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Chapter 177

Juan Mu told Jamie Ye what had happened, without the slightest concealment. He didn’t know what kind of judgment he would face. He didn’t expect Jamie Ye to forgive him. He only hoped that Jamie Ye would not stop him from looking after his children.

“Are you saying that she and Wendy Tian drugged you and waited for an opportunity to get pregnant?”

Jamie Ye looked at Juan Mu in surprise. She never thought that Juan Mu would talk to her about this matter. According to her idea, Juan Mu would try to conceal this matter by all means, instead of telling her now. .

Juan Mu nodded, “I don’t remember exactly what happened that night, so only Karen Xia knows the real reason. I guess she must have used some methods on me while I was in a coma, and then she was pregnant with the child.”

Jamie Ye felt uncomfortable thinking that Karen Xia had entered such a shameless manner to do such a thing to Juan Mu.

Juan Mu has nothing to do with you anymore. He is just right with other women. She shook her head and tried her best to get rid of the discomfort in her heart. “Is this unclear? It must have strengthened you while you were in a coma. chant……”

After saying this, she suddenly paused, remembering that she heard Karen Xia and Patricia Liu together in the hospital the next morning talking about menstrual checkups. How could Karen Xia have a relationship with Juan Mu when she had menstruation on her body.

Even if she is hungry and has a relationship with Juan Mu, she might not get pregnant during her menstrual period, right?

Seeing Juan Mu’s upset face, she didn’t dare to look up at him at all. Jamie Ye felt sympathy in her heart, “Juan Mu, I want to tell you one thing, Karen Xia had an official holiday on her body that night, she shouldn’t have it with you.”

“How did you know?” Juan Mu couldn’t believe that such an accident would suddenly appear.

“I happened to hear her and her mother’s conversation when I was checking pregnancy in the hospital that day. They seemed to be doing some kind of checkup, and they just needed a periodical checkup.” Jamie Ye explained.

“She was doing an artificial insemination check.” Juan Mu was taken aback when she finished speaking. Karen Xia was on an official holiday at the time, so she probably wouldn’t do that kind of thing with him. So, could Karen Xia’s child be done by artificial insemination. She just stole his own sperm that night? This matter needs to be checked.

“What are you going to do now?” Jamie Ye asked without a word when seeing Juan Mu frown. She and Juan Mu had divorced, and Juan Mu approached her to tell her that it was strange.

“I want her to kill this child!” Juan Mu replied.

“Juan Mu, don’t be arrogant, that’s your child, and your mother likes Karen Xia so much. Since she is pregnant with you, you can get married, and I can rest assured.” Jamie Ye said the truth.

It’s no wonder that Saiweng loses his horse and knows no blessings. Although Juan Mu and Karen Xia have children, she feels uncomfortable, but this has already happened. There is no need to treat negatively. On the contrary, as long as Juan Mu has his own children, he and his mother shouldn’t rob children, so it’s a good thing relatively speaking.

Juan Mu suddenly became excited, “Jamie, I will not ask any woman to give birth to me except Devis and the child in your stomach, and I will not stay with Karen Xia’s child.”

“Juan Mu, it’s your business whether you stay or not, and there is no point in telling me.” Jamie Ye sighed, “I just want to take good care of my children. I don’t want to care about anything else, and I don’t have the energy to go.”

“I know, I’m here to tell you that I don’t want to make you upset. Since Karen Xia does this kind of thing shamelessly, she will definitely disturb you. I’m afraid she will disturb you and add troubles to you.” Juan Mu long Sigh.

“Jamie Ye, I wanted to get your forgiveness to be with you again, but after experiencing this kind of thing, I know it’s impossible for us anymore. I won’t fantasize about starting again with you. I just ask you not to be with you in the future. It’s fine if something prevents me from seeing the child.”

“Don’t worry about this, as long as the child is willing to recognize you, I will never stop him!”

When Alexa Xiao and Andre Ye came back in the evening, Jamie Ye told them about Karen Xia’s calculation of Juan Mu’s pregnancy. Alexa Xiao was very angry when she heard that, “It’s really unheard of, how can there be such shameless people in this world?”

“Sure enough, if you have a mother, you have a daughter. Patricia Liu also calculated your mother in the same way. Now she has passed on to her daughter as well.” Andre Ye was also very angry.

“Yeah, I’m angry when I think of this. Patricia Liu robbed your mother’s man, and the little b!tch who is born now comes to rob your man again. F*ck, when we are so bullied.” Alexa Xiao heard Andre Ye’s anger. I didn’t call it one place, and I couldn’t control the swearing.

“Pay attention to your image!” Jamie Ye smiled, and Alexa Xiao stuck her tongue out, “I’m so angry.”

Andre Ye sighed, “Juan Mu stepped on shit this time. There was a mother like that, and he ran into such a disgusting woman. He couldn’t throw it off this time. In fact, I think Juan Mu is quite good this time. If I encounter this kind of thing, I won’t have the courage to say it.”

“Yeah, Juan Mu is really pitiful, he is actually quite innocent.” Alexa Xiao had no sympathy for Juan Mu at all, but this time she stood on Juan Mu’s side for the first time. “But Juan Mu’s mother should be so happy, she used to like little b!tches so much, now will she be unhappy to hear that the b!tch is pregnant?

“Perhaps, but Juan Mu said that he would get rid of this child.” Jamie Ye told them what Juan Mu had said to her today.

“I have to get rid of the child. Who would like this kind of calculated child!” Alexa Xiao nodded, “This time I am quite Juan Mu. I hope he can immediately deal with the child in the little b!tch’s stomach. , Let the little b!tch cry at that time.”

“How could it be handled so easily?” Jamie Ye shook her head, “Lisa Lin will definitely stop him.”

“Yes, with Lisa Lin here, it is not easy for Juan Mu to deal with Karen Xia’s child.” Alexa Xiao was a little frustrated, “Is it just such a cheap and cheap sl*t?”

“if not?”

“I feel uncomfortable. Why should I let the little b!tch succeed? The mother and daughter have been happy enough these years. If you can’t, you must find a way to let them know the pain.” Alexa Xiao’s eyes suddenly brightened after speaking.

“Jamie Ye, doesn’t that little b!tch want to marry Juan Mu that much? Why don’t we play with her. You remarry with Juan Mu, and let the little b!tch draw water in the basket.”

“What a bad idea!” Jamie Ye glared at her.

“What I believe in my whole life is that people don’t offend me and I’m not criminal. If I were you, I would definitely reconcile with Juan Mu. The compound condition is to let Juan Mu give all the property to Devis and the children in your stomach. The slt gave birth to a child under Lisa Lin’s protection, and she will have nothing in the future. That slt calculated Juan Mu in such a way that it was for property. What a blow it would have hit her.”

Alexa Xiao was happier as she talked, but seeing Jamie Ye and Andre Ye both staring at her, she had no choice but to stop the conversation, “Forget it, I hope you don’t think about it, I’m just enjoying it.”

The next day Alexa Xiao told Roy Qin about Karen Xia’s pregnancy, and Roy Qin was also surprised, “Such a shameless persons are really rare in the world!”

“Yeah, the mother and daughter really took their shamelessness to the extreme. I think it’s not worth it for Jamie.” Alexa Xiao agreed, “I have to find a way to get back.”

“Isn’t Juan Mu going to kill the child? This is the best way to retaliate.” Roy Qin sneered, “It’s painful to kill a person’s hope in an instant.”

“Lisa Lin won’t agree.” Alexa Xiao sighed.

“If Juan Mu wants to do this, Lisa Lin can’t stop it.”

“That’s what you said.” Alexa Xiao nodded, “By the way, let you investigate what happened to Patricia Liu?”

“I went to check. The beauty shop was opened by a person named Ana Wen. Ana Wen and Patricia Liu both went out of Sankori Maoer and found nothing abnormal. Moreover, Patricia Liu has never been to that place recently. .”

“How could this be?” Alexa Xiao sighed disappointedly. “I thought I could find the handle of the old b!tch to kill her, but I didn’t expect to make no progress.”

“It’s not that there is no progress. As long as we pay attention, we will definitely catch her, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

After breaking up with Roy Qin, Alexa Xiao returned to the TV station and was accidentally intercepted by Hallie Tang at the gate of the TV station when she was going home, “You are Alexa Xiao, I have something to do with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Alexa Xiao naturally knew Roy Qin’s fiancee.

“Miss, do you think it is appropriate to stand here and talk about things?” Hallie Tang looked down on Alexa Xiao completely. Recently, she heard that Roy Qin had met Alexa Xiao several times, and her heart began to feel uncomfortable.

Although Alexa Xiao is not as beautiful as Jamie Ye, she is still a beauty. Maybe she has a leg with Roy Qin, she has to beat Alexa Xiao.

According to Hallie Tang’s idea, Alexa Xiao is just a small editor and director of the TV station. Seeing her, she will definitely have a guilty conscience. At that time, her suppression will definitely make her crushed.

Unexpectedly, she was wrong. Alexa Xiao didn’t put her in her eyes at all. “It’s not a shameful thing. What can’t you say here? I’m very busy. have to go home.”

Seeing Alexa Xiao not giving face at all, Hallie Tang couldn’t hold back her face, “Miss, I heard you live in my fiance’s villa?”

“Yes, Miss Tang should have known about this a long time ago, right?”

“Do you think it’s fair to live in my fiance’s villa?”

“What’s wrong with this?” Alexa Xiao asked back. “I don’t live alone, and your fiance invited me. If you feel unsatisfied, you can ask him, what’s the point of looking for me?”

“Roy is handsome and rich. Many women want to climb him. Since childhood, Roy has always been playful and fresh, looking for women just to amuse him, and Qin’s family is not ordinary people, it is not a cat or dog. I hope Miss knows herself.”

“Do you also know how handsome Roy Qin is? It’s normal for such a man and other women to have ideas?” Alexa Xiao smiled at Hallie Tang faintly, “I can tell you that I like Roy Qin quite a bit. I just like him. I don’t have any other thoughts. If you say that, I’m going to try it.”

“You…” Hallie Tang never thought that Alexa Xiao and Jamie Ye were not a routine. After a brief surprise, she immediately adjusted, “You don’t know that Roy likes Jamie Ye? You are Jamie Ye’s friend… …”

“Are you trying to tell Jamie that you like Roy Qin?” Alexa Xiao interrupted her, “I tell you, my friendship with Jamie Ye can’t be shared by just a few words of saliva. If you don’t believe me, give it a try?”

Chapter 178

Throwing down these words, Alexa Xiao stepped on high heels and left, got into the car and started the car. In the rearview mirror, she saw Hallie Tang standing motionless and watching her. Alexa Xiao snorted in her heart. They were all skins, and Jamie Ye didn’t fight with others. She was unlucky when she met her.

She drove the car and hummed a song and left. She thought about it on the road and wanted to call Roy Qin. “Your fiancee just found me at the TV station and stopped me. Let me not miss you.”

“Really?” Roy Qin laughed, Hallie Tang went to Alexa Xiao, because Alexa Xiao’s temper would definitely not give her good fruit, he was very interested in how Alexa Xiao cleaned up Hallie Tang, “How did you deal with her of?”

“What to deal with, I was so scared that I shed tears, so I called you right away.”

“Cut! Are you the kind of person who gets scared?”

“Haha, you don’t believe me. Actually, I don’t believe that I would be scared to cry. I told her that I like how handsome you are. She was so angry that she was probably scared by my sturdiness.”

Roy Qin frowned when he hung up the phone. This Hallie Tang is a dog who can’t change the virtue of eating shit. It seems that she can’t be mixed up here, she has to go back.

He thought about it, called Simson Tang, told him about Hallie Tang’s presence here, and asked Simson Tang to find a way to get Hallie Tang back.

Simson Tang was also very angry when he heard about it, and immediately told the old lady. The old lady was very angry. She knew that this granddaughter was not worried, but she didn’t expect her to be so worried. She immediately called Hallie Tang and asked her to go back. .

Hallie Tang didn’t dare to obey the old lady’s request, so she packed up her luggage and returned to the Costaguana bitterly.

When Juan Mu saw Jamie Ye go back, he was puzzled. He brought up the surveillance that night and took a look. Karen Xia was wearing a skirt that day. When she helped him up, she didn’t bring anything at all, and she came out empty-handed. And out, since this is the case, how did she stole the sperm out?

Juan Mu was afraid that his eyes were missing something, so he brought the monitoring to the company and looked at the person from the company’s technical department. The person from the technical department confirmed to Juan Mu that Karen Xia did come out empty-handed.

So how did Karen Xia get pregnant? Juan Mu is puzzled.

However, he knew one thing very well, that is, Karen Xia did everything possible to get in touch with him, not because of how much she loves him, but because of his billions of wealth.

Juan Mu sneered. She had made the wrong idea if she wanted his property, Karen Xia, and he would not give her a dime.

In order to stop her from thinking about it, he would leave all the property under his name to Devis and Jamie Ye, as well as the child in Jamie Ye’s stomach, to see if she became a pauper Karen Xia or not.

When Juan Mu said that he could immediately call in a lawyer to draft the property donation document, Lisa Lin soon learned about this, and immediately called Juan Mu to go home, but Juan Mu ignored her. Lisa didn’t like it, so she asked the nurse to send herself to the company.

Seeing Juan Mu with red eyes, Lisa Lin began to question, “What do you want to do if you donate all the property under your name to others without my permission?”

“I need your consent to give property to my children?” Juan Mu asked back.

“They are still so small, and if you give them the property, they can’t manage it either.”

“Isn’t I escrow? What are you afraid of having me here?”

“That’s not okay. If Jamie Ye makes things worse, can this company still have your share?”

“I don’t know if Jamie Ye will make you bad, but I know why you are so excited, so I can rest assured that I haven’t moved anything.” Juan Mu sneered.

“Are you talking like this? I’m not for property, isn’t my property all yours?”

“I dare not ask for your property. If I can, I would rather be born in someone else’s house, so at least I won’t experience the pain of being calculated by my biological mother.”

“What did I calculate for you?” Lisa Lin was a little guilty. What does her son mean? Does he know anything? Thinking about Karen Xia, she should not be so stupid. At this time, she should tell her son about pregnancy. Thinking like this, she feels confident. , So the refutation of bluffing.

“I ask you how did Karen Xia’s child conceive?” Juan Mu was furious when he saw his mother still want to prevaricate.

“You know? Karen’s pregnancy is not about your drunkenness and her…” Lisa Lin originally thought about telling her son about Karen Xia’s pregnancy after a while, but she didn’t expect her son to know in advance. In that case, he pretended not to know. See what your son can do.

“I was drunk? Do you still want to deny it at this time?” Juan Mu interrupted Lisa Lin, he was really speechless to his mother now.

“I ask you, what do you want to do when you and Flora Wu sit in the living room and let Karen Xia enter my room?”

“I…” Lisa Lin now knows that she can’t deny it, “If you didn’t listen to me, you had to get together with Jamie Ye, would I be like this?”

“Is there a mother like you? The son who likes it will do everything possible to destroy it, and the son who doesn’t like it will try every means to come to the fortress, are you my mother?”

“This matter is not good for me, but now Karen is pregnant and it’s done, so don’t complain anymore. Just listen to mother and get married with Karen!”

“Just dream about it!” Juan Mu sneered, “I am not afraid to tell you that Karen Xia wants to marry me daydreaming! I will never marry such a disgusting woman when I die. Let your heart be dead.”

“This matter has nothing to do with Karen, it’s all mom’s intention.” Lisa Lin said kindly for Karen Xia, “She doesn’t want Karen either. Mom asked her.”

“Lies can only be deceived for a while, not the whole life. I know what kind of person Karen Xia is. I advise you to keep your eyes open and don’t regret it then.”

“Son, mom is wrong about this. You are mad at mom and mom can understand, but you have to think about Karen, she is pregnant with your child.”

“Child, do you think I will let such a disgusting woman give birth to my child?” Juan Mu asked, “I tell you the child in Karen Xia’s belly, I will find a way to make him disappear.”

“Dare you!” Lisa Lin was anxious, “Who dares to touch my grandson, I will spare no one!”

“You can try and see if I dare!” Juan Mu didn’t buy it at all.

Lisa Lin returned home dizzy with anger. This matter seemed a little suspicious. Her son was now in anger and might do some extreme things. She had to let Karen Xia hide first and talk about it after this period of time.

Karen Xia was not idle either. After listening to Hallie Tang telling the news to Ye, she waited for Jamie Ye and Juan Mu to quarrel, but there was no movement at all. How should Jamie Ye live his life? .

On the contrary, Hallie Tang went back to the Costaguana, and Carlo Xia also warned her seriously that she should be safe and don’t go out if there is nothing to do. He also said that Juan Mu might attack her and get rid of the child in her stomach.

Karen Xia did not expect that Juan Mu’s reaction would be so strong, she had to turn her goal to Lisa Lin to seek Lisa Lin’s help, but unexpectedly Lisa Lin called her at this time, and asked her to be more careful, just like Carlo Xia’s rhetoric.

Karen Xia was scared, and Juan Mu even ignored Lisa Lin’s reaction that she hadn’t expected. The last protective barrier was gone, and she was doomed to escape.

No, anyway, Juan Mu already knew the truth of the matter, and Carlo Xia didn’t pursue who had leaked it out. She doesn’t have to worry about Carlo Xia punishing her now, Karen Xia decided to see Jamie Ye.

Jamie Ye took Devis away for a walk. A woman wrapped up in sunglasses and a hat walked towards her and Devis, and the woman suddenly stopped her and called her sister, Jamie Ye said. Only then discovered that the other party turned out to be Karen Xia.

Jamie Ye didn’t look at Karen Xia angrily, “What did Miss stop me?”

“I have something to do with you, let’s go over there and talk.” Karen Xia was sneaky.

“I have no time.” Jamie Ye refused directly.

“Sister, I’m pregnant! I beg you to help me! I’m really desperate!” Karen Xia pleaded in a low voice.

Jamie Ye looked at Karen Xia with disgust, “What does it matter to me that you are pregnant? Miss Xia begged the wrong person, right?”

“I know you hate me, but this time I was also calculated. It was Wendy Tian. That woman was too vicious. I planned to go to the hospital to get this child out, but the doctor said that I had a physical problem. , If I kill the child, I will never have another child in my life.” Karen Xia handed Jamie Ye a checklist, “Look, this is the doctor’s certificate.”

Jamie Ye didn’t answer, but looked at her coldly, “What does this have to do with me? Isn’t it because I didn’t let you have children?”

“But Juan won’t let me keep this child. Sister, would you persuade Juan Mu?” Karen Xia wiped away her tears, “I don’t have one child in my stomach, but two. They are both Juan’s. Isn’t Devis sick? Maybe it will be useful to them in the future.”

“It really surprised me that Miss Xia was such a mother. It’s just that I will find a way for my own child’s illness, so you don’t need to worry about you as an outsider.”

“Sister, I beg you, let me give birth to the baby. Don’t worry, I will stay away from you and Juan. The things you worry about will never happen!” Karen Xia threw herself on her knees and knelt before Jamie Ye.

“Miss Xia, don’t act. I’m not a fool. I know that wolves don’t trust sheep. Besides, the matter between you and Juan Mu has nothing to do with me. You really found the wrong thing!”

“Jamie Ye, how can you be so cruel? No matter how I keep the same blood as you, no matter how you are the mother of a child, how can you be so cruel?” Karen Xia stood up angrily when Jamie Ye refused to help. .

I knew she was a wolf with a big tail. Jamie Ye was still angry. “Miss Xia was looking for sympathy and found the wrong place? When you were thinking about Juan, you should have thought of today. I don’t understand. What face you have to find me?”

“Jamie Ye, I’m shameless, but you are not be better than me. While saying that you don’t have anything to do with Juan Mu, while hanging him with your child, would you and Juan be separated? You know better than me how to conceive a child in your stomach.”

Karen Xia came to Jamie Ye and didn’t expect Jamie Ye to sympathize with her, but now that Jamie Ye is not polite, she doesn’t need to pretend.

“I’m not much better than you? At least I didn’t go to covet a married man. You and your mother are just a weird pair. You are as disgusting as your mother. Jamie Ye was angry.

She is also pregnant, Juan Mu treats Jamie Ye as a treasure, and treats her as a grass. Although the mother said that she can’t move the child in Jamie Ye’s belly, there is no one around now. If she pushes Jamie Ye to make her like her back then Miscarriage is not pregnant, see what Juan Mu will do.

Karen Xia thought in her heart, and immediately meowed the car behind her eyes with the corner of her eye, and saw Mike Li in the car videotaping her and Jamie Ye. She felt relieved and immediately attacked Jamie Ye viciously in her mouth.

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