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Chapter 117

Finally, the two people’s horrible love story finally came to an end, and the car stopped at the door of the restaurant.

“Although this restaurant is small, it is very authentic.” Juan Mu told her while pushing the door to get out of the car, “I have eaten here twice and it tastes very good.”

Jamie Ye followed Juan Mu in without a word. Juan Mu was obviously a regular customer here, and the boss immediately greeted him when he saw him, and greeted him very well.

Soon they were led to table and sat down. The waiter brought two kinds of side dishes. They were radish kimchi and chicken feet with pickled peppers, which are common in this restaurants. Juan Mu took the initiative to pick up a piece of radish with his chopsticks and looked at Jamie Ye, “Try it, this is the best radish I have ever eaten in a restaurant.”

Jamie Ye smiled bitterly at the radish brought to her mouth, the most delicious radish! For a rich person like Juan Mu, eating kimchi radish once in a while is indeed a delicacy in the world, but for her, it is just a home-cooked dish.

In the first year when Juan Mu went out of the house, she ate the most with her big belly. Soaking radishes was simple, appetizing, and not expensive. That would cause her to eat a lot of sour radishes every day. It’s uncomfortable to see acid teeth now.

Seeing that she was still looking at him like this, Juan frowned, “Open your mouth!”

The chopsticks had risen to her mouth, and Jamie Ye frowned when she looked at the radish on Juan Mu’s chopsticks, and finally opened her mouth to bite out. There was nothing that Juan Mu said was delicious, unlike all the kimchi radishes she had eaten. What’s the difference, Jamie Ye frowned slightly, and finally swallowed the radish, but she didn’t want to eat the second piece again.

In Juan Mu’s eyes, her behavior was a negative treatment. His unhappiness increased a bit, but he remembered that today is a special day, and he finally suppressed his unhappiness.

The dishes Juan Mu ordered came up one after another. Dry pot bullfrogs, boiled fish, and spicy shrimps were all Jamie Ye’s favorites. Seeing these favorite dishes, Jamie Ye was not welcome, picked up her chopsticks and started eating.

Seeing her eating sweetly, Juan Mu’s heart suddenly felt comfortable. He sat opposite her, watching her unabashedly eating, the gentleness in his eyes was released a little bit.

Suddenly he couldn’t believe it. Yesterday he called and asked her when is she moving in. He was looking forward to it, hoping that she would remember what day it was today.

Sure enough, she didn’t let him down, she promised to move over today, she should have not forgotten what day is today, right?

Today, eight years ago, he dated her for the first time. Eight years later, the two even started dating again. Anyway, this was a good start for Juan Mu.

He hopes to start again with her, relive the old dream, and he will compensate her for everything he owes her.

Jamie Ye was really hungry. She basically started to eat without an image. When she was half full, she suddenly raised her head and found that Juan Mu was staring at her.

She thought that he must be shocked by her surprise, Karen Xia was gentle, noble, and elegant. Juan Mu had always faced such a beauty, and it was no wonder he would be in a daze when he saw her look like a starving ghost.

Jamie Ye admits that her taste and elegance are irrelevant, but she shouldn’t surprise Mu so much, right? Suddenly found that Mu is becoming more and more hypocritical, and she has never seen him like this before!

“Mr. Mu, why don’t you eat it?” Jamie Ye couldn’t help but speak.

Juan Mu came back to his senses, “It’s kind of enjoyment to watch you eat.”

This kind of thing seems to have been heard from him before, but when she heard him say it, she can’t remember it, she was slightly surprised, “Mr Mu is really good at joking.”

“Jamie Ye, do you want to always call me like this?”

“Otherwise? Call your brother-in-law?” Jamie Ye asked back.

The atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point. Juan Mu picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks and ate it viciously into his mouth. Then an accident happened. There was a fishbone in the fish fillet, which happened to be stuck in Juan Mu’s throat.

Drinking water, drinking vinegar, and swallowing desperately, the fishbone was pinching in Juan Mu’s throat and just can’t go down. In the end, Jamie Ye suggested to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Juan Mu felt that he was embarrassed and got home. A good dinner was messed up by a fishbone. Although the doctor helped him take out the fishbone, his mood has been destroyed.

On the way back, he kept his face calm and did not speak. He did not speak, and Jamie Ye did not speak. The two returned to Lavender Villa in silence like this.

After entering the villa, Jamie Ye sat on the sofa, turned on the TV and started watching the series. Juan Mu sat next to her with a dark face, a breath of anger in his heart. This woman is definitely watching TV now.

He had been looking at her just now without eating at all, and then went to the hospital to toss until now, he was panicked with hunger. According to common sense, shouldn’t she go to the kitchen to cook him a bowl of noodles or something?

He remembers how good her cooking is. He used to stay up late at the company and come back late at night. This woman would always use her skillful hands to serve him delicious delicacies.

Jamie Ye looked at the TV but felt a little nervous. She only hoped that Mu, who was not interested in soap operas, would immediately go to the study to deal with his affairs, so that it would be convenient for her to think about how to deal with it.

But Mu seemed to have something wrong, and he sat motionless next to her, staring at her deeply, Jamie Ye was a little hairy when she saw him.

Just when she was almost unable to hold on, she suddenly heard a strange cooing sound, Jamie Ye looked at Juan Mu, his white face was already flushed, “Jamie Ye, what did you do!”

“Mr. Mu, what’s your order?” Jamie Ye looked respectful.

“You don’t know if I haven’t eaten?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll order takeaway for you right away!” Jamie Ye got up to get the phone, Juan Mu’s teeth rattled, “It’s so late, what kind of takeaway, can’t you just cook a bowl of noodles?”

“Sorry, the noodles I cook are awful. Let’s order a takeaway.” She used to wash his hands and make soup because of loving him, because he is her husband. What is he now? Only a stallion, she doesn’t have that in her mind.

Seeing that Jamie Ye was unmoved and she picked up the phone to broadcast it, Juan Mu was really angry, and grabbed the phone in Jamie Ye’s hand and smashed it out, “I want to eat your noodles tonight!”

Jamie Ye looked at the mobile phone on the ground, and after a long time she got up and entered the kitchen. She was just cooking a bowl of noodles. Since you forced me to cook, I will cook it for you. As for whether you can eat it. Go down, that’s another matter.

Soon a bowl of egg noodles was placed in front of Juan Mu. Looking at the egg noodles in front of him, Juan Mu’s face was ashen. Doesn’t she know that he doesn’t like eggs? Jamie Ye did this deliberately!

“You! Very good!” Juan Mu stared at Jamie Ye for a few minutes before slamming the door and leaving.

Jamie Ye clapped her hands and turned upstairs. After such a tossing, he probably won’t come back. She can sleep peacefully.

Jamie Ye was worried that Juan Mu had brought some unclean people back, so the bedroom was cleaned up, the sheets and quilts on the bed were all replaced by new ones, and then she went into the bathroom for a major cleaning before taking a shower.

After taking a shower, she saw Juan Mu sitting on the sofa in the room at a glance. She was shocked and her voice changed. “Why are you back?”

“This is my home, can I not come back?” Juan Mu asked back.

“Sorry, slip of the tongue!” Jamie Ye apologized.

Juan Mu stood up and walked in front of her, a scent of fragrance spread into his nose, and he felt comfortable all over, this was a normal reaction.

He has never had any desire to be with other women. When he saw her, he felt that he was alive. Seeing his expression, Jamie Ye stepped back subconsciously. Juan Mu stretched out his hand and held her in his arms. You won’t make it if I eat it?”

His voice was magnetic and tempt, but Jamie Ye was not addicted. She stretched out her hand and pushed him away, “No way tonight…”

Seeing his deep eyes locked in to her, she immediately explained, “I just moved here tonight and I am not ready for anything…”

“What are you going to prepare?” Juan Mu felt a little sad looking at her as if he was a scourge.

Jamie Ye instinctively wanted to retreat, but Juan Mu held her waist and looked at her. She drooped her eyelids in a panic, “I…I am very tired tonight. I can’t sleep in a strange place. Recognizing the bed, I feel depressed…”

“Okay, let’s talk, I will let you relax!” Juan Mu interrupted her, took her to the sofa and sat down, but did not let go of her, but let her sit on his lap. , Jamie Ye felt as if there was a needle poking under her b*ttocks, which was extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

Juan Mu didn’t feel awkward at all. He still put his hands on her waist and leaned his head on her back. He asked in an extremely gentle voice, “Where have you been all these years?”

It was he who drove her out penniless, but now he pretended to be affectionate and asked her, as if they were very loving couples, separated and reunited for some reason. Jamie Ye felt extremely embarrassed.

She has no intention to share her past with him, and her future will not be settled with him, and she will not be so stupid to be in love with him. She yawned and said with a weak voice: “Mr. Mu, I’m so sleepy. I’m tired, I just want to sleep now, let’s talk about it later!”

The first minute she said she would recognize the bed, and the next minute she said she was sleepy. The idiot only believed. Juan Mu sighed in his heart. Jamie Ye didn’t want to have any intersection with him at all. He hugged her and turned around and asked her to face him. “Remember what day it is today?”

Jamie Ye shook her head, “I’m a little sleepy, probably because I’m older. When I’m sleepy, I don’t remember anything clearly, and I am confused.”

Juan Mu did not force her, but took out a box from his pocket, “This is a gift I gave you, open it.”

“Mr. Mu is too polite, I don’t need a gift!”

“Open the box and put on the things inside!” Juan Mu ordered, Jamie Ye opened the box with twelve points of reluctance, and there was a beautiful bracelet inside.

If she remembers correctly, Juan Mu once gave her a bracelet like this eight years ago. That day was their first date. The chain was the first gift he gave her, and she returned it later. He gave her many gifts, one more expensive than one, but then…

Today was the first time she was a lover to Juan Mu. Jamie Ye felt ironic when he gave the exact same bracelet. She didn’t wear the bracelet, “Thank you, Mr. Mu, I don’t need a gift. Please take it back.” “

“What do you mean?” Juan Mu was really angry.

“I have a very bad memory. I often lose everything. Maybe I will lose your things. If you want to take back your gift that day, and I can’t find it…”

Chapter 118

This is to remind Juan Mu that he let her go out and taken back all the jewelry. Juan Mu’s face sank suddenly, “Jamie Ye, can’t you just talk?”

“Sorry, I can’t speak, I offended you! Your adult doesn’t remember the villain’s past, don’t be familiar with me!” Jamie Ye looked down with a pitiful look.

She took a mouthful of his honorific name, and Juan Mu finally couldn’t bear it. He pointed to the bracelet, “Jamie Ye, don’t forget your identity, you must wear it if I let you wear it, otherwise…”

Otherwise, he didn’t say the following words, and Jamie Ye got off his lap, “Otherwise, what will always happen to Mu? Will you terminate the relationship with your lover?”

Jamie Ye’s big beautiful eyes were full of ridicule and disdain, and Juan was so angry that he couldn’t speak. Could he really threaten her?

It was not that she was rushing to be his lover. She was threatened by Juan Mu to be his lover. She didn’t have the slightest willingness, except to threaten her to submit to the video. She has no weaknesses, and the so-called video, only God knows.

Juan Mu sighed and couldn’t find any vent, “Go and help me put the bath water, I want to take a bath!”

Jamie Ye entered the bathroom without saying a word. He heard the sound of splashing water inside. After a few minutes, she walked out, “Mr. Mu, the water is ready, please!”

Juan Mu really wanted to turn around and leave, and finally resisted a breath of anger and entered the bathroom, taking a bath while getting angry. It seemed that the low-breathing set didn’t work anymore. In that case, let’s be harder, and the overlord will go to the bow!

He walked out of the bathroom after the shower, but his eyes widened. Jamie Ye actually fell asleep on the sofa, and any recognition of the bed is a nonsense.

Juan Mu walked over and picked her up, put her on the bed, and put his arms around her soft body. His desire was rising, he really wanted to do her, but he couldn’t bear to disturb her watching her sleep so sweetly.

Jamie Ye wasn’t asleep, she just pretended to be asleep and wanted to escape the disaster. After Juan Mu put her on the bed, she was secretly happy, but she did not expect that he was not prepared to let her go, but like an octopus. Hold her tightly in his arms likewise.

His exaltation rested on her, Jamie Ye was so uncomfortable, she didn’t dare to move around, for fear of causing the fire to burn her body. It was not until the latter half of the night when Mu’s steady breathing sound that she broke free from his arms and changed her posture. With her back to him, he finally fell asleep.

Although she fell asleep, she did not sleep well this night. She was always worried and defensive. So Jamie Ye woke up just after dawn. She turned over and sat up, and Juan Mu next to her stretched out his hand and held her. Sleep for a while and I will send you to the company!”

“Thank you for Mr. Mu’s kindness, please leave a face for me, Mr. Mu, after all, it’s not a glorious thing!” Juan Mu was speechless, she got up easily, and immediately went to Lavender Valley after washing.

Because she didn’t sleep well, she was always ignorant when she went to work that day, and finally got off work when she received a call from Alexa Xiao, saying that she was invited to eat.

Jamie Ye didn’t want to go back to the Fragrant Mountain Valley to see Juan Mu’s face, so she readily agreed. Alexa Xiao invited her to dinner in the most prosperous commercial street in Olathe. When Jamie Ye arrived at the dinner place, Alexa Xiao had already arrived. , I have ordered the dishes, they are all Jamie Ye and her favorite.

Seeing Jamie Ye’s black eyes, Alexa Xiao couldn’t help but make fun of her and asked her if she was over-indulgent. Jamie Ye sighed and told Alexa Xiao what happened last night. Alexa Xiao laughed so close, Juan Mu getting stuck in a fishbone, why do you think is so funny.

“You should have taken a few photos when he was at the doctor and have sent it to me. Juan Mu was stuck in a fishbone and sent to the doctor. What a big headline! Hahaha!”

“You know the headlines.” Jamie Ye glared at her, “Let’s help me figure out how to deal with Mu! I escaped by pretending to sleep last night, so I can’t use pretending to sleep today.”

“Jamie Ye, you did it for that, you can’t stop doing it with him once, right? You have been abstinent for so many years, so it’s better to treat him as a duck. Such a handsome duck is not a loss!”

“So disgusting, I don’t want to do anything with him. I have to wait for a few days to talk about it. Once my safety period is over, if I can get pregnant at that time, it will be fine.”

“This is a bit difficult. You know that men are animals that rely on their lower body to think. You are so beautiful. How could Mu let you go?” Alexa Xiao felt that it was not easy to escape Juan Mu’s entanglement. You let Karen Xia haunt him.”

“How do you wrap it?”

“Exposure to Karen Xia about living in Fragrant Mountain Villa, then the little b!tch will definitely jump, and she must be entangled with Mu every day…”

“You can’t do this, Mu threatened me, saying that if I dare to tell Karen Xia, he would let me die without a place to bury!” Jamie Ye replied.

“He really said that?”

“Yes. Mu is very concerned about Karen Xia, and feels distressed about Karen Xia’s weakness, so he ran out to find a famous doctor to prescribe tonics for her.”

“Buckling! He is really kind to that little b!tch, but the scmbag is the scmbag, eating the bowl and looking at the pot, Mu is really the fu*king beast.” Alexa Xiao scolded viciously.

“I’m telling you, I went to Water Park for an interview with a colleague from the TV station the day before yesterday. I saw the little lover Wendy Tian and Mu accompanied her in Water Park. What do you think they are going to do there?”

Jamie Ye was startled. She had heard the name of Sankori Maoer from her uncle. When her mother was a child, she took her uncle to live there. Andre Ye said that the place was not ordinary chaos.

There are not only many poor people living there, but also many local ruffians, who kill people and set fires, smuggle and sell drugs. Karen Xia’s mother Patricia Liu also came out of that place, but what did Juan Mu do in that place?

Can’t think of an answer, no matter what Mu is doing has nothing to do with her, she still needs to do business!

This meal Jamie Ye and Alexa Xiao ate and chatted for two hours. When they came out of the restaurant, there was already a neon sign outside.

On this most prosperous street in Olathe, densely packed with cars, you can’t see the head at a glance, Alexa Xiao sighed, “It seems impossible to drive out for two hours tonight.”

While talking, Juan Mu’s phone came, and his voice was cold, “Where?”

“Eating outside.” Jamie Ye replied.

“Report the place name, I’ll come to pick you up!”

“You still don’t come, there is a traffic jam, and you can’t get in within two hours.” After the voice fell, Juan Mu hung up the phone without annoyance. He went home with joy and waited for dinner with her, but she didn’t expect it at all. He paid nothing, and even greeted his friends without saying anything.

“Mu is really pasted on you like a dog skin plaster.” Jamie Ye hung up the phone and Alexa Xiao smiled. “I thought of your way to deal with him tonight, pretending to be drunk!”

Jamie Ye’s eyes lit up when she said, “This feeling is good! We will go to the bar for a while later!”

It’s just that it’s congested, it will take an hour to go to the bar! Alexa Xiao is impatient, complaining that there are too many cars, saying that she has never seen such a congestion abroad.

Jamie Ye was still calm. She was not interested in going to the bar, just to avoid Juan Mu’s bad tactics. Seeing Alexa Xiao’s constant complaints, she couldn’t help but smile, “Isn’t it nice to see the scenery? You see So many cars, densely packed, like the Beetle, are actually quite interesting.”

“I’m pooh! My head hurts when I see so many cars, where is there any Jamie!” She said that she still looked out the car window, and when she saw it, she suddenly exclaimed, “Jamie, look at that Why is the woman in the car wearing sunglasses so much like an old b!tch?”

Jamie Ye followed Alexa Xiao’s gaze and was taken aback. If she read correctly, the woman in sunglasses sitting in the passenger seat of the car is indeed as good as Patricia Liu. Similar, I can’t say that it’s because they are far away, and the angle they are in is not too clear in the past.

The woman who was almost like Patricia Liu wore a hat and sunglasses and was sitting on the co-pilot. The man who drove was a man.

The point is not this, but looking at it from the perspective of Jamie Ye and Alexa Xiao, they can faintly see that the man’s right hand is clasped with the woman’s left hand!

Although Alexa Xiao is a choreographer, she often went out on location before that. After seeing the hands that were shaking hands, she almost instinctively took out the phone and pressed the photo.

Jamie Ye was unresponsive, and she didn’t react until Alexa Xiao took the picture and stopped, “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing? This old slut disguised and hooked up with other men. What would happen if I handed this thing to Secretary Xia?” Alexa Xiao smiled triumphantly, “The old sl*t will definitely be the mother and daughter. Will be kicked out of the house, I see how they bully you!”

Jamie Ye was amused by her words, “The photo is so vague, is it an old sl*t? Besides, this is just a photo. Even if it is her, she can completely deny that it was planted. It won’t work!”

When the traffic started to loosen up while talking, Alexa Xiao also felt that Jamie Ye was justified. First of all, it was not completely certain that it was Patricia Liu. Besides, Patricia Liu was so bad and had so many eyes that it was impossible to take her down because of a single photo.

It’s just that today’s discovery is a good phenomenon. If this woman is really Patricia Liu, then it is certain that the relationship between her and that man is not simple.

“Jamie Ye, you immediately call back to Xia’s family to ask if Patricia Liu is at home. If she is not at home, you can be sure that the woman just now is her.

Alexa Xiao’s suggestion was good. Jamie Ye immediately called Xia’s family. It was Aunt Kin who answered the call. Jamie Ye first asked if Carlo Xia was at home, and Aunt Kin answered that he was not.

Jamie Ye asked if Patricia Liu and daughter were there again. Aunt Kin replied that they were not there. Karen Xia said that she was going to a party with friends, but Patricia Liu went out at noon. She should have gone for beauty treatment again, and she has not returned yet.

It seems incredible how long it takes to do beauty treatment from noon to night. Jamie Ye tentatively asked how often Patricia Liu did this beauty treatment.

Aunt Kin replied that there is no fixed time for her beauty treatment. It was done when Carlo Xia came back late when something happened. It took a long time each time.

Alexa Xiao hung up the phone with a smirk, “It seems that this old sl*t is really a ghost, so let’s stare at her to see where she did this beauty and why she did it for so long.”

“There is no fixed time, how do you stare?” Jamie Ye asked back.

“Private detective, please?”

“Forget it, I’m annoying now, I’ll talk about this later.” Jamie Ye is not in the mood to take care of it now.

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