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Chapter 179

“Aren’t you just because my mother hates me? Jamie Ye, you are also a little better. It’s your short-lived dead ghost mother who doesn’t have the ability to hold her own man. You just transferred the hatred to me so reluctantly, let’s talk about Juan, the seamless duck egg does not grow insects. If he is clean, he will be calculated? Because of a man, you are so cruel and disregarding sisterhood, Jamie Ye, you will be retributed.” Karen Xia knows that Jamie Ye is the most vulnerable. What is it, poke at the painful spot.

Jamie Ye was so angry that she slapped Karen Xia in the face. Karen Xia covered her face and did not fight back, but stared fiercely at Jamie Ye’s belly. She can’t take the initiative to push Jamie Ye, she must be irritating. Jamie Ye did it first, so that he could push her there without knowing it, so that the suspicion could be removed.

“Look at your son. He got this kind of disease at a young age. It’s your mother…”

Before the words were finished, a voice suddenly came out, “Little b!tch, you are still good at it, so you dare to come here to be wild!”

Alexa Xiao went home and didn’t see Jamie Ye. She guessed that Jamie Ye brought Devis for a walk, so she came over. She just saw Karen Xia attacking Jamie Ye. How could she bear it, she pulled Karen Xia to face her. With a slap in the face, Karen Xia couldn’t help but be beaten out of gold.

Alexa Xiao just saw that it was obvious that this little b!tch should avoid seeing people after doing such a shameless thing. What is hateful is that she dared to come and provoke Jamie Ye.

She was so angry that she would stop when she slapped her hand, and then slapped her leg, “Don’t you like to kneel? Just kneel and apologize!”

Karen Xia was kicked on her leg by her, and she immediately knelt down. Alexa Xiao slapped her by the hair again. Karen Xia protected her belly and kept scolding Jamie Ye and Alexa Xiao in her mouth. Alexa Xiao was angry, “Little b!tch, believe it or not I kicked you into a miscarriage.”

Jamie Ye was shocked to see, Alexa Xiao’s temper was not normal, it would be terrible if Karen Xia lost her sense of anger. She hurriedly stopped her, “Alexa Xiao, stay a little longer and don’t hit her in the stomach.”

Alexa Xiao is not stupid and naturally knows what Jamie Ye meant. Karen Xia is the daughter of the secretary. If she had a miscarriage, she would definitely have trouble, so she didn’t move her belly, just cracked and squeezed at Karen Xia’s face .

Karen Xia was so screaming that she was so painful that she couldn’t stand it and started shouting, “Mike Li, you are dead! Why didn’t you come to help?” Following her yelling, a man hurried out of the car. Pull them down.

With helper Karen Xia, she had the confidence to point Alexa Xiao and let Mike Li fight, “Kill this b!tch!”

Jamie Ye sneered, “You can think about it for me, if you dare to do it, I will let you sit in the prison!”

Mike Li is not stupid. Jamie Ye is not someone he can provoke. If he dares to do it today, Roy Qin, Juan Mu and even Carlo Xia will kill him.

The key point is that he and Karen Xia came here today not to hit someone. He lowered his voice to remind, “Miss, be careful of your body, let’s go to the hospital and see!”

When Karen Xia saw that Mike Li didn’t dare to do anything, she naturally knew his concerns. Her face was swollen and painful, but when Mike Li reminded her, she covered her belly and called, “Oh, my belly, take me to the hospital!” “

Mike Li quickly helped Karen Xia to the car and started the car to leave. Alexa Xiao sipped at them, “b!tch, you are lucky!”

Karen Xia was sent to the hospital. After the examination, the doctor said that she had a fetal gas and was allowed to rest in bed. Patricia Liu hurried away when she heard about it, “You are not dead? Why did you think of going to Jamie Ye?”

“Isn’t she quiet? I tried to stimulate her. I didn’t expect that Alexa Xiao that sl*t would jump out to help.” Karen Xia touched her red and tingling face bitterly, “I will kill that Xiao if I have a chance. That b!tch.”

“You should take care of yourself and keep the child in your stomach first.” Patricia Liu saw her daughter being beaten so distressed, “That Alexa Xiao, mom will let someone deal with her.”

“Mom, if you are not as capable as Jamie Ye, you can deal with it together, then I will save trouble too!”

“She can’t move right now, she will have trouble when she moves, but that Alexa Xiao has no background and no money. I squeezed her to death like an ant!” Patricia Liu looked resentful.

“I knew you would say that.” Karen Xia took out the phone and handed it to Patricia Liu, “Do you see if there is any problem?”

Patricia Liu opened and watched the filmed video, with a sly smile on her face, “Yes, you have a good plan, but don’t take such a risk next time. If Jamie Ye does something on your stomach, you won’t pay for it.”

“I know, I’m afraid that Jamie Ye will hit my stomach. I specially tied a few sponges on my stomach.” Karen Xia was very proud. “I will show this video to my dad at that time to see Jamie Ye’s vicious beating. I, I see what he has to say.”

Carlo Xia heard the news that Karen Xia was beaten and was hospitalized, and went to the hospital, and was shocked to see Karen Xia’s face swollen like a steamed bun, “Who beat this?”

“I did it Jamie.” Patricia Liu saw Carlo Xia start to cry, “Karen asked for it, and I don’t blame her.”

“Hands Jamie?” Carlo Xia was taken aback. Jamie Ye was really surprised when he hit someone. He looked at Karen Xia suspiciously, “Didn’t I warn you not to find her?”

“I didn’t go to her, it was my sister who asked me to meet.” Karen Xia grinned, interpreting the pain to the extreme.

“She knew the news of my pregnancy a long time ago. I didn’t want to see her, but I felt guilty and wanted to explain to her. I knelt down and begged her to let her see me as a sister. But My sister was okay. She scolded me shamelessly and scolded my mother. Later, she beat me and asked her friends to beat me too, ooh…”

Carlo Xia frowned. Although he felt distressed about Karen Xia’s blue nose and swollen face, he still didn’t believe that Jamie Ye would hit someone. “Jamie Ye is not the kind of unreasonable person? You must have stimulated her.”

Karen Xia knew that Carlo Xia would protect Jamie Ye. Fortunately, she was well prepared. She handed her mobile phone to Carlo Xia, “Dad, I’m just afraid you doubt my purpose, so I asked the driver to accompany me and let him make video, look at this.”

Carlo Xia took the phone and opened the video. She saw Karen Xia kneeling in front of Jamie Ye, and she saw Jamie Ye slap Karen Xia in the face. Karen Xia never countered it, and then Alexa Xiao jumped out and punched and kicked Karen Xia. The video was shot. At that time, the sound was turned off deliberately, so I couldn’t hear the curse, only the shot of hitting people.

Carlo Xia frowned. It is normal for Jamie Ye to be angry. He used to worry about not daring to tell Jamie Ye about it. Now that Jamie Ye knew about it, he decided to go to see Karen Xia and tell her about Karen Xia. Let me just say, I beg Jamie Ye to forgive me. How could Karen Xia shed the same blood as her, maybe Jamie Ye would be softhearted.

Thinking like this, Carlo Xia put the phone on the table, “Karen, you can heal your wounds at ease, I’ll talk to Jamie Ye!”

After Xia just left, Karen Xia was so angry that she smashed the phone to the ground, “Dad is too partial. Seeing that I was beaten like this, there is no word to blame that b!tch. I am really angry!”

Patricia Liu picked up the phone and said, “It’s normal for him to protect her, so I tell you not to provoke her. To deal with the enemy, you must either control the enemy with one move, or wait for the opportunity. Now you are pregnant with a child, as long as Lisa Lin wants this child in your stomach. You’re not a loser.”

The door of the ward was pushed open, Flora Wu came, and saw Karen Xia’s bruise and swollen face. She heard that it was Jamie Ye who had beaten him. She gritted her teeth with anger, “How can this b!tch be so cruel?”

“It’s not a day or two for her to be cruel, you know now?” Patricia Liu sneered, “A child so young back then did something like that to force me and Karen to leave, even more so now. Jamie Ye is actually more vicious than everyone else. Either she doesn’t make a move, or she makes a ruthless move.”

“Trick? I’m going to see who is cruel!” Flora Wu left angrily. She has always regarded Karen Xia as her daughter. Now seeing her daughter hurt, her heart hurts beyond compare. Jamie Ye, you are waiting for me I won’t let you go!

Karen Xia had a bruised nose and swollen face in the hospital to recuperate, but Juan Mu again ordered Spencer Liu to go to the hospital for investigation because of suspicion. Before Spencer Liu went to confirm that he did not pay attention to the period, now it is confirmed that one of the examinations Karen Xia did is indeed. It needs to be checked when the period comes. Karen Xia may have zero relationship with him when the period comes.

Now Juan Mu needs to know what the reason for Karen Xia’s pregnancy is.

No relationship must have been stolen sperm for artificial insemination. However, the stolen sperm cannot be operated immediately. In order to keep the sperm stock, they must store the sperm. The safest and most reliable sperm storage place must be the hospital, but that night after leaving his home, Karen Xia got in the car and left. He deliberately went to the Transportation Bureau to investigate Karen Xia’s driving route and found that Karen Xia had returned home directly.

Juan Mu worried whether Karen Xia gave the stolen sperm to Flora Wu, and also investigated Flora Wu, and the results showed that Flora Wu had not been to the hospital either.

Strange, since they have never been to the hospital to save sperm, where did they come from?

What makes them most strange is that there is no record of Karen Xia’s IVF surgery in the hospital. Did she bring this from heaven?

When Spencer Liu went to the hospital to investigate again, a young nurse gave Spencer Liu a clue that she had seen Flora Wu come to the operating room of the hospital one night. At that time, she asked Flora Wu what she was doing. Flora Wu replied that she came to fetch things, but she didn’t care at the time.

According to this time, it should be that Flora Wu performed artificial insemination on Karen Xia that night, but what Juan Mu didn’t understand was where Karen Xia’s pregnant sperm came from?

Are they using someone else’s sperm for surgery? Juan Mu was taken aback by his own thoughts, and it seemed that he had to check the source of the sperm carefully.

Jamie Ye and Alexa Xiao returned home. Alexa Xiao told Andre Ye about Karen Xia’s behavior today. Andre Ye was shocked when he heard that, he told Jamie Ye, “Don’t go so far alone in the future, if they fight again, what can you do to deal with you?”

Alexa Xiao also agreed, “If it weren’t for me to go in time today, I don’t know what that b!tch would make, so you have to be more careful next time.”

Jamie Ye nodded, “I will be careful next time.”

In the evening Roy Qin came over for dinner. Alexa Xiao told what happened today again. Roy Qin laughed and gave Alexa Xiao a thumbs up, “Good fight!”

He said to Jamie Ye, “Be careful next time. They don’t seem to stop harassing you. I can see you ask two bodyguards to follow in order to avoid accidents.”

“You don’t need to hire a bodyguard, I will try not to go out in the future.”

After speaking, Carlo Xia called and said that there was something to see Jamie Ye, waiting for her in the tea room outside the villa.

“It seems that the sl*t has filed a lawsuit, so the secretary asked the crime.” Alexa Xiao guessed.

“What about the complaint, I’m going to see what he is going to do.” Jamie Ye went to see Carlo Xia angrily.

Seeing Jamie Ye coming to Carlo Xia, smiling at Mimi, he took out a key from his pocket and handed it to her, “Dad has something for you.”

Chapter 180

“What is this?” Jamie Ye did not answer.

“This is the key to the bank safe. There are some jewelry and gold bars in the safe. Dad will give it to you today.” Carlo Xia replied.

“Why did you want to give this to me?” Jamie Ye thought that Carlo Xia came to inquire, but she didn’t expect that he would give him property, but why did he give it to himself at this time? He had been here several times before, why not?

“Jamie, Dad has something to ask you.” Carlo Xia didn’t dare to look at Jamie Ye.

“It’s for Karen Xia?” Jamie Ye laughed mockingly, and she said how Carlo Xia could be so kind.

“You know about Karen’s situation. She has a physical problem. If she shed her child, she won’t have any more children in her life, so dad came to you and wanted you to…”

“Secretary Xia, don’t you think it was wrong to find me?” Jamie Ye interrupted him, “Karen Xia is pregnant with Juan Mu’s child. You should also go to Juan Mu and Lisa Lin if you are looking for it.”

“Juan was very angry and determined to get rid of this child… This is not Karen’s fault, she is also innocent, and I don’t want to see her alone in her next life.”

“So you should go to Juan Mu?”

“Jamie Ye, Juan listens to you, if you persuade Juan, he will definitely listen to you.” Carlo Xia saw that Jamie Ye didn’t buy it at all and had to say bluntly, “You and Karen are also sisters, so you can help her this time. “

“Secretary Xia, I have told you how many times, my mother only gave birth to me, please don’t associate me with those disgusting things, and the illegitimate daughter you want to help, but please don’t bother me!”

Jamie Ye got up. Carlo Xia is really disgusting, knowing that she hates Karen Xia but wants to hit her idea, it really makes her feel cold.


“I used to sympathize with you a bit, but now looking at you like this, I really feel that my sympathy is overflowing, Secretary Xia, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, your so-called property, I don’t need it, you still Leave it to your illegitimate daughter!”

Carlo Xia looked at Jamie Ye’s resolute figure and sighed. Did he do something wrong? The palms and the backs of the hands are all meat, so he can’t help it?

Juan Mu ordered Spencer Liu to investigate the sperm bank of Olathe hospital, and he found Flora Wu’s traces. On the night when the little nurse met her, Flora Wu did go to the hospital to get sperm, but that sperm was not a hospital sperm bank. The registered sperm is the sperm preserved by Flora Wu.

The staff of the sperm bank told Spencer Liu that the sperm was stored here by Flora Wu four years ago. When Spencer Liu reported the news to Juan Mu, the two of them contacted with a question at the same time. Could this sperm be Juan back then? Flora Wu didn’t use up the sperm that Juan provided to Lisa Lin, so she chose to save it and then used it for Karen Xia this time?

If this is really the case, then there is really something to watch.

Juan Mu felt that he should do his best to remind Karen Xia, so he called Karen Xia, Karen Xia saw Juan Mu’s phone call for a long time and did not dare to answer, and finally she was connected in a panic. Juan’s voice was cold.

“Miss Xia, I advise you to go to the hospital to kill the child in your stomach, so as not to have trouble then.”

Where is Karen Xia willing to listen, “Juan, I can’t do anything about it. I will never have another child in my life if I kill this child. I beg you, let me give birth to this child. I promise not to disturb you and sister!”

“Miss Xia, I asked you to kill the child for your own good. You may not listen to me, but you will bear all the consequences in the future.”

Juan Mu saw that Karen Xia couldn’t understand and didn’t want to say more, this woman is too disgusting, if she is willing to give birth to this child, then just do whatever you want.

Juan Mu went to see Jamie Ye again, and told Jamie Ye everything he found. Jamie Ye was too surprised at what Juan Mu said.

If this is true, then Karen Xia will give birth to another man’s child, and Karen Xia will be crazy if she knows that the child born is another man’s.

She had no sympathy for Karen Xia, and suddenly remembered a sentence in the Dream of Red Mansions, that the agency was too smart. Karen Xia probably belonged to this type.

Juan Mu asked for marriage again, “Jamie, let’s get the certificate, and give Devis and the child in your stomach a complete home.”

Jamie Ye shook her head, “It’s not the time to say this, Devis is about to wake up from a nap, you should go!”

Juan Mu sighed slightly, Jamie Ye was tactfully rejecting him, and he knew that it was not the time to force her, and the things that had always been between them should be done.

For those who provoke and make mistakes to separate him from Jamie Ye, and for those who deliberately destroy the happiness of him and Jamie Ye, he will never let it go! No one will let go!

Flora Wu felt painful when she saw Karen Xia’s bruised nose and swollen face. As the saying goes, mother and child are connected. She regarded Karen Xia as her daughter. She didn’t expect her strategy to be seen through by Patricia Liu, and then returned. Of course, I didn’t know that Karen Xia was not her daughter, but Wendy Tian was the one who was chased by her.

Flora Wu was already insidious. At the beginning, she could kill her sister Meghan Ye because of her self-interest. What’s more, Jamie Ye, who took the initiative to act on Karen Xia, was itching to hate when she went out of the hospital, thinking that she must take this revenge.

Flora Wu didn’t think of a good way to deal with Jamie Ye, so she finally had to go to Lisa Lin to complain. Lisa Lin had been looking forward to her grandson for a long time, and she had no good impression of Jamie Ye. If she heard that Jamie Ye treated Karen Xia like this she would definitely dislike Jamie Ye even more.

With Lisa Lin blocking it, Jamie Ye’s wanting to reunite with Juan Mu was like a dream.

Thinking of this, Flora Wu went to Lisa Lin, first asked about Lisa Lin’s physical condition, and then talked about Jamie Ye’s hands on Karen Xia.

She exaggerated Karen Xia’s injury again, describing it in a horrible manner, “It was too vicious, and Karen’s face was swollen like a steamed bun. If the driver was not there and taken to the hospital immediately, Karen would definitely be aborted by her!”

Lisa Lin was taken aback, “Is my grandson okay?”

“The doctor said that there was fetal gas, and he was allowed to rest in bed.”

Lisa Lin was worried when she heard that, but Karen Xia was pregnant with two. If there was a mistake, she would feel distressed, so she cursed with anger, “Why is this Jamie Ye so vicious? Why is Karen her younger sister? How can she even have a younger sister?”

“Where can there be family affection for such a vicious woman?” Flora Wu resented, “As long as she has a trace of kindness, she will sympathize with Karen. Karen is pregnant with two children. How small is the chance of these twins? You don’t know, she is both vicious and jealous. She is afraid that Karen will give birth to a child to compete with her.”

Lisa Lin scolded angrily, “Too ruthless, no, I have to tell Juan to expose her true colors.”

Lisa Lin immediately called Juan Mu to do what she said, adding Karen Xia’s tragic situation to Flora Wu’s foundation. Juan Mu sneered, “I counted her lucky this time, she didn’t have a miscarriage. The second thing is to provoke Jamie Ye again, and I will directly abort her.”

Lisa Lin was so angry that her son replied like this. Juan Mu ignored her and hung up the phone.

It’s a big deal for ordinary people to be pregnant with twins. That’s why Flora Wu inseminated Karen Xia with twins. She had a good idea at the time and hoped that Juan Mu would change her attitude towards Karen Xia because of the twins. , But did not expect that Juan Mu would not buy it at all.

Juan Mu’s ruthlessness made Flora Wu’s heart cold. She was a person who came by. She could clearly see John Qin’s attitude towards Josie Gao.

In the past, I expected Lisa Lin to be able to forcefully suppress Juan Mu and allow Karen Xia to enter the door smoothly. Now Flora Wu realized that after seeing Lisa Lin also becoming helpless, Flora Wu realized that it seemed like it was not a wise choice to make Karen Xia pregnant.

Lisa Lin can’t live for a lifetime, and Juan Mu will definitely be the master of the house in the future. Juan Mu doesn’t like Karen Xia, and she can imagine her future days.

Although she has this consciousness, she is now driven to a dead end. Karen Xia’s child must be born, otherwise she will be pitiful in this life. Flora Wu had to comfort herself in her heart and make some money if she could not give birth to a child. , The child is Juan Mu’s, so he will certainly not treat his son badly with so much money.

Flora Wu thought this way because she didn’t know that Juan Mu had given the property under his name to Jamie Ye and his two children. Although Lisa Lin knew about it, she would definitely not tell her this kind of thing. After the two said something, Flora Wu left angrily.

Flora Wu didn’t get the slightest relief in her heart, but was even more sad. Things were no longer under her control. After worrying about Karen Xia, she had to find a way to prevent Jamie Ye from taking a foothold in Olathe.

She naturally had no way to control Jamie Ye. Fortunately, Jamie Ye had Andre Ye next to her. Flora Wu decided to go to Andre Ye. She moved him with reason and affection, and threatened him again. Then let Andre Ye find a way to put Jamie Ye persuade to leave Olathe.

After Flora Wu left, Juan Mu came back. His car and Flora Wu’s car passed by. In the case of Karen Xia’s pregnancy, Flora Wu was a complete accomplice. Seeing Flora Wu coming home again, Juan Mu felt very incomparable disgust.

Flora Wu must have no good things when she came to the house. Mother’s legs are not completely good. The news at home is relatively closed. It seems that he told her mother that Karen Xia was beaten. This is how Flora Wu helped Karen Xia, what did Karen Xia give What good is her?

Thinking of him stopping the car and striding into the house, Lisa Lin heard the sound of opening the door and turned back, “Are you back?”

Juan Mu walked over and asked bluntly, “Why is Flora Wu here?”

“She is worried about my body, so she came to see me by the way, and chat with me…”

“Worried about your body? Why is she so kind?” Juan Mu sneered. “I think she has no purpose, right?”

“She is Mom’s best friend, so it’s normal to care about Mom?”

“Don’t hide it anymore. Flora Wu should have told you about Karen Xia’s beating?” Juan Mu laughed mockingly, “I said she helped you plan other bad ideas besides nonsense?”

“What nonsense, isn’t she telling the truth? Is it fake that Jamie Ye beat Karen like that?” Lisa Lin was also angry.

“It is true that Karen Xia was beaten, but it was her own responsibility!” Juan Mu sneered, “She shamelessly calculated to become pregnant, and she dared to provoke Jamie Ye, she deserves it!”

“Son, Karen is pregnant with your child, or twins. You have to look at the Buddha face regardless of the monk’s face. Fortunately, Karen was sent to the hospital in time, or my two grandsons…” Lisa Lin couldn’t imagine.

“It’s good to have a miscarriage. That kind of vicious woman is not worthy of a child.” Juan Mu never attacked people. This time, he was extremely disgusted with Karen Xia.

“How can you be so ruthless?” Lisa Lin became even more angry. “You like Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye’s eyes are all good. You can’t see her viciousness. She has to deal with her sister. How vicious such a woman is. ? My grandson can’t be raised by her, he will be taught badly.”

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