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Chapter 199

“I have to ask them, don’t bring people like this.”

“Sit down, I haven’t finished speaking yet.” Roy Qin pulled Alexa Xiao down and sat down, “Do you know why they are partnering to lie to you?”

“I am going to ask!”

“If you ask, they won’t tell you, let me tell you.” Roy Qin sneered, “That man is a friend of Patricia Liu’s lover, didn’t you beat Karen Xia? I wonder if they want to deal with you.”

“To deal with me in such a play?” Alexa Xiao looked unbelievable. If he really wanted to deal with her, just find someone to beat her up, so why bother?

“I just figured it out.” Roy Qin sneered, “You beat Karen Xia so badly that Patricia Liu must hate it, but now on the cusp of the storm, she doesn’t dare to deal with you clearly. No one will go into this matter deeply, understand?”

Alexa Xiao is not an idiot and immediately understands that, indeed, this is a different situation between being injured by righteous bravery and simply being beaten. If she is beaten by someone, the police must open a case for investigation. At that time, she must be asked who she had a freak with.

And she has only beaten Karen Xia, Patricia Liu will be exposed, but it is not the same if she is beaten if she is righteous. The police will at most condemn the person who beat her to be wronged and injured, and they would not expect someone to plot against Alexa Xiao. Shocked in a cold sweat, if it weren’t for Roy Qin, the consequences would be disastrous that day, she gritted her teeth: “Vicious woman!”

“Yeah, the viciousness of this woman has exceeded our imagination. I am very worried about Jamie Ye.” Roy Qin looked around and stood up, “I asked you to come out to tell you this and there is one more important thing to tell you. There are so many people here, let’s go out and talk.”

When the two got into the car, Alexa Xiao was impatient: “What’s the matter?”

“About Jamie Ye’s mother Meghan Ye’s accident.” Roy Qin repeated what his mother Josie Gao had told him. “I suspect that Meghan Ye’s death has a lot to do with Patricia Liu. Before, I only doubted it, but now Lisa Lin has an accident. It’s completely certain that Patricia Liu is playing a trick behind her back, and now he found out that she is calculating Jamie behind her back. The viciousness of this woman has surpassed my imagination. She can do so many vicious things for Karen Xia, and she can deal with Meghan Ye for her own superiority. It’s conceivable that Meghan Ye’s death has nothing to do with her.”

“Is there such a thing?” Alexa Xiao was also startled. “If Meghan Ye was actually calculated by Patricia Liu in a car accident, Jamie Ye would definitely be in pain. Over the years, she had always thought that Meghan Ye’s death happened in a car accident.”

“Yeah, when Patricia Liu secretly met with Meghan Ye outside, it certainly couldn’t be as simple as a heart-to-heart talk. I think she should have deliberately stimulated Meghan Ye and caused Meghan Ye’s mental breakdown before getting into a car accident.”

“It must be so! This b!tch is so vicious, it’s really hard to tolerate her if she doesn’t clean up. We can’t let her go so free. We have to find a way to clean up her.”

“I have an idea with you. It’s just that this woman is so poisonous and her scheming is so deep. You can’t use ordinary methods to deal with her. Now I find that she is cheating on other men. At first, I thought the same as you. I wanted to make Jamie Ye show her scandal to Carlo Xia, but now that I think about it carefully, I don’t think it’s appropriate. What if this woman jumps over the wall to deal with Jamie Ye? This matter must be discussed in the long term.”

“I think you must at least tell the truth of the matter now, not let her stay in the dark forever.”

“I thought about telling Jamie Ye that there was no evidence before, so I didn’t say. Now that Jamie Ye is pregnant, I am worried that it will affect her mood.”

Alexa Xiao naturally knew how much this matter had affected Jamie Ye, “What should I do now? Should I just keep waiting?”

“Wait until Jamie Ye gives birth to the child.” Roy Qin sighed, “Now that Jamie Ye is still pregnant, and Devis is sick again, we can’t let her be distracted. It’s good for the two of us to know about it. In the future, you pay more attention, and I will also let the protection of Jamie Ye prevent Patricia Liu from jumping over the wall in a hurry. Everything will be discussed until Jamie Ye gives birth to a child.”

Alexa Xiao couldn’t think of a good way. She knew Roy Qin’s worries. Jamie Ye is now exhausted for Devis, so she shouldn’t use these things to affect her mood. It’s just that Patricia Liu is allowed to stay away. Alexa Xiao is really not willing.

Lisa Lin was in a coma in the hospital, Juan Mu and Jamie Ye fell out, Karen Xia was in a very good mood. Now the child in her stomach has been more than four months, and the chance of accidental miscarriage is very small. Karen Xia does not want to hide in the house anymore. To live her life, she had to take the initiative to make Juan Mu look at her differently on her belly.

It’s just that Carlo Xia forbids her from contacting Juan Mu, and she has no reason to see Juan Mu. Karen Xia thought about it and decided to find a way from the hospital.

She is currently pregnant and has to go to the maternity checkup frequently. In order to meet Juan Mu by chance, Karen Xia deliberately went to the hospital where Lisa Lin was hospitalized. Of course, she had to visit Lisa Lin after going to the hospital. Karen Xia did not give up, and after inquiring about the approximate time when Juan Mu went to the hospital to visit Lisa Lin, she went to the hospital again.

As before, the two nurses did not let her enter the ward. Karen Xia’s purpose was not to visit Lisa Lin, and they didn’t let her in. She asked very clearly these days, and Juan Mu came to see her every day. Lisa Lin had this point, she was trying to meet Juan Mu to see his attitude.

Sure enough, after standing outside the ward for a while, Juan Mu appeared. He hadn’t seen Karen Xia for several months. Juan Mu was stunned when he saw Karen Xia with such a big belly, and then his eyes fell on top of Karen Xia’s belly.

Because of the relationship between twins, Karen Xia’s belly looks very big. Seeing Juan Mu pay attention to her belly, Karen Xia was overjoyed and pushed her belly forward.

Juan Mu naturally saw what Karen Xia had done. This b!tch’s belly was already so big!

Juan Mu sneered, Karen Xia was probably dreaming of giving birth to her own child, or he had to let her make this dream beautiful, let her give birth to these two children, and let her know what the cost of calculating people is!

When Juan Mu walked in front of Karen Xia, she yelled Juan softly. The pitiful look made him feel pity. Juan Mu stopped, “What are you doing?”

“Let me take a look at Auntie. Auntie was so good to me…” Karen Xia choked in her voice. “It is said that there is something wrong with the weather. How could Auntie be like this? How could God treat her like this?”

“Yeah, God is really blind.” Juan Mu replied with deep feelings, watching Karen Xia’s eyes roll with tears, he felt disgusted in his heart, he would have believed that she was kind and innocent. Be blinded by lard.

Fortunately, he discovered her true face early, isn’t Karen Xia like acting? Well, he acted with her, thinking that he took out his handkerchief and handed it to her.

Karen Xia did not expect that Juan Mu would be so kind to her. She was a little ecstatic. She took the handkerchief and wiped her tears in a hurry, and then choked with comfort: “Juan, you don’t have to worry too much. People have their own heavens. Auntie will be fine.”

“How can I not worry? The doctor said, my mother’s best condition is now like this.” Juan Mu sighed. During this time Lisa Lin was in a coma in the hospital. Flora Wu, Patricia Liu and others did not come to the hospital for work. Juan Mu knew their fears and naturally sang the show.

“No, Auntie is so nice, she will definitely get better.” Karen Xia repeated.

“Let you auspicious words.” Juan Mu sighed, staring at Karen Xia’s stomach for a few seconds and his voice suddenly softened, “How many months?”

“It’s going to be five months.” Karen Xia replied.

“It must be very hard to have such a big belly, right?”

“It’s not hard.” Karen Xia replied, thinking about it and then adding, “The child can already move.”

A complex emotion flashed in Juan Mu’s eyes when he heard the words. He seemed to want to reach out and touch Karen Xia’s belly. When he stretched out his hand, he shrank back sullenly, “Thank you! If my mother sees you like this, she must be Will be very happy.”

Karen Xia saw him stretch out his hand and was expecting him to touch her belly. She was a little disappointed when she saw him shrink back again, but listening to Juan Mu’s meaning seemed to be expecting the child in her belly, and she was happy again.

Juan Mu’s attitude towards her this time was completely different from that of the past. Karen Xia could feel that, according to this situation, she firmly believed that she could regain Juan Mu’s attention with the child in her stomach.

Lisa Lin was in a coma and was hospitalized. Juan Mu ran at both ends of the hospital company and rarely went home. As the saying goes, there are no tigers and monkeys in the mountains as kings. Life is better when no one is arrogant.

She secretly met with her son several times, and discussed her future plans with her son. Erin Liu used to want to leave after getting the money with her son, but she doesn’t want to go anymore, she has to stay and live.

Over the years, he didn’t make much money by driving Carlo Xia. All the sources of income came from Erin Liu.

Juan Mu paid such a high salary to Erin Liu that he cut off a source of income after leaving the Mu family, so Mike Li had never supported Erin Liu’s resignation from the Mu family.

Every time Erin Liu was bullied by Lisa Lin and couldn’t bear it, she came to him to complain, he tried his best to relieve her and let her think about it.

Now that Erin Liu took the initiative to say not to leave Mike Li naturally fully supported Erin Liu’s decision.

Since knowing that Erin Liu is an accomplice, Juan Mu has never stopped monitoring her, nor has he spared the investigation of her. Erin Liu and Mike Li met. Lisa Lin said Mike Li was Erin Liu before. Juan Mu didn’t believe much about the man raised by the bread outside, but now after seeing Erin Liu and Mike Li frequently meet, he starts to doubt.

Is that kind of relationship between Erin Liu and Mike Li? Juan Mu was suspicious here, and the person sent to investigate Erin Liu quickly pulled out Erin Liu’s past incidents.

Knowing that Erin Liu had a gangster man in jail, and that Carlo Xia’s driver turned out to be Erin Liu and the gangster’s son, Juan Mu sneered.

Before Juan Mu deliberately released Erin Liu to numb her nerves and let her experience the feeling of going from heaven to hell. Now that there is so much news, Erin Liu’s life has to be spiced up.

Chapter 200

Mike Li was originally an unlearned and unskilled person. He couldn’t eat, drink, and gamble. He was almost imprisoned because he was fighting for a girl to injure the other party. Later, Patricia Liu helped save him from jail.

Patricia Liu helped Mike Li not to be kind, but to use Erin Liu to make her use for herself. As expected, Erin Liu did not let her down.

Mike Li would have nothing to do all day long. Erin Liu was worried that her son would fail to learn again, so she approached Patricia Liu and begged her to help find a job for her son.

It took Patricia Liua lot of thought to find a job for Mike Li. Mike Li himself has no culture, but he is not good enough. He is very picky about work, and he needs to be easy and highly paid.

Patricia Liu found several jobs for him one after another, but he messed up all by himself. Later, there was really no way to get him to drive next to Carlo Xia.

Mike Li has been messing around at the bottom of the society. He suddenly heard his mother say that the job the trustee had found was to serve the secretary.

Although only driving, being able to have close contact with the secretary is something that most people can’t even think of. The people who worked with him before were very envious of his work and they watched it a bit high, Mike Li also felt that his face was very bright, and began to pay attention to this job.

Mike Li was originally a person in society, so it goes without saying that Carlo Xia sees him cleverly and has a good impression of him.

Recently, however, Carlo Xia became disgusted with Mike Li. That day, Director Li of the Public Security Bureau came to Carlo Xia to talk about business affairs and inadvertently talked about Mike Li’s affairs.

“Is the secretary’s driver called Mike Li?”

“What’s the matter?” Carlo Xia asked back, instinctively that Mike Li did something and was watched by the police.

“We arranged an anti-pornography that day, and we caught a lot of ladies and clients on ktv. One of the clients was called by this name.”

“What are you talking about?” Carlo Xia’s expression changed. Although Mike Li is only a driver, if this incident spreads out, it will definitely not affect him.

“The person who went out of the police wanted to take him back to the police station. He moved out of you and said it was your driver. The police came to see him and drove your special car. They were afraid that this matter would not affect you. Then they let him go. I caught him in another nightclub in a few days, he was smoking K powder, or driving your car. This happened twice in a row. I think I still have to tell you this thing. As the saying goes, dogs can’t change eating shit. If this person is really your driver, you have to take precautions.”

Carlo Xia nodded, “I see, thank you for reminding me.”

After Director left, Carlo Xia’s brows frowned, and a mouse shit broke a pot of soup. This Mike Li must never be used again.

Naturally, Carlo Xia didn’t mess with things, and soon dismissed Mike Li. After Mike Li was dismissed by Carlo Xia, Erin Liu immediately called Patricia Liu and told Patricia Liu.

Worried about whether Carlo Xia was suspicious of something, Patricia Liu was also surprised. Could it be that Carlo Xia found out that Mike Li did something on his own? She didn’t ask Mike Li to help much. Apart from asking him to listen to Carlo Xia’s news, she asked him to help throw Devis into the stinky ditch of the hospital. Carlo Xia might not have discovered much.

In the evening Carlo Xia came back and changed a new driver. Patricia Liu naturally asked Carlo Xia, “Why did you change the driver? Where is the former Li?”

“Don’t mention him, this person can no longer be used.” Carlo Xia told Patricia Liu about Mike Li’s prostitution and drug use. Patricia Liu was relieved. As long as he didn’t doubt her, she ventilated Erin Liu to relieve her.

Erin Liu saw that Mike Li’s dismissal had nothing to do with Patricia Liu’s work, so she was relieved. She had made a lot of money in the Mu’s house over the years. After her son was dismissed, she had nothing else to do. She wanted her son to do business.

Mike Li doesn’t know anything about doing business, and he doesn’t know what business is good. Erin Liu said that opening a store is very profitable and wanted him to open a supermarket. Mike Li originally planned to open a supermarket. Later, he talked about this with a friend, but the friend said that opening a supermarket is too pediatric. , We are avant-garde people, if we want to come, we will have something new and exciting, such as opening a nightclub or bar or something.

He heard that the drinks in bars and nightclubs are many times the profit. His friend reminded Mike Li and his eyes lit up, thinking that he used to often go to the nightclub bar KTV, where the foreign wine is a lot of money and a bottle of money is indeed a profitable business.

He shared his thoughts with Erin Liu. Erin Liu was moved when she heard that the profit was so high, and asked her son how much it would cost to open a bar or nightclub.

Mike Li actually didn’t understand, and the answer to Erin Liu was about a thousand dollars, and Erin Liu was taken aback, “Why is it so much money?”

“This is still mid-range. If it’s high-end, you need more.” Mike Li explained, “I asked a friend, and he said that a friend of his owns a mid-range nightclub with a net income of nearly one million a month, and the investment is less than a year. It’s all taken back.”

“So making money?” Erin Liu didn’t believe it. “Let’s let this go first, and wait for me to ask someone else.”

The others mentioned by Erin Liu naturally refer to Juan Mu. Juan Mu’s business is so big and he is a good business man. Look at what he says. “

In the evening, Juan Mu came back and Erin Liu deliberately asked about the nightclub alive, saying that she had a friend who wanted to open a shop, and she didn’t know if she could make money. Juan Mu smiled lightly, “This business is very profitable, and I sometimes take people to spend. Hundreds of thousands a night is common. I heard that their profits have doubled several times.”

Erin Liu heard Juan Mu say that he spent more than 100,000 a night, and her eyes brightened. As expected, this business is profitable, so she agreed to her son’s request.

It’s just that she couldn’t come up with so much money at once, so she asked her son to find a storefront first to see if there is something suitable. Mike Li immediately went to find a storefront with her friends. By chance, she happened to encounter a nightclub that was about to be transferred and decorated, and the flow of people in the area is very good. The boss said that it has been operating well for at least tens of millions of profits a year, but he wants to go abroad so he transfers at a low price.

As soon as Mike Li heard that his heart was moved, the boss was sincere to transfer, and he also showed Mike Li to see the operating conditions of the nightclub. Mike Li stayed in the nightclub for one night and saw that the nightclub business was booming, so his heart was even more moved.

The transfer fee proposed by the boss is 12 million. Where does Mike Li have so much money? Erin Liu has been in Mu’s house for nine years, plus the salary and the usual corruption in buying things, plus Patricia Liu’s sealing fee, which totals no more than 5 Million.

These five million are still far from the 12 million. Can’t afford to spend so much Erin Liu had to persuade Mike Li to give up, but the huge benefits made Mike Li red eyes and willing to listen. He said to Erin Liu Let her borrow from Juan Mu. Where did Erin Liu dare to speak to Juan Mu, and he asked Erin Liu to ask Patricia Liu, saying that for so many things for Patricia Liu, she had to be rewarded, and the money was not for nothing. , Counted as borrowed, will be repaid in the future.

Erin Liu couldn’t find any way to talk to Patricia Liu and talked about it. Patricia Liu was so angry when she heard that he was asking for so much money. This old sl*t really dared to speak loudly! Even millions of people dared to ask her if she wanted it, and even said she borrowed it. Can she afford it? The key is how could she have so much money all at once?

Her heart was angry, but she didn’t dare to offend Erin Liu. After all, she had used her too much before, and now she would be dissatisfied if she didn’t help. Erin Liu had mastered so many secrets of her. If she accidentally leaked it, things would be bad Up.

Patricia Liu didn’t promise to help or refused to help, but said that there is not so much money at the moment, so I have to ask a friend to borrow it.

Seeing that she hadn’t refused or doubted, Erin Liu left. After breaking up with Erin Liu, Patricia Liu went home angrily, and hid in her room with Karen Xia and talked about it, “This old b!tch has a really big appetite. The next nightclub earns tens of millions a year, is she thinking of earning tens of millions?”

Karen Xia was surprised when she saw her angry and asked about the name of the nightclub. “Mom, I’ve been to this nightclub before. The business is really prosperous! It would not be a dream to earn 10 million next year.”

“Is there such a thing?” Patricia Liu didn’t know if she didn’t go to the nightclub. She was moved by her daughter’s words. She has worked so hard to let Jose Long open a few shops outside. The business of several shops is pretty good, but it’s not like that. If this nightclub is really so profitable, it is better to let the concubine Jose Long buy shares, so that everyone can make money, so as to deal with Erin Liu, and no longer have to worry about Mike Li not repaying the loan.

With this thought, Patricia Liu immediately called Ana Wen, saying that she had something to see Jose Long, and asked Jose Long to meet at the beauty salon as soon as possible.

After the two met, Patricia Liu told Jose Long about the nightclub. Jose Long was surprised when he heard that he had naturally heard of this nightclub. Such a prosperous nightclub had to be sold.

But Jose Long didn’t have so much cash in his hands, but it was too tempting to make money at this nightclub. After adding up, Jose Long and Patricia Liu decided to sell some of the shops in their hands, so that they could have the money to buy into the nightclub.

Jose Long was discussing the shop, Patricia Liu went to Erin Liu and told her that she could not borrow money, but she knew a business friend who had money in his hands and planned to open a nightclub. Since this is the case, it is better to open a partnership with Mike Li. Nightclubs, this risk is also small.

Erin Liu went back and told Mike Li. Mike Li agreed. The two sides met and talked about some details of the cooperation. In order to divide the money later, they agreed to pay half of the money. Jose Long processed the shop and paid six million, but Mike Li paid it back. There was a difference of one million, and finally the house was mortgaged and paid in full. After receiving the money, the nightclub owner readily transferred the management rights of the nightclub to their names.

After the nightclub is down, the staff are all the original class, so you don’t have to worry about it. Mike Li, Patricia Liu and others just wait to count the money.

The nightclub business is really booming, with high profits for one week in a row. Mike Li and others are too beautiful to find North, but on the eighth day, some

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