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Chapter 213

After asking Simson Tang for the photo, Hallie Tang returned to her room, closed the door, she picked up the phone, turned out Wendy Tian’s photo, and took a closer look. There was a smug smile at the corner of her mouth. She was wondering how she could prevent Simson Tang from returning to Eurasia. Thinking of it, a Wendy Tian who resembled Jamie Ye appeared. So she immediately thought of a good way and decided to use this unknown girl to keep Simson Tang behind.

So she deliberately pretended to be very pitiful in Wendy Tian’s situation and asked Simson Tang to take Wendy Tian home, and then try to find a chance to carry out her plan. However, before proceeding with this plan, she still has to fulfill the promise she just made and send Wendy Tian’s photo to her good friend Lora, and ask Lora’s husband to help check Wendy Tian’s identity.

These days, because of Jamie Ye’s affairs, both Mrs. Tang and Simson Tang were very angry with her. They didn’t love her as much as they did before, but were aloof and alienated a lot.

For this reason, she was very anxious and tried her best to please Mrs. Tang, but the effect was not good. Mrs. Tang and Simson Tang had always been cold to her.

Just now she clearly saw Mrs. Tang’s eyes full of approval when she heard that she asked Lora’s husband to help Wendy Tian identify her identity, and Simson Tang was also very happy. She wanted to take this opportunity to let them change their views on her.

You know, Mrs. Tang and Simson Tang are both kind-hearted people. They like people who are caring and empathetic. She can only show her kindness and enthusiasm in front of them, and they will surely gradually change their attitude towards her.

In addition, she is also very curious about Wendy Tian’s identity, and she has to use Wendy Tian to prevent Simson Tang from returning to Eurasia, and being able to figure out Wendy Tian’s identity will also be of great help to her plan.

Finding Lora’s phone number, Hallie Tang dialed it and told her about Wendy Tian. Lora is a Chinese-American, and Hallie Tang is a classmate. The relationship between the two is very good, so naturally she promised to help. Hallie immediately sent Wendy Tian’s photo to her.

After hanging up the phone, Hallie Tang went to WeChat, clicked on Lora’s number, and posted Wendy Tian’s photo, and then walked around the way before putting down the phone and preparing to take a bath.

Just took a change of clothes and prepared to go into the bathroom, the phone rang, Hallie Tang picked it up and saw that it was Lora calling, she couldn’t help but wonder, Lora’s husband’s work efficiency is not so fast, it’s only half a bit. In an hour, he will have a harvest?

Pressing the call button, she asked: “My dear, there will be news, right?”

Lora said: “What’s the news, why don’t you send me the photo of that girl for a long time? I have already told William, and he is waiting for you to post the photo!”

Hallie Tang was taken aback, “I have sent you the photo just now, haven’t you received it?”

“Where did you post it?”

“WeChat, haven’t you been online?”

“I’ve been online all the time and never received it. Did you send it wrong?”

“No, I’ll take a look.” Hallie Tang hung up the phone and clicked on WeChat to check it. After looking at it, she realized that she had sent the wrong photo. She actually sent Wendy Tian’s photo to Karen Xia, just because Karen Xia’s WeChat name is in English, which is very similar to Lora’s name. The pictures used by the two of them are the same. She sent it wrong without paying attention.

She cursed in her heart why she was so careless. She hurriedly turned out Wendy Tian’s photo and prepared to send it to Lora. Just about to click send, a phone call came in, it was Karen Xia.

It seems that Karen Xia found it strange seeing Wendy Tian’s photo. She called to ask what was going on. Hallie Tang pressed the call button and wanted to explain to her that she had sent the wrong message. She didn’t know that the phone was connected and she hadn’t waited for her , Karen Xia called out on the phone: “Miss Tang, why are you sending me the picture of Wendy Tian? Do you know her too?”

Hallie Tang’s heart jumped, “What did you say? Do you know that girl?”

Karen Xia said: “Yes, she is a student of Monarch University. She went to study in the Costaguana a few months ago. I didn’t expect you to know her too.”

“Oh, yeah, once she got lost in the street, so she asked me for directions. After talking, she knew that everyone was a fellow countryman, so she met, but she didn’t mention you. I didn’t expect you to know her too. “Subconsciously, Hallie Tang didn’t want to tell Karen about Wendy Tian’s amnesia, so she made up an excuse indiscriminately.

Karen Xia believed it to be true. How could she have thought that Hallie Tang was lying to her, and then smiled: “This world is so small, you can know each other like this. By the way, why are you sending me her photo?”

“This…I…” For a while, Hallie Tang somehow explained to Karen Xia.

Karen Xia said cleverly: “I see, you must see her looks like Jamie Ye before sending it to me, right?”

Hallie Tang hurriedly said: “Yes, I just think she looks like Jamie Ye, so I sent it to you. Do you think it looks alike?”

“Yes, I was surprised when I first met Wendy Tian. I didn’t think she looked so much like Jamie Ye. It was because of this that Juan Mu noticed her and brought her up.”

Speaking of this incident, Karen Xia felt uncomfortable. Although Wendy Tian did not develop with Juan Mu later, she thought that she once attracted Juan Mu’s attention with a face similar to Jamie Ye, and he after staying with her for so long, Juan Mu took good care of her, and she became jealous.

“What are you talking about? Juan Mu is also very familiar with her? Did Wendy Tian and Jamie Ye know each other? Can you elaborate on their relationship?”

Hallie Tang was even more excited by the news. She really did not expect her mistake not only to clarify Wendy Tian’s identity, but also to further understand some information that was very beneficial to her plan, so she decided to ask Xia carefully. Karen knew everything about Wendy Tian.

“This…” Karen Xia hesitated a little. Just now she missed her mouth when she was angry for a while and explained the relationship between Juan Mu and Wendy Tian.

Hallie Tang is just her partner, not her confidant and best friend. She doesn’t want to tell Hallie Tang so much. After all, there are some things that can’t be told to outsiders casually. For example, she used Wendy Tian to separate Juan Mu and Jamie Ye. The relationship between Wendy Tian and Juan Mu is also required, which creates the illusion that she and Juan Mu have been in bed.

Although these things are all in the past, they are all conspiracies and tricks after all. Even if Hallie Tang can’t tell them, she doesn’t want Hallie Tang to know.

Hallie Tang immediately felt Karen Xia’s concerns. She did not have the slightest affection for Karen Xia. She knew that Jamie Ye’s half-sister was not a good thing. Otherwise, she would not take her love against her sisters. , Juan Mu divorced Jamie Ye.

Now she desperately needs Karen Xia’s cooperation to better deal with Jamie Ye, and she can only temporarily suppress the disgust in her heart, pretending to be affectionate.

“Miss Xia, have you forgotten our partnership? If you want to deal with Jamie Ye better, you must seize every opportunity you can take advantage of. Since Juan Mu has been very close to Wendy Tian, why are we not doing well? Use this to destroy the relationship between Juan Mu and Jamie Ye?”

Karen Xia said: “Oh, I know what you mean, but now Wendy Tian has gone to the Costaguana, Juan Mu will not have any more contact with her, she seems to have no use value, right?”

“You can’t say that. Although Wendy Tian is in the Costaguana, her heart may still stay in Olathe. You should also be very clear that with Juan Mu’s conditions, Wendy Tian could not be wrong with him. Be tempted, I will help to add fire here to make her possessive of Juan Mu, and then we can use her to deal with Jamie Ye.”

“But if Wendy Tian really pursues Juan, wouldn’t it affect my relationship with Juan? Besides, now Juan has fallen out with Jamie Ye, there is no need for us to make a difference, right?”

Hallie Tang really wants to curse, why is this Karen Xia so cunning? She took a long time to say that she couldn’t move her, and her tone became unpleasant under her anxiety.

“I said, Miss Xia, why didn’t you understand what I meant? I was just saying that Wendy Tian liked Juan Mu to destroy the relationship between Jamie Ye and Juan Mu, not to help her capture Juan Mu. Heart, what are you worried about? Besides, do you think that just relying on Lisa Lin’s coma can make Juan Mu hate Jamie Ye for a lifetime? Have you ever thought about how deep Juan Mu’s affection for Jamie Ye is? How long will he forgive Jamie Ye. What if Lisa Lin wakes up again? Then Juan Mu will forgive Jamie Ye more easily.”

This made Karen Xia startled. She was indeed worried that Lisa Lin would wake up so that Juan Mu would know that the real killers were not Jamie Ye, but Flora Wu and Patricia Liu, so that he would not only blame Jamie Ye, It would also irritate her, so that it would be more difficult for her and Juan Mu to be together.

Thinking about this, she felt that Hallie Tang’s proposal was indeed feasible, and she told Hallie Tang everything about Wendy Tian. Of course, she did not say that she used Wendy Tian, nor did she know the relationship between Tian and Flora Wu, nor did she know that it was Flora Wu who sent Wendy Tian out of the country and then bought a murderer to kill Wendy Tian. Otherwise, she would not be killed. Hallie Tang said she knew Wendy Tian.

Hallie Tang only needs to figure out the identity of Wendy Tian and what entanglements she had with Juan Mu and Jamie Ye when she was in Olathe. As for whether Karen Xia had used Wendy Tian, she didn’t care at all, she didn’t plan to do it now. Use Wendy Tian to destroy the relationship between Jamie Ye and Juan Mu, but want to use her to destroy the relationship between Jamie Ye and Simson Tang.

Karen Xia finally said: “That’s all I know. Wendy Tian is very simple and easy to trust people. As long as you care about her a little bit, she will trust you as a good friend.”

Hallie Tang was secretly happy, “Okay, I understand, you wait for my good news, I will definitely confuse Wendy Tian, and make her a stumbling block between Jamie Ye and Juan Mu.”

Karen Xia smiled and said, “Miss Tang, thank you in advance!”

“Miss Xia, you don’t need to be polite to me. I said that we are partners. You should always tell me any news from Olathe in the future. In addition, for the sake of safety, you must not mention me to Wendy Tian, lest she become suspicious. .”

“No, I didn’t have much contact with her originally, even if I did, I wouldn’t be so stupid to tell her.”

The two chatted for a few more words and then hung up the phone. Hallie Tang remembered that she hadn’t responded to Lora. Now that she knew the identity of Wendy Tian, she didn’t need to ask Lora to help with the investigation. So she called Lora and said that someone had found out Wendy Tian’s identity just now, and she didn’t need to ask Lora to help. Lora believed it was true, so she didn’t ask her to send photos.

For the time being, she can’t let Simson Tang know Wendy Tian’s true identity, otherwise it is likely to affect her plan. Fortunately, Simson Tang has just begun to find someone to investigate, and he shouldn’t be able to find out so quickly. She still has time to implement the plan.

Turning out Wendy Tian’s photo again, she sneered at the delicate face: “Don’t blame me for using you, who wants you to have a face that looks so similar to that b!tch Jamie Ye!”

Chapter 214

While Hallie Tang was looking at Wendy Tian’s photo with wishful thinking, Karen Xia was also looking at Wendy Tian’s photo with her mobile phone, but she was not alone, Patricia Liu was also standing next to her.

The mother and daughter moved out of the Xia’s family and lived in the high-end ward of a private hospital. They had a good time. When Hallie Tang called Karen Xia, Patricia Liu was taking a bath. This time she came out of the bath and saw her daughter’s face in thought and asked who she was talking to.

Karen Xia had mentioned to Patricia Liu about Hallie Tang’s cooperation with her before. This time, she naturally wouldn’t hide it from her, and immediately told Patricia Liu the content of the conversation between Hallie Tang and her.

“How so coincidentally, Hallie Tang actually saw Wendy Tian in the Costaguana?” Patricia Liu knew that Flora Wu had sent Wendy Tian to study abroad, but she didn’t know that Flora Wu had bought a murderer and wanted to kill Wendy Tian. At that time, Flora Wu told her that the reason why Wendy Tian was sent abroad was because she was afraid that Wendy Tian would leak out the fact that they planned to have a relationship between Juan Mu and Karen Xia that day, so she wanted to send her to the faraway Costaguana so that she would no longer be in touch with Juan. How could she have thought that Flora Wu thought that Karen Xia was her biological daughter, and Wendy Tian was her daughter. Flora Wu was afraid that the baby exchange would be revealed, so she would kill Wendy Tian.

Karen Xia said: “Yes, I didn’t expect it, but that’s good, Hallie Tang just wants to deal with Jamie Ye, and now she encourages Wendy Tian to continue to help us over there, which also saves us a lot of things.”

Patricia Liu frowned, “Is this Hallie Tang reliable? I always feel uneasy. After all, she is Simson Tang’s sister. What if she tells Simson Tang about these things, and Simson Tang tells Jamie Ye again, wouldn’t it be bad?”

“Mom, don’t worry about this. Hallie Tang is Roy Qin’s fiancée, and she hates Jamie Ye. Otherwise, she would not tell me that Jamie Ye was pregnant with Juan’s child, and she also helped me with ideas t deal with Jamie Ye. Although Juan misunderstood Jamie Ye about his mother and would not forgive her, he has such a deep affection for her. The child in Devis and Jamie Ye’s belly is his flesh and blood again, just in case. What if he forgives Jamie Ye again? We should still take precautions and let Jamie Ye leave Juan completely.”

Patricia Liu thinks about it and thinks that’s the case. “You have a point. We really should prepare more, but you have to remind Hallie Tang that you must not let Simson Tang come into contact with Wendy Tian, otherwise it may be bad.”

Karen Xia smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mom, Hallie Tang is very clear about Simson Tang’s feelings for Jamie Ye, so she won’t be so stupid to ask Simson Tang to destroy our plan.”

Patricia Liu nodded, but in her heart she planned to find time to talk to Flora Wu about this, and see what Flora Wu’s opinion is. With Flora Wu’s help these days, they are getting closer and closer to their goal. Flora Wu was even more admired, and wanted to discuss everything with her.

Carlo Xia suddenly fainted and was hospitalized. At that time, there was a chaos and no one paid attention to the letter he threw on the ground. It was not until Aunt Kin cleaned up the study that she saw the letter. Seeing the content of the letter, Aunt Kin was taken aback and realized the reason that Carlo Xia had fainted.

Aunt Kin naturally didn’t dare to stretch out. When Jamie Ye was away, she took the time to ask Carlo Xia. Aunt Kin was loyal to Carlo Xia after so many years in the Xia’s house. Carlo Xia did not hide it. He asked Aunt Kin to keep this matter in her heart not to say it. , Especially not to let Jamie Ye know. He also said that he would start to clean up Patricia Liu when he figured out a solution.

Aunt Kin knows Carlo Xia’s worries. If Jamie Ye knows about this, she will definitely not let Patricia Liu go. She will definitely make the matter go. A scandal like this will definitely have an impact on Carlo Xia’s career. This must be done secretly.

Aunt Kin asked Carlo Xia how he was going to deal with Patricia Liu, and Carlo Xia told Aunt Kin that he wanted to lock Patricia Liu first, and wait until the interrogation was clear before cleaning her up.

When Carlo Xia and Aunt Kin said they were going to deal with Patricia Liu, Patricia Liu and Karen Xia were living in the high-level ward of a private hospital and suddenly felt that their eyelids suddenly jumped. Isn’t this something going to happen?

Thinking of Carlo Xia’s driver, he came and said that Carlo Xia had suddenly fainted and let her go over and take a look.

Patricia Liu heard that Carlo Xia fainted and hurriedly left with the driver, but did not expect that the driver did not take her to the hospital, but took her to Carlo Xia’s villa in the suburbs.

Seeing that the route was wrong, Patricia Liu asked the driver what was going on. The driver replied that the secretary did not want to go to the hospital, saying that the air in the villas in the suburbs was fresh, so he planned to stay there for a few days.

Patricia Liu didn’t know about the villa on the outskirts of Carlo Xia. Patricia Liu thought to herself that Carlo Xia was really a ghost. She had been married to him for so many years and she didn’t know how much property he had. If this villa wasn’t for this time, he wouldn’t know how to hide it from her. At some point, Patricia Liu thought to herself that Xia just had been an official for so many years, and he must have gathered a lot of property. It seemed that she would have to find a way to get all his property out in the future.

With this in mind, the driver drove into the villa, Patricia Liu got off the car and entered the villa and saw Aunt Kin standing in the living room and seeing Patricia Liu coming in. Aunt Kin pointed to the study, “The secretary is waiting for you in the study on the second floor.”

Pushing open the study door, Patricia Liu saw Carlo Xia sitting in a chair and staring at her, “Didn’t you say that you are not in good health? Why don’t you lie down and rest?” Patricia Liu asked thoughtfully.

“Can’t sleep?” Carlo Xia sighed long.

“You have to lie down if you can’t fall asleep, shall I help you to the bedroom?” Patricia Liu walked over to help him, but Carlo Xia reached out and took Patricia Liu’s hand, “How many years have we known each other?”

“It’s been over twenty years.”

“It’s been so long?” Carlo Xia’s voice became more and more gentle, “You said why I climbed into your bed back then? It’s not incredible to think about it?”

“Aren’t you drunk?” Patricia Liu smiled reluctantly. What does Carlo Xia mean? They haven’t talked about this topic in all these years. Why did he suddenly talk about it? Does he suspect anything?

“I was panicked and scared back then. My instinct was that I was drunk and everything that shouldn’t have happened to you, but now that I think about it, I suddenly find that it’s strange. You said why you knew it was wrong back then. Under circumstances have to give birth to this child? What do you think?”

She glanced at Carlo Xia, the expression on her face was the same as usual, but the more she was like this, the more she couldn’t take it lightly. Carlo Xia asked her questions before, Patricia Liu’s answer back then was, from the first time I saw Xia, I fell in love with him.

If Carlo Xia was not Meghan Ye’s husband, she would definitely pursue him desperately. Later, she kept this love in her heart. She hadn’t thought of the drunkenness that happened that day, but she had never blamed Carlo Xia. She was willing. She gave herself to him, and after she was found pregnant, she was also very conflicted. In the end, she couldn’t bear to destroy the child.

Although she knew that this kind of behavior was bad and would hurt Meghan Ye, her love for Carlo Xia made her willing to give birth to this child for Carlo Xia. She planned not to tell Carlo Xia for the rest of her life. If it weren’t for Meghan Ye’s problem, she would raise the child secretly, but later Something happened to Meghan Ye, and she couldn’t help but miss Carlo Xia. The child often asked her for father, so she took the child to Carlo Xia.

Now Carlo Xia actually asked this question again. Although Patricia Liu didn’t know what Carlo Xia meant, she still repeated what she said before.

Hearing her finish, Carlo Xia suddenly laughed. In fact, he didn’t believe Patricia Liu’s words back then, but someone happened to report him back then. He chose to let Patricia Liu come in in order to settle the matter.

Later, when he saw Patricia Liu knowing that she was advancing and retreating, he slowly forgot about these things. If it hadn’t been for that anonymous letter, he would have never doubted it for a lifetime. Thinking about how stupid he was, he let such a poisonous snake stay by his side for so many years. Meghan has been dead for so many years, have you ever been upset in your heart all these years?”

These words made Patricia Liu chuckle in her heart, and she reluctantly smiled, “Yes, I have always been very upset about what happened back then.”

“It’s just uneasy? Isn’t it possible that there is no sleepless night, nightmares, and death?” Carlo Xia’s voice suddenly rose.

“What do you mean by this?” Patricia Liu was stunned.

“What do you mean? Patricia Liu! Look what this is?” Carlo Xia smashed the anonymous letter on Patricia Liu’s head.

Patricia Liu picked up the letter that fell on the ground, and she was very flustered when she read the content clearly. She pretended to be calm, who did it on earth? Only she and Jose Long knew what happened back then. Jose Long would definitely not rush to the matter, so who is this person?

But now is not the time to figure out the identity of the person who wrote the letter. What she has to do now is to make Carlo Xia believe in herself, “Xia, you must not believe this. This must be someone deliberately planting and slandering our harmony.”

“As the saying goes, there is no wind and no waves. Why didn’t that person find someone else to plant and frame him? The drunkenness that night I thought was wrong, and your poisonous woman’s reputation in Water Park was originally not good. You must be deliberate. Calculate that I only have such a show, but if you know the shame, you will choose to get rid of the evil after the accident, instead of choosing to give birth, and since you secretly gave birth to a child, why don’t you keep secretly carrying the child all these years , Why did you come to me? Don’t say anything that you can’t bear to have a child without a father. When you choose to have this child, you should be very clear that I will not admit her!”

“I really couldn’t bear to let my child not have a father before I came to you.” Patricia Liu defended.

“Poisonous woman, tell me honestly, did you ever find Meghan and tell her about your birthing evil seed? Otherwise, she wouldn’t let Wu take care of her funeral before she died, nor would she Give Jamie Ye to Brent Wu, you must be the poisonous woman who met her in advance!”

Carlo Xia is not a fool. He used to have taboos in his heart and didn’t think about it. Now that I read the anonymous letter and think about what else I don’t understand, Meghan Ye must have known everything before she died and told Andre Ye about the funeral, and revealed it all. Who else besides Patricia Liu? Seeing Patricia Liu still want to deceive him intolerable.

“Poisonous woman! Your daughter has a father, but Meghan’s daughter has lost her father. My Jamie Ye ran away from home because of this when she was so young…”

Carlo Xia couldn’t continue. Meghan Ye was killed by Patricia Liu, and Jamie Ye was forced to run away from home since she was a child. But he married this poisonous woman and allowed her to live in fine clothes and food for so many years. He is so confused!

“I didn’t! Xia, don’t you know how I have treated you all these years? You can’t wrong me!”

Patricia Liu said this, but her heart began to panic. Since Carlo Xia was suspicious, he would definitely not give her and Karen Xia a good life in the future.

“Since you feel that Jamie Ye has been wronged, then give her all your property to compensate her. Karen and I don’t need anything. In order not to bother you, Karen and I move out. I want you to see me and Karen. There is absolutely no attempt to you!”

“Move out?” Carlo Xia chuckled, “You finally got the position of Mrs. Secretary, are you really willing to quit?”

“Xia, I really didn’t covet you anything? If I must say that I have a bad heart, then I love you too much, because I love you and want to stay by your side day and night…”

“Shut up!” Carlo Xia slapped Patricia Liu’s face, “b!tch, do you think I’m a fool? Love? A b!tch like you deserves to say love?”

“Xia! I know that you are anxious now and don’t believe what I said. It doesn’t matter, I will let you believe it. I will take Karen and move away immediately, and I will leave!”

Patricia Liu retreated to the entrance of the study. Carlo Xia has now scared her, she couldn’t help but feel a chill in her heart, and she had to leave this place as soon as possible!

Seeing her retreating, Carlo Xia didn’t react. Patricia Liu didn’t care when she opened the door in a panic and was ready to run out. When she went out, she saw the driver and Aunt Kin standing on the second floor of the stairs looking at her. There was a sneer on her face.

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