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Chapter 173

Since childhood, he has always longed for his father so much, but he never thought that his father would not want to be engaged with his mother but to other women. In Devis’s young heart, he has already imposed the death penalty on Juan Mu. He is a big liar. He hates him!

“You can’t scold Dad like that, Devis, Dad was also a last resort back then.”

“What is the last resort?” Devis asked.

“There is a reason.” Jamie Ye explained. “Dad and that aunt were engaged for a reason.”

“Is the reason because he wants to marry another woman?” The scene of the engagement conference between Juan Mu and Karen Xia was deeply engraved in Devis’s mind…

“No, Dad is not going to be engaged to another woman, it’s just an appearance.”

“But I have seen it all, mother, don’t lie to me.”

“Mom didn’t lie to you, that’s because the person who was engaged to your father got sick, and father got engaged to her to take care of her.”

Jamie Ye couldn’t find a reason to excuse Juan Mu, thinking that Juan Mu had told her that he was engaged to Karen Xia because she would not have children, so she had the idea to tell Devis.

“Why doesn’t Dad take care of me and mom, but take care of that other person?” Devis asked back.

“Because he feels guilty to that aunt, he owes that aunt.” Jamie Ye continued to explain, “and dad he doesn’t like Devis, but he doesn’t even know the existence of Devis.”

“Why doesn’t he know my existence?”

“Because father didn’t know when Devis was in mother’s womb, mother didn’t tell him.”

“Is it because Dad made you upset that you didn’t tell him.”

Jamie Ye nodded, “Because he broke his mother’s heart at the time, his mother didn’t tell him that Devis was in her womb. Devis was born after his mother and father separated, and father never knew that Devis was his child.”

Devis felt better after listening to Jamie Ye’s explanation, but was still unhappy, “Dad is a bad person, and he hurts my mother. I still can’t forgive him.”

“It’s not to blame Dad. It’s an adult’s business. You will know it when you grow up. Now you just have to remember that Mom loves you and Dad loves you too.”

“No, I don’t believe that Dad loves me. If Dad loves me, he will not abandon my mother and be engaged to someone else.” Devis was stubborn.

Jamie Ye sighed, “Dad has broken off his engagement with that aunt, and he is single now.”

“Then mom, do you forgive dad?”

Jamie Ye nodded, “Mom already forgave Dad, so Devis also forgive Dad, life cannot rely on hate to live with love, so that we can be happy.”

After saying this, Jamie Ye suddenly remembered herself. She has been unwilling to forgive Carlo Xia because of her hatred. It can be seen that things in this world can’t be done just by talking, and what she can’t do by herself, so what Expecting a four-year-old child to be able to make Devis’s view of Juan Mu immediately change, it seems completely unrealistic.

Lisa Lin called the door several times outside, but Juan Mu ignored her. He was extremely disappointed with his mother. All the respect and love for her was wiped out by her unreasonable harassment.

If it weren’t for the inability to choose, Juan Mu would rather not have such a mother. After sitting in the study for a long time, Juan Mu stood up and opened the door.

Seeing Juan Mu coming out, Lisa Lin complained a little bit, “Juan, what are you doing inside? No matter how busy you are, you have to eat? Do you see what time it is?” Then he instructed Erin Liu, “Hurry up and set the meal!”

Erin Liu quickly put the food on the table. Juan Mu was in no mood to eat, but thought that Spencer Liu would be hungry with him until now, so he greeted Spencer Liu to eat.

The two ate in silence, and the food came to Juan Mu’s mouth like chewing wax, and finally saw Spencer Liu put down his chopsticks, and he also put down his chopsticks.

Lisa Lin sat in a wheelchair and said that her son had lost weight recently. Juan Mu looked at his mother with a sarcastic smile. He stood up from the dining table and went straight out the door. She watched her son leaving after eating. Lisa Lin yelled from behind. “Juan, where are you going?”

“I’m full and digested.” Juan Mu said impatiently and went out. Spencer Liu knew he was sad, and followed him dutifully. Juan Mu looked back at him, “You go home first. Don’t follow me.”

When Spencer Liu is willing to listen, Juan Mu said again, “I can’t let me get down on this matter. I want to go to the garden alone. You go home and rest first. Only after you have a good rest you can take care of things.”

Spencer Liu saw that he said this before leaving. He watched Spencer Liu leave and Juan Mu went to the garden alone.

Although he has been thinking about it for a long time in the study, he still can’t control his anger. He is afraid that he can’t help but question his mother and quarrel with her. Now it is not something that can be changed by quarreling. He needs to be quiet and take time. The digestion of the disease requires a countermeasure.

His mother was still stubborn as always, thinking that he would kneel down and beg her to fulfill him and Jamie Ye, Juan Mu felt that she was too naive.

And Karen Xia’s shamelessness surpassed his imagination. When he thought of her pitiful performance in front of him, making him believe in her, Juan Mu couldn’t help but sneer.

He was really bewildered by the lard, and he was fooled by such a low-level trick to ignore the truth. Fortunately, he has always loved Jamie Ye and has not changed from beginning to end. Fortunately, it is too late.

Juan Mu lit a cigarette, the cigarette flickered, and his face was dull and unclear.

Flora Wu called Patricia Liu immediately after leaving from Mu’s family to confirm that Jamie Ye was pregnant. Patricia Liu was very anxious. “It’s not peaceful at all. She is pregnant too. This matter is troublesome. Why don’t we treat her to her stomach? Get rid of the kid in the house.”

“This method is improper. The child in Jamie Ye’s stomach was conceived to save Devis. If you remove one, Juan will have another with her. They did everything for the child.”

“What do we do then? Will you just watch them give birth to the baby like this? What about Karen, what about the child in Karen’s belly?”

“At present, I don’t have a good idea. This child will not be born in a short time. We think about it, there must be a way.” Flora Wu also has no good ideas.

“That’s what I said, but I still have a big trouble here. Carlo Xia is going to force Karen to go abroad. I can’t afford it?” Patricia Liu was anxious.

“This is no trouble, let Karen pretend to be sick, and then she can escape.” Flora Wu disapproved.

“You put it lightly, is cheatig Carlo Xia so easy? He certainly doesn’t believe it when she becomes sick at this time. He will definitely send Karen to the hospital for examination. This check will definitely help. If he accidentally find Karen’s pregnancy at that time, With Carlo Xia’s eccentricity, he will definitely force Karen to knock the child out, so that we will lose everything.” Patricia Liu retorted.

Flora Wu was silent for a while, “If it doesn’t work, let Carlo Xia know about Karen’s pregnancy.”

“No! Absolutely not!” Patricia Liu would never agree.

“At that time, tell Carlo Xia that if Karen kills her child, she will not be able to have children in her life, and no matter how cruel Carlo Xia is, he will not leave his daughter alone and helpless forever.”

“He won’t believe this lie!”

“This is not a lie, it is true.”

Flora Wu sighed long, “I have not told you one thing. Karen’s body is actually not easy to get pregnant, so I suggested using artificial insemination instead of natural conception. This time I performed the operation on her, but I actually didn’t have it. How much hope is given, but fortunately, God has eyes and made her pregnant. If the pregnancy is terminated this time, she may never get pregnant again in her life.”

Patricia Liu was also stunned. “Why didn’t you tell me this matter earlier?”

“How about telling you earlier?” Flora Wu said bitterly. “You don’t know the situation of Karen who was pregnant with Juan Mu’s child. If that child can be kept, I will definitely do everything possible to let her give birth. That child, instead of letting her plant Jamie Ye.”

“Isn’t the reason why Karen couldn’t keep her baby because she ate something that shouldn’t be eaten?” Patricia Liu really didn’t want to believe that there would be a problem with her daughter’s body.

“This is just one aspect. In order to convince Lisa Lin that her child was killed by Jamie Ye, didn’t we design her to find Jamie Ye to provoke her? That time Jamie Ye pushed her to the ground, which also caused her some damage.

Although the doctor who performed the operation was a novice at the time, the improper operation during the operation also caused damage to her body. “

Flora Wu explained, “Although I did some remedial treatments to her body in the later period, it is difficult for Karen’s body to go back to the past.”

Patricia Liu was angry, she never dreamed that her daughter’s physical damage was due to Jamie Ye’s calculations back then. This is the so-called stealing chickens to lose money, but she naturally would not have her daughter counted like this on her own head.

She swears viciously, “Karen has become like this for Juan Mu, no matter what, this time Juan Mu must marry Karen, he must!”

While Carlo Xia asked people to go abroad for Karen Xia, he did not forget to visit Jamie Ye and Devis. On this day, he bought gifts and went to Roy Qin’s villa. Jamie Ye was walking outside with Devis and saw Carlo Xia appear. Devis pointed his finger, “Mom, Grandpa is here again.”

“Devis, see what good things Grandpa bought for you!” Carlo Xia smiled and waved at Devis, carrying a large bag in his hand.

Devis glanced at Jamie Ye and saw that she was not upset on her face, so he walked to Carlo Xia with confidence. He saw that Carlo Xia bought everything he liked, and his little face was full of smiles, “Grandpa, you are so kind!”

Carlo Xia put things on the ground, reached out to hug Devis in his arms, and kissed him a few times, Devis reached out and pushed him, “Grandpa’s beard is so piercing.”

Jamie Ye’s heart moved. This situation was more like when she was a child. When Carlo Xia came home from work, he always hugged her in his arms and kissed her, and she disliked him like Devis, “Dad’s beard is so piercing. “Mother Meghan Ye stood aside and smiled gently.

How beautiful everything was back then! Thinking about it, Carlo Xia lifted Devis over his head and started spinning, Devis smiled happily.

Carlo Xia felt a little pain after holding Devis for a few laps, “Grandpa is old, I didn’t feel the effort to hug your mother at all, but now it’s useless to hold Devis.”

These words made Jamie Ye look at Carlo Xia. Seeing the white hair faintly appearing on top of his head, Jamie Ye couldn’t bear it. She walked over and picked up the gift Carlo Xia bought for Devis on the ground and walked to the house, “Lets go in and talk.”

Jamie Ye took the initiative to invite Carlo Xia to be flattered, he quickly followed Jamie Ye with Devis into the villa. Andre Ye was not there, and Jamie Ye made a cup of tea for Carlo Xia, put it in front of Carlo Xia, and told Devis, “My good son, go and play. !”

Devis nodded and played with the toy Carlo Xia bought. Carlo Xia took a sip of tea and sighed slightly, “The tea you make is delicious.”

Jamie Ye said silently, saying that there are no other parents in the world, is she doing Carlo Xia too much?

Chapter 174

Thinking about, Carlo Xia said, “Jamie, I have asked Aunt Kin to help Devis set up a children’s room, right next to your room, you can move back with Devis! So that everyone can be passport-compliant.”

Jamie Ye shook her head. It is natural for Carlo Xia to like Devis, but Patricia Liu and Karen Xia are different. The mother and daughter are not good friends. If they have any bad intentions, the consequences will be disastrous. “Forget it, I accept your kindness. If you want Devis, you can visit him at any time. As for moving back, you don’t have to.”

“Are you worried about Karen? I have decided to send her to study abroad. Now I am going through the formalities and it will be done soon…” Carlo Xia said about sending Karen Xia abroad, “She will leave you and Juan there will be no pimple in between.”

Jamie Ye did not expect Carlo Xia to do this for her. She shook her head, “One of the reasons why I didn’t move back was because of Karen Xia’s mother and Karen, but there was another reason, that is, the time I spent in Eurasia would not be It’s very long, and I will take Devis abroad in the future.”

“Are you not planning to remarry with Juan?” Carlo Xia was surprised.

“There is no such plan at the moment.”

“Jamie, Juan is still good. What happened back then was father’s fault, so please forgive him once.” Carlo Xia pleaded for Juan Mu.

“It has nothing to do with back then…” Jamie Ye didn’t know how to explain the relationship between her and Juan Mu.

“That’s because of Karen? Jamie, it was not his intention that Juan and Karen were together. He was calculated by that odious Wendy Tian.”

Carlo Xia told Jamie Ye what Flora Wu had told him. “Jamie, Juan Mu is not heinous, he is also a victim, and you should give him a chance even for the sake of a child.”

Jamie Ye looked at Carlo Xia in surprise. She didn’t even know about Karen Xia and Juan Mu going to bed drunk. Now hearing Carlo Xia say she is simply too shocked and surprised.

Regardless of whether Juan Mu was calculated or not, it was a fact that he and Karen Xia had s*x. Jamie Ye smiled bitterly. Before that, she might have thought of giving Juan Mu a chance, but how could she give Juan Mu a chance when something like this happened?

Carlo Xia didn’t know what Jamie Ye thought. He lowered his head and said, “Jamie Ye, Dad is here and can understand Juan Mu’s helplessness.”

Jamie Ye interrupted him, “Is it because you are all cheating men that cherish each other?”

“No! Dad didn’t cheat back then.” Carlo Xia defended himself.

“Back when Dad was drunk and had something that shouldn’t have happened with Patricia Liu. Dad’s feelings for your mother were so deep. I always blamed myself for such things. If you dare to face your mother, I’m afraid she will know. That kind of self-blame and regret have always been with me.

“But didn’t you also let Patricia enter the room?” Jamie Ye sneered. If Carlo Xia married her after his mother died, she would definitely support his decision, but Patricia entered the room and she couldn’t let go things.

“I was fascinated by ghosts back then.” Carlo Xia said bitterly, “Jamiely, this is the most unforgivable thing Dad has done. Dad knows that he is a bastard. Dad has regretted it for half his life. Because of this lesson, Dad came to persuade you. , You and Juan Mu share each other in their hearts. They can’t be separated just because they are calculated by others. That Wendy Tian deliberately has calculated that so that you and Juan are separated so as to achieve their goals. If you really separate from Juan Mu, don’t just let it happen. She will be satisfied. Dad hopes that you will not do this kind of thing that loved ones hurt their enemies.

Jamie Ye was silent, and Carlo Xia continued to persuade with heartfelt words, “There will always be many unexpected changes in a person’s life. What you are encountering now is only a fur in a long life. Dad hopes that you will not escape, but Face it bravely and face it with Juan Mu. Think about it, if you didn’t escape and listen to Juan’s explanation, you and Juan wouldn’t be like this, so Jamiely, you have to give Juan a chance.”

Jamie Ye’s mind is very confused, and Carlo Xia’s words have some truth, but it is surprising that Juan Mu and Karen Xia were calculated by Wendy Tian. She can’t think about it in a short time, “Let me think about it!”

Xia just left, and Jamie Ye put Devis to sleep and sat on the edge of the bed in a daze. Did Wendy Tian calculate that Karen Xia and Juan Mu went to bed? And it was the night before I left.

Juan Mu did not come back that night. She had called Juan Mu, but Lisa Lin answered that she said that Juan Mu was sleeping at home.

The next morning she went to the hospital to check her pregnancy. After leaving the hospital, she received a call from Wendy Tian, telling her arrogantly that she and Juan Mu were together last night.

At that time, she was full of joy and excitement after she was pregnant, and she didn’t care about Wendy Tian’s provocation. It is really strange to think about it now. Since Wendy Tian calculated that Karen Xia and Juan Mu were together, why did she lie to her?

and many more! She suddenly remembered something. At that time, she heard Karen Xia and Patricia Liu talk about checking her body in the hospital garden. At that time, Karen Xia seemed to be menstruating. Now that her menstruation is coming, how could she and Juan Mu’s relationship happened?

This thing is strange, is it Wendy Tian or Karen Xia lying?

Xia just left Jamie Ye to go back to the city government, but did not expect to receive a call from Patricia Liu on the way, “Xia, you come back quickly, something has happened!”

“What’s the big deal?” Carlo Xia was impatient.

“Karen… Karen… she is pregnant!” Patricia Liu said hesitantly.

Carlo Xia sat up straight, looking at Mike Li who was driving, “Go home now!”

Carlo Xia returned home. Patricia Liu was walking around in the living room, while Karen Xia hid her face and sat on the sofa crying. Carlo Xia strode in and seeing Carlo Xia, Patricia Liu greet him, “What should I do now?”

“Go to the hospital right away!” Carlo Xia ordered very briefly.

This is to go to the hospital to kill the child without giving any opportunity to explain. Patricia Liu and Karen Xia were chilled. Karen Xia continued to hide her face and cry, but Patricia Liu had a bitter face, “When it was found I’ve already taken Karen to the hospital.”

“So the child is gone?” Carlo Xia let out a sigh of relief.


“Why not?” Carlo Xia’s face suddenly sank.

“Karen’s body is not allowing for it!” Patricia Liu handed Carlo Xia a checklist. “The doctor said that Karen’s health is very bad. If this child is killed, she will never have another child in her life, so…”

Carlo Xia didn’t look at the checklist Patricia Liu handed over, and looked coldly across Patricia Liu and Karen Xia’s faces. He could see clearly what his daughter thought of Juan Mu. Now that she is pregnant with Juan Mu’s child, she must Try all means to stay, this so-called poor health will never have children for a lifetime, I’m afraid they came up with a perfunctory rhetoric.

Carlo Xia sneered in his heart. Although he said that the palms and backs of the hands were all fleshy, compared with Jamie Ye, the person he owed the most was Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye’s current situation was caused by him, and he would never allow such a thing. Happen again.

Carlo Xia tried his best to make his voice sound the same, “Karen, don’t cry, dad will take you to check it out.”

These words seemed like words of concern, but Patricia Liu knew it well. Carlo Xia made it clear that he did not believe that Karen Xia had a physical problem. She stretched out her hand to pull Karen Xia up, “Don’t cry, dad knows many people, follow dad and go for a checkup, maybe it was a misdiagnosis.”

She said the word misdiagnosis very loudly. Carlo Xia gave a meaningful smile and took the lead in striding out. Patricia Liu helped Karen Xia to follow closely and got into the car. Carlo Xia told Mike Li, “Go to the nearby city C.”

Patricia Liu didn’t expect Carlo Xia to be so defensive. He didn’t check Karen Xia’s body in Olathe. Instead, he would rather go to the nearby city C, which is hundreds of kilometers away from Olathe, and he couldn’t reach there no matter how long he was. It seemed that Carlo Xia didn’t trust her so much anymore, Patricia Liu squeezed sweat in her heart. Fortunately, Karen Xia’s body really had a problem, otherwise it would be sad at this level.

How could Carlo Xia not know what Patricia Liu thinks after being an official for so many years, he said faintly, “Olathe people are so messy that they will inevitably be revealed, and no one in City C will know us.”

This is to explain why Xia just wanted to dress up, and Patricia Liu naturally followed suit. She deliberately showed a flustered look, “I didn’t think about it so much. In the morning, I found Karen was wrong and took her to the hospital for an examination. How can this be? You won’t be found out, will you?”

“Probably not!” Carlo Xia didn’t want to discuss this topic. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and started making a call. The call was quickly connected, and a smiling voice rang, “How can the Secretary have time to call us civilians?”

“I have something to ask you?” Carlo Xia put on a smile on his face.

“Just ask for something, just ask for words!”

“Then I’m not welcome. I would like to ask my old classmates to help with an abortion operation.”

“Crowd?” The other party was startled, “Whose belly did you make?”

“This matter is a bit embarrassing to talk about. I will not hide it from my old classmate. My daughter is pregnant, but there is something unspeakable. This child can’t stay, so I came to beg my old classmates.”

“No problem, I am waiting for you in the hospital.” The other party was very happy.

A few hours later, the car stopped at the door of a large hospital in City C. Carlo Xia and Patricia Liu, mother and daughter entered the hospital together. After entering the hospital, Carlo Xia took Karen Xia to the obstetrics and gynecology department. His old classmate Jay Chen was in the obstetrics and gynecology department. Director, when he saw him come and took Karen Xia directly to the examination room, she looked for Carlo Xia with a solemn expression, “She had a human abortion before, and then there was a problem with the operation, which affected her body.”

“What kind of influence?”

“Tell you this way, she can’t get pregnant in this situation. It’s a miracle to be able to conceive this time. If this child is made, she may not be able to give birth in this life.”

Carlo Xia didn’t expect that what Patricia Liu said turned out to be true, and was stunned for a while.

“Also I want to tell you that the baby in her belly has just been shown by color Doppler ultrasound and is a twin.”

Carlo Xia doesn’t care whether it is twins or not. What he is worrying about is the sequelae. If Karen Xia is infertile in her life, it would be cruel to kill this child. If he does not do it, it will definitely affect Jamie Ye and Juan Mu. , What the hell is going to do about this thing?

Patricia Liu twisted Karen Xia lightly with her hand. Karen Xia did not respond, and looked at her mother blankly. Patricia Liu’s subordinates forcefully made her own voice cry first, “What can I do? Karen, I am struggling my child!”

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