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Chapter 215

“You frantic b!tch, do you think you can retreat from here?”

Seeing the smiles on the faces of the driver and Aunt Kin, Patricia Liu felt cold. She had done a lot of bad things. Now she had a strong premonition of this appearance, so she immediately opened her bag and took out her mobile phone to make a call. She has to tell Karen Xia about this, but the prompt tone she heard on phone was, your number was in arrears.

Carlo Xia sneered and looked at Patricia Liu, “I have already sent someone to deal with the arrears of your phone number. At present, your only option is to call the police! I am waiting for you to call the police!”

Where did Patricia Liu dare to call the police? Seeing that she did not dare to call, Carlo Xia was already completely sure that Meghan Ye’s death was related to her. He took out an iron rod from the corner of the study and walked towards Patricia Liu step by step. Patricia Liu wanted to run. But the stairway was blocked by the driver and Aunt Kin. She couldn’t run at all. Seeing Carlo Xia with a fierce look and holding an iron rod toward her, her desire to survive made her jump from the second floor.

With a scream, Patricia Liu fell heavily to the ground, her whole body hurting uncomfortably, she tried to stand up, but her feet couldn’t work, Patricia Liu sadly realized that there was something wrong with her feet, and the three people upstairs looked condescendingly. There was no sympathy in their eyes for Patricia, who was howling and struggling on the ground.

After a long time, Carlo Xia took the iron rod and walked down. Seeing Patricia Liu still wailing, he raised the iron rod and smashed it down at Patricia Liu.

The screams continued. Carlo Xia smashed one after another. I don’t know how many smashed. Patricia Liu was already completely unrecognizable, covered in blood. Carlo Xia was so tired that he gasped and panted. Aunt Kin stepped forward and pulled him away, “Secretary, you will kill her if you hit her again.”

Carlo Xia threw down the iron rod and told the driver and Aunt Kin, “Send this sl*t to the lunatic asylum, and remember that she can’t be treated! I want her to spend the rest of her life in the lunatic asylum!”

Patricia Liu was quickly sent to the lunatic asylum. She begged the doctors and nurses in the lunatic asylum that she was Carlo Xia’s wife, but no one believed it.

This face was beaten up, and the crazy woman who was talking nonsense was really hateful. She even dared to say that she was the secretary’s wife. It seemed that her spirit had gone to the extreme.

The doctors and nurses disliked her, and took advantage of her, so they put her in the critically ill area, where people with the most mental illness lived. Patricia Liu was pushed by the nurse and thrown on the innermost bed. The nurse turned and left.

All the mental patients in the room gathered around. Looking at the deformed faces and sluggish eyes in front of her, Patricia Liu was extremely frightened, “Don’t come here!”

But no one listened to her. Those severely mentally ill patients were very interested in this blood-stained person. Some reached out and pinched her face, some pulled her hair, and some kicked her injured leg with their feet. Patricia Liu said the screams of hiss and lungs continued until later that he could not scream and fainted.

When she woke up, it was night. Several strong carers pushed dinner to deliver. Patricia Liu’s pain was so uncomfortable that she asked the carer for painkillers. The carer ignored him, put down the food, and left.

The mental patients began to grab food, and Patricia Liu’s share was soon snatched away. She didn’t run out of water and rice all day and night, and her body pained uncomfortably, but there was no other way, so she had to endure drowsy and fell asleep. .

In the middle of the night, she heard a rushing sound and felt cold. She opened my eyes and saw a patient peeing on her, soaking her quilt all wet. Patricia Liu was disgusted to the extreme and struggled to move away from the bed, but didn’t want to change it. The disgusting is still behind, a mental patient actually pulled up a stool in the ward.

The foul smell permeated the ward, and what was even more disgusting was that the patients grabbed the stool in their hands to play, and one of them wiped the stool on Patricia Liu’s body and had to feed her.

At this moment Patricia Liu realized that life is better than death. She would rather die than stay in this place! But now it’s hard for her to die!

After Mike Li and Ruchi Xin sent the letter threatening Patricia Liu, they waited to reply, but there was no news for more than a week. Mike Li couldn’t control it and wandered around Xia’s house, but did not see Patricia Liu appear.

With doubts Mike Li asked Erin Liu. Erin Liu replied that Patricia Liu had gone abroad, and she hadn’t seen Patricia Liu for a long time. Mike Li screamed unlucky in his heart. If she didn’t go abroad early and late, why did dhe go abroad when he was extorting her?

Wouldn’t it be Patricia Liu who read his blackmail letter and chose to escape? He went back and told Ruchi Xin about the matter. Ruchi Xin also felt that Patricia Liu might choose to escape, but they were not afraid. Patricia Liu’s escape must be a guilty conscience. They didn’t believe that Patricia Liu could hide outside for a lifetime.

The two began to plan how to deal with Patricia Liu when Patricia Liu comes back. Because of the similar smell, the relationship between the two began to heat up sharply. Mike Li was increasingly finding that he could not do without Ruchi Xin. Mike Li was thinking about telling his mother about himself and Ruchi Xin. Even if his mother objected, he had to tell.

This old friend of Ruchi Xin did not come here. Ruchi Xin has been a b!tch for so many years and has been doing contraceptive measures. This time she met Mike Li and felt that she had found her true life, so this contraceptive matter was put down, so she went to the hospital for an examination, but the doctor told her she was pregnant.

Ruchi Xin told Mike Li about her pregnancy. Mike Li was very happy to have a child. I believe that mother Erin Liu will agree to him and Ruchi Xin for the sake of the child.

He went to Erin Liu to talk about it. Hearing that her son was dating a woman who was more than ten years older, Erin Liu felt that she was unreliable. When she was about to object, her son said that the other party was pregnant and he wanted to marry the other party and have the child.

Mike Li hasn’t studied well these years, and he has never seen him take such an interest in any woman. Erin Liu knows that her son is tempted. Although she is unhappy, she has no clear objection. Erin Liu replied that Mike Li should think about it. She must first talk about this old woman who is fascinated by her son.

Knowing that her son lives with Ruchi Xin, Erin Liu went to her son’s downstairs to wait, and wanted to see how Ruchi Xin was. From a distance, she saw Mike Li and a beautifully dressed woman coming over. Look at the woman. Being a member of Erin Liu feels uncomfortable, and it doesn’t look like a livelier. This matter must be discussed long-term, and the son can’t let it go.

She thought that she should hide aside, not planning to meet her son. Mike Li came with his arms around Ruchi Xin’s waist, but he didn’t find his mother, she was hiding beside waiting for them to come closer to see the woman who was hugging her son. Looking at the woman Erin Liu was shocked!

how so! Ruchi Xin? How could my son get together with Ruchi Xin!

OMG! What did she do?

After listening to Hallie Tang’s suggestion, Simson Tang planned to take Wendy Tian to the old lady to take a picture of her. But before that, she had to let the old lady look at Wendy Tian and understand her character. If the old lady likes her, she can stay, and vice versa, he couldn’t send someone who the old lady didn’t like to accompany the old lady.

The next day, Simson Tang got off work earlier than usual, planning to go to the suburban villa to pick up Wendy Tian and go to Tang’s house for dinner.

Under these days of contact, Simson Tang knew a little bit about Wendy Tian. Knowing that she was quiet and shy, he was worried that asking her to go to Tang’s house for dinner would scare her, so he decided to find an excuse to bring her there first. If the old lady likes her, he will naturally leave her, so she won’t appear so deliberate.

As long as Mrs. Tang expresses her liking after seeing Wendy Tian, he will immediately propose to Wendy Tian that she move to the Tang house and ask her to accompany Mrs. Tang in the name of helping to take care of Mrs. Tang. He believes that Wendy Tian’s gentle and kind personality will be willing to take care of the elderly and will take care of them very well.

In order to make his plan come true, he deliberately didn’t drive to the villa in the suburbs this time, but took a taxi to go there.

Seeing Simson Tang suddenly come to the villa again, Wendy Tian was surprised. Simson Tang clearly said last night that he would come to pick up his watch after he came back from Eurasia.

Unnaturally greeted Simson Tang, she said, “Brother Tang, wait here for a while, and I will go up and help you get your watch.”

Simson Tang was thinking about taking Wendy Tian back for dinner, but didn’t notice her a little uneasy look. He glanced at the set of home clothes she was wearing, and said, “Okay, you can change to a dress by the way, and wait a minute. I’ll go to the mall.”

Wendy Tian was puzzled, “Go to the mall?”

Simson Tang said: “Yes, I will return to Eurasia in two days. I want to buy a set of clothes for my fiancée, because it is the first time to buy clothes for her. Help me choose. Besides, your appearance is very similar to her, and your body is similar. You can also try on it by the way.”

It turned out that this is the case. Simson Tang didn’t come to get the watch specially, but came to her to help as a model and buy clothes for his fiancée. Not feeling slightly uncomfortable in her heart, Wendy Tian responded in a low voice and turned upstairs.

Walking into the bedroom, Wendy Tian reached out under the pillow and took out something, looked at it with dismay, and then pressed her heart.

Chapter 216

That thing was Simson Tang’s watch. After Wendy Tian picked it up last night, she wiped it with a clean towel and put it on her pillow to sleep with her.

When doing these things, she told herself that she was just worried about breaking Simson Tang’s watch and losing it, and she didn’t mean anything else. However, when she woke up this morning, she was in a cold sweat because she had a dream last night.

Dreaming that Simson Tang came to her with a smile, stretched out his hand and gently held her hand, and asked her softly if she wanted to replace Jamie Ye as his girlfriend. She said yes without hesitation, and then Simson Tang changed. He smashed her face, pushed her away, pointed at her and cursed, saying that she was overpowered and wanted to be his woman without looking at her own identity.

Now she finally understood that from the bottom of her heart, she had already quietly liked Simson Tang, and she really wanted to get his love. However, she immediately realized that she was wishful thinking, not to mention that Simson Tang now has a fiancée, even if not, given his family background, how could she be worthy of him, a down-and-out girl who doesn’t even know who she is?

When she saw Simson Tang just now, she felt ashamed and a little uneasy thinking of her childish behavior last night, for fear that Simson Tang would think she had something wrong with it. However, when Simson Tang asked her to help buy clothes for his fiancee, she felt sad and wronged again. The combination of these emotions really made her feel uncomfortable.

The cold watch was stuck to her chest, Wendy Tian’s heart trembled slightly, and she shook her head suddenly, “Xiaoyu, don’t be stupid, Brother Tang is your savior and treats you so well, how can you have such thoughts? He should be blessed, so that he and his fiancée will be happy and loving forever, and grow old together.”

After taking a few deep breaths, she took away the melancholy under her eyes, changed her clothes at the fastest speed, opened her smile and walked out the door.

When he got out of the villa, Simson Tang explained to Wendy Tian that the car had a problem when he came just now, and he took it to the car repair shop for repair. He didn’t think it was troublesome to ask the driver to drive another car out of the house, so he came by taxi.

The two stopped a taxi to the shopping mall. Simson Tang took Wendy Tian to the clothing area, pointed to the colorful clothes of various styles and said to Wendy Tian: “You are a girl, you should have a better vision than mine. You should choose a few sets first. , I’ll come back to make the final decision.”

Although Wendy Tian was raised by ordinary people, during the period of time with Juan Mu, Juan Mu bought her many clothes, and her taste has improved to a certain level, knowing what kind of clothes are the best suitable for herself, can best show her beauty.

Although she has lost her memory now, her vision of choosing clothes has not been affected. Just looking around, she has already taken a fancy to three or four sets of clothes that suit her style. However, today she is not buying clothes for herself, but for Simson’s fiancée. Even if Simson Tang has repeatedly stated how similar she is to his fiancée, she is still worried that if the clothes she chooses cannot be liked by his fiancée, wouldn’t it be the case? Simson Tang disappointed?

Thinking of this, she asked Simson Tang, “Brother Tang, I want to ask if there is a photo of your fiancée on your mobile phone. If so, can you show it to me? I want to see what she looks like so that it can be based on her temperament chooses clothes that are more suitable for her.”

“That’s right, I happen to have a recent photo of her here. Let me show you.” In fact, Simson Tang accompanied Jamie Ye to buy clothes when he was in love with Jamie Ye. He knew her dress size and knew she liked it. For her style, he asked Wendy Tian to come over today, but using this as an excuse to take her back to the Tang House for dinner later. Of course, he also wanted to buy a piece of clothes for Jamie Ye, and since Wendy Tian said so, let her look at the photos.

Taking out his mobile phone, Simson Tang turned to a photo of Jamie Ye and Devis and handed it to Wendy Tian. Wendy Tian took the phone and took a closer look. When she saw Jamie Ye’s face that was somewhat similar to her, she was like hearing Jamie Ye’s name yesterday, her heart jumped for no apparent reason, and a familiar feeling started rising.

How could this be? Why does she always feel this way towards Simson Tang’s fiancee? Is it because they look alike or because she likes Simson Tang that makes him especially sensitive to his fiancée?

Seeing Wendy Tian’s loss of consciousness, Simson Tang felt strange in his heart, and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Wendy Tian came back to her senses and squeezed out a smile and said: “Oh, nothing, I didn’t expect that sister Jamie Ye and I are really alike.”

“Yeah, I said that you look alike.”

Wendy Tian pointed at Devis and asked, “Who is this little boy?”

Simson Tang smiled and said, “This is Jamie Ye’s son.”

Wendy Tian was taken aback. She didn’t expect Jamie Ye to have a child. She wanted to ask how Simson Tang liked a woman with a child, but she knew it was impolite, so she resisted asking.

Naturally, Simson Tang would not take the initiative to explain anything. He took the phone and put it away, and said, “Now you can choose clothes, right?”

“Yeah.” Wendy Tian smiled, cheered up and looked at the clothes in the mall again, and re-selected a few sets.

She had seen Jamie Ye’s photos just now and felt that Jamie Ye is a mature and individual woman, and her personality and temperament are different. The clothes she fancy just now are slightly naive and are not suitable for Jamie Ye, so she should Reselect.

Simson Tang looked at those sets of clothes with a satisfied smile, “Your eyes are really good, Jamie Ye likes to wear this style of clothes. Come on, you can try this one in.” Then he chose one. The dress was handed to Wendy Tian.

Wendy Tian took the clothes and went into the fitting room. After putting them on, she came out and saw that Simson Tang’s eyes were full of surprise when he saw her, her face flushed with a heartbeat.

“You look really good in these clothes.” From knowing Wendy Tian to now, it is the first time that Simson Tang has seen her wearing a dress. The clothes she wears on weekdays were bought by the secretary of Simson Tang’s company with the help of some. More casual dresses can’t fully express her beauty. Now this little lavender dress on her makes her look more charming and mature, even more like Jamie Ye.

Wendy Tian stood in front of the dressing mirror, looking at her beautiful figure in the mirror. Hearing Simson Tang’s words of praise, she felt a burst of sweetness in her heart. When she was intoxicated by herself, she heard Simson Tang saying behind her: “Try this skirt.”

Wendy Tian turned her head and saw Simson Tang carrying a goose yellow knee-length skirt in his hand. The style was younger than the little dress she wore, and it was suitable for her age and style.

This skirt was not among the clothes selected by Wendy Tian. It should have been selected by Simson Tang herself. She took the skirt and hesitated and said, “Brother Tang, I think this skirt is not suitable for sister Jamie Ye. This suit is more suitable for me.”

Simson Tang smiled and said, “Try it first before talking!”

Helpless, Wendy Tian had to walk into the fitting room with her skirt. After changing her skirt, Simson Tang looked at it for another round of compliments. Wendy Tian herself also felt good-looking. This skirt seemed to be tailor-made for her, the size was perfectly fitted, and it fully revealed her innocent and feminine temperament.

“This skirt suits you well, you don’t need to change it, just wear it like this.” Wendy Tian was about to go into the fitting room to change the skirt, but was stopped by Simson Tang, and then he said to the store attendant: “Miss, these two sets of clothes I want it. Could you please wrap up that purple dress.”

Wendy Tian’s English level is good. Hearing what Simson Tang said, she immediately realized that Simson Tang was planning to give her the yellow dress, and the purple dress to Jamie Ye.

She was so surprised that she could not have thought that Simson Tang would give her such expensive clothes. Although she did not check the price, she had heard of the brand of clothes and knew that the price was high. When converted, any piece of clothing would cost tens of thousands. This skirt is worth tens of thousands.

She tentatively asked: “Big Brother Tang, why don’t you let me change it? Don’t you want to give it to Sister Jamie Ye?”

Simson Tang smiled and said, “I gave that set to her, and this skirt is for you.”

“No, no, I can’t ask.” Wendy Tian waved her hand in a hurry, and wanted to walk to the fitting room.

Simson Tang hurriedly stopped in front of her, “Listen to me, you helped me take care of those roses during this period, and I didn’t pay you a salary. This skirt is even your salary, okay?”

Tian said, “Brother, you saved my life and gave me a place to stay. You gave me so much pocket money before. I haven’t thanked you yet. How can I ask for a salary? Besides, I am in the villa. Except for watering the flowers and loosening the soil, I didn’t do anything at all. How can I qualify for a salary?”

Simson Tang persuaded: “Well, let’s not mention the salary. The clothes that Secretary Lin bought for you are casual clothes. It is not appropriate for you to go out as a girl without a more formal clothes. You just accept this one. A skirt, you can wear it in case you want to attend any occasion in the future.”

These words moved Wendy Tian’s heart for a while. She couldn’t think that Simson Tang’s thoughts were so delicate. She even thought of this for her, but she already owed him too much, so how could she accept his intentions again?

Her nose was sour, and she said with tears: “Brother Tang, thank you, I really can’t make you spend any more. Anyway, I have nowhere to go. I have no chance to wear this skirt. I’ll change it. “After speaking, she bypassed Simson Tang and walked into the fitting room again.

Simson Tang did not expect Wendy Tian to insist on being so persistent. He had not thought about buying clothes for Wendy Tian before, but just wanted to buy some clothes for Jamie Ye and Devis. Just leave her for dinner. But just now when he saw Wendy Tian put on these clothes, she looked beautiful, and he couldn’t help but feel like buying one for her, but she refused.

He originally liked Wendy Tian’s gentle character, but now seeing that she doesn’t greet vanity or take advantage of him, Simson Tang’s affection for her has increased a bit and decided to buy the skirt and find a chance to give it to her in the future.

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