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Chapter 205

“Because of Flora Wu.” Wu Brent sighed, and told Jamie Ye about Flora Wu’s threat to him. “If it weren’t for Flora Wu to be so incurable, I intend to put it in my heart for the rest of my life, but now I don’t think that it can be the case anymore. Since Flora Wu can do such damaging things to Lisa Lin, she can do it to others, and I am worried that she will be mad and hurt people again.”

“What do you have in Flora Wu’s hands?” Jamie Ye asked back. Wu Brent has always been incompetent. He has never engaged in evil with others. The only thing Flora Wu can threaten Wu Brent is his truth.

However, Brent Wu has been too good to say anything to her over the years. Her grandmother married Brent Wu’s father. Although she has nothing to do with Brent Wu by blood, he is indeed her uncle. This is not a threat at all. .

Wu rarely saw Jamie Ye’s questioning silently, and it took a long time before she spoke, “Because she knows that I like your mother.”

“What did you say?” Jamie Ye’s voice changed.

“I have always liked your mother very much, because of our relationship, I can’t confess the feelings in my heart. Back then, I came Olathe not only because the famous paintings were dropped, but because I knew that my feelings could not be recognized…”

Brent Wu didn’t know what to say about the matter. Although he and Meghan Ye were not related by blood, they were elder brothers and sisters in moral terms. The fact that he liked Meghan Ye would certainly not be understood and accepted by most people.

There was deathly silence in the living room, Jamie Ye didn’t know what to say, this incident was beyond her imagination.

As far as she can remember, Brent Wu appeared in her life as her uncle. Later, when her mother died, she left Carlo Xia and went to her uncle.

It is her uncle who has been taking care of her. For her, her uncle is not only her uncle, but also the role of father and mother. He is her most trusted relative in the world.

Now her most trusted family member suddenly changed his identity. He is not Andre Ye, he is a talented designer Wu Brent. Although Jamie Ye is shocked, she can still accept it. After all, the dead uncle Andre Ye has never seen her, and she has no feelings. For her, Wu Brent is Andre Ye, and Andre Ye is Wu Brent . They are the same person and both are uncles.

But now my uncle says he liked her mother, and Jamie Ye is messy. How can uncle like her? They are siblings, even if they are not related by blood, they cannot have feelings other than siblings. Isn’t this what the world calls incest?

“Jamie Ye, this is my fault. Your mother doesn’t know that I liked her. This is my wishful thinking. I have nothing to do with her. You must not have bad thoughts about your mother. If you hate anyone, you hate me. Uncle.” Wu was a little panicked seeing Jamie Ye not speaking.

Jamie Ye came back to her senses, and when she saw Brent Wu nervous, she smiled bitterly, “You let me be quiet, let me be quiet and think about it!”

This matter really needs to think carefully. She got up in Andre Ye’s worried eyes and walked into the bedroom, closed the door and Jamie Ye sat on the edge of the bed in a daze. How could this happen?

Seeing Jamie Ye close the door for a long time without movement, Wu couldn’t sit still. He knocked on the door and called Jamie Ye a few times. Jamie Ye ignored him. Wu reached out and pushed the door and found that the door was locked from the inside. He panicked now. Jamie Ye was pregnant now. He told Jamie Ye that all this would not have any bad effect on Jamie Ye, right? He immediately called Alexa Xiao, “Alexa Xiao, come back quickly!”

“What happened?” Alexa Xiao was surprised.

“It’s about Jamie. I can’t explain it clearly on the phone. You will know when you come back.” Alexa Xiao heard him in a flustered tone, and did not ask any more questions.

Brent Wu thought about it or was worried that he called Roy Qin again and asked him to come back quickly.

The TV station was close to the villa, and Alexa Xiao rushed back in about half an hour. After entering the door, she saw Wu walking around in the living room. There was no figure of Jamie Ye in the living room. Alexa Xiao asked, “Uncle, How about Jamiely?”

“Jamie Ye is in the room.” Brent Wu pointed to Jamie Ye’s room, “Alexa Xiao, you help me let Jamie Ye open the door.”

“What happened?” Alexa Xiao asked. She and Jamie Ye are best friends, and Alexa Xiao knows how good Jamie Ye’s feelings for Andre Ye are. Now Jamie Ye has locked the door and even Andre Ye can’t tell her. Something must have happened.

“I…” Brent Wu smiled bitterly, “It’s not the time to talk about this, you help me call the door.”

Alexa Xiao walked to the door of Jamie Ye and knocked on the door, “Jamie Ye, open the door!”

There was no movement inside. She knocked on the door and shouted a few more times, but no one responded. At this moment Roy Qin came back and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Brent Wu looked at Roy Qin, “Jamie Ye knows everything.”

“Know what?” Roy Qin didn’t react for a while.

“My identity.”

“Who told her?” Roy Qin was taken aback, Wu pointed at himself, Roy Qin said, “What are you telling her at this time?”

Thinking that it is not the time to complain, he rushed to the door of Jamie Ye in two steps and knocked on the door a few times, “Jamie Ye, open the door.”

Jamie Ye closed the door and sat on the bed. Her mind was messed up. Two voices were alternately talking for her to choose. One voice was saying to her: Love is not controllable. Wu Brent and Meghan Ye are not related. He loves Meghan Ye.

Another voice reminded her that although they are not related by blood, they are brothers and sisters in honor, and such feelings are not allowed.

Brent Wu just likes Meghan Ye, and has no other actions. Is it wrong to like someone?

It’s not wrong to like someone, but who he liked was his sister. That’s wrong! …

The two voices were defending each other. Jamie Ye didn’t know what to do. At this moment, her mobile phone rang. After a while, Jamie Ye picked up the phone to connect, and a female voice came, “Jamie Ye, I’m Flora Wu, let’s meet!”

Why does Flora Wu want to see herself? Jamie Ye remembered that some people said she looked like Flora Wu. Someone once said that she and Flora Wu were mothers and daughters. Then she didn’t care much. Now she knows that Flora Wu and her mother are sisters. If she knew she had Such a relative Jamie Ye would be very happy, but now, after knowing that Flora Wu was one of the culprits of Lisa Lin, she couldn’t be happy.

Lisa Lin is very clear about how good Flora Wu is to her, but Flora Wu is very conscientious and tries to plant her on Lisa Lin. You can imagine how disgusting this person’s character is. Flora Wu had just met Wu Brent and called her. It would definitely not be a good thing. Jamie Ye is pregnant now, and safety is the first priority. How could she meet such a dangerous person.

She replied faintly, “I have no time to see you, just talk on the phone if you have anything.”

“It’s not convenient to say on the phone, so come out and say it?”

“I said, there’s no time!” Jamie Ye increased her tone. She didn’t want to be perfunctory with Flora Wu, “Don’t you say I’m dead.”

“Well, in that case, I will tell you that Andre Ye is not your uncle…”

“Doctor Wu, you said it late, I already know.” Jamie Ye interrupted Flora Wu. This woman is really not a good thing. Fortunately, Wu told her, otherwise she would be stunned by what she said. .

Flora Wu was stunned. He didn’t expect Brent Wu to tell Jamie Ye about his identity so quickly. No wonder he was not at all polite when he met her. It turned out that Jamie Ye already knew his identity. Flora Wu felt Secretly, “What I want to say is about Brent Wu and your mother.”

“Wu also told me, Doctor Wu, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Jamie Ye sneered.

“Did he tell you?” Flora Wu couldn’t believe that Wu told Jamie Ye about it. “What did he say?”

“What he said has nothing to do with you, what else do you have?”

Jamie Ye’s tone made Flora Wu angry. She was originally thinking about calculating, but she didn’t expect it to be useless. She gritted her teeth and said, “I didn’t expect you to accept the fact of their incest so peacefully.”

“Flora Wu, keep your mouth clean.” The word incest made Jamie Ye angry. “Uncle said, it’s just that he liked her mother, she doesn’t know.”

“He deceived you, Jamie Ye, there are too many things you don’t know. Do you know why your mother married your father back then? It was because the incest incident between her and Brent Wu was exposed, in order to block everyone’s mouth. She chose to marry Carlo Xia in a hurry.”

“You idiot!” Jamie Ye exploded.

“Don’t get excited! If your mother and Wu are innocent, why didn’t she tell you Wu’s identity? When your mother died, you were already sensible. If they don’t have any ghosts in their hearts, they wouldn’t lie to you at all.”

“Flora Wu, I know exactly what you are. You should stop here. Your instigation will not work for me.”

“Jamie Ye, I’m just telling you everything I know. Believe it or not, I’ll tell you, Brent Wu used Andre Ye’s name to live incognito in Olathe because he wanted to maintain a long-term relationship with your mother! If you don’t believe you can go back and ask Carlo Xia, Carlo Xia is very clear about the matter between your mother and Wu Brent. He was the one who caught Meghan Ye and Wu Brent in bed back then!”

“as*hole!” Jamie Ye was trembling with anger, and uncontrollably threw the phone out.

The phone fell to the ground and fell apart, Flora Wu’s voice disappeared, but the words she just said did not disappear: back then, your father caught Meghan Ye and Brent Wu in bed! It was your father who caught Meghan Ye and Brent Wu in bed!

As if it had taken root, the words Flora Wu had just said sounded in Jamie Ye’s ear over and over again. She couldn’t wave it away, and Jamie Ye hugged her head in pain.

The mother in the impression is so gentle and kind, she doesn’t look like that kind of person in any way, it must be Flora Wu who is planting it! It is impossible for my mother to cheat! It must be Flora Wu who is slandering her mother, it must be!

Chapter 206

Roy Qin knocked hard on the door outside and told Jamie Ye to open the door, but no matter how they called it inside, there was no response. Worried that Jamie Ye might have an accident, Roy Qin turned to look at Brent Wu and Alexa Xiao, “It seems that the only way to knock the door open! “

Brent Wu and Alexa Xiao had no other way, so they nodded. Roy Qin stepped back and slammed the door open. As the door opened, they saw Jamie Ye sitting on the bed holding her head, and the three of them were relieved.

The door suddenly opened, and Jamie Ye was taken aback. She stared at the three people at the door with wide eyes. Alexa Xiao closed the door and walked to her. “Jamie Ye, you scared us to death!”

Jamie Ye smiled bitterly, “Why are you back?”

“Uncle called us to come back, what happened?” Alexa Xiao sat down beside Jamie Ye and looked at her with concern.

Jamie Ye didn’t know how to tell Alexa Xiao about this. She twisted her fingers to be silent, and Alexa Xiao didn’t force her to see the torn mobile phone on the ground. She walked over and picked it up, “Who called you just now?”

“Flora Wu.”

“She?” Alexa Xiao was stunned. What did Flora Wu say to Jamie Ye that made Jamie Ye so angry that she smashed her phone? “Flora Wu is not a good person. Don’t take what she says to your heart.”

Flora Wu is such a vicious woman. What she said must be hydrated. She shouldn’t believe it, but Wu Brent has already admitted that he liked her mother. What if there is really any ambiguity between her mother and Wu? Jamie Ye didn’t dare to think about it.

Alexa Xiao picked up the phone and put it on the bedside table. She walked to Jamie Ye again and sat down. She stretched out her hand to hold Jamie Ye’s hand and said, “Jamie, you are pregnant now. The child is not good either.”

Jamie Ye remained silent, Alexa Xiao reached out and held her hand, “No matter what happens, I will always support you, and I will be your eternal backing! Always!”

Jamie Ye looked at Alexa Xiao’s sincere eyes, grinning bitterly, “Alexa Xiao, I’m very confused.”

“I know, so I tell you not to hold it in your heart, and you will be fine if you tell it.”

“This thing is really embarrassing to say.” Jamie Ye sighed long and told Alexa Xiao about Wu Brent .

Alexa Xiao listened to Jamie Ye’s words to comfort her, “Jamie, isn’t there a saying that there is no nurturing of kindness? Although Wu Brent is not your real uncle, he has treated you and your uncle in the same way over the years. I think this should not be entangled.”

“Alexa Xiao, I am not entangled with this, I am entangled with another matter, Brent Wu actually likes my mother.” Jamie Ye said bitterly, “Although they are not related by blood, I still feel uncomfortable…”

Alexa Xiao was taken aback. The thing Jamie Ye was struggling with was a bit unacceptable. She thought about it for a while and said, “Jamie, Brent Wu and your mother are not related by blood. Our marriage law prohibits direct blood relatives and within three generations. Because of intermarriage of blood relatives, it is not illegal for Brent Wu and your mother to fall in love, not to mention that there is no progress between them. It is just that Brent Wu simply likes your mother. Love cannot be controlled by human beings. Just look a little bit at the things of the previous generation.”

“Alexa Xiao, do you know what Flora Wu said to me just now on the phone?” Jamie Ye bit her lip. “She said that Brent Wu had incest with my mother and was caught by Carlo Xia in bed. I… I really can’t imagine .”

“The woman Flora Wu is so vicious, what she said must be false.” Alexa Xiao shook her head, “Jamie Ye, that woman must be to stimulate you, you must not be fooled by her.”

“I don’t believe what she said is true, I’m just scared in case… what if it’s true?”

“Jamie Ye, even if it is true, it has nothing to do with you. Still, Brent Wu has no blood relationship with your mother. Even if they are together, they cannot be called incest.”

“Alexa Xiao, I know you are for my own good, and I also know that I shouldn’t bother with this, but I really don’t want things to change like this, my mother…she has a different status in my heart, Carlo Xia has already made me very disappointed. I don’t want my mother to be like this, do you understand?”

Carlo Xia’s derailment in marriage has cast a big shadow on Jamie Ye’s life. If her mother had an affair with Wu during marriage, Jamie Ye would not accept it at all.

“Jamie Ye, since this is the case, you must trust your mother even more. She will definitely not be that kind of woman, and she will definitely not let you down.” Alexa Xiao comforted, “Also, I think you should also believe Brent Wu, since he dared to say this to you, it proves that there is no ghost in his heart.”

“If he told me this earlier, I would definitely believe that he didn’t have any ghosts in his heart, but now I know he had to tell me these things as a last resort. If it weren’t for Flora Wu to threaten him, he would put these things in his heart forever.”

“I think you have misunderstood Wu. He didn’t want to tell you that he didn’t want to cause trouble for you. Now he has no choice but to tell you that all this is because he is afraid that you will be hurt. Such a person who thinks about you everywhere, you should believe his character.”

What Alexa Xiao said was the truth. How good Brent Wu has been to her over the years, Jamie Ye knew very well that she should trust him and her mother.

Alexa Xiao stayed in the room to comfort Jamie Ye. Roy Qin and Wu anxiously sat on the sofa in the living room and waited for the result. Roy Qin was impatient and couldn’t help but complained about Wu. “What are you talking about at this time? Add chaos?”

“I didn’t intend to tell Jamie about these things, but Juan Mu came to me and said something about Flora Wu. The separation between Jamie and Juan Mu is indispensable for Flora Wu’s entanglement, and I feel uncomfortable.”Wu, Juan Mu and Roy Qin shared what Juan Mu said when he met him.

“Flora Wu’s mind was a little bit more thoughtful than others since she was a child. In addition, she has not done bad things in the past few years. I was worried that she would think about Jamie Ye any more wrong thoughts, so I thought about telling Jamie Ye all the things. I just didn’t want to say that until today Flora Wu came to me again. She still treated me as a fool. What she meant was to let me take her away. I was so angry that I said something nasty to her. Later, I thought about Flora Wu who was no longer saved. She could do anything for the purpose. I was afraid that she was talking nonsense to Jamie thinking that she would be better with Jamie first, but did not expect Jamie’s reaction. It will be so strong.”

“Why Flora Wu and Meghan Ye are also sisters. As the saying goes, people die a hundred, no matter how big the hatred should disappear with Meghan Ye’s death, but she has always been stubborn, helping Patricia Liu and daughter to deal with Jamie Ye several times, which is really hateful. That’s it!” Roy Qin was very angry, “What benefit did Patricia and daughter give her to make her spare no effort?”

Brent Wu smiled bitterly, “She and Patricia Liu have the same foul smell. There is no shame in these years to do bad things for the traitor. There must be some unspeakable secret between them.”

Speaking of Patricia Liu, Roy Qin remembered Meghan Ye’s death, “Do you know Patricia Liu?”

“I don’t understand.” Wu Brent replied, “I thought she was a good person before, but I didn’t know until later that she and Carlo Xia actually hooked up with Meghan on their backs. You can imagine how bad the character is for this kind of person.”

“From the social flower in the gangster’s den to the secretary’s wife, Patricia Liu’s ability is not so big.” Roy Qin sneered, “By the way, have you ever suspected that Meghan Ye’s death was abnormal?”

Wu Brent shook his head, “Meghan’s death was just an accident. The driver ran away after hitting her. He was caught and sentenced to ten years. At that time, he was sentenced to only three years. It was Carlo Xia who found someone and went to the heaviest sentence.”

Roy Qin sneered, “Carlo Xia is really hypocritical. If it weren’t for him to cheat on Patricia Liu, if it weren’t for Patricia Liu to go to Meghan Ye to shake their ugly things out, Meghan Ye would not have trouble at all. The initiators of all this were him and Patricia Liu. He did it only for the sake of It’s just peace of mind.”

“What are you talking about? Patricia Liu is looking for Meghan? How did you know?” Brent Wu was surprised.

“My mother told me.” Roy Qin told Wu Brent everything that Josie Gao had told him. “I showed my mother Patricia Liu’s picture. She said that the person who met Meghan Ye was Patricia Liu, and I suspected Meghan Ye’s death. It has a lot to do with Patricia Liu.”

Brent Wu couldn’t believe it at all, “Could it be your mother who admitted the wrong person? Patricia Liu is at most morally corrupt and not such a vicious harm?”

“No, when my mother saw Patricia Liu’s photo, she pointed out that she was the person who met Meghan Ye. As for the viciousness, which of the things Patricia Liu has done so far is not vicious? Lisa Lin wanted to plant Jamie Ye to death. By the way, there is one more thing. Last time Alexa Xiao tried to beat Karen Xia. She didn’t move on the surface, but secretly let people act on Alexa Xiao. Fortunately, I was there at the time, or else The consequences could be disastrous.”

Roy Qin sneered, “In the past, I was only skeptical, but combined with her recent behavior, and thinking that Meghan Ye had a car accident after meeting her, I am almost certain that she said something that shouldn’t be said to Meghan Ye for the sake of her superiors. She indirectly caused Meghan Ye’s death.”

Brent Wu turned blue, “Patricia Liu came to see Meghan secretly. No wonder Meghan told me that Carlo Xia had a child on the phone that day. So Meghan’s accident was not accidental, but was stimulated by Patricia Liu. A car accident?”

He muttered and looked up, his face suddenly changed, “Jamie! You…”

Jamie Ye’s door didn’t know when it opened. Alexa Xiao and Jamie Ye stood at the door and looked at them motionlessly. She had heard all what Roy Qin had just said when she wanted to come.

In Wu’s surprised eyes, Jamie Ye walked to Roy Qin step by step, “Can you repeat what you just said?”

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