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Chapter 171

In the end, Karen Xia chose to meet Hallie Tang in the tea room near Xia’s house. Hallie Tang rushed to the tea room. She was a little angry before Karen Xia came. What was going on with Karen Xia? This tea room was at her door. Let yourself wait for her?

She was dissatisfied, Karen Xia came in, and sat down and urged her, “If you have anything to say, I don’t have time.”

“Miss Xia is busy like this?” Hallie Tang sneered, “If that’s the case, I won’t say anything, you should go to your business.”

“Miss Tang, what do you mean? I finally took the time to see you, how can you play me like this?” Karen Xia became unhappy.

“It’s not that I’m fooling you. What I want to tell you is very important. You have to show sincerity.” Hallie Tang said and ordered the waiter to serve tea. She took a sip of the tea, but Karen Xia didn’t touch the cup. Hallie Tang felt It’s even more strange, but she didn’t think otherwise. Karen Xia was worried when she saw Hallie Tang slowly drinking tea. She didn’t have the time to talk with Hallie Tang, so she asked, “What sincerity do you want?”

“Miss Xia must answer some of my questions honestly.” Hallie Tang stared at Karen Xia, “have you given up on Juan Mu, or have you not given up?”

“This…” To Karen Xia, Hallie Tang is just an outsider. How could she tell an outsider about her feelings for Juan Mu?

Karen Xia’s reaction is human nature. Although Hallie Tang is young but she is scheming. She didn’t really want Karen Xia to answer when she asked this question. She just wanted to see her reaction to judge. If Karen Xia answered decisively, then It proved that she didn’t have any thoughts about Juan Mu, and now Karen Xia was hesitating, and her hesitation was very clear that there was no silver three hundred taels here.

“Ms. Xia doesn’t need to answer this question. I already know the answer.” Hallie Tang put down the tea cup in her hand.

“Miss Xia hides it because she doesn’t trust me. It’s understandable. In this case, I will have a heart-to-heart relationship with Miss Xia. I have a very unfavorable opinion of your half-sister Jamie Ye. I believe Miss Xia has also heard about it. , I won’t elaborate on the reasons, just be direct. I came to you today because I want to cooperate with you.”

“How to cooperate?”

“I want to deal with Jamie Ye and keep her away from my brother and my fiancé. Miss Xia believes that it has the same purpose as me. It is not easy to work alone without cooperation, so I specially came to Miss Xia to bring me out. I hope Miss Xia will cooperate.”

Speaking of this, Karen Xia’s wariness has also been put away, “Ms. Tang, what is a good way?”

This is to show that she agreed to cooperate. This was in Hallie Tang’s expectation, “Jamie Ye’s child is Juan Mu’s, do you want to know about Miss Xia?”

Karen Xia nodded, and Hallie Tang asked again, “So does Miss Xia know about Jamie Ye’s pregnancy?”

“Pregnant? Jamie Ye is pregnant?” Karen Xia was taken aback. Lisa Lin didn’t tell Flora Wu the news, and she naturally didn’t know.

Hallie Tang always thought that Karen Xia knew about Jamie Ye’s pregnancy. She was so surprised that she knew that Karen Xia actually didn’t know, and she lowered her voice.

“Jamie Ye is pregnant with Juan Mu’s child in order to save her son. If this child is born, she and Juan Mu will have two children. It will not be easy for Miss Xia to turn defeat into victory. Miss Xia understands what I mean?”

Karen Xia didn’t understand. She was stunned by the news, and she had no way of thinking. Hallie Tang looked at her and continued, “I want to discuss with Miss Xia a way to do both… Miss Xia, are you listening? “

Seeing Karen Xia’s wandering appearance, Hallie Tang shook her hand.

Karen Xia came back to her senses and looked at the small smile on Hallie Tang’s face on the opposite side. Her face was a little hot. She just lost her mind. Her mother was right. She was really not sophisticated enough, and she still needs experience. Compared to her own Hallie Tang, she is too sophisticated many.

The truth of Jamie Ye’s pregnancy is unknown. She can’t make the decision without authorization. She has to discuss with her mother first. Karen Xia controlled herself and tried to make herself smile as if nothing had happened. “Thank you Miss Tang for telling me about this, and I’ll come out. It’s been too long. I’m afraid that my mother is worried.

What Karen Xia said was to go back and discuss with Patricia Liu. Hallie Tang knew it well and did not stop her. She handed Karen Xia a business card, “This is my private number. Miss Xia can call me if she has something to do. I hope I can continue to have tea and chat with Miss Xia in the future.”

“Thank you Miss Tang, I hope we will become friends in the future.” Karen Xia took the card and tried to keep herself elegant and left the tea room.

Juan Mu and Wendy Tian had never doubted, but today I heard Jamie Ye say that Wendy Tian had called and fabricated a lie about her being with her to stimulate Jamie Ye, Juan Mu was not calm.

Wendy Tian is kind in her heart. He never thought that she would do such a thing behind his back. If someone else said that, Juan Mu would definitely think that person had ulterior motives, but this was what Jamie Ye said. It is impossible to be false.

Juan Mu’s doubts in his heart, he had to ask Wendy Tian to understand, why did she do this?

It’s just that there has been no news about Wendy Tian after studying abroad. Her phone could not get through early, and Juan Mu did not have the new contact information. Juan Mu called Spencer Liu and was about to ask Spencer Liu Wendy Tian’s contact information. After the phone was connected, Spencer Liu first spoke. “Mr Mu, where are you, I have important things to tell you.”

The important things of Spencer Liu are definitely not ordinary things. Juan Mu guessed that there should be some new findings in his investigation during this period, so he replied, “I will be at the company in 20 minutes. Let’s talk about it when we meet.”

Twenty minutes later, Juan Mu entered the company. Seeing him come back, Spencer Liu followed him and entered the office. Juan Mu was now bent on asking Wendy Tian to ask her about it. He didn’t wait for Spencer Liu to ask, “Do you have any news about Tian?”

Spencer Liu shook his head, “Wendy Tian has been unable to get through the phone since she went abroad, and she did not take the initiative to contact us. I checked the school where she studied abroad, and the other party replied that there was no such person at all.”

There is no sign of studying abroad. This is so strange how it looks. Juan raised his brows and frowned. Could it be that Wendy Tian has been deceiving us? She didn’t go abroad at all?

A feeling of betrayal rose from Juan Mu’s heart, and his face became cold. “Go and find out who she has been in contact with during that time.”

“I checked. She and Flora Wu spend the most time in contact.” Spencer Liu replied.

“Flora Wu?” Juan Mu was taken aback. Before, he and Wendy Tian suspected that Flora Wu was Wendy Tian’s mother. Later Wendy Tian denied it. Since Flora Wu is not Wendy Tian’s mother, why should she be in contact with Flora Wu? Things are strange.

Thinking of Wendy Tian’s call to Jamie Ye to lie, Juan Mu’s heart became more and more uneasy. He controlled himself and told him about Wendy Tian’s invitation to dinner, “What do you think of this?”

“Wendy Tian turned out to be this kind of person?” Spencer Liu was obviously taken aback. Wendy Tian also had a lot of time in contact with him. He also had a good impression of Wendy Tian. Now that such a thing suddenly appeared, it was obvious that Spencer Liu couldn’t believe.

“Jamie won’t lie, Wendy Tian must have called her, what are her motives?”

“Could Wendy Tian be bought by your mother?” Spencer Liu asked tentatively.

“I think so too, but what is the purpose of her getting me drunk? Just to stimulate Jamie and let her leave?” Juan Mu felt that it would be too fussy if it was just like this.

Things must not be so simple that night. Although he couldn’t drink, he wouldn’t get drunk after a few glasses, and then think of Karen Xia who suddenly appeared.

Juan Mu couldn’t help but fought a cold war. He remembered that he had only drunk a few glasses of wine that night, and he was not so drunk that he was not confused. However, he fell asleep that day and was sent home by Karen Xia. This thing is strange.

“Mr Mu, do they want to repeat the birthday party again?” Spencer Liu reminded.

“The birthday party?” After Spencer Liu reminded him, Juan Mu also remembered the nasty things that happened on his mother’s birthday.

The relationship between Flora Wu and her mother is so good. Did they buy Wendy Tian? Let Wendy Tian drug him? Let him be with Karen Xia again?

If this speculation is true, then something must have happened that night that I didn’t know. Juan Mu didn’t dare to think about the result, his heart jumped abruptly, “Karen Xia hasn’t been moving lately?”

“She went to the hospital for a physical examination before, and I was followed and saw her enter the gynecology department for examination. Afterwards, I asked to find out what kind of examination she had done, but nothing was found.”

“What do you mean? She didn’t check it?”

“No, the follower can definitely see her undergoing an examination, but there is no record of her examination in the hospital. In other words, Karen Xia used someone else’s name to check her body. I find it very strange. Why did she sneak in? Are they planning something?”

“Don’t hesitate to talk directly to the point.” Juan Mu became a little impatient.

“So I went to investigate in person. I let the examiner recognize Karen Xia’s photo, and then recorded all Karen Xia’s examination items, and then went to another hospital to find several gynecologists to see those examination items. To come to a conclusion, everyone believes that these inspections are like physical inspections before artificial insemination.”

“What did you say?” Juan Mu raised his voice unnaturally. Karen Xia does artificial insemination? Why does this feel so incredible? “Why does she do artificial insemination?”

“I checked it. Although Karen Xia did these tests, she didn’t perform artificial insemination, so I found it very strange, because I didn’t understand what she was going to do, so I came to tell you.”

This sudden situation made Juan Mu almost unable to think. He felt his mind was messed up, and he couldn’t figure out any clues.

Spencer Liu watched him frown and didn’t say anything. He didn’t dare to speak. After a long while, he saw that Juan Mu hadn’t spoken. He tentatively said, “Could it be mother who is going to let Karen Xia surrogate again?” Spencer Liu Not completely sure, hesitated to say this.

His mother was always dissatisfied with him and Jamie Ye, and Karen Xia never gave up on him. After the two were combined, Juan Mu stood up all of a sudden, “No, I may have been calculated!”

“Mr. Mu, don’t panic. This is just a guess that it might not be that serious. Let’s first check what happened that night. Didn’t we hire a driver that night? We immediately went to the hotel to find the driver to check the situation. “

Juan Mu and Spencer Liu hurriedly went to the Palace, trying to find the driver to understand the situation, but the hotel told Juan Mu that they did not have such a driver here, and they contacted the driver who was called by Wendy Tian. , Juan Mu said bitterly, knowing that he was calculating from the beginning of the meal.

Since someone had set up a plan to calculate him, how could it be possible for him to find the proxy driver so easily, and now it doesn’t make much sense to continue to look for the proxy driver, Juan Mu left the hotel without a word with a calm face.

“Mr. Mu, what should I do now?” Spencer Liu also knew the seriousness of the matter.

“Going home!” Juan Mu uttered two words.

“Madam is hurt now…” Spencer Liu worried that he would go back to quarrel with Lisa Lin, reminding him of Lisa Lin’s injury, Juan Mu shook his head, “Now there is no point in arguing. I want to know what happened that night when I went home. “

“If the madam planned all this, she shouldn’t tell you.”

“She doesn’t say that naturally someone will say it.” Juan Mu sneered, “You forgot about surveillance at home, I have to see what happened that night!”

Chapter 172

Karen Xia returned home Patricia Liu said with a sullen face, “Didn’t we ask you to stay at home and not go out? Why are you not obedient?”

“Mom, I have important things to tell you.” Karen Xia took Patricia Liu into her room and closed the door. She lowered her voice, “I just got a news that Jamie Ye is pregnant.”

“Where did you hear it?” Patricia Liu was also surprised. Karen Xia told Hallie Tang what happened to her. Patricia Liu felt a little drumming in her heart. Hallie Tang came to Karen Xia to show her good intentions to deal with Jamie Ye. Whether the news is true or not still needs to be confirmed.

She immediately called Flora Wu, “I heard that Jamie Ye is pregnant?”

Flora Wu was at work and was stunned when she heard the words, “No, I didn’t hear Lisa Lin say this?”

“This is what Hallie Tang told Karen, saying that her child was sick so to save a sick child. I’m not sure so I am asking you.”

Patricia Liu felt less panicked when Flora Wu knew nothing. Perhaps the news was false. From the bottom of her heart, she said that of course she hoped Jamie Ye would not become pregnant.

Flora Wu naturally hoped that Jamie Ye was not pregnant, but as the saying goes, there can be no waves without wind, and Hallie Tang cannot tell Karen Xia a false message.

In addition to Lisa Lin’s desire for her grandson, she would be very happy if Jamie Ye became pregnant. Why didn’t she say anything about it?

However, it is indeed possible to treat leukemia with cord blood. Flora Wu groaned, “I took the time to see Lisa Lin, and I’ll take a look at it.”

Flora Wu bought fruit and went to Mu’s house immediately. Lisa Lin was very happy to see her here. The two went siping about some daily routines. Flora Wu deliberately mentioned Devis’s condition and asked Lisa Lin how to treat it in the future. Lisa Lin sighed, “At present The child’s body is fairly stable. He is not an acute leukemia. Juan said that there is no major problem. As long as Jamie Ye gives birth to the child, he will be cured with cord blood.”

This is the first time that Lisa Lin talked about Jamie Ye’s pregnancy in front of Flora Wu. Flora Wu hated that this old woman kept hiding so tightly. Fortunately, Hallie Tang revealed the news, or they would wait until they knew that the news was the year of the monkey.

She hated Lisa Lin for this, but she didn’t show anything on her face, “This is a good thing for you to double happiness. It can not only cure the grandson’s illness, but also add another child.”

“It’s a good thing to have multiple grandchildren, but the mother of this child is not a good human. She is a headache. You know that Juan is single-minded and wants to start over with Jamie Ye. Now Karen is pregnant again, what should I do? That’s okay? I have a headache.”

There seems to be something wrong with what Lisa Lin said. Now that the matter of the sports meeting has been settled, Lisa Lin is not the kind of person who keeps promises. If she regrets this matter, it will be difficult to handle. Flora Wu is anxious, “This umbilical cord although the success rate of blood treatment of leukemia is high, it still needs to be matched successfully to be treated.”

Lisa Lin naturally didn’t understand this, “What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that the cord blood of the child Jamie Ye is pregnant must match Devis.” Flora Wu explained.

“Then what to do? If the child Jamie Ye is pregnant doesn’t match Devis, what about Devis?” Lisa Lin became anxious.

“Don’t worry, what I’m talking about is just a question of probability. Besides, Jamie Ye is not pregnant with the type. Isn’t Karen also pregnant? Karen is also pregnant with Juan’s child, maybe she gave birth to the child. Umbilical cord blood can be matched with Devis.”

“Yes, Karen is also pregnant with Juan’s child. Jamie Ye’s doesn’t work, you can use Karen’s.” Lisa Lin made it through.

“So you don’t have to have a headache, and you can wait for them to give birth to the child with peace of mind. Not only can you help Devis treat the disease, but you can also have more grandchildren at once. It’s too late to be happy.”

Lisa Lin nodded, “You are right, you must consider everything from a different perspective.”

While talking, there was a car sound from the door, and Erin Liu came in to report, “Mr. Mu is back.”

Lisa Lin stood up with a smile on her face, “Why come back so early today?”

While talking, Juan Mu strode into the living room, Spencer Liu followed him closely, and when he saw Flora Wu in the living room, Juan Mu frowned slightly.

He used to have a good impression of Flora Wu, but now seeing Flora Wu he feels like an accomplice, but although he doesn’t like her, he doesn’t show it on his face. He still politely nodded to Flora Wu. Step into the study room.

After closing the door, Juan Mu turned on the computer to adjust the monitoring. Several monitoring probes were installed outside the Mu’s villa. Naturally, monitoring was also installed in the house. As long as the monitoring was called up, it was possible to get a clear picture of what happened that night.

Juan Mu tuned to the date that day, and soon saw the scene that night. His car drove into the Mu’s villa at about 11 o’clock. The door opened. Wendy Tian got out of the car first, followed by Karen Xia, and then they The two worked together to help him out of the car.

At this moment, Lisa Lin and Flora Wu also opened the door to greet him. Several people helped him into the living room and then upstairs.

There was no monitoring in the bedroom, so naturally he couldn’t see what was going on inside, but he could clearly see that several people who helped him into the room walked out of the room one by one, and Wendy Tian got down from the upper floor and left the Mu’s house.

However, Karen Xia did not leave. After Wendy Tian left, she re-entered her bedroom. Seeing Karen Xia entering his bedroom again, Juan Mu’s expression changed.

Spencer Liu’s expression also changed. The two looked at each other and continued to stare at the monitor. In the living room, Flora Wu and Lisa Lin were chatting. The monitor could only see the image but could not hear the sound, so they didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Juan Mu’s heart mentioned his throat, he only hoped that Karen Xia would enter his bedroom again because she had something left in his room.

But this kind of thinking is undoubtedly far-fetched. As time passed, Karen Xia entered his room for about an hour before opening the door and walking out.

Flora Wu and Lisa Lin both stood up and greeted her. They didn’t know what they said to Karen Xia. Finally, Karen Xia and Flora Wu left Mu’s house.

Why did Karen Xia stay in his bedroom for more than an hour, and what happened in this more than an hour?

Could it be… Juan Mu couldn’t imagine that he would have a relationship with Karen Xia during this hour. He was unconscious at the time. How could an unconscious person do that kind of thing?

It’s just that Karen Xia took the initiative. Juan Mu suddenly felt sick. On the surface, it was unimaginable that Karen Xia, who seemed gentle and virtuous, would have a relationship with him while he was unconscious.

What happened today completely subverted his three views. Wendy Tian, he supported her studies, turned out to be a white-eyed wolf. He has been playing the gentle and virtuous Karen Xia by his side, a white lotus flower, and his own mother, regardless of right or wrong. Calculating her own self-interest, and Flora Wu, the mother’s best friend, are all not good people.

He has been very vigilant after rolling in the mall for so many years, but he did not expect that the ship would capsize in the gutter after all.

Thinking that he might have a relationship with Karen Xia under their calculations, Juan Mu felt disgusted. A huge humiliation and anger filled his heart. Spencer Liu saw Juan Mu’s face sinking a little bit.

“Mr. Mu, maybe things are not that bad.” Spencer Liu persuaded, “You were in a coma at the time. How could a man do that kind of thing when he was unconscious.”

Juan Mu didn’t say anything. If they were deliberately trying to calculate him, they couldn’t just let him go without doing anything. He didn’t know what happened in the process, but he wouldn’t always be clear. The mystery would always be revealed. , It just depends on the length of time.

It is impossible for Karen Xia to do nothing in his room alone. Juan Mu forced himself to face this problem squarely. Either he passively had a relationship with Karen Xia unconsciously, or Karen Xia was in his room to steal sperm. Then go to the hospital for an artificial insemination check, want to wait for an opportunity to get pregnant?

Why is she so happy to be pregnant with his child? In the past, the reason was to be forced by the parents to pay off the debt. What about now?

No one is forcing her now. She clearly knows that he can’t do without Jamie Ye. She knows that he and Jamie Ye are very fragile and can’t stand any storms at all, yet she still sits unscrupulously on such a shameless thing. What does this mean?

Karen Xia is not as gentle and kind as she appears, she is disguising.

Looking at all the things that have happened in the past and the things that have happened now, Karen Xia’s previous so-called rhetoric must be false, only fabricated to deceive him.

She disguised him so deeply that he believed her words. Juan Mu found out that he was a joke. He was actually played around by a woman. He hit the table with a punch, which was really hateful!

He will not give up on this matter, and will definitely let them know that the consequences of calculating him are terrible!

In the evening Alexa Xiao returned home from get off work, Devis ran over and took her hand and told her: “Aunt Xiao, that big liar was here again today. I ignored him and threw out all the things he brought. .”

“Good job!” Alexa Xiao gave Devis a thumbs up. “From now on, when he comes back, you will pour all his face with water to let him retreat when he is in trouble.”

“What does it mean to retreat in distress?” Devis asked.

“Just to make him never dare to come again next time.” Alexa Xiao explained.

“Well, if he dares to come tomorrow, I will pour cold water on his head.”

Jamie Ye frowned when she heard it from the side, “Alexa Xiao, don’t follow along.”

“This is silly, because Mu shamelessly abandoned you and your child at the beginning. Now, what face does he have to come back to recognize the child? I am teaching Devis to understand the truth, to prevent Mu from robbing you of the child right.”

“He shouldn’t be so shameless.”

“This is not good. Juan Mu’s mother is not a fuel-efficient lamp. With her behind, anything can happen. We must take precautions before it happens.”

Jamie Ye smiled helplessly. Alexa Xiao was thinking about her. Naturally, she couldn’t blame him, but she couldn’t bear to think of Juan Mu’s pitiful appearance today. To be fair, Juan Mu was not that hateful.

Also, no matter what, Juan Mu is Devis’s father after all. She can’t let Devis live with hatred. Juan Mu is not heinous. During this time, it can be seen that he is trying to make up for it.

She can’t let Devis hate him so much and be unfair to him. To coax Devis to sleep at night, Jamie Ye and Devis mentioned Juan Mu, “Don’t be rude to Dad in the future.”

“Mom, he is a big liar, a big bad guy, Devis doesn’t want such a person to be a father.” Devis insisted.

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