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Chapter 203

Although she was surprised by Karen Xia’s behavior, the doctor was quite good at seeing her winks, and immediately took Karen Xia’s weight, measured her blood pressure, and listened to her heartbeat.

Juan Mu has been standing by and watching Karen Xia perform these examinations. When the doctor’s examination was over, he began to ask the obstetrician carefully about the various conditions of Karen Xia’s body.

The doctor told Juan Mu that the fetus was in very good condition and was developing well. Juan Mu was very satisfied after hearing that, “I think she is so thin, and she is a little worried about her body. Now that you say so, I am completely relieved.”

Karen Xia felt sweet when she heard Juan Mu say these things that he cared about her, and Juan Mu asked the doctor now that she can know the sex of the fetus, right?

The hospital has regulations prohibiting the disclosure of the sex of the fetus, but Juan Mu’s identity is different, so the doctor at the birth checkup performed a B-ultrasound for Karen Xia, saying that the relationship between the fetus’s position was not too clear. It should be two boys. Juan Mu was very excited when he heard it, “Are they really two boys? You can’t make a mistake? Even if it’s not two boys, they have to be fetuses to the dragon and phoenix. The children of Mu’s family are thin, and I still count on my son take the lead.”

This is the first time that Juan Mu has spoken about the gender of the fetus in front of Karen Xia in such a formal way. Karen Xia had not cared about the gender of the child before. Now, after seeing Juan Mu pay such attention to the gender of the fetus, she also began to care about it.

The generations of Mu’s singles naturally prefer boys to girls, so Lisa Lin is so optimistic about Jamie Ye’s Devis. As Karen Xia, she also hopes that the child in her belly is two boys or a baby boy, so whether it is there are advantages in terms of inheritance. It is different if it is two girls. Jamie Ye’s son is there to block her. Even if she can please Juan’s favor, she may not be able to control inheritance rights.

Karen Xia took the issue of fetal gender to heart, and while Juan Mu was out to answer the phone, she lowered her voice and asked the obstetrician, “Are they really two boys?”

“No, B-ultrasound is affected by the position of the fetus, so I can’t see clearly. I think he must like boys, so she said it might be two boys.” The doctor replied.

Karen Xia was very disappointed when she heard it, and the doctor lowered her voice, “Wait a while later.”

“Is there any way to accurately find out the sex of the fetus?” Karen Xia asked again.

“Yes, your current condition is suitable for amniotic fluid puncture and blood test. The accuracy rate is 99%.” The doctor looked outside.

Karen Xia nodded, planning to go back and discuss with her mother to perform an operation to check the sex of the fetus to determine the sex of the fetus. It is best if it is two boys. If it is two daughters, she must think of a solution earlier.

She planned like this in her heart, and then she told the doctor, “For a while, you remember to tell him that it is not easy for me to conceive a baby, and make him worry about accompany me to the maternity checkup in the future.”

The doctor naturally agreed. After a while, Juan Mu answered the phone and came in. The doctor remembered Karen Xia’s instructions to tell Juan Mu that although the child looked healthy, the child’s mother was not in good health, so pay more attention to her.

The doctor originally followed Karen Xia’s words and said that she wanted Juan Mu to care about Karen Xia because of the child’s concern, but she didn’t expect that Juan Mu would become anxious after hearing this, “Will the pregnant woman’s health affect the fetus?”

The doctor didn’t expect that this would make Juan Mu worry about the child. She immediately replied, “No, the fetus is in very good condition. You don’t need to worry.”

“How can I not be worried?” Juan Mu asked, “Didn’t you say that Karen is not in good health? A pregnant woman who is not in good health will definitely affect the fetus. Karen is currently pregnant with two children, and I remember that the previous examination also said She’s sick, no, it’s too dangerous. I have to make sure that my child’s health is not a problem.”

“Juan, the child shouldn’t have a problem.” Karen Xia said in the end.

“Am I not worried? All unfavorable factors should be eliminated. A female employee of the finance department of our company gave birth to a stupid child because of the failure to do the check-ups…” Juan Mu paused and turned excessively and asked the obstetrician in a harsh tone. “You are Karen’s obstetrician, I ask you, can you guarantee that the child in her belly will not have chromosomal aberrations or other birth defects?”

Juan Mu’s face was serious and cold. The obstetrician felt a little drumming. Although fetal malformations may not happen, it cannot be ruled out. If the child finds her in any situation in the future, it is not a good thing to find her. Can’t.

“I’m not sure after this… It’s just that chromosomal aberrations generally have a genetic history or pregnant women have been exposed to something toxic. Neither Miss nor you have a family genetic history. This is probably not a big deal.”

“This is not good. Karen had been in poor health before. After taking so many medicines, wouldn’t the medicine also make the child deform? I am still worried that this matter cannot be handled carelessly.” Juan Mu still insisted. “What’s the method of deformity inspection now?”

Karen Xia was terrified when she heard that Juan Mu was about to come to the truth, and she winked at the doctor, but under Juan Mu’s majestic gaze, the doctor dared to be tricky, “If you are worried that you can get her amniocentesis, but she is pregnant with twins, there are certain risks, I think we still need to be cautious.”

“Juan, the child will be fine, I think it’s better not to do it.” Karen Xia is very pitiful, and her heart beats like a drum. Juan Mu won’t have any other plans for her, right?

Juan Mu looked at Karen Xia tenderly, “I know this might not be a big deal, but isn’t your health too good? I’m very worried about you. For our children, let’s check it, even if it is to make me feel at ease. “

For the first time, Juan Mu said that he was worried about her so tenderly, and also said to Karen Xia that our child, Karen Xia felt sweet in heart. So the opposition became less strong.

Juan Mu then ordered the doctor, “Arrange amniocentesis immediately!”

The doctor hesitated and glanced at Karen Xia, “Amniocentesis must be booked in advance, and there are more people doing it…”

Before she could finish her words, Juan Mu picked up the phone and dialed out, “Dean? This is Juan Mu. I want to do an amniotic fluid puncture operation for the mother of my child. You can arrange for me and I must have surgical doctor with rich experience.”

Dean naturally agreed to Juan Mu’s request, and immediately arranged for the hospital’s authoritative expert to perform surgery on Karen Xia. Before the amniotic fluid puncture, blood must be drawn for hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, AIDS, and blood routine. In addition, B-ultrasound was required to check the development of the fetus. Karen Xia had done these things before taking blood, so she was taken directly into the operating room by the expert.

Doctor first gave Karen Xia a B-ultrasound to check the condition of the fetus. The two fetuses were in good condition. Doctore ordered the nurse to start preparations. The nurse took a B-ultrasound probe and placed it above the uterus to monitor the baby’s condition. Preparing for disinfection on Karen Xia’s stomach, Doctor prepared the needle for the operation and told Karen Xia to close her eyes and not look.

Karen Xia secretly meowed, the needle was more than ten centimeters long, and she closed her eyes in fright. Doctor is a master in this area. After touching Karen Xia’s belly, he inserted the needle into her belly without hesitation.

Because he was afraid that Karen Xia would not feel any pain at all, Doctor took 20ml of amniotic fluid in about a minute, and the whole operation was over.

After the amniotic fluid was pumped, Doctor did a B-ultrasound again, and let Karen Xia look at the baby’s small heart, beating vigorously, proving that there was no problem at all. Doctor asked some precautions and let Karen Xia stay in bed. Don’t take a shower that day, and then let Karen Xia get up.

After Karen Xia got up, Juan Mu came in, and Karen Xia pounced on Juan Mu with tears, “That long needle, I was so scared just now!”

Juan Mu supported her with a very gentle voice, “For the sake of the child, you have suffered.”

Karen Xia wanted to rub Juan Mu’s arms, so Juan Mu helped her sit on a chair and turned to Doctor to ask about the operation. Doctor said that the result will come out in about two weeks. When the result comes out, he would call Juan Mu to inform him. Juan Mu thanked him and went out of the hospital with Karen Xia.

This time, Juan Mu was more considerate than ever before. He even helped Karen Xia drive the car in person and told the driver who sent Karen Xia to the hospital to let him drive slowly, which moved Karen Xia to a mess.

After Karen Xia left, Juan Mu turned into his car. After getting in the car, his face suddenly became cold.

Although he suspects that the child in Karen Xia’s belly is not his own, he is not completely sure. As the saying goes, he is afraid of anything but ten thousand. He has to figure out this matter before he can be at ease.

Karen Xia came to the hospital to do superficial work. Juan Mu was naturally clear, so he deliberately changed his attitude to accompany her in the obstetric examination. The obstetrician, who had investigated and found out that Flora Wu had specially arranged it, deliberately asked the sex of the fetus and deliberately pretended to be a Looks like a son.

In fact, he has no interest in the sex of the fetus at all. The purpose of doing this is to make Karen Xia think that he cares about the child in her stomach and that she has a chance.

Juan Mu checked the information. Karen Xia has been pregnant for more than four months. Now he can take amniotic fluid for DNA authentication. He was cold towards Karen Xia before. Now, in order to prevent her from doubting, he pretends to accompany her for the checkup. In order to gain the trust of Karen Xia, implement his own plan.

I thought it would take a few days for the amniocentesis to be done logically, but I didn’t expect that Karen Xia’s obstetrician would say that Karen Xia’s health was not good.

Juan Mu has been in contact with people from all walks of life during the years in Olathe. The dean of this hospital has a good relationship with him, and he is naturally responsive to his requests.

When Doctor performed the amniotic fluid puncture operation for Karen Xia, Juan Mu greeted the dean and asked him to keep Karen Xia’s amniotic fluid for his usefulness. Karen Xia’s amniotic fluid has been obtained, and now he is waiting for the amniotic fluid to be combined with the samples he provided were compared together.

Juan Mu was not completely relieved, he had to be stared at, so he called Spencer Liu and asked him to personally supervise the matter.

A few days later, the result of the DNA test was placed in front of Juan Mu. The child in Karen Xia’s stomach had nothing to do with him. Seeing this result, Juan Mu exhaled a long breath, and the stone in his heart finally fell to the ground. He went to Jamie Ye with the appraisal result. Jamie Ye was silent for a while after reading the result, “What are you going to do now? Do you want to tell Karen Xia the result?”

Juan Mu shook his head, “This is the child she has tried her best to calculate, and she has to give birth. Even if I tell her that this child is not mine, she may not believe it, and you have forgotten Karen Xia. In the current situation, if she does not want these two children, she will lose her qualifications to be a mother for the rest of her life.”

“But is this too…” Jamie Ye didn’t say anymore. If Karen Xia knew that all her hard calculations were nothing more than fetching water from a bamboo basket, how desperate would she be, would she collapse because of this?

“Jamie Ye, I know what you mean. It’s just a cause and a result. To be soft to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself.” Juan Mu sneered, “My mother has become like this now, thanks to them, I will not let it go any of them! You wait and see!”

Chapter 204

Juan Mu was determined to let Karen Xia give birth to a child. He told Jamie Ye that all this was just because of his attitude towards Karen Xia, fearing that Jamie Ye would misunderstand him. In order to paralyze Karen Xia and Patricia Liu to make them believe that he really started. The child in Karen Xia’s stomach has changed. After Karen Xia had undergone amniocentesis in the hospital and returned home not long after, Juan Mu ordered Spencer Liu to prepare gifts and send them to Xia’s family.

Karen Xia was lying on the bed and told Patricia Liu that Juan Mu’s statement in the hospital today was that she heard that Juan Mu was uncharacteristically accompanied her for a prenatal checkup and asked Karen Xia to do amniocentesis. Patricia Liu’s intuition was not good.

Juan Mu’s change to Karen Xia was too great. When Karen Xia was just pregnant, Juan Mu once gritted his teeth and said that he would get rid of the child in Karen Xia’s belly. Will he take the opportunity to attack the child in Karen Xia’s belly this time? ?

Patricia Liu called Flora Wu about her concerns, and planned to send Karen Xia to Flora Wu to check again. Flora Wu was anxious after hearing this, and ordered Patricia Liu to send Karen Xia over immediately. When the doorbell rang outside the entrance, Spencer Liu appeared at the door carrying a few boxes of gifts, “Mr. Mu asked me to send it over, saying that Miss Xia should make up for her bad health.”

Patricia Liu looked at the high-end supplements he sent over and was surprised. What exactly did Juan Mu want to do? Spencer Liu is the number one capable person beside Juan Mu. He personally sent the supplements on behalf of Juan Mu. Patricia Liu felt a little bit more determined. , Maybe it’s a ghost in my heart that I’m too nervous, just to prevent it, I’d better send Karen Xia to Flora Wu to check it out.

Flora Wu hung up the phone and immediately called Karen Xia’s doctor who was undergoing a birth check to ask her to listen to the news. The doctor of the birth check found a familiar colleague and learned that Karen Xia’s amniotic fluid had indeed been sent to the laboratory for testing.

Despite this, Flora Wu still feels unreliable. She has to perform an examination on Karen Xia in person to rest assured. Karen Xia was taken to the hospital where Flora Wu was by Patricia Liu. Flora Wu immediately checked Karen Xia, and the results showed that everything is normal for the fetus, and now Flora Wu and Patricia Liu are relieved.

When Flora Wu gave Karen Xia a color Doppler ultrasound to check the fetal condition, Karen Xia asked Flora Wu to help check the gender of the baby in her belly. Flora Wu and the obstetrician said the same, the fetal position is not good, and the gender cannot be clearly seen.

“It’s fine to make sure your child is normal now. Don’t worry about the gender.” Flora Wu comforted.

“How can I not worry, Juan said today, it’s better to be a pair of boys or a baby boy, so that his career can be inherited.”

“He really said that?” Flora Wu and Patricia Liu looked at each other, with surprises in their eyes.

“Yes, so I’m worried, what if it’s not a boy?” Karen Xia frowned. “Jamie Ye is pregnant now. She already has a son. It would be terrible if I give birth to a daughter, my child will definitely not be able to compete with her.”

“It shouldn’t be her daughter.” Flora Wu said so, feeling a little uncertain.

Patricia Liu was completely anxious when she heard it. If Karen Xia was pregnant with her two daughters, Juan Mu’s tens of thousands of family properties, he would not even want to touch her hands. “Is there any other way to check the gender?”

“Yes, the doctor said that blood tests and amniotic fluid tests can be done.” Karen Xia replied.

“Then wait a few days, isn’t your amniotic fluid being tested? I will just ask your obstetrician to pay attention to the results.”

“No, you didn’t understand what I meant. The laboratory test Juan Mu will definitely know before me. What should I do if it shows that it is a daughter at that time?” Karen Xia said her worry. “I have to know the result before that test sheet.”

“Then you can take a blood test to see the result first. This result will be faster than the amniotic fluid in about two days.” Flora Wu also knew that this was a big deal, and immediately arranged a blood test for Karen Xia to test her gender.

The result came out two days later. The fetus in Karen Xia’s belly was a pair of baby boys. Karen Xia was completely relieved when she heard the result. With a pair of boys in her stomach, and then win Juan Mu’s likes, Jamie Ye and her children can’t compete with her.

Karen Xia was relieved that Flora Wu was not at ease. Although Juan Mu and Jamie Ye are at this level, but Jamie Ye’s child is also Juan Mu’s flesh and blood. The existence of the child is always a trouble. She has to find a way to make Jamie Ye left quietly as before, hiding in a place that Juan Mu would never find again to avoid future troubles.

Flora Wu went to Wu Brent again, and told him about Juan Mu accompanied Karen Xia for the inspection and buying supplements for Karen Xia.

“Juan Mu is now very close to Karen Xia, and has no feelings for Jamie Ye. I am worried that he will snatch Jamie Ye’s child, so I specially tell you that we are all Jamie Ye’s relatives, and we have to think about Jamie Ye. , If Juan Mu really grabs the child with Jamie Ye after Devis’s disease is cured in the future, how sad she will be. To prevent this, I suggest you think of a solution earlier.”

“Do you have a good way?” Brent Wu asked back.

“I mean you should leave Olathe with Jamie Ye. As long as you leave Olathe and find a place that Juan Mu can’t find, you can avoid these things from happening.”

Brent Wu looked at Flora Wu’s face and couldn’t wait for a mouth to be drawn up. Flora Wu regarded him as a fool. If it weren’t for the fear of affecting Juan Mu’s plan, he really wanted to ask Flora Wu and Patricia Liu in person what she had achieved with Patricia Liu. Such an agreement, why should I spare no effort to help Patricia Liu and daughter deal with Jamie Ye?

Brent Wu finally suppressed his bad breath and replied faintly, “Thank you for the reminder, but who Juan Mu likes is his business has nothing to do with us. As for the snatching of custody of children, this Olathe court is not the home of Juan Mu, I don’t believe he can cover the sky with just one hand!”

“Brother, why don’t you think about Jamie Ye? Do you have the heart to watch her fight against Juan Mu for her child?”

“As the saying goes, misfortune cannot be avoided. If Juan Mu really wants to go to court, we can’t escape by hiding.”

“I mean you will hide for a while, and you will go abroad when the court’s ban on Jamie Ye is lifted. When you go abroad to Juan Mu, there will be no way to find you.”

“Going abroad?” Wu Brent smiled, “How can we go abroad if we don’t have money?”

“This… If you really don’t have money, I can give you some.” Flora Wu is very generous.

“How much can you give us?” Brent Wu couldn’t help it, “tens of millions or hundreds of millions?”

“Brother, I just kindly help you, why are you…”

“Thank you for your kindness.” Wu Brent interrupted Flora Wu, “To be honest, I really can’t find a reason to leave. Juan Mu is so rich. It’s better for a child to follow him at least than to follow your Jamie? For his wealth, Juan Mu can just give the child a little share, and then you and I can also follow the light and enjoy the blessings before the fool will leave.”

“You…” Flora Wu’s expression changed, Brent Wu has always ignored money, what’s wrong now? “Don’t forget about Lisa Lin, Juan Mu will definitely settle accounts with Jamie Ye when the child is born.”

“Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, and Jamie didn’t do anything to Lisa Lin, why should she be afraid of Juan Mu?” Wu Brent sneered, “It’s you, I haven’t seen you caring about Jamie before, but now you are so spared. Why do I think you have another purpose?”

“It’s really kind to be a donkey liver and lungs, what purpose can I have?” Flora Wu asked back, not having enough confidence.

Brent Wu looked at Flora Wu, “You know if you have a purpose, but what I want to tell you is that Jamie Ye will never leave Olathe, and I don’t want to have any intersection with you. I told you very much last time. Be clear, please don’t come to me in the future!”

Flora Wu and Wu Brent finally broke up. On the way back, Flora Wu looked bitter. Now that Wu doesn’t get in, her plan won’t work. Don’t blame her for being cruel. It seems that she has to tell Jamie Ye that Wu Brent is not Andre Ye. As long as Jamie Ye knows that Wu Brent is not Andre Ye and has another relationship with Meghan Ye, the play will be good.

At that time, Wu Brent jumped into the Yellow River and was unclear. Jamie Ye would despise him because of the incest between him and Meghan Ye. Naturally, she would not miss the place in Olathe, let alone stay with Wu Brent .

The more Flora Wu thinks about it, the more excited she gets, this is what she has to do! Do it now!

After breaking up with Flora Wu, Wu Brent returned home and saw Jamie Ye sitting on the sofa with a serious expression.

Seeing her uncle Jamie Ye’s complex expression, she took Devis to the hospital for an examination today. When she came back, she saw Andre Ye and Flora Wu entering the tea room one after another. She was very puzzled. Last time Alexa Xiao told her about Andre Ye and Wu. When they met here, she also asked Andre Ye at that time. At that time, Andre Ye looked a little abnormal and said that she would go in for tea.

She didn’t want to doubt her uncle, so she chose to trust him, and she saw it again this time. It’s not surprising that Andre Ye went to the tea room to drink tea. The strange thing was that he appeared with Flora Wu both times. Jamie Ye really didn’t want to suspect Andre Ye, but too many things had happened around her recently. She didn’t want to deliberately suspicion, so she decided to ask Andre Ye.

“Uncle, where did you just go?”

“Went and meet someone.” Brent Wu replied.


Brent Wu wanted to find an opportunity to tell Jamie Ye his true identity, but he never knew how to speak. When he met Flora Wu today, he felt that he couldn’t delay any longer. Now that Jamie Ye asked is just an opportunity, “I went to see Flora Wu.”

Jamie Ye felt relieved. Since Uncle didn’t hide that she wanted to come, she just breathed a sigh of relief, and Wu Brent said: “Jamie, I have important things to tell you.”

Jamie Ye looked at him, her uncle had always been gentle and harmless in her impression, and always had no temper, but now her uncle looked solemn, she had a foreboding that something bad would happen, and Andre Ye spoke. Just say something that surprised her, “I am not the real Andre Ye, the real Andre Ye is dead, my name is Brent Wu…”

Jamie Ye can’t imagine that her honest uncle suddenly becomes a famous designer. It sounds too fantastic to see Jamie Ye’s shocked look, Brent Wu was a little worried, “Jamie, I don’t mean to lie to you, but had difficulties. Don’t blame your uncle, forgive your uncle as a last resort.”

It took a while for Jamie Ye to recover from the shock. She smiled bitterly when she watched Brent Wu worryingly watching her for apologize.

Regardless of whether Brent Wu is her uncle, the care he has given her over the years is the same as that of her uncle. Brent Wu has no reason to apologize to her, “I didn’t blame you. I don’t know what it will become without you these years. Looks like, I just want to know, why are you telling me your true identity now?”

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