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Chapter 225

Jamie Ye naturally didn’t know that Simson Tang was being calculated. She felt as strange as Roy Qin. Simson Tang called and said he wanted to come back. Why hasn’t he came back yet?

Jamie Ye was worried about Simson Tang, but Juan Mu came to her, saying that Lisa Lin had woken up, and she was worried about her and Devis. She had to see her with her own eyes to feel relieved, and let Jamie Ye take Devis to the hospital to see Lisa Lin.

Jamie Ye was very happy to hear that Lisa Lin woke up. Lisa Lin was unconscious during this time, and she was also very anxious. All the previous resentment disappeared because of Lisa Lin’s sudden coma.

She just took Devis to the hospital to see if Lisa Lin would be surprised, but Flora Wu and others. Juan Mu told her not to worry. Flora Wu is now overwhelmed and has no time to pay attention to this, so Jamie Ye is relieved to take Devis to the hospital.

Lisa Lin lay on the hospital bed and saw Jamie Ye come in with Devis and with her big belly. She was so excited that she couldn’t speak very well, “You don’t have…nothing just…okay!”

“We have nothing to do, you can recover from illness with peace of mind.” Jamie Ye replied. Lisa Lin nodded, “How is the baby in your stomach?”

“Okay, don’t worry.”

“I don’t have a good memory, how long will I have to wait for full term?” Lisa Lin asked.

“It’s less than two months.” Jamie Ye replied.

“I’ve been in a coma for such a long time?” Lisa Lin sighed, “Well, as long as you are all healthy, I have nothing to worry about.”

Lisa Lin suddenly said such emotional words, Jamie Ye was a little uncomfortable, but looking at her smiling eyes, Jamie Ye also felt a little bit in her heart. Lisa Lin’s changes were really great. No wonder that people will see everything after they die once. It’s open, and Lisa Lin can be regarded as a person who has died once. After experiencing this kind of life and death, she can’t see the previous domineering and bossy in her, but more love and care. She smiled at Lisa Lin, “Take care of yourself, and Juan Mu can work with peace of mind.”

Lisa Lin nodded. Jamie Ye was not pleasing to the eye before, but now Jamie Ye is pleasing to the eye everywhere. These days, she lay in bed and thought about everything. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she was an as*hole and was unforgivable. “Jamie Ye, I was not good in the past, I apologize to you.”

“No need to apologize, it’s all over!”

“Thank you for forgiving me!” Although Jamie Ye said no need to apologize, Lisa Lin still apologized very sincerely. Seeing Devis hiding in Ye and looking at her timidly, she smiled lovingly and waved at Devis, “Devis come here to grandma.”

Devis hid behind Jamie Ye and was still a little scared of Lisa Lin. Jamie Ye held Devis’s hand, “Devis is not afraid. Grandma is sick and needs someone to comfort her. Can Devis comfort his grandma? “

Devis walked out from behind Jamie Ye with Jamie Ye’s encouragement. Jamie Ye led him to the bed and put Devis’s small hand in Lisa Lin’s hand. Lisa Lin held it together with Jamie Ye’s, tears rolled out of their eyes, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry for you mother and son! You have suffered so much…”

Lisa Lin couldn’t make a sound. Jamie Ye looked at Lisa Lin and felt sour. Lisa Lin was just a bit fierce and deceived. She was actually not a bad person. She stretched out her hand to help Lisa Lin wipe her tears. When Lisa Lin saw Jamie Ye help her wipe her tears, she reached out and hugged Staying in Jamie Ye, wept loudly.

She cried with endless regret and sorrow. Jamie Ye couldn’t help but shed tears. Devis saw his mother and Lisa Lin holding each other and crying, and reached out with his little hand on tiptoe to help his mother wipe it. After wiping the tears, he went to help Lisa Lin wipe her tears. Seeing her grandson so well-behaved, Lisa Lin cried more and more sadly.

Juan Mu stood at the door looking at the situation inside, his nose sour, he walked in to separate Lisa Lin and Jamie Ye, “Mom, don’t be sad, your body hasn’t fully recovered yet, Jamie is still pregnant with a child, so crying is not good for her.”

Lisa Lin stopped her tears, “I’m confused, we won’t cry anymore! We want to laugh, and the ones who should cry are those who hurt us!”

Jamie Ye nodded, Juan Mu took out his handkerchief to wipe Jamie Ye’s tears, but Jamie Ye didn’t appreciate it, pushed away Juan Mu’s hand, and saw Jamie Ye’s movements, Lisa Lin felt strangely uncomfortable. The former son and Jamie Ye were good. She looked like a conjoined baby, because she was confused. If she hadn’t believed in Flora Wu and Karen Xia, these two sl*ts, she would never separate the couple. She secretly vowed to find a way to help her son. To obtain Jamie Ye’s understanding, she must let her son’s family of four live happily together!

Jamie Ye and Devis left after staying in the ward for a while. Juan Mu wanted to send Jamie Ye and Devis back in person, but it was not the time yet. He hadn’t cleaned up the Flora Wu b!tch, so he had to take Flora Wu away. Let’s talk after packing up.

Seeing her son’s gaze following Jamie Ye and son reluctantly, Lisa Lin felt uncomfortable, “Juan, please clean up those b!tches earlier. When you clean up all of them, you will have time to accompany Jamie Ye and children.”

Juan Mu nodded, “I’m taking care of them, don’t worry, none of them can run away.”

Speaking of making Erin Liu blind and falling out with her son, he told Lisa Lin. After hearing that, Lisa Lin relieved her anger and said, “You have to make this sl*t hard to die.”

Juan Mu sneered, “Don’t worry, there will be a good show right away. Patricia Liu has already focused on Mike Li. With Patricia Liu’s vicious personality, Mike Li’s good days should not be far away. Let them fight in their nests. Let’s drink tea to the theater.”

“Flora Wu that b!tch, how are you going to deal with her?” Lisa Lin saw that Erin Liu was already dead and naturally cared about Flora Wu’s affairs.

“Don’t worry, the person to clean Flora Wu is already in place, and she has no time to take care of others now.”

“What about Karen Xia? This little b!tch is also very vicious, how are you going to deal with her?”

“Karen Xia has her own harvest.” Juan Mu smiled mysteriously, “Mom, what you have to do now is to recover from illness with peace of mind. As long as you are safe and healthy, other things are easy to say.”

Juan Mu said that the person who cleaned up Flora Wu was not joking. The person who cleaned up Flora Wu had indeed come out, that is Patricia Liu’s cousin Jay Chen.

After Juan Mu went to see Chen that day, Jay Chen thought for several days in prison and finally decided to cooperate with Juan Mu. He told Juan Mu all the things that year.

Back then, Carlo Xia was entrusted by Meghan Ye to go to Sankori Maoer to give Flora Wu money, but Flora Wu was not grateful, secretly thinking about letting Carlo Xia and Patricia Liu go to bed to disgust Meghan.

She did not know that when she calculated Patricia Liu, the tea that was supposed to be drunk by Patricia Liu was drunk by herself, so Flora Wu and Carlo Xia slept.

After Flora Wu and Carlo Xia’s tossing, Patricia Liu saw the blood on the bed sheet. She thought that she was no worse than Meghan Ye. She was jealous when she saw that Meghan Ye had found such a talented and good-looking man.

Flora Wu took her to see Carlo Xia. She cast countless winks at Carlo Xia, hoping that Carlo Xia could look up at her, but Carlo Xia turned a blind eye to her teasing.

Patricia Liu was really upset in her heart. She had been fucked by countless men too early and she was not the yellow flower girl. It was a dream to have s*x with a man like Carlo Xia, but now the blood stains left by Flora Wu on the bed were undoubtedly a turning point, so she told Jay Chen, she moved Flora Wu away and went to Carlo Xia’s bed.

Carlo Xia woke up and saw that he and Patricia Liu were lying together. He was surprised when he saw the blood stains left by Flora Wu on the bed. He thought Patricia Liu had left. Although Patricia Liu was not regarded as a virgin, Carlo Xia was moved.

He loved Meghan Ye, and other women are nothing to him. He is very worried that Meghan Ye will know about this, but Patricia Liu is empathetic and offered to conceal it.

However, Chen had always belonged to Flora Wu. After taking Flora Wu away from Carlo Xia’s room, he did not leave, but stayed at Flora Wu’s house.

Naturally, Chen would not give up such a good opportunity, so he took off his clothes and prepared to go with Flora Wu, but he didn’t expect Flora Wu to wake up.

Seeing Chen lying naked on the bed with herself, Flora Wu jumped on her feet. She and Carlo Xia were sore after going to bed. Seeing Chen with herself, she mistakenly thought that she was in a relationship with Chen, so she scolded him.

Chen saw that she had misunderstood that he would be scheming, and admitted that she slept with him. Flora Wu hated Chen, but there was no other way. Later, after being threatened by him, she slept with Chen several times.

What happened later was that Flora Wu and Patricia Liu were both pregnant. Flora Wu was not planning to leave the child. After being heard by Chen, she went to the hospital to abort. Flora Wu’s body was not good, but she was later forced to leave this child.

This child was not willingly born by Flora Wu, so she was extremely disgusted with this child. After giving birth, she asked Chen to secretly help her exchange Patricia Liu’s child, and then asked Chen to send Patricia Liu’s child away.

But he didn’t want to be discovered by Patricia Liu when Chen was holding Flora Wu’s child to exchange. Patricia Liu was very angry and viciously threatened him, asking him to keep silent, and carried Flora Wu’s child back intact.

Chen didn’t dare not listen to Patricia Liu’s words. At that time, Patricia Liu was in Water Park, but he was in a group with many gangsters.

Chen was naturally afraid of this cousin. He was able to mix in Water Park because of this cousin’s support. Without Patricia Liu’s help, he would be nothing, so he had to obey Patricia Liu’s instructions and leave Flora Wu’s daughter intact.

Flora Wu mistakenly thought that the child Chen brought back was Patricia Liu’s child and asked Chen to take her away without even looking at her. Chen obeyed and sent the child to the orphanage.

Of course, Chen sent the child away so obediently because he had taken a close look at the child Flora Wu gave birth, and he did not have the slightest resemblance to him. The blood type was also different from him. It was linked to Flora Wu who had s*x with Carlo Xia before she and his cousin Patricia Liu were pregnant at the same time, and he was certain that this child must be Carlo Xia’s.

Although he sent the child away, Chen felt uncomfortable, is Flora Wu too vicious? He felt sorry for the child, so he secretly took Flora Wu’s jade pendant and placed it on the child who was sent away.

Not long afterwards, Chen was arrested because of the crime and was ignorant of Flora Wu and Patricia Liu’s affairs.

Hearing what Chen said, Juan Mu was surprised. So Wendy Tian might be the daughter of Carlo Xia and Flora Wu. He can finally understand why Flora Wu spared no effort to help Karen Xia. She must have regarded Karen Xia as such. She took her own daughter, and regarded Wendy Tian, a genuine daughter, as Patricia Liu’s daughter.

With Flora Wu’s cruel heart, she would definitely not let Wendy Tian live to ruin her good things. Juan Mu suddenly realized a bad thing. Wendy Tian’s sudden disappearance should not be because she wanted to avoid him, but it was possible that Wendy Tian has been dealt in another way by the vicious Flora Wu.

Chapter 226

Juan Mu didn’t sympathize with Wendy Tian. He asked himself to be worthy of Wendy Tian, but Wendy Tian entrusted Flora Wu to frame him with a revenge contract. If they hadn’t used the fake sperm from the past, Karen Xia would have been pregnant with his own child, so there would have been no chance of reunion with Jamie Ye, because of this Juan Mu thinks that Wendy Tian is an ungrateful person to die.

What Juan Mu is worried about now is that since Flora Wu is so vicious, she must have done other things that are not known to others, and because of her vicious nature, if she can’t achieve her goals, she will kill others and get along with her day and night. Will Roy Qin’s father John Qin be in danger?

Juan Mu tried to tell Roy Qin about the matter, and asked him to persuade John Qin to leave Flora Wu. Juan Mu asked John Qin to leave Flora Wu because he had more important things to do soon, and John Qin was hindering him.

Roy Qin was also surprised after hearing Juan Mu’s words, so he went to John Qin and told John Qin about Flora Wu’s damaging things.

John Qin was ticklish with hate. He didn’t live with Flora Wu because of his children’s personal affair, but because Flora Wu was Meghan Ye’s only sister, he lived with her.

Now he heard that Meghan Ye was killed by Flora Wu and Patricia Liu’s design. John Qin’s first thought was to strangle Flora Wu, an ungrateful sl*t.

Roy Qin stopped him, “Juan Mu already has a way to clean her up. What you have to do now is to leave her immediately. The b!tch Flora Wu has been coveting you all these years. Staying by your side for these years is also part of her calculations. She lives very well with you, why can’t you let her live so happily?”

“I haven’t had anything to do with her all these years, and my leaving doesn’t pose any threat to her at all?” John Qin couldn’t understand.

“You don’t understand, Flora Wu’s heart has been extremely perverted. Although your heart has not been on her for the past few years, it is different to her. She thinks that she can get along with you day and night is the biggest revenge against Meghan Ye, If you can’t let her realize this wish, you must leave her!”

Roy Qin explained. “Not only do you want to leave her, but also to show love and harmony with my mother. Flora Wu, a b!tch who killed her sister because you loved Meghan Ye, now sees you change your mind and love and harmony with my mother. This will kill her.”

John Qin finally understood what his son meant, “Okay, I’ll leave right away!”

“No, don’t leave now, wait for my mother to pick you up before leaving, and you must make that bastard stay awake at night!”

Roy Qin did what he said, so he immediately called his mother Josie Gao to pick up John Qin. Josie Gao had already given up on John Qin over the years when she was eating fast and reciting the Buddha at home, and was reluctant to come when she received a call from her son.

Roy Qin told his mother about Flora Wu’s viciousness and told his mother of his suspicion that the big hat was put on Josie Gao’s head after Meghan Ye died in a car accident, saying that it was because she hated Meghan so she killed Meghan.

Because the relationship between John Qin and Josie Gao has become irresistible, Roy Qin now suspects that Flora Wu had released the news that Meghan Ye was going to see his mother’s death. The purpose was to break the relationship between his father and his mother.

Josie Gao heard her son’s words and felt that her son was reasonable, and she must not let Flora Wu, a b!tch, be so comfortable, so she left for Olathe.

Accompanied by Roy Qin, Josie Gao knocked open the house where John Qin and Flora Wu lived, and looked at Josie Gao, who was very well maintained and looked young, beautiful and expensive. Flora Wu felt very guilty.

It’s just that she is still sneer in her heart, what can Josie Gao do even if she comes to her door? The fact that she killed Meghan Ye back then took root in John Qin’s heart, and John Qin would never forgive her in this life.

She thought to herself that she politely invited Josie Gao into the house, and then went to the house carved by John Qin called John Qin. John Qin opened the door and saw Josie Gao not as cold as Flora Wu imagined, but with excitement.

“You… why are you here?”

“It’s time for you to go home. I am here to pick you up!” Josie Gao replied.

The next scene made Flora Wu’s heart hurt like a needle. John Qin stretched out his hand to Josie Gao, and the two of them held their hands tightly together. Watching them stare affectionately, Flora Wu felt that she was about to explode.

Doesn’t John Qin dislike Josie Gao? what’s going on?

“Josie you have suffered! I’m sorry for you!” John Qin said this affectionate sentence, and Flora Wu almost shouted, shouldn’t this be the case? how could this be?

Roy Qin on the side looked at Flora Wu coldly, “My father and mother have not seen many things to say for many years, isn’t it appropriate for you to stay here?”

This is to drive her away, Flora Wu suffocated, “Why should I leave? This is my home.”

“You are mistaken, Doctor Wu!” Roy Qin sneered. “This house was bought with my father’s money. It seems to have nothing to do with you, right?”

“I…” Flora Wu flushed. This house is indeed John Qin’s house and has nothing to do with her. She looked at John Qin when she asked for help, but John Qin didn’t give her one from the corner of his face. Talking to Josie Gao he went to his carving room.

“Are you going to let me throw you out? Or you will go by yourself?” Roy Qin looked at her coldly.

Flora Wu was driven out by Roy Qin with a gray-headed mouse face. She saw the driver of the Qin family downstairs and saw her “pooh”, “Shameless sl*t, there are so many men who want to make a fuss. It’s just to haunt our young master. whats the matter?”

Flora Wu was about to reply to the quarrel with the driver. She saw someone coming over and suppressed the nasty anger abruptly. She has lived here for these years, and everyone treats her and John Qin as a husband and wife. If they quarrel with each other now, what would the people think.

Flora Wu suffocated a sigh of anger and went outside to find a hotel to stay in. It was really not a feeling in her heart this night. Wasn’t John Qin disgusted with Josie Gao? Why did he suddenly change his attitude?

Seeing how selfless the two of them looked when she left, won’t they be upset tonight, right? Thinking that she hadn’t even touched John Qin’s hand over the years, how could Flora Wu feel good in her heart? She never fell asleep at all this night.

After dawn, she rushed back to the place where she and John Qin lived, but didn’t want to see anyone moving out of it. She stepped forward and asked, the person who moved the thing very humbly, “Who are you?”

“I am the owner of this house.” Flora Wu replied.

“Are you the master? Are you the shameless b!tch?” the man scolded venomously. “Isn’t this house our young master’s? When is it your turn to call the shots?”

“How do you curse?”

“It’s a light to scold you, you bastard, why don’t you want to do this kind of b!tch business when you are too old?” The man’s mouth was dirty, and he saw someone around him shouting openly.

Hearing the noise here, people surrounded him immediately, and the person scolded Flora Wu shamelessly. Flora Wu was a well-known doctor, and everyone was talking about it for a while.

Flora Wu is usually eloquent, but the she was not sure how to tackle these encounters, not to mention that she has not reasoned, and she loses in a few words. The man enthusiastically told the neighbors about how Flora Wu shamelessly seduced men.

People also threw out Flora Wu’s things. Wu’s scent was so dizzy, and seeing more and more people watching the excitement, she had to leave. She called John Qin on the road, but the phone was turned off.

Flora Wu kept calling John Qin with a sigh. After more than ten hours, she finally got through. John Qin asked her coldly what’s the matter.

Flora Wu was taken aback by John Qin’s tone. She patiently explained how she was kicked out. John Qin interrupted her before listening, “That house was originally my house. Now I want to take back my house. Wrong?”

Flora Wu was choked by John Qin’s words, and it took a long time before she said, “You should at least tell me? Why did you just throw my things out so quietly…”

“Say? What’s there to say? I only took you in because I was pitiful, and because I was upset with my wife, I did that to irritate her. Haven’t you been unclear about it all these years?” John Qin asked back.

“What are you talking about? You took me in to piss your wife? Didn’t you love my sister? Didn’t you come to Olathe for my sister?” Flora Wu shouted without restraining herself.

“I loved your sister once, but since your sister got married and I got married, I stopped thinking about her. You have seen my wife, so gentle, virtuous and noble and elegant. Which man would dislike such a woman? It’s just because I got angry with her. Now since my wife came to the door to apologize sincerely, I don’t need to hold it. Naturally, I want to go home with my wife.” John Qin slowly, sentenced her to death, Flora Wu hated it.

“You ungrateful thing, how can you treat my sister like this!” She was talking about Meghan Ye, but in fact, she was screaming for herself.

“Flora Wu, is this too fake for you? Why are you wronged for Meghan Ye? Ask yourself if it is really that way? I tell you, you think carefully, but I know it very well. Just what you look like, just what you are. Your education, it’s not worthy to give my wife shoes!”

“You! John Qin, how can you say that to me?”

“Did I make a mistake? Flora Wu, I warn you, you can’t be like this. I don’t owe you anything, even if I use you to make you angry with my wife, but I let you live in my house for nothing Isn’t it enough not to pay the rent for so many years?”

John Qin has always looked like he does not eat fireworks, and he has never mentioned money to Flora Wu. Suddenly, in such an unfamiliar tone, he talked to Flora Wu about rent or something. Flora Wu suspected that she had heard hallucinations.

“I have reconciled with my wife now. I hope you will be more acquainted in the future. Don’t call me to harass me. Although I have nothing to do with you, I can’t make my wife feel uncomfortable.”.

Wu’s scent is crazy, what John Qin said is too hurtful, and she hated the wrong person all these years? But after thinking about it, she felt something was wrong. If John Qin didn’t like Meghan, why would he carve a house of Meghan’s wood carvings?

But why did he suddenly change? This is really strange. Flora Wu is the reason why John Qin has changed. There is no place to stay at night, so she went to the hotel again. She thought that this was not a problem when she lived in the hotel, so she had to buy a house and live there. All these years, John Qin owns her food, drink and housing. She has saved a lot of money and buying a house is a piece of cake.

She just thought that John Qin left her and returned to Josie Gao, still feeling uncomfortable. She had delayed most of her life for John Qin, so she couldn’t just give up like this, she had to find a way to get John Qin back.

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