The Warmest Romance Chapter 841 -842

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Chapter 841

The chief director was silent for a moment and murmured, “but this The pressure on children may be a little high. “

Ruan’s mind was so tight that he was not sure.

But when she thought of Yu Yimo’s face, she took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and said, “it doesn’t matter. Speed up the process as soon as possible.”

She would rather work hard and be tired than stay in China all the time.

The chief director thought about it and said in a low voice, “I’ll ask the leader for instructions.”

The two-week work schedule was originally under the instruction of the boss above. Now he can’t change the work schedule without authorization because of Ruan Shishi’s words.

Ruan Shishi was relieved and gave him a smile, “OK, please.”

In the afternoon, the photographer arranged for sensenshasha to have close contact with the animals, led by the breeder, and further close contact with the animals.

At the same time, Yu Yimo, who is far away from the President Office of Yu’s group, received a call from the person in charge of the shooting party, and his face sank a little in an instant.

“You said she wanted to speed up the filming?”

The other end of the phone hesitated for a moment and said, “yes, two weeks will be shortened to one week. In this way, the cost will be lower for us, which is also a good thing.”

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows tightened, and a faint light flashed at the bottom of his eyes. He slowly tightened his hand holding the mobile phone. A few seconds later, he said in a cold voice, “no, just follow the original plan. My goal has never been to save costs. Quality is the first.”

As soon as he said this, the person in charge at the other end of the phone stopped talking. After a moment’s delay, he said repeatedly, “Mr. Yu is right! Quality is the most important

Yu Yimo, with no waves on his face, continued, “what time does it end tonight?”

“It’s five thirty today.”

“Well, I’ll come over and see what happens.”

With that, he hung up the phone and saw a few faint lights.

Unexpectedly, Ruan Shishi was so anxious to finish her work and leave Jiangzhou?

Or is she avoiding him?

This thought flashed through my heart, which means that my brow is closed more tightly, and my heart is blocked by something, which is heavy and stuffy.


He patted his mobile phone on the table, and his mood was dim.

Does she think she can go as she said five years ago? This time, he decided not to give her that chance again!

Unconsciously, one afternoon later, Sensen and Sasha went crazy, amused the monkey, touched the elephant, and even touched the python.

Originally for some animals fear and unfamiliar, because the afternoon of close contact, the relationship between children and animals become integrated.

Children’s world is so naive, and their tolerance for life is also very broad. Ruan Shishi is very pleased to see their changes.

It seems that she made the right choice for this shooting.

At least in this way, children can be taught to maintain respect and love for animals and let nature teach them a valuable lesson.

Finally, before the end of the day’s work, the chief director called Samson Shasha over, asked them about the day’s feelings, and communicated with them about tomorrow’s shooting.

Ruan Shishi sat aside and rarely had time to relax.

Chapter 842

Just then, a black car came slowly and stopped outside the shooting area. Then, the door was pushed open and a tall figure came down from the car.

Ruan Shishi didn’t pay attention, and her sight remained at sensenshasha’s side. She didn’t turn her head until the chief director suddenly stood up and walked to the side.

At the moment when he saw the man standing in front of the car, Ruan Shishi was stunned, and suddenly he was silly.

Is she blinded? Why is Yu Yimo here?

She inhaled deeply, sat up straight, raised her hand, rubbed her eyes, and looked over there again.

Who knows, it’s like telepathy. It happened that Yimo turned his head and looked at her. The moment when they met, it seemed that there was a spark flashing.

Ruan Shishi’s breath was tight, and he quickly took back his eyes, and his hand was clenched unconsciously.

What the hell is going on? Since she returned to Jiangzhou, she has met with Yu Yimo frequently. Yesterday she was in Happy Valley, but today she can meet her at work!

All of a sudden, the chief director turned his head and looked at her side and said, “Shishi, come here.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, put down his anxiety and doubts, stood up, and passed by pretending to be calm.

The chief director coughed twice and introduced Yu Yimo, “Mr. Yu, this is the mother of two little models. Ruan Shishi is a director…”

Before he finished speaking, Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at Ruan Shishi. He squinted and said with a smile, “I know.”

The chief director was stunned, hesitated and asked, “you Do you know him? “

Yu Yimo turned his head and glanced at him faintly. His thin lips opened lightly. “The rest, I’ll just talk to her myself.”

The chief director smelled the speech, a trace of embarrassment passed over his face. Soon, he touched his nose, “OK, you talk…”

With that, he turned and left.

When the chief director walked away, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked up at Yu Yimo. His heart was a little angry.

“Yu Yimo, what do you want to do?”

If he said it was a chance encounter this time, she would not believe it at all!

Yu Yimo moved his eyes, raised his chin, and said in a soft voice, “it seems that you don’t know that I gave the shooting instructions of the commercial film. In a sense, I’m your boss.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi sneered, “do you think I believe it?”

He ran over casually and said that he was her boss!

“No?” Yu Yimo took no time, glanced at the chief director over there and said in a low voice, “otherwise, what do you think the chief director just came here for?”

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned when he heard the words, and suddenly he couldn’t speak.

That’s right. If he doesn’t have any identity, why did the chief director come to meet him in person just now?

Is Qi Ge’s big boss Yu Yimo?

Aware of this fact, Ruan Shishi was so nervous that he stepped back in disbelief. He was inexplicably flustered, “you How could it be you? “

She is trying every means to keep away from him. Unexpectedly, she is working for him.

Yu Yimo was not surprised by her reaction. He pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “I just want to tell you personally that I don’t agree with your proposal to speed up the shooting process.”

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