The Warmest Romance Chapter 873 -874

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Chapter 873

Smell speech, an unbearable anger hit the bottom of Ruan’s heart, she raised her eyes, eyes sharp and low a bit, “director Gao, these words shouldn’t I ask you!”

At the beginning, he kept saying that there would be no danger. He repeatedly assured her that these were domesticated animals and that he would not hurt anyone. But now, Sasha was bitten by a snake!

Director Gao was speechless.

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi was even more annoyed, “didn’t the props group do a safety check before shooting?”

Director Gao’s face was a lot more serious, and he quickly said, “Shishi, don’t be angry. I will give you and Sasha an explanation for sure!”

Ruan Shishi felt a few pains when she heard the speech. She took a deep breath and shook her head at director Gao. She didn’t want to say a word more.

She turned around, went to the side, holding Sensen, looking at the display time outside the emergency room, a heart seems to be hanging in the throat, more and more uneasy.

If something really happened to Sasha, she would blame herself to death!

But now all she can do is wait.

I don’t know how long later, with a rush of footsteps approaching, and then, the director and staff nearby are noisy.

Ruan didn’t turn around, but he heard the word “Yu Zong” coming from the crowd behind him.

Soon, a low voice came from behind her, “Ruan Shishi.”

Ruan Shishi was still staring at the door of the emergency room.

Yu Yimo stands aside, looking at her state, unconsciously feeling a bit depressed.

He slowly tightened his hand on his side. After a moment, he turned around and went straight to director Gao, “you come with me.”

Leaving this sentence, he went to the safe passage with no one beside him without saying a word.

Director Gao was more or less flustered. He stepped forward and asked, “Mr. Yu, you…”

Before he said anything, Yu Yimo suddenly turned around and grabbed his collar with a fist like a hammer. Then, director Gao was pushed to the wall with a force.

His face turned white with fright Mr. Yu

Yu Yimo’s voice rolled in his throat with deep anger, “how did I tell you before?”

Director Gao shivered and said, “take care of them There are three members in their family… “

“But what about you now?” Yu Yimo’s voice seemed to squeeze out from his teeth, “have you done it?”

He angrily let go, step back, looking at director Gao coldly.

Director Gao, with a lingering fear, gasped and said, “I didn’t expect to check the arrangements made by the props team Besides, our animals are well domesticated and generally don’t hurt people. Who ever thought… “

Yu Yimo raised his hand and hit the wall with his fist, “don’t make excuses!”

No matter which link is wrong, now Shasha is bitten is his responsibility!

At this time, Du Yue suddenly walked away quickly, went to Yu Yimo’s side, and said in a low voice, “president, the operation is over.”

Yu Yimo smell speech, eyes a bright, cold swept director Gao one eye, step toward the outside.

As soon as he came out of the fire passage, he saw the little figure lying on the bed.

Chapter 874

Ruan Shishi immediately took Sensen forward and asked the doctor, “doctor, what’s the situation?”

“It has been dealt with. Although the wound is deep, fortunately, the snake has no poison, so it is really safe. However, the child is too young to be scared. When she wakes up, her parents should accompany her more.”

Hearing what the doctor said, Ruan Shishi had a heart hanging in her throat, which made her relax a lot. She even said thanks, and then with the nurse, she sent Sasha into the ward.

After entering the ward, the nurse got everything ready, and then she left the room. Ruan Shishi stood by the bed, looking at the pale little wretch lying on the bed, her heart began to ache unconsciously.

Over the years, she has grown up taking care of Sam Sam. as a mother, she has done her best. Although it’s hard to avoid some bumps when she is a child, this time she was bitten by a snake, something really serious happened.

Ruan Shishi felt more and more guilty. Her nose was sour and she wanted to cry.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside the ward. Then, Yu Yimo pushed the door in, went to the bed, looked at her and said, “it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself.”

The man seemed to see through her psychological emotion, and her heart was stabbed directly by what he said.

But in this way, Ruan’s heart is more uncomfortable, “no matter what, it’s all my fault.”

It’s because she didn’t take good care of Sasha, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

Just then, there was a lot of noise outside the ward. It was getting louder and louder, like a quarrel, and the sound was familiar.

Sensen ran to the door, looked out through the crack of the door, quickly closed the door, ran to the bedside with a look of shock, looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “Mom, the director is fighting with others…”


Ruan Shishi was surprised and quickly walked out. Suddenly he thought of something. He stopped to look at Sensen and leaned over to tell him, “Sensen, don’t run around, just guard my sister by the bed, OK? Mom, go out and see what’s going on

Sen Sen smell speech, immediately serious nod, the man’s mouth way, “I will look at my sister.”

Ruan Shishi felt a little relieved when he heard that Yu Yimo walked out of the ward.

As soon as he walked out of the ward, Ruan Shishi was shocked to see the scene outside.

It’s true that the chief director and the head of the props group had a dispute, and the two people were red in the face. If it wasn’t for the staff nearby, I’m afraid they would really fight.

Seeing this scene, Yu Yimo’s face suddenly darkened. He strode forward and did not speak, but the coldness from his body had effectively calmed the people down.

When the director saw Yu Yimo, there was a trace of embarrassment on his face

Yu Yimo opened his mouth in a deep voice, covered his face with a layer of cold frost, “what’s the matter?”

Director Gao frowned, looked at the group leader over there and said coldly, “group leader Liu said that he did send someone to check all the props, including the snake, but the fact is that the cage is open! Now, there’s no need to lie. “

Team leader Liu argued, “I did send someone to check! You can ask other team members, they all know! “

Up to now, everyone is not willing to take responsibility and is trying to get rid of the relationship for themselves.

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