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Chapter 169

“Jamie Ye, you don’t need to be angry. Let me tell you, your best choice now is to marry Juan Mu. Anyway, you already have two children. No matter how you let your child be with your biological father, it is better than finding a stepfather. what?”

“Mom!” A milky voice suddenly sounded, Devis stood at the door of the room looking at Jamie Ye and Hallie Tang with innocent eyes, “Aren’t you going to marry Uncle Tang?”

Jamie Ye was stunned when she watched her son. Devis slept in bed in the morning. When did he wake up? Look at her son’s expression. He must have heard all the conversation between her and Hallie Tang just now, damn Hallie Tang!

“Because Uncle Mu is your biological father.” Hallie Tang saw Devis’s vicious answer.

“Hallie Tang!” Jamie Ye raised her voice. She really wanted to tear Hallie Tang’s mouth apart.

“Uncle Mu is my father? Is this true?” Devis looked at Jamie Ye. He only believed what his mother said, and he wanted to confirm to her mother.

“Of course it is true. The baby in your mother’s belly is also Uncle Mu…No, it’s Dad Mu’s.”

“Hallie Tang, hurry up and let me go! Otherwise, I’m will not be polite to you.” Jamie Ye reached out to push Hallie Tang. Seeing Jamie Ye was angry, Hallie Tang didn’t dare to stay anymore, so she left and Devis stood in the room. She cried with her small mouth deflated at the door.

Jamie Ye hurriedly hugged him and coaxed, “Be good, don’t cry.”

“Mom, is Uncle Mu really my dad?” Devis insisted on knowing the answer, Jamie Ye sighed and nodded, “Why dad doesn’t want us? I saw my dad be engaged with other women on TV. , Why doesn’t he want me and my mother?”

“It’s not that Dad doesn’t want us, it’s that Dad has difficulties.” Jamie Ye explained, but her explanation is completely meaningless to a child.

Devis saw the announcement of the engagement of Juan Mu and Karen Xia with his own eyes. Although he was disappointed in the past, Juan Mu was just an uncle to him, so he was not so sad yet.

Now that uncle has become a father, his young heart can’t accept this fact at all. He is already very well-behaved, and his mother is also very good. Why would father not want him and his mother?

Devis couldn’t understand the fact that his father didn’t want him and his mother at all. He was very sad and heartbroken, “Mom, Dad is a bad guy, a big bad guy!”

“No… Dad is not.” Jamie Ye explained.

“He is! He is the big bad guy! I hate him!” This is the first time Jamie Ye heard Devis say the word hate, but the object was Juan Mu, his biological father. She didn’t know what to say just to hug him in comfort.

At this time, Juan Mu came. During this time, he would take time every day to see Devis, usually after Devis took a nap, but today is not an exception. Juan Mu carries a lot of food Devis likes to eat, and toys as well. When he walked in, he saw Jamie Ye hugging Devis, crying Devis. He was surprised, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing Juan Mu, Devis broke free and Jamie Ye ran towards him. Juan Mu stretched out his hand to hug him, but Devis grabbed Juan Mu’s hand and took a vicious bite, “Bad guy, you are a bad guy! I never want to look at him again!”

Juan Mu grinned in pain, but Devis turned around and ran back to the room. After a while, he rushed out with a toy gun in his hand. He pointed the gun at Juan Mu with a look of anger. “Liar, get out of my house, or I will kill you!”

Juan Mu looked at the emotional Devis. He could feel Devis’s anger. The child was the least able to conceal his feelings. He had a feeling that if the child had a real gun in his hand, he would definitely shoot a bullet into his chest.

“What happened?” Juan Mu looked at Jamie Ye again, and Jamie Ye smiled bitterly. “Hallie Tang just came here to make a fuss and talked about the relationship between you and Devis. Devis heard it all. “

Juan Mu stayed where he was. He thought about the scenes of meeting his son countless times. He always thought he would be happy, but he never thought it would be so full of gunpowder.

The son’s beautiful and clear eyes no longer had the reliance on and trust in him, replaced by anger, no matter how Jamie Ye persuaded, he just refused to put down the gun.

Still pointing the toy gun directly at Juan Mu: “Liar, you big liar, hurry up, we don’t want to see you, and we don’t want to see you when we die!”

Juan Mu looked at Devis’s hateful eyes and listened to his disgusting words, his heart was cut, this is his child.

Half of his own blood is flowing in his blood. If it weren’t for those accidents, he should have fun by his side and admire his father very much. Their feelings should be very good, but now everything should have shouldn’t be like it, those happy scenes between father and son did not appear in him and Devis, for Devis he was an unforgivable badas*, a demon.

“Juan Mu, can you go back first.” Seeing Devis’s emotions and refusing to listen to advice, Jamie Ye had to persuade Juan Mu to leave, but Juan Mu stood there without moving, his eyes fixed on him. With Devis, he wanted to apologize to Devis and ask for Devis’s forgiveness, but at this moment, he who is usually eloquent could not find anything to say.

How can he make up for the damage to the child? How can he make Devis forgive him? God, help me! I beg you! Juan Mu at this moment is helpless, and has never been so helpless and pitiful.

Juan Mu returned home with a heavy heart. Lisa Lin was eating the nutritious soup made by Erin Liu for her. She was very happy to see her son coming back, and she was busy instructing Erin Liu to serve Juan Mu a bowl of soup.

Where is Juan Mu in the mood to drink some soup? He was driven away from Roy Qin’s villa by Devis. The food and toys he bought for Devis were also picked up and thrown out by Devis. Although his son is young , But he can clearly distinguished between good and evil. In his little heart, Juan Mu knew that he had become a big devil, and nothing about him was unforgivable.

Later, he sat in the car in a daze for a long time, his son’s angry face was always in his mind, and he didn’t know what he should do next.

After thinking about it, he could only go home. Erin Liu gave him the soup he didn’t move a bit, but just sat in a dazed manner until Lisa Lin called him a few times after drinking the soup, and he came back to his senses.

“Son, what’s the matter with you today?” Lisa Lin wondered, Juan Mu got up and pushed Lisa Lin to the study, closed the door of the study, Juan Mu sighed, “Mom, Devis knows I am his father.”

“Is this a bad thing?” Lisa Lin was incredibly happy when she heard it, “When will you take him home?”

“Take him home? Mom, why did you want to be so simple?” Juan Mu said bitterly, “Devis hates me, hates me for abandoning his mother and him, he held a toy gun at me, let me go, and scolded me. I’m a big liar…” Juan Mu couldn’t speak anymore. His son’s angry face and humiliation were always in his mind, and his mood really couldn’t be told in words.

“It’s all Jamie Ye. If she tells her child the truth earlier, would she let him be so hostile to you?” Lisa Lin saw her son push the responsibility on Jamie Ye for granted.

“Mom, this matter has nothing to do with Jamie Ye. I finally know why Jamie Ye didn’t let me recognize Devis. She has no selfishness, but because she knew Devis would hate me.”

“What do you mean?” Lisa Lin was confused.

“Because Devis saw the press conference of my engagement with Karen Xia on TV. Although he was young, he understood what was going on, so he thought that I had abandoned him and Jamie Ye and couldn’t understand me.”

Lisa Lin was silent. She hosted the press conference of Juan Mu and Karen Xia’s engagement. The original purpose was to make Jamie Ye retreat, but she didn’t expect this scene to be seen by her grandson.

The air in the study was very quiet. After a while, Lisa Lin said, “The child is still young, and he doesn’t understand anything now. He will understand when he gets older. You should feel wronged now and coax him more. He will definitely be Your attitude has changed.”

“I will coax him, but whether he can accept me or not is another matter.” Juan Mu sighed heavily, “Mom, I’m telling you this thing is to prevent you from disturbing Jamie Ye and Devis in the future. , Devis, he is sick now and can’t stand the toss, and Jamie Ye, she has been very hard for Devis these years, you don’t try to toss and let her be distracted.”

Lisa Lin didn’t speak, she had already made up her mind to snatch Devis’s custody rights with Jamie Ye. If she agreed with her son, it didn’t mean she had to give up. Juan Mu threw himself on her knees before Lisa Lin when his mother was silent. , “Mom, I beg you!”

Lisa Lin felt uncomfortable seeing her son like this. Everything she did was for the son, but now it seems that the son does not appreciate her. Seeing his distressed look, she sighed, “Well, mom can promise you not to bother Jamie Ye, but you must also agree to a request from your mother.”

“any request?”

“Don’t hang yourself on a tree. There are many women in the world. You should have your own life.”

Juan Mu didn’t want to think about this, but his mother said that it would be a big change for him to not disturb Jamie Ye and Devis. He nodded, “Let’s talk about it when Devis’s illness is cured.”

Lisa Lin agreed not to disturb Jamie Ye and Devis. First, Devis is sick and it is better to be taken care of by his mother. Second, Karen Xia is pregnant with Juan Mu’s child and she has no desire for her grandson. She stepped back now just to go further.

Juan Mu bought food and toys the next day to see Devis, but when he entered, Devis threw a ball and smashed it. “Big liar, big bad guy, you are not allowed to come here, go right away!”

Juan Mu’s heart was very painful, and he tried to comfort her, “Devis, Dad brought you your favorite toys…”

“You are not my father! I don’t want you to be kind! I don’t want anything! You go!”

Andre Ye heard the sound and shook his head when he saw this scene, “Mr. Mu, you still don’t want to come, Devis won’t forgive you.”

Juan Mu looked at Devis’s angry eyes and sighed, “Where is Jamie Ye?”

“Jamie Ye went out to buy groceries.” Andre Ye replied.

“Uncle grandpa don’t talk to the big liar and big bad guy, get him out quickly!” Devis pointed at Juan Mu with angry expression.

“You better go quickly, don’t irritate the child, he can’t stand the irritation like this!”

Juan Mu didn’t dare to provoke his son, so he turned around and left the living room, preparing to wait outside the villa for Jamie Ye to return. He stood outside the door for a while, and there was a noise behind him. Juan Mu turned back and saw Devis buy him. The stuff came out.

It smashed in front of him all of a sudden, the other person was small, and he couldn’t carry those things at a time, and ran three times in succession, only then smashed all the things Juan Mu had brought to the ground.

Chapter 170

After doing all this, he closed the door “bang” and Juan Mu smiled bitterly. Devis was really deep-tempered. Jamie Ye passed on. He squatted down and picked up the things Devis threw in the same way, and a message came from behind him. Sarcastic voice, “Oh! Isn’t this Mr. Mu? What is he running outside of my house?”

Juan Mu turned his head and saw Roy Qin standing aside looking at him with his hands in his arms. His eyes were full of playfulness. Juan Mu didn’t say a word, picked up the things in the same way and put them in the bag, and then faced Roy Qin. Stretched out his hand, “Mr. Roy, lucky to meet!”

“Don’t! I can’t afford it.” Roy Qin didn’t mean to shake hands with him. “Juan Mu, I look down on you more and more. Do you think you can’t wait to compete with Jamie Ye for a child? Devis is your son. He is sick. Don’t you feel cruel to tell him all this at this time?”

Roy Qin didn’t know exactly what happened. He just heard Alexa Xiao say that Devis already knew the truth about Juan Mu was his father. Jamie Ye didn’t tell Alexa Xiao about Hallie Tang’s visit to provoke him. With a fierce temper, if he knew that Hallie Tang came to provoke him, he would definitely tell Roy Qin that Jamie Ye didn’t want to let Roy Qin and Hallie Tang have a rift.

“I didn’t say it!” Juan Mu felt that he was wronged, “I never thought about snatching the child with Jamie Ye.”

“Okay, don’t explain it. Who else could it be if you didn’t say it? Is it your mother? As far as I know, your mother hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’s not time for you to make excuses.” Roy Qin will believe that. Juan Mu’s defense.

Juan Mu said bitterly, “It’s not my mother, but your fiancee told Devis.”

“Hallie Tang? How is it possible?” Roy Qin couldn’t believe it at all.

“This is the truth. Your fiancée came here yesterday and she told Devis all this.”

“Damn it!” Roy Qin’s expression suddenly changed. How could he forget that there is a time bomb like Hallie Tang. Hallie Tang has always worked hard. It is true that Roy Qin was going to enter the house. Because of Juan Mu’s words, he turned and drove away.

He must be looking for Hallie Tang to be unhappy, but Juan Mu didn’t have the time to take care of it.

Speaking of these things, the woman Hallie Tang did it. She deliberately revealed that Devis is Juan’s child for her own benefit. She instigated her mother to bring Devis back to Eurasia. She told Devis. She has a relationship with Devis, and now their family is in such a situation, how can she let her watch the show.

When Jamie Ye came back from shopping, she saw Juan Mu standing on the floor in the doorway with a few bags filled with food and toys. She knew what was going on at a glance, “Devis is very resistant now. You are too late. Time to come again.”

“Jamie, I want to talk to you, have a good talk.” Juan Mu requested.

“What are you talking about?” Jamie Ye asked back.

“Talk about Devis, talk about things between us.”

“Devis doesn’t want to see you now, you have seen it too. As for us, there is already nothing to say.” Jamie Ye said indifferently.

“Jamie Ye, you said that you didn’t want to hear me say sorry, and I don’t want to say sorry anymore. What I want to tell you is, let’s get back together for the sake of our children and get a marriage certificate right away.”

“You don’t have a fever, do you?”

“No, I think very clearly. Devis resists me like this now because he thinks I have abandoned you and him and I want to reverse his impression.”

“So in order to reverse Devis’s impression, do you want to reconcile with me?” Jamie Ye smiled mischievously, “Juan Mu, you really don’t have to make such a sacrifice. Devis’s prejudice against you is because he is still young. I will tell him slowly and ask him not to hate you. Although I have no abilities, my words count.”

“You are so embarrassed to say that your words count, since you have not forgotten what you promised me back then, did you?” Juan Mu asked back, “You promised to give me a chance for Devis, but now you have broken your promise.”

“You don’t know why I broke my promise, do you?” Jamie Ye sneered, “Juan Mu, I am indeed ready to give you a chance, but you are too shameless. For a man with a lot of lies, I don’t have to keep my promise.”

“Jamie Ye, even if you give the judge of death row prisoners a chance to appeal, tell me, what happened to make you leave without hesitation?”

Jamie Ye looked at Juan Mu for a while, and said faintly, “It’s nothing, it’s just your lover Wendy Tian who called and told me that she is with you and you are happy.

“Impossible, I haven’t been with Wendy Tian. She was leaving that night to invite me to dinner. I drank some wine and asked me to drive. On the road, Karen Xia’s car broke…” Juan Mu said I told the things I remembered that night.

“Did Karen Xia take you home?” Jamie Ye was taken aback.

“I don’t remember. My mother said that when I got up in the morning.” Juan Mu replied, “I and Wendy Tian were innocent from the beginning until she left. I never intended to let her Be my lover, Jamie, since you left, I have never touched any woman, I swear!”

Jamie Ye didn’t speak. She called Juan Mu that night, and it was Lisa Lin who answered the phone. It was certain that Wendy Tian was not with Juan Mu, so could all this be Wendy Tian’s prank?

She shook her head, “Juan Mu, everything in the past is in the past, and there is no need to pursue it anymore. Now I only care about my son’s condition, nothing else makes sense.”

“Jamie Ye, for your child’s illness, you should also get back with me. Devis needs a father so much. What we have to do now is to untie everything, get together again, and give the child a happy home. That’s the only way. The child’s illness will heal quickly.”

Jamie Ye smiled bitterly, “Juan Mu, it’s not that I don’t give you a chance, but I can’t give you a chance, and your mother won’t give us a chance either. Your mother and I are in trouble. Don’t have any complex illusions. It’s better to maintain the status separate.”

“I have already told her on my mother’s side, and she promised not to hinder us again…”

Jamie Ye interrupted him, “Juan Mu, your mother’s words have never been counted, you still don’t believe it too much.”

“Jamie Ye, it’s true this time, you don’t have to worry about my mother’s reaction, and I won’t let her influence you.” Juan Mu confessed eagerly.

“Jamie Ye, didn’t you just say that the past will be passed away? We don’t care about the past now. Let’s look forward. You are pregnant now, Devis is born without a father, and you don’t want this child to have a father. There will be no father down there, right?”

Jamie Ye was silent for a long time before speaking, “Juan Mu, I will find a way to communicate about Devis. He is very disgusted with you now. I will try to communicate with him again to see his reaction. As for me, The matter with you, I don’t think we should mention it for the time being. There are many unknown elements. Let’s take a step by step.

When Juan Mu saw that Jamie Ye said this, he had to be silent. The matter with Jamie Ye was in a hurry. She was so frustrated that she had been hurt. He could not be forgiven with just one sentence or two. The most urgent thing is to stop Devis. Resist his approach.

Roy Qin drove to the hotel where Hallie Tang was staying. She was very happy to see him coming, “Roy, why are you free to come here now?”

“Hallie Tang!” Roy Qin stared at her every word, “You really can’t change the virtue of eating shit!”

Hallie Tang saw that Roy Qin was so angry and immediately understood that he knew about the fact that she went to find Jamie Ye yesterday. This Jamie Ye was actually in front of him and behind the scenes. She controlled her anger, “What did I do?”

“Why did you tell him that Juan Mu was Devis’s father? Why did you do this?”

“I just accidentally missed my mouth…” Hallie Tang defended herself.

“Okay, you don’t need to explain. Remember what I said to you back then?” Roy Qin sneered, “I said that although we are engaged, you have no right to disturb my life. If you can’t bear it, you can dismiss engagement. Now that you can’t bear it, let’s break the engagement!”

“I won’t dissolve the marriage contract. Roy Qin, you can’t be so ruthless to me. I didn’t disturb your life. I just accidentally missed my mouth.” Where would Hallie Tang give up, “This time it’s not good for me. I will never do this again.”

Roy Qin looked at Hallie Tang and felt upset for a while, “Hallie Tang, I don’t love you, I don’t love you at all, you don’t have to insist on this, let’s stop here!”

“Roy Qin, I will not give up on you. You said that you will marry me in three years. You promised me. You can’t break your promise!” Hallie Tang knew that Roy Qin was a person who kept his promises, so he deliberately then Roy Qin’s words came to shut her mouth.

This is indeed what he said. Roy Qin now realizes that he is really stupid. He looked at Hallie Tang and sneered, “Since you don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back, then I will make you perfect!”

Looking at Roy Qin’s back, Hallie Tang bit her lips tightly. Jamie Ye, I have given way too much, if you want to be so aggressive, don’t blame me, Roy Qin, you don’t want to get it, you don’t want to get it, my elder brother, even Juan Mu!

She turned around and entered the room to call Karen Xia, “Miss Xia, this is Hallie Tang, let’s meet!”

Karen Xia was surprised when she received Hallie Tang’s phone call. She and Hallie Tang never had any contact. Why is Hallie Tang wanting to see her? She is a pregnant person now. It is better to be careful about everything, so she refused, “I’m sorry. , Miss Tang, I have no time to see you. What can I say on the phone.”

“This matter will not be clear on the phone, so let’s meet to talk about it.” Hallie Tang insisted.

Although she can tell Karen Xia about Jamie Ye’s pregnancy on the phone, people who can’t see her don’t know how she will react. The most important thing is that she still wants to discuss the following matters with Karen Xia. She wants to let her know there is no more possibility between Jamie and Juan Mu.

“I really don’t have time.” Karen Xia still refused to meet her. Mother said to be more careful during this period, and don’t make troubles, she naturally has to be more careful.

Hallie Tang chuckled, “Miss Xia, don’t be so defensive. I want to tell you, I see you because I have important things to tell you, and I remind you that if you don’t come to see me, you will have a lot to do with you. You may also lose Juan Mu forever.”

This sentence made Karen Xia feel a little uneasy. Is Hallie Tang true or alarmist? If she really didn’t see her, she would miss an important piece of news. Hallie Tang saw Karen Xia hesitate and started to wonder, what on earth was Karen Xia afraid of? “

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