allen Chu pulled off his tie and sat down on the sofa. He took the photo and looked at it absently.

The photos are all the beauties taken on the streets, in shops, and cafes. As long as there is something he likes, they can be found for him immediately. Chicago is the home base of the Chu family.

This is the idea of ​​Old Lady Chu. Allen Chu raised his eyebrows, his grandpa was really worried.

I flipped it casually and threw the photo on the low table in front of the sofa. A photo fell to his feet.

Bending down to pick up the photo, Allen Chu suddenly froze in place. In the photo, wearing a beige scarf, squinting her eyes to enjoy the sun, a girl with a pale and transparent face, who is not Noila Mo!

“Uncle Li! Find this person for me!” Allen Chu’s low voice trembled.

Noila Mo! It’s no wonder that you can’t find you after turning over City C. It turns out that you are hiding in Chicago!


In the apartment, Noila Mo is packing up. She wants to return to China, and now that the children are gone, she no longer has to avoid Allen Chu. She wants to go home to accompany her father.

“Sister, can you tell my father which hospital to stay in? I want to go back to China to accompany him.” Noila Mo called Lin Yuyan.

Lin Yuyan was exercising on the bed with Yu Feng and was about to climax when she was interrupted by a call from Noila Mo. I felt angry. Angrily said: “What to accompany! Your dad is dead!”

After Lin Yuyan finished speaking, seeing Yu Feng’s wide-eyed eyes, she suddenly realized that she had said something wrong! She was just about to die, when Noila Mo called! Can she not be angry!

Forget it, let’s tell her the truth! Anyway, now that 100 million U.S. dollars has been obtained, Noila Mo has completely lost the value of use!

“Sister, what are you talking about!” Noila Mo didn’t believe her ears a little. Although Lin Yuyan has a bad temper, how can she say such things casually!

“I said, your father Mo Baishi is dead!” Lin Yuyan said happily, “When I heard that you ran away, Allen Chu controlled your dad. There was no follow-up recovery treatment at all and let your dad live on his own. Self-destroy!”

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly cramped, as if being tightly pinched by a giant hand, and her voice became dumb: “You said, Allen Chu controlled his father and didn’t give him treatment?”

“Yes! I wanted to transfer Uncle Mo out at the time, but Allen Chu’s people looked too tightly! There was no chance! I can’t blame this, I can only blame Allen Chu!” Lin Yuyan shifted all the responsibility to Allen went on his body, turning black and white.

“Then…then why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Noila Mo’s voice trembled so much that it couldn’t make a sentence.

“You were pregnant at the time, if I told you what to do if you had a sudden abortion!” Lin Yuyan will always have an excuse.

Kacha, the last string in my heart broke. All of Noila Mo’s hopes and worries were all gone! From then on, she was really alone! She lives alone in this world and has no family members anymore!

The phone slipped from his hand, and Noila Mo only felt a smell of sweetness in his throat, covered his mouth and coughed, spreading his hand, with a pool of blood on the palm of his hand.


With a pale face and a thin body, Noila Mo packed simple luggage into the suitcase, looked around the small apartment that left her too many hurtful memories, and got in the car to the airport.

The airport is always busy, Noila Mo looked at the crowd around Yiyi saying goodbye, feeling a touch of desolation in her heart. No one sent her, and no one expected her to come. In this world, there is no one who really cares about her anymore.

Noila Mo dragged the box to the entrance.

“Miss, please wait a minute!” At the corner of the hall, two tall Chinese men wearing sunglasses and black trench coats stopped her.

“Excuse me, are you?” Looking at the other party’s underworld posture, I became a little wary.

“We were sent by Master Chu. Please follow us to see him.” The paler man said kindly.

“Master Chu?” Noila Mo suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

“Allen Chu.” The darker-skinned man said coldly.

As if a basin of ice water poured down from the top of his head, Noila Mo instantly became cold all over! Allen Chu! He actually looked for her to find Chicago!

run! Noila Mo’s first reaction was to run! Dragging the box, Noila Mo turned and ran to the entrance!

The two men next to him seemed to have expected it. Two powerful hands had long clamped Noila Mo’s arm. Before Noila Mo could shout, one of the men had already covered her mouth.

There is a towel in his hand with a pungent smell on it. In a second, Noila Mo fainted.

At the corner of the hall, the original location was hidden, it was a blind spot for surveillance. The two men were tall and tall. After completing such a series of actions, no one noticed them.


Allen Chu was walking around in the living room anxiously. Although the Chu family is very powerful in Chicago, it is not difficult at all to find someone, but it is not easy to say. It has been several days since the time to take the photo. What if Noila Mo just came to travel? What if she has left Chicago?

“Master! The man is back!” said the butler respectfully.

“Bring it here!” In Allen Chu’s always cold and calm eyes, there was a rare touch of excitement and anxiety.

The black-clothed man walked over with the unconscious Noila Mo. The moment his eyes fell on the little woman, Allen Chu was furious, “Let it down!”

The black-clothed man was startled by Allen Chu’s anger and quickly put Noila Mo on the sofa.

Damn it, why would he feel unbearable when he sees other men touching Noila Mo’s body!

Allen Chu walked to the sofa and looked at the little woman condescendingly. The brows frowned tightly.

Noila Mo, why is she so thin! The face that was originally a little fat baby has completely lost its plumpness, thin cheeks and minibuses, and a bit more charming of a little woman. The whole person is also flat, and the slender shoulder blades almost pierce the thin coat.

As if feeling Allen Chu’s blazing gaze, Noila Mo groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

The misty eyes slowly focused, fixedly looking at the man in front of him. The little chest suddenly rose and fell, as if trying to endure a certain emotion.

Allen Chu was also watching Noila Mo quietly. This little woman is so skinny!

“Noila Mo, how did you make it like this!” Allen Chu poked Noila Mo’s cheek with his finger in disgust.

This poke caused Noila Mo’s long-suppressed emotions to burst out suddenly. Tengdi turned over and sat up on the sofa, shaking his hand and slapped Allen Chu!

Allen Chu was beaten up! Angrily rolled under her eyes, one palm clasped her waist, and the other hand squeezed her pointed chin: “Noila Mo, are you looking for death!”

The emotions that Noila Mo had accumulated for a long time broke out completely. His emotions were on the verge of losing control, and he screamed: “Allen Chu, you beast! Get out! Get out of me!” He kicked his hands and feet desperately, thinking To escape from Allen Chu.

“Noila Mo! What are you thinking about!” Allen Chu firmly grasped Noila Mo’s hand. damn it! The joy of seeing her all disappeared! Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen each other for several months. Not only did this little woman not be happy at all, she slapped him as soon as they met!

Does she hate him that much?

Chapter 102

“Allen Chu! Isn’t it enough for you to destroy me? What do you want me to give up! You devil! Beast!” Noila Mo cried loudly. Cried out all the grievances and sadness.

All of this originated from Allen Chu. If it weren’t for the purpose of avoiding his arrest and drifting away, maybe her baby would be healthy after birth!

If he is not so cruel and unfeeling, maybe Dad is now living a healthy and healthy life!

Everything is him! Her life, ever since she met him, has become a mess!

Hearing Noila Mo’s angry accusation, Allen Chu’s anger also rolled over. How could this little woman be so ignorant!

Pulling her hair and pulling her face in front of her: “Noila Mo! Don’t forget, you haven’t fulfilled the mistress contract yet!”

Noila Mo’s crying face was full of tears, and a pair of big eyes stared at Allen Chu bitterly: “What about you! Have you complied with the contract? You are responsible for my father’s death!”

Uh? Mo Baishi is dead? Allen Chu was a little surprised, but didn’t think much.

Ji Hao’s eyes stared at Noila Mo: “It is my business whether I abide by the contract, and what you should fulfill must be fulfilled!”

“What’s the matter! Why is it so noisy!” Old lady Chu walked in with a cane, and the nurse next to him, holding the baby, walked towards the living room.

Allen Chu still respected his grandfather. Released her hand from Noila Mo’s hair, she shouted: “Grandpa.” His eyes immediately moved to the child in the hands of the nurse.

The little guy woke up, curiously opening his eyes and opening the surrounding adults.

When Noila Mo saw the baby in her nurse’s arms, she felt sore, and suddenly thought of her dead baby, her heart was so painful.

Xiao Sihan looked around with big bright eyes, a clever look. Noila Mo looked at the child, and the feeling of maternal love suddenly filled her heart.

Old Madam Chu saw Noila Mo staring at the child with a pair of water eyes, her eyes shining like a motherly tenderness, and she had a good feeling for the disheveled, pale and thin young woman in her heart.

As long as he loves his good grandchildren, they are definitely good people. This is the logic of Old Lady Chu.

“Allen, what’s the matter?” Mr. Chu said majesticly.

“Grandpa, she is my girlfriend. I disappeared some time ago and I just found her back today.” Allen Chu said.

Noila Mo was dumbfounded after hearing what he said. This man, he just opened his mouth to lie!

“Girlfriend?” The old lady Chu looked at Noila Mo’s eyes more seriously. Although the little woman is a bit too thin, but she looks good, and she should be a delicate beauty after a good period of raising her. The rare thing is that she has a pure temperament, her eyes look very kind and decent, she is a good girl.

“Old gentleman, I am not his girlfriend…” Noila Mo hurriedly explained, but she couldn’t say anything afterwards. Can she say that she is not a girlfriend, but a mistress?

In the face of such a kind old man, she really couldn’t speak such words.

“Noila, don’t be self-willed. I was not good before, so don’t be angry. We will live a good life in the future. Huh?” Of course, Allen Chu had to pretend to be a little better in front of grandpa. Looking at Noila Mo’s performance just now, he was convinced that Noila Mo would not dare to tell Elder Chu the truth.

Allen Chu’s gentle tone made Noila Mo get goosebumps. This man is not only domineering and cold-blooded, but also hypocritical!

The adults were chatting, and the little person in the nurse’s arms probably felt a little lonely and started to make a humming sound. Once Noila Mo’s eyes turned to the baby’s face, she couldn’t move it anymore.

“Master, look how cute the young master is!” The nurse said to Allen Chu in kindness.

Young Master? Noila Mo shook her heart. It seems that this child belongs to Allen Chu! Looking at this child, it has only been a month, Allen Chu is really a pig breeder! Show mercy everywhere! Noila Mo snorted inwardly.

But the child was really cute, and Noila Mo couldn’t help but glance at it more.

The more I look at it, the more familiar, this child looks too familiar! I always feel like I have seen it before! There is an indescribable sense of intimacy!

Grandpa Chu looked at his great-grandson dotingly, and told the nurse to say: “Nanny, you have to feed the baby. It’s been more than two months now, and it looks like it’s just been born! It grows too slowly! This is me. The only great-grandson, you have to spend more snacks!”

The nanny quickly said respectfully: “Don’t worry, old lady, the child may not have been taken with him before, so he is so thin. I must feed him well. But he is white and fat!”

After listening to the conversation between the old lady Chu and the nurse, the doubt in Noila Mo’s heart disappeared. It turns out that this is a male baby, more than 2 months old. Her baby is a lovely daughter. If she is still alive, it will only be more than one month.

Seeing Noila Mo staring at the child, the old lady Chu said to the nurse, “Hand it to this young lady to hug.”

Noila Mo widened her eyes in surprise, really? Old lady Chu would agree to let her hug the child?

Noila Mo reached out to take the baby from the nurse. This hug, I can’t bear to let go anymore! The little baby’s dark eyes kept looking at her, and staring at her quietly. After a while, he also grinned at her toothless mouth! The eyes are crooked and as cute as a crescent!

A deep maternal love surged in Noila Mo’s heart. This child is born with her! She fell in love as soon as they met! Although he is not his own child, but I don’t know why, I feel particularly at ease when I hold this child. There is a full sense of happiness.

Maybe she missed her daughter too much…

A teardrop slid down Noila Mo’s pale face and fell on the child’s little face. The child suddenly started crying!

Old Madam Chu glanced at Noila Mo with some dissatisfaction, and the nanny quickly took the child from Noila Mo and took it away.

“Noila Mo, where is your child? I will let Uncle Li pick it up.” Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo’s flat abdomen and asked casually.

A word, teasing all the tears of Noila Mo.

“My daughter… just was born, she died…” Noila Mo’s tears fell like broken beads, crying out of breath.

Noila Mo cried so sad that the old lady Chu couldn’t bear it when he heard it. He made a gesture of “comfort and comfort her” towards Allen Chu and turned away.

Tears drenched her long hair, clinging to her face indiscriminately, her thin shoulder blades almost pierced her thin coat, and her pale face looked desperate and painful.

Allen Chu walked over and took Noila Mo into his arms. He decided not to care about Noila Mo’s slap just now.

Allen Chu’s embrace caused Noila Mo’s cold body to tremble suddenly. He wanted to break free and pushed Allen Chu away with his arms, but Allen Chu hugged it so tightly, with a warm chest with comforting strength and a strong body. Make people feel safe and reliable.

Noila Mo finally gave up struggling and let Allen Chu hug her, crying loudly.

The sorrow that has been accumulated for a long time is so happy to vent! Noila Mo cried for a long, long time, and Allen Chu hugged her like that for a long time. The big warm hand patted her shoulder comfortingly.

Noila Mo was tired from crying, and hadn’t had a good rest these days, and fell asleep in Allen Chu’s arms while crying.

Allen Chu gently hugged Noila Mo horizontally, walked upstairs, and put it on his bed.

Allen Chu has a slight addiction to cleanliness. He wouldn’t lie on the bed without taking a shower, but he just put Noila Mo in his coat on the bed just like that.

When taking off his shoes for Noila Mo, Allen Chu frowned. What kind of life does this little woman lead? Why didn’t you buy a new shoe when it was about to break?

Looking at her cheap coat again, Allen Chu’s brows frowned even tighter.

How did it happen? His woman actually looks so desolate?

Noila Mo slept soundly, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time.

Allen Chu sat by the bed and looked at Noila Mo’s face quietly. Pale and thin, extremely haggard. But the youthfulness of the former girl has completely faded, and the paleness and haggardness of Noila Mo now cannot conceal her femininity.

How can you be so thin! How could his woman become thin like this! Allen Chu used his fingers to lightly outline Noila Mo’s face. I felt distressed for a while. I have to take her to buy some clothes tomorrow.

Noila Mo slept deeply. It was already dark when I woke up.

The bedside light was thoughtfully turned on, and the room was warm and fragrant, which was the comfort and peace of mind she hadn’t enjoyed in a long time.

When her consciousness gradually became clear, Noila Mo remembered that she was in the Chu family now! A Ji Ling, she quickly looked around. Fortunately, she was the only one in the room. Allen Chu is not in the room.

No way! She is leaving! She must get out of here! She doesn’t have any handle in Allen Chu’s hands now, so she shouldn’t be imprisoned by him to become a mistress!

Put on your shoes and run to the window. This is the second floor, but there is a water pipe next to the window. She can climb down the water pipe!

Noila Mo climbed onto the window sill and was about to open the window.

“Noila Mo!” A thunderous roar made Noila Mo tremble and fell from the window sill!

Allen Chu’s gloomy expression was terrifying, and a pair of sharp eagle eyes stared at her closely.

“Well, the weather is very good, what do you think?” Noila Mo looked at Allen Chu’s face, yelled in his heart, and had to change the subject desperately.

“Noila Mo! Don’t pretend to be stupid for me!” Allen Chu came over and dragged Noila Mo up from the ground, shoved Noila Mo hard, and Noila Mo fell to the bed.

“Noila Mo, you don’t want to run away!” Allen Chu said viciously, “Your mistress contract has not been fulfilled yet!”

“Allen Chu! Don’t dream! I have nothing to worry about now, and you have no threat to my capital!” Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu and said without showing weakness.

“Okay! Noila Mo! I’ll let you see if I have any capital that threatens you!” Allen Chu pulled a wicked smile on his face, and stepped closer to Noila Mo.

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