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Chapter 167

Erin Liu watched Juan Mu leave and left the pharmacy after buying some honeysuckle. On the way back, she called her son, “Mike, he doesn’t doubt anything, right?”

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to do with you, he wouldn’t think of it.” Mike Li replied.

Erin Liu felt calm after hearing Mike Li say this. The fact that Mike Li was her son had been hidden very tightly. The only people who knew about it were Patricia Liu and her.

Speaking of her and Patricia Liu are fellow villagers, she was also a member of Sankori Maoer back then. She is a few years older than Patricia Liu, so it is not an exaggeration to say that she is old acquaintance.

Mao’er Alley is mixed with fish and dragons. It is difficult for people living in that place to get out of the silt without getting stained. Erin Liu’s family is not good, and life is naturally not going well. She has been setting up a stall with her parents since she was a child, and she didn’t get too much. For money, her parents are getting older day by day, and watching Erin Liu, her disciple, is not annoyed.

When she was annoyed by life, a land ruffian greeted her with sweet talk when she was young. The land ruffian gave her some money and things every other time. Which girl did not expect her spring, Erin Liu quickly lived with the land ruffian under the offensive of the ruffian’s material and sweet words. Got together, and gave birth to a son unmarried.

Erin Liu’s parents were old and frail, and died one after another. Erin Liu took the child and followed the mobster for a few days, but the good times did not last long. Shortly after she gave birth to her son, the mobster was taken to the cell. Erin Liu was an unmarried elder. The girl was unable to live with the child, and later obeyed the advice of others and gave the child to a family with no children to raise him.

After adopting the child, the family named Li proposed a condition that she would not be allowed to appear in the local area. Erin Liu gave her the child away naturally and worried that she would come out to trouble her, so she agreed to the condition of the Li. The family’s wealth is still good. This gave her a sum of money.

There was no way to gain a foothold in Water Park. Erin Liu was forced to go out of town. During her part-time job, she met a man named Huang, and later married him as a matter of course.

In the beginning, a few days of sweet days passed. Later, Huang, who didn’t know where he heard about her unmarried pregnancy, began to fist her. She knew that she had made a mistake before proceeding. With the arrogance of Huang, he thought he was a boy when he married her, but she was a victim of broken shoes, so he started looking for women outside.

Erin Liu knew that she had no choice but to make a mistake. Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Huang was even more blatant, and even brought the wild woman home to sleep with him in bed.

Whether it was tolerable or unbearable, she finally resisted, where Huang put her in his eyes, punched and kicked her, and beat Erin Liu with a bruised nose and swollen face. Erin Liu did not belong to that kind of timid person, she hated Huang, so she grabbed an iron hammer to resist, and Huang missed and was beaten to death by her.

And she was sentenced to life for this reason. After more than ten years in jail, Erin Liu behaved well and was released early. In order to survive, she started looking for work. At this moment, she met Patricia Liu, who was already the secretary’s wife. Patricia Liu helped her find a job as a nanny for the sake of being a fellow villager.

Erin Liu worked as a nanny for several years, and then Patricia Liufigured out how to let her join the Mu family as a nanny. It was a big change for Erin Liu from an ordinary family as a nanny to a billionaire family as a nanny.

Although she is a nanny at Mu’s house, the food, clothing, shelter and transportation are much better than ordinary people. In order to be able to work with Mu’s family for a long time, she changed her way to please Lisa Lin. No matter how she loses her temper, she will accept it. The advantages have been recognized by Lisa Lin, and she has taken root in the Mu family ever since.

About three years after she came to Mu’s house, she secretly returned to Olathe once to inquire about her son’s situation, only to learn that her son was sentenced for hurting others by accident. For this reason, she went to Patricia Liu, who helped her think about it. The way to save her son from criminal responsibility, and let her son learn to drive, and finally let her son become Carlo Xia’s driver.

Later, she learned that Patricia Liu had her own purpose in letting her enter the Mu family as a nanny. She was just a chess piece, and Erin Liu was not a fool. But Patricia Liu was kind to her, and she leaned against the big tree to enjoy the coolness. She gradually became Patricia Liu and daughter’s accomplices, Jamie Ye’s inability to become pregnant is 100% due to her.

Originally, after Jamie Ye and Juan Mu divorced, she wanted to leave the Mu’s family. Patricia Liu persuaded her to stay, saying that in the future, Karen Xia would marry the Mu’s family and would not let her help, so she stayed again for this reason.

Although Lisa Lin is snobbish, it is not bad for her. She originally planned to spend a few more years at Mu’s house to save more money for her son and find a place where no one knows to live, but recently Lisa Lin has begun to wait more and more. Because of her body and her mood, she cursed her every day.

Erin Liu found that she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she discussed with her son. She meant that she was going to leave, but her son said to wait. Hearing her complaints, he was scolded terribly. His son meant that buying some from the drugstore would make people sleepy. Lisa Lin was given the medicine so that she could sleep all day long without cursing others. The mother and son hit it off and planned to go to the drugstore to check the situation, but they did not expect to meet Juan Mu.

Although her son said that Juan Mu would not doubt, Erin Liu was still a little scared. As the saying goes, if you don’t do bad things, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. She has done so many bad things, how could this be true?

When she returned to the hospital, Lisa Lin was losing her temper in the ward. When she saw her come in, she scolded, “Where did you die?”

“I went to the pharmacy outside to buy some honeysuckle soaked in water.” Erin Liu accompanied the smiling face, “I just saw Mr. Mu, and he said to see you soon.”

Although it was said to have been injured for a hundred days, Lisa Lin’s injury was not serious. After the doctor’s minimally invasive surgery, she was actually not a serious problem. The reason why she lay in the hospital was to win the sympathy of her son, but it was counterproductive. Juan Mu had asked the doctor a long time ago, and knew that her condition was not serious, so he felt relieved to ask a doctor for Devis.

Juan Mu was completely absent during this period, not even a phone call, Lisa Lin was so angry, now that Erin Liu said that her son would come to see her, she immediately became energetic and her mood improved.

Sure enough, Juan Mu came to the hospital in the afternoon to see her, and saw her crying, “Juan, where did you die? I’ve been lying in the hospital these days, and the pain is worse than death. How can you do this to me? You don’t even want mom for a woman?”

“Mom, what nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t I go to find a doctor for Devis?” Juan Mu felt uncomfortable looking at his mother.

“How is Devis?” Lisa Lin wiped away tears.

“There is nothing serious at the moment. The doctor said that Devis should take medicine to see the situation.” Juan Mu replied and looked at Lisa Lin again. “Mom, I just asked the doctor. He said that you don’t need to be hospitalized and you can leave the hospital for training. , I’m thinking about asking two nurses to go home and take care of you.”

Lisa Lin originally wanted to show her how uncomfortable and painful she was in front of her son, but she didn’t expect that her son would have made it clear first. She made a big red face and was silent for a while. Juan Mu moved quickly and immediately. Two professional nurses were hired for Lisa Lin to take Lisa Lin home.

Lisa Lin was in a much better mood with her son coming home. She kept asking Devis’s news on the road. Juan Mu knew that his mother had a tofu heart, so he showed his mother the photos he took while playing with Devis at noon.

Lisa Lin couldn’t help but smile when she saw Devis’s cute look. If her grandson could be by her side every day, that would be a wonderful thing. I was thinking that she made a request to Juan Mu, “Juan, can you bring Devis home to have fun.”

“No.” Juan Mu flatly refused.

“Why not? Devis is my grandson. I want to see him, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, when you treated him like that last time, do you think he would like to see you?”

Lisa Lin thought about the child’s resistance to her, she was a little frustrated, and muttered, “It’s all Jamie Ye, if it wasn’t for her, would I have a relationship with my grandson?”

“Don’t blame Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye is not as unbearable as you think. She said that as long as Devis’s illness recovers, Devis and I will be recognized. Then it will not be easy for you to see your grandson?”

“She really said that?” Lisa Lin doubted, “Son, she didn’t deliberately lie to you, right?”

“Does she need to lie to me?”

“It’s hard to say, she’s going to be in front of her. This may be her deferment. I tell you that if I sued her for intentional harm and restricted her from leaving the country last time, maybe she would have done it now. The child was taken abroad to marry Simson Tang.”

Juan Mu didn’t say a word. Indeed, if his mother hadn’t told Jamie Ye to restrict her from leaving the country, Jamie Ye might have taken her child abroad to marry Simson Tang. He felt a little confused when he thought of this.

“I’m telling you, we won’t stop her if she wants to get married, but the child must stay. I can’t let my grandson call someone else father.” Lisa Lin babbled.

Juan Mu was a little annoyed, “The best way not to let your grandson call someone else’s father is to let Jamie Ye marry me, otherwise you can’t stop Jamie Ye.”

“Who said that, shouldn’t I just fight over the custody of the child?” Lisa Lin didn’t think it was improper in the slightest.

Juan Mu couldn’t help but sneered, “Mom, do you think you have the ability to compete with Jamie Ye for the custody of Devis?”

“How not?”

“Let’s not say that Jamie Ye has been alone with Devis for so many years of suffering. Devis has his own right to choose. You can’t pass the level of Secretary Xia.”

Lisa Lin was dumb, how could she forget that Jamie Ye’s biological father was Carlo Xia? Indeed, as long as Carlo Xia helps, she would never dream of getting the custody of Devis.

It’s just that if she is allowed to fulfill Juan Mu and Jamie Ye, she will feel awkward in her heart. Jamie Ye’s current status is different and she will definitely not be able to bear it like she used to. At that time, there will be noisy and arguing. Thought about it.

Chapter 168

Lisa Lin was discharged from the hospital and went home. Flora Wu naturally wanted to see her as an old friend. The two met and recounted some family affairs, and soon talked about Karen Xia.

Flora Wu told Lisa Lin that Karen Xia went to the hospital for an examination and she was confirmed to be pregnant. Lisa Lin was allowed to plan early. Lisa Lin was naturally happy to receive the exact news of Karen Xia’s pregnancy. It is a good thing for Mu’s family to open up branches and have more children and grandchildren. It’s just that this matter is a problem on the son’s side. Don’t be anxious, but take your time.

She told Flora Wu that this matter must be kept secret, first let Karen Xia take care of herself, and when the time was right, she would tell her son that she would take care of Karen Xia and Juan Mu’s affairs at that time, and see what Jamie Ye could do.

Flora Wu came to see Lisa Lin’s attitude this time. Seeing that she was very enthusiastic about Karen Xia’s pregnancy, she felt relieved, but Lisa Lin talked to her about the bidding for the Games.

The bidding work for the sports meeting has entered the countdown, and Lisa Lin has naturally been paying attention. She heard that Roy Qin has started a design team that combines Chinese and Western styles. Although Juan Mu has found Gary Zhang as the chief designer, Lisa Lin is still not at ease.

There are accidents in everything, just like the last time the city was built, the son and she always thought it was a certainty, but in the end they lost to Roy Qin. They can’t relax this time, they must be foolproof.

Although it is the matter of her son running the company with all his strength, she should not be concerned, but how can Lisa Lin not care about such a large project, if her son’s company can win the bid, the future prospects will be limitless.

On the contrary, if Diamond snatched it this time, the impact on Mu’s family would be huge, and Mu’s leading position would be shaken, which would not be a good thing for development.

Before, Flora Wu said that Patricia Liu would find a way to help Juan Mu. Lisa Lin remembered this and asked Flora Wu if she had any explanations.

Flora Wu nodded, “I came to you today not only to talk about Karen, but also about this matter. Patricia Liu has helped Juan get a venue design drawing. With this design drawing and Mu’s bidding document, I will be able to win this bidding.”

Speaking of opening the bag and taking out the drawings she got from Brent Wu, Lisa Lin was overjoyed and thanked Flora Wu, and she kept saying that as long as Mu’s won the bid for the Games, she would definitely not treat Karen Xia badly.

With Lisa Lin’s assurance, Flora Wu left happily, and Lisa Lin was also very happy, and immediately called her son to ask him to go home as soon as possible, saying that there were important things to discuss with him.

When Juan Mu returned home, Lisa Lin gave Juan Mu the design drawing Flora Wu gave her. Juan Mu was surprised when he saw the design drawing. He hurried back to the company with the design drawing and immediately called the designer to a meeting. Chief designer Gary Zhang was surprised when he saw the drawing, “Mr. Mu, where did you get the drawing? This design is very similar to Brent Wu’s style?”

“I think so too.” Juan Mu agreed with Gary Zhang’s words. “I’m just not sure!”

“It is certain that this is Wu Brent’s work.” Gary Zhang took the design drawing and looked at it carefully for a while and confirmed it. “I heard that he lived in Olathe in seclusion without asking about world affairs. I didn’t expect that he would give such a gift. With this blueprint, I don’t worry about the Games.”

Juan Mu’s bidding for the Games is a sure win, and Roy Qin is not idle. With Wu Brent’s design plan for the auxiliary stadium, he already knows the result of the bidding.

On the day of the bidding, after review by dozens of experts, they unanimously came to the conclusion that the design of the main stadium presented by Mu’s was ingenious, and it was a win over the main stadium presented by Prosperity.

Although the main stadium sent by Diamond lost to Mu’s, the auxiliary stadium and supporting projects were better than those sent by Mu’s. In the end, everyone decided unanimously that the main stadium should be constructed with Mu’s design drawings. The venues and supporting projects were constructed with the drawings of Diamond.

It can be said that Diamond and Mu’s contracted the result of this construction together. It can be said that everyone is very happy. Roy Qin is not surprised that this result has already known everything, and Juan Mu does not have much objection to this result, but Lisa Lin is not satisfied at all after hearing the result. It is very awkward to have a good stadium construction and Diamond share a piece of the pie.

For this reason, she called again to talk to Flora Wu. Flora Wu also felt puzzled. The drawings she gave to Lisa Lin were her brother’s masterpieces. It stands to reason that Mu’s winning the bid was a certainty. How could an accident happen? Could it be Carlo Xia playing a ghost behind?

Although it was not confirmed that Carlo Xia was doing the ghost, in order to cope with Lisa Lin’s nagging, the responsibility was immediately shifted to Carlo Xia. Lisa Lin had no other way to vent her dissatisfaction and had to hang up the phone.

Because the Games were constructed by two companies, Roy Qin and Juan Mu set up a joint construction company. Mu’s team was led by Juan Mu, and Roy Qin led the team in Prosperity.

The joint construction company held a press conference after several days of meeting and running-in. Roy Qin and Juan Mu appeared at the press conference and answered questions from reporters one by one.

Two people who were originally rivals now become partners with smiles on their faces. People who don’t know think how good their personal relationship is.

Seeing the two people appearing on TV with their uncompromising appearance, Jamie Ye sighed in her heart. Who said that those who can act are all actors, and the people in this mall are much better at acting than actors.

In the evening, the companies of both parties naturally held a celebration ceremony. Roy Qin just showed up symbolically and asked Spencer Liu to preside over the event on his behalf, and he went back to the villa in the western suburbs where Jamie Ye lived.

In the villa, Andre Ye cooked a table of good dishes with Alexa Xiao’s cooperation, and waited for Roy Qin to come over to eat. Congratulations for Roy Qin’s coming in to the house, even Devis said to him with softly.

Roy Qin happily held him and gave a happy kiss, Alexa Xiao and Andre Ye put the food on the table, Roy Qin opened the wine cellar with a smile, and took out the fine wine he had collected. For a while, the wine was scented, and the whole room was full of laughter.

Jamie Ye was pregnant and could not drink. She only drank some fruit juices. Alexa Xiao and Andre Ye drank a lot with Roy Qin. Several of them drank slightly. In the end, Roy Qin didn’t leave because he drank too much, but instead lived in western Suburb Villa.

Hallie Tang returned to Olathe for a period of time. Since her return, Roy Qin has only appeared once and never saw him again. On the contrary, Roy Qin, an outsider like Jamie Ye, has reported every day.

Hallie Tang knew that Roy Qin let Jamie Ye live in his villa in the western suburbs. She was very angry. Her real fiancee was thrown into the hotel without asking, but Jamie Ye lived in Roy Qin’s villa grandiosely.

Although she was angry, she did not forget the three-year agreement Roy Qin made with her. Roy Qin said that how he played is his business. She has no right to interfere. Only she can tolerate the three-year agreement.

Hallie Tang didn’t feel like this, but she didn’t dare to act without permission, for fear of touching Roy Qin’s mold. However, the successful bidding of this Games is a top priority for Diamond. It’s fine if her fiancee is not in Olathe. Now, Roy Qin has nothing to do in Olathe. Give her three points of face and take her to the event, right?

But she was wrong again. From morning to night, Roy Qin didn’t even have a phone call. Hallie Tang was so angry that she went to the place where Roy Qin company held the celebration. Only when he arrived, he found that Roy Qin was not there at all. Left Taylor Zang and a few backbones to support the field.

Thinking with his nose, he knew where Roy Qin was now. Hallie Tang drove angrily to the villa in the western suburbs. She watched the lights in the villa and listened to the laughter. Hallie Tang felt so angry that Jamie Ye was Occupying the magpie’s nest, while hanging her elder brother Simson Tang, she was also entangled with Roy Qin. Whether it was tolerable or unbearable, she had to let Jamie Ye meet and talk.

The next day Hallie Tang visited Jamie Ye, and when she saw her, Roy Qin’s genuine fiancee, Jamie Ye was more polite and asked her to sit down and pour her tea, but Hallie Tang didn’t appreciate it, and said coldly.

“Jamie Ye, do you seem to be having a good time living in my fiance’s house? It’s just that my stupid big brother doesn’t know what’s going on here?”

“Simson Tang knew about this. He asked Roy Qin to take care of us.” Jamie Ye replied.

“My eldest brother was deliberately acting as a hero, in fact, he may not think so in his heart.” Hallie Tang smiled playfully, “Jamie Ye, you and Roy Qin once had a period of time, do you think my elder brother will really feel relieved?”

“Miss Tang, Roy Qin and I have had a period of time before, but since you and Roy Qin were engaged, we have been just ordinary friends. As for Simson Tang, I have known him for so many years. He knows my personality well, and he knows me. It’s not like that, and I know who I am.”

“Really? I have one more thing to remind you, Jamie Ye, you are only an outsider to Roy Qin, and I am his real fiancee. For you, his real fiancee stays in the hotel in the cold every day, do you think it’s Suitable?”

“I’m sorry, I was negligent. I will find a place to move right away.” Jamie Ye finally understood what Hallie Tang meant. Her feelings were that she was not happy living in Roy Qin’s villa, so she came to chase away.

Hallie Tang is now Roy Qin’s fiancée. Unlike before, she does have the right to push herself away. Jamie Ye chose to give in.

“Move away? Where can you move? You won’t tell me you want to move right now, so you should go find a son immediately and not complain, right?” How can Hallie Tang believe that she will really move away.

“Miss Tang, don’t worry, I won’t be so mean.” Jamie Ye thought for a while, “I just need to move back to where my uncle lives.”

“Jamie Ye, the place where your uncle lives is also Roy Qin’s house, don’t you pretend to be stupid?” Hallie Tang sneered.

“Roy Qin is really willing to pay his blood for you, and he specially made people perform such a play. In fact, you are so smart, I don’t believe you don’t know the inside story at all.”

Hallie Tang shook out that the house that Jamie Ye was renting was caused by Roy Qin.

“Miss Tang is serious. I really don’t know that the house belongs to Roy Qin. In that case, I am looking for a new house to live in.” Jamie Ye naturally did not expect Roy Qin to do this for herself, and she felt very sorry.

“Jamie Ye, you don’t actually need to find a house to live in. If you want me to rest assured, you have a very good choice.”

“What choice?”

“Juan Mu? Juan Mu has so many houses in this Olathe, and Devis is his son again. You move into Juan Mu’s house. I will come to pester you, and I will believe you. What a great thing your family of three can be a member of?”

“It’s impossible!” Jamie Ye refused, “I and Juan Mu are already divorced, and I won’t have anything to do with him again.”

“Jamie Ye, what you said is really puzzling. Juan Mu is your ex-husband and Devis’s father. After a divorce abroad, the husband has to pay for the support of his wife and children. You live in Juan Mu’s house, use his money, but why do you keep rejecting it? I used to think about it and couldn’t figure it out, but today I finally figure it out.”

“I wonder what Miss Tang understands?”

“Jamie Ye, you are typically eating a bowl and watching the pot, while hanging Juan Mu, while hanging my brother, and at the same time hanging Roy Qin, so that the man will continue to pay for you, do you think it is very proud?”

“This is what your highly educated lady said? I really doubt Miss Tang’s tutor!” Jamie Ye’s face changed and she was not polite. She didn’t have a good impression of Hallie Tang, just because of Simson Tang’s face. The above tolerated, now that Hallie Tang wants to provoke further, she naturally doesn’t have to be polite.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with my family education, but Ms. Ye, if you are a good family teacher, please don’t live with someone else’s fiancé so shamelessly, and don’t expect to marry my brother with someone else’s child. My brother didn’t pick up the tatters.” Since Hallie Tang had torn her face, Hallie Tang didn’t want to pretend to be, and her words began to be strange.

“You…” Jamie Ye turned blue with anger, “Get out!”

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