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Chapter 223

During this period of time, Juan Mu did not visit Jamie Ye and Devis secretly. After a period of contact, Devis’s hostility towards Juan Mu has decreased a lot, and he no longer resists the gifts he bought, and will talk to him. Such a change made Juan Mu very excited. In addition to going to the company to work, he plans to clean up a few sl*ts, and gives his son and Jamie Ye the rest of the time.

Roy Qin’s hostility towards Juan Mu has diminished, but he is still a little worried when he sees his frequent trips to and from his villa. Seeing Juan Mu’s appearance, it shows that he wants to reconcile his mind. If Juan Mu and Jamie Ye really do reconcile what about Simson Tang?

Simson Tang has waited for Jamie Ye for these years, and his heart for Jamie Ye can be said to be convincing, but don’t be given the first step by Juan Mu at the last moment.

Roy Qin was really anxious for Simson Tang. Simson Tang said a few days ago that he would return to Eurasia to see Jamie Ye. It has been several days since there has been no movement. What happened again?

While worrying, Roy Qin called Simson Tang and asked him why he hadn’t come back. Simson Tang sighed on the phone, and said hesitatingly, “Roy, I…I…I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back for the time being!”

“Why?” Roy Qin was surprised. Simson Tang has always been open. This sudden hesitation really surprised him.

“Something happened, hey! I don’t have the face to see Jamie Ye anymore!”

Simson Tang’s words made Roy Qin even more surprised, “What happened?”

“I have no face to say!” Simson Tang sighed, “Anyway, it’s not a good thing.”

“We friends for many years, you can tell me!”

“Hey!” Simson Tang sighed heavily, “Roy, I…I slept with another woman.”

“Ah!” Roy Qin suspected that he had mishearded his ears. Simson Tang has been cleaning himself up all these years. There has never been any scandal. How could he have s*x with other women?

Simson Tang didn’t intend to conceal this. He didn’t dare to think about what happened that day. He is still confused until now. How could this Fiona sleep with him?

That day, I took Fiona to the mall to buy clothes and went back to Tang’s house. Grandma liked her very much, so she offered to leave Fiona to accompany her in the old house.

Fiona also liked grandma very much, so she agreed.

Hallie Tang’s parents also came to visit grandmother that night, and the kitchen prepared a lot of dishes. He was happy thinking to see Jamie Ye as he was about to return to Eurasia, so he drank a lot of wine under the persuasion of everyone, and then went back to the room to sleep.

I slept very deeply. I felt in a daze that someone was calling him to drink the sober soup. Simson Tang opened his eyes and saw Jamie Ye standing by the bed, holding the sober soup in her hand and looking at him, he muttered. With a cry, “Jamie!”

Jamie Ye in front of him smiled shyly at him, “Brother Tang, you can drink the sober soup!”

This voice was obviously not from Jamie Ye. He was a little clear-headed, remembering that there was a Fiona at home, so he smiled apologetically, took the hangover soup from Fiona and drank it, and after drinking the hangover soup, he handed the bowl to Fiona. After saying thank you, he fell asleep.

It didn’t take long for him to feel so hot, and his chest felt as uncomfortable as a fire burning, so he got up from the bed wobbly and got ready to find water.

Just walked a few steps in shoes, the door was pushed open, and a person walked in, “Brother Tang, why are you getting up?”

“I’m thirsty.” Simson Tang replied.

“I’ll pour you water, you lie down!” Fiona helped him back to the bed, turned around and went out. After a while, Fiona came with water. She gave Simson Tang the water in her hand, and Simson Tang took a few sips. Still feel uncomfortable in his heart, burning panic.

Fiona reached out and touched his forehead, “Brother Tang, are you having a fever?”

Fiona’s cool hand touched Simson Tang’s forehead, and he felt a little better in his heart. He didn’t know what she was saying, the person in front of him and Jamie Ye’s figure alternated, and a fire burst into his chest. That kind of heat confused Simson Tang’s consciousness…

Simson Tang was awakened by a scream the next morning. He opened his eyes and saw Hallie Tang standing at the door looking at him in panic, “Brother…you…you are…”

The words of her made Simson Tang stunned. He turned his head and looked at his side. He was in contact with a beautiful face. He sat up in fright. The chaotic fragments flashed through his mind last night, watching he was naked and knew what was going on without even thinking about it.

“You actually slept with a woman with amnesia of unknown origin?” Roy Qin raised his voice. How could such a thing happen to Simson Tang’s self-cleansing? “Could that woman calculated?”

Roy Qin’s intuition was that this woman named Fiona had calculated Simson Tang for how he thought it was not normal to send sober soup and water in the middle of the night.

Simson Tang shook his head, “It can’t be her. I asked. The sober soup was cooked by the chef in the kitchen. I only drank half a cup of the water she sent, and half a cup of water was still there. I asked the doctor to do the test and there was no problem.”

“That’s weird. It’s not her problem. What’s wrong?” Roy Qin was puzzled. “Although you are not the kind of person who sits and hungry, you are not a hungry ghost. How can you hold back for so many years? Can’t help but throw her down?”

“I just can’t figure it out! It is estimated that Fiona is regarded as Jamie Ye by drunkenness. I feel uncomfortable for the past few days. On the one hand, I feel sorry for Jamie Ye, and on the other hand I feel sorry for Fiona!”

“What does that Fiona say now?” Roy Qin asked.

“She doesn’t blame me. She said it wasn’t my fault. She was going to leave. Grandma said she was a weak woman and she was helpless where she could go. She was determined not to let her leave!” Simson Tang sighed, although he didn’t understand Fiona. , But this great lady of the yellow flower has ruined herself, how can she not be wronged in her heart.

Fiona didn’t say anything, didn’t blame him, instead told him not to take it to heart, but how could he not take it to heart?

“But it’s not a problem for you to keep her by your side? I think you think of a way to send her away. Don’t tell Jamie Ye about this. Wait until she gives birth to the child and talk to Jamie Ye. With Jamie Ye’s character She won’t blame you.” Roy Qin suggested.

“But I feel uncomfortable. How can I face her when such a thing happened?”

“You have said that this is not your fault. Jamie Ye will definitely forgive you.”

“I can’t pass my level.”

“Then what do you want to do? Marry that woman of unknown origin?” Roy Qin asked back.

“I…” Simson Tang was silent, and his heart was given to Jamie Ye, marrying Fiona is totally unrealistic.

“Simson Tang, let me tell you that this thing about you is completely abnormal. I suspect there is a ghost in it. Don’t be decadent now. You have to think carefully and think about everything clearly.” Roy Qin exhorted.

“I have thought very clearly. This family is my own, and I am completely unfamiliar with Fiona. They don’t need to calculate me?” Simson Tang shook his head.

“This is not necessarily true, maybe someone doesn’t want you to be with Jamie Ye…” Roy Qin stopped here, “Simson Tang, was Hallie Tang there when you were calculated?”

“Yes, she appeared in the morning and woke me up.”

“Could she do it?” Roy Qin asked tentatively.

“No way?”

“That’s not good. She has been targeting Jamie Ye before, and maybe this is the case this time. Please check her carefully.”

Simson Tang frowned when he hung up the phone. Could it be Hallie Tang? From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to believe that Hallie Tang did this thing, but thinking about what she had calculated about Jamie Ye before, Simson Tang was not sure about her again, and he had to look it up carefully.

The dinner that day was eaten with everyone. Everyone had eaten it. It is impossible for him to have a problem. He can be sure that there was no problem with the food. In addition to the food and wine, he drank a bowl of sober soup and half a glass of water. There must be no problem, now there is only sober soup left.

At that time, he asked the people in the kitchen that he was not the only one who drank the hangover soup, Hallie Tang also drank it, so he intuitively thought that it was not the issue of hangover soup, but that he used Fiona as Jamie Ye after drinking. As a reminder, Simson Tang felt it necessary to ask more about the hangover soup.

He called the people who came to the kitchen to make hangover soup, “Did anyone pass by when you made hangover soup?”

“No, I filled two bowls after I made it, one for you and the other for the lady. After the installation, I wanted to hand it over to Sister Ellie to give it to you, but when Sister Ellie was not there, in response, Miss Fiona heard the voice coming down from upstairs, and heard that she was going to give you and the young lady a hangover soup, so she offered to give it to you to drink, and I later handed the hangover soup to her.”

Later, Fiona said that she brought the sober soup upstairs, went to Hallie Tang’s room first, and then gave it to him to drink it. Simson Tang waved his hand to let the person who made the hangover soup go down, and went to find Fiona, “Did you send the hangover soup to Hallie Tang, did anything else happen?”

Fiona thought for a moment, “Miss Tang was lying in bed when I sent the hangover soup in. When I passed the hangover soup to her, she said she wanted to eat yogurt and asked me to get it for her, and I went downstairs to get it for her. After giving yogurt to her, I came to your room later.

Simson Tang suddenly changed his face when he heard this. Could it be that Hallie Tang really did it?

Chapter 224

Seeing that Simson Tang was so devastated that he did not mention the things about returning to Eurasia these days, Hallie Tang was so happy. She knew exactly what kind of person her brother was. He would definitely feel ashamed to see Jamie Ye if something like this happened. Let Jamie Ye know that her elder brother has changed his mind, and the affairs between Jamie Ye and her elder brother will be 100% dysfunctional.

She was so smart. Thinking about what happened that day, Hallie Tang still feels that her calculations are really too accurate.

After learning the true identity of Wendy Tian, Hallie Tang was so excited that she didn’t sleep well all night. When she was awakened by the alarm clock the next morning, she was a little dizzy, but she didn’t dare to sleep in bed, and she struggled to get up to accompany Mrs. Tang to eat breakfast.

In these extraordinary times, she dare not be lazy at all, for fear that she will annoy Mrs. Tang again, and she will hate her even more.

At breakfast, Hallie Tang pretended to be very enthusiastic and asked Simson Tang if he decided to invite Wendy Tian home for dinner today, so she wanted the kitchen to prepare early.

Simson Tang naturally said that he was going back to Eurasia in a few days, and he must arrange for Wendy Tian to move over to accompany Mrs. Tang in these two days.

Hallie Tang was overjoyed in secret, and asked Wendy Tian’s taste, so she called the housekeeper of Tang’s house and asked him to personally take someone to buy some fresh ingredients and prepare a sumptuous dinner.

Mrs. Tang and Simson Tang were very happy to see that Hallie Tang was so concerned about this matter, especially Simson Tang, their eyes were much gentler than before, and they said something to her that made her hard.

After Simson Tang left for work, Hallie Tang accompanied Mrs. Tang to the garden. After reading the newspaper for Mrs. Tang for a while, she went to the kitchen to arrange lunch and watched the housekeeper ask for dinner. Did you buy the ingredients?

He was very efficient. He had bought the ingredients and was in the kitchen instructing the chef to sort the ingredients. When Hallie Tang came in, he hurriedly asked her to look over.

Hallie Tang checked them one by one, nodded in satisfaction, and then told the chef how to cook various ingredients, and told him to make this meal and dinner carefully.

Simson Tang did not go home for lunch at noon. After Hallie Tang accompanied Mrs. Tang for lunch, she waited for her to take a nap as usual. When Mrs. Tang fell asleep, she went back to her room and picked up her mobile phone to make a call, and then went downstairs to the garden.

After a while, a young man dressed in black came over, handed Hallie Tang a small paper box, and said, “Miss, what you want.”

Hallie Tang took the paper box and opened it to take a look, and asked nervously, “Are you sure this thing is really effective?”

A smug smile appeared on the man’s face, “Don’t worry, Miss, I’ve tried it for someone, absolutely no problem.”

Hallie Tang nodded in satisfaction, “Okay, I will reward you well when I look back.”

“The eldest lady is polite. It is my blessing to be able to serve you.” The man looked at Hallie Tang with fierce eyes, “If you have anything difficult to do in the future, just ask me, and I will definitely help you.”

“Well, thank you, you go back first!” Hallie Tang pretended not to see the spark in his eyes and waved her hand with a smile.

He reluctantly looked at her again, turned and left.

Hallie Tang watched his back disappear into the flowers and trees, and sneered, “Huh, the toad still wants to eat swan meat. It’s not that you still have use value. I wanted someone to dig out your fascinating dog eyes long ago. !”

It turned out that this guy was the bodyguard of the Tang family. He had worked in the Tang family for several years. He fell in love with Hallie Tang at first sight and always looked for opportunities to behave to her to please her. Hallie Tang was aware of his mind and saw that he was clever, so she took the opportunity to turn him into a confidant and asked him to do something inconvenient for her. Last time Lisa Lin came to the Costaguana to snatch Devis, she also asked him to secretly assist. Today, she wanted to prevent Simson Tang from returning, so she had to ask him for help again.

After finishing the phone call with Karen Xia last night, Hallie Tang called the old bodyguard and asked him to help her get something. He agreed without saying anything, and got the things in her hands this morning.

Hallie Tang was very happy when she got the things, and now it’s time to watch the evening.

Back in the room, Hallie Tang locked the paper box in the cabinet and went to bed for a nap. She didn’t sleep well last night. She wanted to make up for a good night’s sleep while Mrs. Tang was taking a nap, so that she could have enough energy to prepare for a good show tonight.

Simson Tang really brought Wendy Tian back in the evening. Grandma was also very happy to see Wendy Tian. Hallie Tang called her parents again. The family began to eat. Hallie Tang kept persuading Simson to drink, Hallie Tang’s parents also persuaded him to drink, Simson Tang thought that he was going to return home soon to see Jamie Ye and Devis and was in a good mood, and drank a lot of wine.

Later, Simson Tang drank too much wine and went to the room to take a break. Grandma felt so distressed she ordered the kitchen to cook sober soup for Simson Tang. Hallie Tang also asked the kitchen to cook a portion for her under the excuse that she drank too much.

Hallie Tang’s father and mother naturally wanted to go home after dinner. Hallie Tang deliberately asked her father and mother to take away Ellie when they left. The people in the kitchen would have to send them upstairs after the sober soup was cooked. The person who was supposed to serve soup was Sister Ellie, and those who are not in the kitchen dare not rush to Simson Tang’s room, and Wendy Tian has not drunk. Hearing the call from the kitchen, Sister Ellie will definitely serve Simson Tang with sober soup.

When the time comes, she will definitely go upstairs even with the copy for her. Her room is next to Simson Tang’s room. Wendy Tian must first go to her room when sending the hangover soup, and then go to Simson Tang’s room.

Sure enough, the voice of the person in the kitchen called Sister Ellie alarmed Wendy Tian. Wendy Tian offered to send her sober soup. The first one was Hallie Tang’s room. Hallie Tang asked Wendy Tian to take it under the pretext of eating yogurt. When Wendy Tian went out, she quickly took the medicine. Put it into Simson Tang’s sober soup.

After Simson Tang drank the sober soup containing the medicine, Wendy Tian came out with the bowl. She went to the door again and asked Wendy Tian to pour water for her, pretending to drink water.

Seeing her drinking the water, Wendy Tian remembered that Simson Tang had also drunk a lot of wine. She was worried that Simson Tang was thirsty. Simson Tang ate the medicated sober soup, and his heart felt uncomfortable when he got up to find water. Wendy Tian helped him. Lie down and go downstairs to pour water for Simson Tang.

When Wendy Tian brought water into Simson Tang’s room again, the effect of the medicine had been exerted to its extreme, and her plan was a complete success.

These few days, Simson Tang never thought that she was the one who calculated him. After this period of time, she poke the matter to Jamie Ye again, thinking that Jamie Ye knew Simson Tang and Wendy Tian’s expression when they were in bed, Hallie Tang Smiled happily.

Hallie Tang was proud on this side. The door was suddenly pushed open. Simson Tang appeared at the door with a calm face. Seeing Simson Tang, Hallie Tang felt like, “Brother, why are you here?”

“What a good thing you did!” Simson Tang paused, with a murderous look on his handsome face. He Threw something in her face. “Why did you buy this kind of stuff?”

Hallie Tang picked it up and took a look, then jumped up in shock, “Brother, I don’t!”

“No? That bodyguard Jake has already recruited, do you think denial is still useful?”

“Brother! You must not believe Jake’s words, he wronged me!”

“He wronged you?” Simson Tang sneered, “Why would he wrong you?”

“I don’t know, this Jake is not a thing. He often looks at me squintingly. He must have hatred after being scolded by me a few days ago.” Hallie Tang was anxious.

“You save the time. Last time you asked Jake to help Lisa Lin take Devis away, he told me everything. Now it can be passed without denial, or to be honest, what is your purpose in doing this? “Simson Tang snorted coldly.

“I…Brother! You forgive me, and I am good for you too! I…I just don’t want you to be with Jamie Ye! Jamie Ye is a divorced woman with two children, she is not worthy to be with you !”

“as*hole! You have done so many evil things and even argued for yourself. I am so blind that I still treat you as my sister!” Simson Tang trembled with anger.

“This thing with no shame! Kick her out!” An old voice came from the door, Hallie Tang looked up and saw Grandma Tang walk in angrily.

“Grandma, you spare me! Don’t drive me away!” Hallie Tang was terrified when she saw Grandma Tang appear. Before Grandma Tang appeared, she expected Simson Tang to forgive her with tears and pleading. After all, Simson Tang loved her very much.

But when she saw Grandma, she knew in her heart that this matter was irreversible. What Mrs. Tang hated most was the fight in the nest. She calculated that Simson Tang had committed the old lady’s taboo, how could the old lady spare her.

“Don’t say anything, kick her out, and don’t let her appear in front of me from now on!” The old lady looked at Hallie Tang, who was crying in disgust, and turned and left.

“Grandma…” Hallie Tang begged, then looked at Simson Tang, “Brother, I know I was wrong!”

Simson Tang looked at her with disgust in his eyes, “Don’t perform here, it’s useless. From now on, I don’t have a sister like you!”

Abandoning these words, Simson Tang strode away.

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