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Chapter 183

“What you said is true?” Lisa Lin’s expression suddenly changed. Her father was also pryed into the corner by her mother’s good friend, so she was very disgusted with Patricia. Although Patricia Liu was a junior, she felt uncomfortable. But because she wanted to deal with Jamie Ye, she forced herself to open one eye and close one eye. Now that this matter was pulled out by her friends, she couldn’t pretend to be confused if she wanted to.

“Of course it is true. It is said that Secretary Xia’s original wife treated her very well. She asked Secretary Xia to go to see her on a business trip. I didn’t think that this shameless thing would seduce a girlfriend’s husband and gave birth to a daughter. How can someone accept it from their bestfriend? She couldn’t bear it, so Secretary Xia’s original wife left in a car accident for this reason. This death made Patricia Liu and daughter cheaper. She has since taken the position as a junior and forced the daughter of Secretary Xia’s original wife away. Later Secretary Xia was transferred to another post. In other places, no one knows these things. Everyone thinks that she is the original partner. Where do they know that the true original partner is someone else.”

Lisa Lin’s sincere heart is not what it feels like, isn’t Jamie Ye just the self who was alive in the first place?

She was like this at the beginning. Her father cheated on the mistress and forced her to live outside alone. Fortunately, she has a husband who loves her, and she is not bullied by her mother-in-law.

After marrying Juan Mu’s father, the life is very sweet. If her husband was not sick and died, her life would be very happy.

But Jamie Ye was different. She was too pitiful. She was in love with her son, but she was abruptly dismantled. The most important thing is that she was planning to let Patricia Liu’s daughter in. It’s no wonder that Jamie Ye would be at odds with her.

Lisa Lin was not a treacherous person in the first place, and she felt a sense of guilt in her heart.

When Mrs. Lee turned her conversation, she talked about Karen Xia, “It’s not just Patricia Liu that is disgusting, her daughter is also disgusting, I tell you, she is not as simple and kind as she is on the surface, and her bones are sullen. She is more than her mother. Because she was fake, no one in the circle played with her. She had no friends and had to find a person named Ande Guo with a bad background to be friends. She said that she was a friend, but she was actually a servant who did things for her. That’s right. Remember the last time you and Juan were attacked and abused?”

Why didn’t Lisa Lin remember, but didn’t Jamie Ye do this thing? What does Karen Xia have?

Mrs. Lee continued: “Did Juan stay with his ex-wife during that time? Karen Xia felt resentful in her heart, so she asked the paparazzi to follow Juan, deliberately write about Juan and their affairs, and asked Ande Guo to find someone. Juan’s ex-wife’s company made trouble and scolded his ex-wife as a junior. After the incident was found out, she put the blame on Ande Guo and asked that Ande Guo to take care of her.”

“Isn’t it?” Lisa Lin didn’t expect Karen Xia to do this at all, she couldn’t believe it at all.

“Why not? Listen to me telling you carefully. I heard that Juan and his ex-wife were also caused by her. The purpose is to make you hate Juan’s ex-wife. In the end, Juan cleverly did such an interview on TV. He suppressed this matter…”

“Who did you listen to these things?” Lisa Lin couldn’t listen anymore and interrupted Madam Li.

“Ande Guo? That Ande Guo did so many things for her in order to please her. There was no credit and hard work. Guess what, she didn’t keep any affection, so she asked Ande Guo to cover her and give Ande Guo a sum. She arranged a good job for her, but she didn’t expect that the money and the job were not cashed in. Ande Guo was so angry that she said the matter.”

“This statement has no credibility, maybe it is revenge.”

“As the saying goes, seamless duck eggs don’t have insects, and there is room for retaliation?” Madam Li said when Lisa Lin didn’t believe it, “I tell you, Karen Xia is not as gentle as you think, she is simply a b!tch. , I saw her scolding a nurse in the hospital that day, like that, tut tut…”

Naturally, Lisa Lin had seen the video scolding nurses, and her heart sank. There is no worm, Karen Xia is definitely not that simple.

Lisa Lin felt uncomfortable thinking that she had been so optimistic about her before and trusted her so much.

After Mrs. Lee left, she felt uncomfortable. Why was she so stubborn at the beginning? Thinking about her past to Jamie Ye, Lisa Lin felt that she was too much.

After Karen Xia calculated that Jamie Ye’s ugly act was revealed last time, she finally forced Ande Guo to come out and cover her for her. Ande Guo didn’t dare to swallow her breath as a scapegoat for Karen Xia.

Of course, Ande Guo spared no effort to help Karen Xia as a scapegoat, besides not daring to offend Karen Xia, she also wanted to gain some benefits.

It’s just that she thought things too simple. She thought that she would be detained for a few days and nothing would happen, but she did not expect that Roy Qin and Juan Mu would not let her go. In the end, Ande Guo was sentenced to defamation and sentenced to less than three years fixed-term imprisonment according to law.

The most serious crime of defamation was less than three years. Roy Qin and Juan Mu knew that the culprit was not Ande Guo, but only to beat Karen Xia, so they did not show any weakness to Ande Guo, and they insisted that Ande Guo was sentenced for three years.

Sentenced to prison is something that Ande Guo never thought about. Karen Xia asked her to pass a message to her so that she would not be afraid. She would take care of her and would not put her in jail for three years. When the wind passed, she would be released.

At this point, Ande Guo had no choice but to admit that Patricia Liu didn’t break her promise. In order to gag her mouth, she was given a sum of money, arranged a good job for her family, and took care of her boyfriend.

Patricia Liu didn’t fall into the tongue when she did things. Ande Guo finally balanced her mind. After she was in jail for more than half a year, when no one noticed this matter, Patricia Liu asked her to commute her sentence. Ande Guo was detained for more than half a year.

Ande Guo, who came out of jail, did not have a job. Patricia Liu asked her to find a job. The job was easy and the salary was good. The condition was that she would never show up in front of Karen Xia, so as not to affect Karen Xia.

Ande Guo suffered so many wrongs for profit. She has been with Karen Xia for these years, and she has not suffered less. Now she can be proud of Karen Xia, so she agreed without hesitation.

I thought that I could live a comfortable life from now on, but I just wanted to be one thing, and reality is the same thing. The life after her release was very different from what she thought. I don’t know who revealed the information that she had been in jail. People in the unit saw it. She began to whisper, what was behind her was not arranged.

After staying with Karen Xia for a long time, Ande Guo hasn’t gotten rid of her arrogance. Now when she was supposed to be a man with her tail clipped, she was ignorant and regarded herself as a powerful person next to Karen Xia.

Seeing someone make up her mouth, she didn’t let anyone else. After a while, everyone around her was offended. No one in the office looked pleasing to her, and began to unite to exclude her. Even the leaders often gave it to her at intervals.

Work is not going well, and relationships have problems. Her boyfriend has even got better with another woman behind her back. Ande Guo’s life is suffering from internal and external troubles.

Ande Guo began to miss the days of being a dog after Karen Xia. At that time, because she had a good relationship with Karen Xia, everyone thought she and Karen Xia could talk to her three points high, and she decided to go after thinking about it. Looking for Karen Xia, hoping to be her follower as before.

Karen Xia turned her face and refused to recognize anyone, and told her to stay away from her, saying that what should be given to her had been given, so that she would be more acquainted.

Ande Guo realized that she was not abandoned temporarily, but completely abandoned.

Thinking of working for her with Karen Xia over the years, she was so towards her, she felt resentment towards Karen Xia in her heart, thinking that she must have a chance to avenge Karen Xia if she had a chance.

Just when Ande Guo was thinking about it, suddenly a young and beautiful lady named Leena came to her and offered to give her money to let her publicize the scandal of Karen Xia.

Ande Guo was a little worried about Karen Xia’s revenge, but agreed on the basis of money. The young and beautiful Miss Leena who looked for her was also a high-class person. The car she drove was a limited edition car, and her clothes were all fashionable.

The most important thing is that Miss Leena is courteous, unlike Karen Xia when she is in front of others, and she is not treated as a human when there is no one.

Ms. Leena is also generous, unlike Karen Xia. When she took her to a party, she asked her to go to a high-end beauty shop for hair beauty and bought new clothes for her to wear. Karen Xia also took her to parties before and never took her to high-end beauty salons. I have enjoyed it in the store, and all I don’t want are clothes for her.

Comparing the two, Ande Guo recognized Miss Leena even more. If she could follow her, this life would definitely be much better than before.

It’s just that Ande Guo has some doubts about Miss Leena’s identity. She and Karen Xia have been around for a short time, so she never knew there was such a Miss in Olathe.

But her doubts were quickly dispelled. When Ms. Leena took her to a party, she finally learned about Ms. Leena’s identity after listening to the people around her.

It turned out that Miss Leena had just returned from abroad and the family business was doing a lot. Ande Guo also heard from those people saying that Miss Leena likes Juan Mu. When she contacted Miss Leena to find her own purpose, she immediately understood that Miss Leena’s feelings are for her. Karen Xia became a rival in love.

In order to get Miss Leena’s favor, Ande Guo naturally had to take the initiative, so she told Miss Leena about Karen Xia one by one, what hypocrisy, vicious and insidious, turning her face to deny people… Ande Guo knew everything she could say and she knew her Karen Xia’s old bottom was shaken out.

Ande Guo naturally does not know that this Miss Leena is actually not a daughter, but the secretary of Juan Mu’s overseas company. Juan Mu asked her to find Ande Guo in order to dig out the true face of Karen Xia.

Miss Leena recorded all what Ande Guo said with a recording pen to Juan Mu. After hearing what Ande Guo said, Juan Mu was extremely disgusting to Karen Xia.

Isn’t Karen Xia good at disguising? He would tear off her mask and expose her ugly face to the sun.

He instructed Miss Leena to continue to take Ande Guo to various gatherings of the ladies and let Ande Guo tell all about Karen Xia’s scandals.

Ande Guo was a person next to Karen Xia before, and what she said naturally had credibility, so the high-class daughters of the upper class simply spurned Karen Xia to the extreme.

Because Karen Xia even took Patricia Liu and was spurned. In the past, because Patricia Liu was the secretary’s wife, many people followed her to flatter her. After this incident was reported, those who flattered her began to alienate her.

This year was not a good year for Patricia, she was not a good lady and because of the status of these ladies, everyone is more or less troubled by the third party, so you can imagine the aversion to her.

Patricia Liu and Carlo Xia were attending the party without knowing it. Seeing those people looking at her with weird gazes, they felt strange in their hearts. How could these people look at her with such gazes?

She felt strange in her heart, but she still walked over with a smile on her face and prepared to say hello to people she knew. A strange scene happened. Those people who usually saw her voluntarily come forward even pretend not to see her, and still chat with themselves. …

Chapter 184

Patricia Liu felt uncomfortable, so she only chose Mrs. Zhang, who had a good relationship with her, to say hello. Mrs. Zhang reluctantly said a few words to her and walked away with excuses.

Mrs. Zhang always had to say something every time she saw her. What happened this time? Patricia Liu realized that something was wrong. She realized it was wrong, and Carlo Xia realized it too. On the way back, he asked her: “That Mrs. Zhang is not with you. Are you pretty good with her? why is she suddenly ignoring you now?”

Where did Patricia Liu know, “I don’t know why, maybe it’s menopause.”

Xia just snorted, “What menopause? It must be how you offended her. Didn’t I tell you to ask you to pay attention to them when dealing with them? The Director Zhang will soon be promoted. We can’t offend such a person.”

Patricia Liu was very uncomfortable when Carlo Xia criticized her, but she didn’t dare to refute it. She suffocated her stomach and returned home, but she couldn’t find the answer.

The more Lisa Lin thinks about at home these days, the less it feels. Feelings have been living in lies and deceit all these years? To be honest, she didn’t have that good impression on Karen Xia at the beginning. It was her good friend Flora Wu that praised Karen Xia again and again in her ears, saying that she was beautiful, gentle and kind, and she said too much. Begin to see Karen Xia pleasing to the eye.

But although she felt that Karen Xia was pleasing to her eyes, she did not intend to let her be with her son until her son and Jamie Ye got better.

The daughter-in-law in Lisa Lin’s mind is not only to be beautiful, but also to have an identity. Jamie Ye’s background is not good, she intuitively dislikes it, but her son did not listen to her, and treated Jamie Ye as a treasure.

She didn’t happily talked to Flora Wu about these things. Flora Wu naturally vented her nostrils, saying that Jamie Ye was not worthy to give Karen Xia shoes. To marry such a woman with no background and identity, it is better to marry the secretary’s daughter, yes. It will also be helpful for Juan Mu’s career and so on.

Lisa Lin was right to think about it. She could see Karen Xia’s thoughts about her son, so she chose to get close to Karen Xia in order to let Jamie Ye know the difficulties.

The closeness found that Karen Xia was really good. She knew her likes clearly and spoke very much to her. If she had such a considerate daughter-in-law by her side, her life would have been pretty good.

After Juan Mu and Jamie Ye got married, she still felt uncomfortable, and she still couldn’t like Jamie Ye. No matter how she treated her well, she couldn’t like it, and Karen Xia knew that Juan Mu was already married and came to look for him every few days. She said to accompany her to relieve her boredom and make her happy.

She was convinced before, but now, after knowing so much bad news for Karen Xia, she suddenly felt that she had been deceived. Karen Xia has been acting on her all these years?

She must have wanted something for her acting. Thinking of Patricia Liu’s shamelessly seducing man, she seduced her best friend’s husband to take the opportunity, Lisa Lin began to suspect that Karen Xia and her little third mother were planning something from the beginning.

This thought made Lisa Lin particularly uncomfortable. When it came to the fact that Karen Xia had to be pregnant with Juan Mu’s child, Lisa Lin became more and more suspicious. Could it be that she was calculated from the beginning?

Being calculated by others is not a matter of repayment. Lisa Lin felt very uncomfortable in her heart, so she called Flora Wu to discuss, and when they met, she asked: “Have you heard any gossip about Karen Xia recently?”

This question was strange. Flora Wu felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what Lisa Lin was going to say, so she accompanied her and asked with a smile, “Why are you suddenly asking this, what happened?”

“Recently, I heard some comments that are not good to her. I’m asking you.” Lisa Lin changed what Mrs. Lee said about Karen Xia to Flora Wu, “I feel uncomfortable after hearing this. During this period of time, my legs and feet are inconvenient, and I haven’t been outside. I don’t know what happened outside, so I came to you to ask.”

“I haven’t heard of it.” Flora Wu was surprised when she heard it. She tried to persuade, “Isn’t that Mrs. Lee and Patricia Liu wrong? It may be because she resented Patricia Liu and deliberately slandered Karen. I don’t think her words can be believed. “

“Ms. Lee and Patricia Liu are not right for a long time. If she deliberately discredited Karen Xia because of resentment, why didn’t she say it earlier, why did she wait until now to talk about this?” Lisa Lin naturally did not know that the woman in front of her who she regarded as a good friend was among them. What role did she play? When she was deceived by Karen Xia just like herself, she showed the video she received to Flora Wu, “Before Mrs. Lee told me this, I also received this. Look at this.”

Flora Wu was surprised when she watched the video. Who on earth is trying to punish Karen Xia? She was surprised but didn’t show it on her face, just tried her best to persuade Lisa Lin to dispel her doubts.

“Isn’t Karen being beaten by Jamie Ye in a bad mood? The doctor said that she seemed to be irritated. Patricia Liu also said that Karen was not the same as usual during this period. Ask her normally, and her answer seems to be hallucinations. It is estimated that this situation occurred when she was out of control when the hallucinations occurred.”

Hallucinations, manic? Isn’t this the rhythm of psychosis? Lisa Lin was anxious, “Does Karen Xia have a mental illness? If so, the child she gave birth is definitely not normal?”

“She is not mentally ill.” Flora Wu comforted, “She only reacted when she was stimulated. You think, she was spoiled since childhood, and her parents regarded her as a treasure in the palm of her hand. Now she is beaten like this by Jamie Ye. How can this be accepted? , She will be okay in a while.”

Speaking of Karen Xia as the treasure in the palm, Lisa Lin thought of Jamie Ye. If it weren’t for Patricia Liu’s shameless intervention, Jamie Ye would be Carlo Xia’s treasure. If Jamie Ye were Carlo Xia’s daughter, she would not object to her dating Juan Mu. , And things will not happen in the future.

Thinking about this, she snorted, “What treasure in the palm, I feel angry when I talk about this. I only knew that Patricia Liu was in the upper rank of the junior, but I didn’t know that she was even more disgusting than those juniors.”

“Where did you start?” Flora Wu felt bad, what did Madam Li say to Lisa Lin?

“I’m telling you, that Patricia Liu is not just a junior, she is 10,000 times more disgusting than the average junior, and the man who she snatched from her girlfriend, if I had known that Patricia Liu was such a disgusting person, how would I let Karen Xia and Juan to relate.” Lisa Lin was angry.

“You can’t kill it all at once. This criminal has been reformed. What’s more, Karen Xia is Karen Xia, and Patricia Liu is Patricia Liu. They should not be confused.” Flora Wu was really uncomfortable, but she had to smile and persuade.

“It’s not that. I didn’t have any impression of Karen Xia in the past. Wouldn’t it be because I heard you say that she is good, so I think she is pretty good? Now that I think about it carefully, the more I think about it, the more things are wrong, she knows that Juan will get married so she runs every day to me to show courtesy, do you think she wants to be in the middle of the junior high like her shameless mother?”

“No! You think too much.”

“I also hope I think too much, but now I have to think like this?” Lisa Lin held in her heart for a long time, and then regarded Flora Wu as a confidant, naturally not spitting up, “Then she would know that Jamie Ye is her sister. , But I don’t know her at all in my house, and I deliberately find opportunities to get close to Juan. Isn’t the purpose simple?”

“Isn’t she doing it for Jamie Ye?” Flora Wu persuaded, “You really thought about it, think about it, as Carlo Xia, Karen Xia can’t be a junior? Many wealthy people look forward to her.”

“What you said makes sense, but I still think it’s abnormal. I came to you today not only to tell you these things, but also to let you help me pay attention to see if these rumors are true.”

Flora Wu immediately called Patricia Li uafter leaving Mu’s house and told Patricia Liu what Lisa Lin had said. Patricia Liu was surprised when she heard that, “Didn’t these things be done secretly at the beginning? How could they spread?”

“Where do I know? Think about it for yourself. What’s wrong? You have to find a way to remedy it. Lisa Lin is already suspicious now. It’s just that her legs are inconvenient. It’s not easy to verify it personally. To confirm, this thing is bad.”

“I see.” Patricia Liu’s face suddenly sank after hanging up the phone, Karen Xia on the side saw her mother’s face not looking good and asked, “Mom, what happened?”

“Lisa Lin heard about some of our affairs from Mrs. Lee, and asked Flora Wu to go over and verify.” Patricia Liu briefly explained the matter.

Karen Xia didn’t know that she had become the object of spurn by everyone. She was pregnant and didn’t have the energy to go to those gatherings. Every day, she just stayed at home and sat with the dream of being expensive mother of two children.

Hearing what her mother said, she was dumbfounded, “What can I do? If even Lisa Lin hates me, what chance do I have?”

“Don’t you have children?” Patricia Liu comforted her, “Now we have to find out who is slandering us in the back.”

Patricia Liu frowned, “I know that there were not many people who calculated Jamie Ye at the beginning, and not many people who knew you. Flora Wu wouldn’t say anything, only Ande Guo. Could it be her?”

When Karen Xia heard her mother say this, she also remembered Ande Guo’s request that she was rejected, “Mom, Ande Guo must have done this. This b!tch came to me last time. I ignored her. It must be her. She is taking revenge on me deliberately with a grudge.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Patricia Liu couldn’t help but complain about Karen Xia. “If you tell me, it won’t be like this.”

“I was not afraid that her appearance would cause Juan Mu’s dissatisfaction? I broke up with Ande Guo because of the thing that framed Jamie Ye. Now Juan Mu would definitely have an idea when I got involved with her, so she came to me and I directly Refused.”

“You are still too tender. If you don’t raise a dog well, it will turn into a wolf. Even if you don’t want to get involved with her, you have to stabilize her.” Patricia Liu complained.

“Mom, now is not the time to complain about me, quickly let this b!tch disappear, or she will slander me endlessly.”

“I know, let me think about how to get this b!tch away.”

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