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Chapter 229

But the things that made her more uncomfortable are still to come. Isn’t she now Roy Qin’s fiancee? She went to please Josie Gao three days ago, but now she was going to please Josie Gao but was stopped by Qin’s servants for one reason or another.

Hallie Tang is not stupid. Knowing that Josie Gao does not want to see her, she should know the reason why she was dismissed by the old lady. Her heart is perilous. Josie Gao doesn’t like her, and Roy Qin doesn’t love her. Is it because she wants to marry into the Qin family? Want to be pornographic?

Hallie Tang didn’t know that her scandal had been told to Roy Qin by Simson Tang. She thought she was obedient. Simson Tang loved her like a sister, and kept away Roy Qin from the things she had done to Jamie Ye.

After being calculated by her this time, Simson Tang was really coldhearted. He had thought of giving Hallie Tang a chance to make her rehabilitate, so he didn’t want her scandals to be shaken out. Now he looks at Hallie Tang so insidious, even her elder brother also has to calculate.

Simson Tang realized that he couldn’t hide it. Hallie Tang is a wolf in human skin. This kind of thing is no good for her. Whenever she wants to bite you, she will bite you. He must not want his good friend Roy Qin to suffer in the future, this matter must be told to Roy Qin, so that he knows who she is.

Simson Tang was calculated to have s*x with other women. Roy Qin guessed that Hallie Tang did it. Simson Tang was not surprised when he told him, but when he heard that Hallie Tang actually planned to kill Jamie Ye before, Roy Qin was angry. This woman she’s too vicious, it’s a fight against women like Flora Wu.

Roy Qin is a trustworthy person. Since he gave Hallie Tang a three-year contract, he did not intend to regret the marriage, but also planned to marry her after the three-year period.

Now that Hallie Tang is so frenzied and mad, Roy Qin feels uncomfortable. Isn’t it the story of the farmer and the snake that he credits a vicious and inhuman person?

No, this marriage with Hallie Tang has to be cancelled! Roy Qin knew that Hallie Tang was going to please his mother in two days, fearing that Hallie Tang would start her mother, so he first told his mother about Hallie Tang’s harm, and asked her to guard against her.

Josie Gao heard that Hallie Tang harmed Jamie Ye and Simson Tang. She didn’t believe that Hallie Tang was gentle and virtuous, so she didn’t look like such a vicious woman. Roy Qin spent a lot of tongues on her and used Flora Wu’s affairs to remind her talent. Let Josie Gao be vigilant.

It is true that Flora Wu is not a beauty, and Flora Wu is not gentle, but what is behind her back is vicious, marrying such a vicious woman in, can this family have a peaceful day?

She still listened to her son to guard against Hallie Tang, so she ordered her servant to stop her from coming in when she came to see her. Hallie Tang had been stopped for a few times and knew in her heart. Seeing Josie Gao’s path was nowhere to go. She waited patiently.

Roy Qin knows very well that she is trustworthy. Since he has made a three-year agreement with her, as long as she doesn’t regret it, he will definitely not break his promise. Three years later, he would definitely marry her obediently, and he would avenge her past revenge when she fulfilled her wish.

Hallie Tang didn’t have the slightest repentance, but always blamed others. The person she hated the most was Jamie Ye. Would she have become like this if it weren’t for Jamie Ye?

Before, she had made up her mind to reveal to Jamie Ye about Simson Tang and Wendy Tian’s going to bed. Now that she was kicked out, there was no need to hide it. Hallie Tang told Karen Xia about Simson Tang and Wendy Tian’s going to bed. Karen was able to help her reveal the news to Jamie Ye.

Karen Xia was shocked when she heard that Simson Tang and Wendy Tian had gone to bed. This was indeed a good opportunity to stimulate Jamie Ye. She had to find a way to tell Jamie Ye about it, so that she could feel it.

Thinking of Karen Xia, Flora Wu came to see her. Since Patricia Liu disappeared, Flora Wu has often come to see her and comfort her, just like her mother.

Patricia Liu was taken care of by Carlo Xia. Flora Wu also told Karen Xia, which made Karen Xia know that her mother had been declared dead by her father and could only live secretly. Karen Xia was very sad. It was really unexpected that things turned out like this. With the cruel heart of her father, it is not a very good thing for a mother to live, and Karen Xia also wants to open it. The most important thing for her now is to give birth to a child safely. Now she has nothing but a child.

As long as the child is born safely, even if she can’t get Juan Mu’s love, at least he can get some property compensation.

Flora Wu came to see her, and Karen Xia told Flora Wu what Hallie Tang had told her. Flora Wu was surprised when she heard that Wendy Tian was still alive.

Damn Bruce Xiao, actually cheated her with fake photos. Fortunately, Wendy Tian has lost her memory, or how much trouble would she have to cause her?

Flora Wu panicked, no, this matter must be handled cleanly, they must not let her live! After returning, she sent a message to Bruce Xiao explaining that Wendy Tian was still alive, and asked Bruce Xiao to find a way to deal with her quickly. Bruce Xiao was surprised to hear that Wendy Tian was still alive, so he agreed.

Flora Wu told Bruce Xiao the news that Wendy Tian was in Tang’s house now, and asked him to find a way to wait around the Tang’s house, waiting for an opportunity to act on Wendy Tian.

Although Hallie Tang was driven out of the Tang family’s old house, the trouble she caused to Simson Tang did not disappear because she was driven out. Simson Tang felt very uncomfortable in his heart. How would he explain this to Jamie Ye?

Although Roy Qin tried his best to persuade him that the responsibility was not on him, he was also a victim, but Simson Tang just couldn’t get out of his own barrier. Simson Tang usually did things vigorously, but this matter was delayed and dragged on for a long time. Also still hesitating.

Devis called him this day, “Uncle Tang, you said to visit us, why didn’t you come so long after that?”

“Uncle Tang has encountered trouble, and it may take some time.” Lying to pure Devis, Simson Tang felt completely uncomfortable in his heart.

“You have to hurry up, I’ll tell you, Dad Mu visits mother every day. If you don’t come back, I am worried that mother will be snatched away by him.” Devis lowered his voice, although his impression of Juan Mu had changed. But Devis still prefers Simson Tang.

“Mother won’t.” Simson Tang said that, he was not sure. He could see Juan Mu’s love for Jamie Ye very clearly. Now Jamie Ye is pregnant with Juan Mu’s child, and Juan Mu can continue to be entangled with Jamie every day. It’s not a good thing, but if he told Jamie Ye about him having s*x with other women, would she forgive him? Will it push her further? Or should he not tell Jamie Ye according to Roy Qin’s statement, and wait until later?

Simson Tang’s heart was really upset. After thinking about it, he felt that it was not a way. Finally, he gritted his teeth and the husband was acting upright. He still have to tell Jamie Ye about this. Whether she forgives him or not, he can’t lie to her.

Simson Tang hesitated for a long time and called Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye’s voice was pleasantly surprised, “Simson Tang, how are you doing recently?”

“Okay! How are you and the child?”

“We are fine!”

“Jamie Ye, I have something to tell you.” Simson Tang gritted his teeth and stretched out his head with a stab. Let’s say things quickly. “Something happened recently and I have been hesitant to tell you. “

“whats the matter?”

“I… I slept with another woman.” Simson Tang told Jamie Ye about Hallie Tang’s calculations.

Jamie Ye was very surprised. She was really taken down. She didn’t know how to express her feelings. She was silent for a while before she said, “I didn’t expect Hallie Tang to be so hateful.”

“I’m sorry!” Simson Tang apologized.

Listening to Simson Tang’s full of shame, Jamie Ye felt uncomfortable. Simson Tang is such a beautiful person. He shouldn’t have to bear things that shouldn’t be done because of calculations. She tried her best to comfort him with her voice in a normal way. It’s not your fault, and I don’t blame you.”

Jamie Ye didn’t mean to blame Simson Tang, but Simson Tang felt a little empty in his heart. He would rather prefer Jamie Ye to scold him and lose her temper, but Jamie Ye’s voice was calm and she kept comforting him so that he should not be entangled. This matter has passed, look forward.

After hanging up the phone, Simson Tang sat in a chair in a daze, Jamie Ye forgave him, but how could he feel uncomfortable?

He has been afraid to think about that problem, and now he has to face it. In Jamie Ye’s heart, he still can’t compare with Juan Mu, right? When Juan Mu derailed, Jamie Ye did not give any explanation or forgiveness, and left decisively just like that, but he was magnanimous and understood. This huge contrast made Simson Tang’s mood even more depressed.

Jamie Ye hung up the phone and stared at the lamp in front of her in a daze. It was not uncomfortable for Simson Tang to sleep with other women, but what could she do?

He is innocent and calculated. She can’t just yell at Simson Tang unreasonably, right? The only thing she can do is to comfort and understand him and let him let go of the burden in his heart.

It’s all fate, it’s a fate that stands in between them, but it’s okay. She always thought Simson Tang was too beautiful. God must have deliberately arranged this to let them be together as equals, right?

Jamie Ye tried her best to make herself think better. After such an imperfection, she and Simson Tang could be equal. Jamie Ye tried her best to convince herself not to worry about this matter, but her heart was still empty.

She thought that things would be better when she said it, but she felt even more uncomfortable when she said it. Simson Tang frowned deeper than before.

Seeing Simson Tang frowning his brows every day and looking gloomy and unhappy, Wendy Tian also felt uncomfortable.

It is no longer appropriate for her to stay in the Tang family, but she knows nothing about her identity, does not have any relatives or friends, and has no shelter. Where can she go without the Tang family?

Wendy Tian decided to go outside to find a job and leave the Tang family on her own. She believed that as long as she left, what happened that day would be slowly forgotten over time.

Wendy Tian told the old lady about what she was looking for for a job. The old lady saw Wendy Tian being so considerate, and she liked it more. She used to pay attention to the right person, but now suddenly found that the right woman is not necessarily suitable for grandchildren. Just like her granddaughter Hallie Tang, educate her as a child, isn’t she also taking a detour?

Chapter 230

Wendy Tian is smart, she looks so kind, but her grandson’s heart is on Jamie Ye, otherwise she is also a good candidate.

The old lady liked Wendy Tian in her heart, so she persuaded Wendy Tian not to worry, she would help her find work. For a company as big as the Tang family, arranging a person to work is easy, but Wendy Tian said that her purpose of finding a job was not to bring trouble to Simson Tang, she must find this job herself, and it has nothing to do with the Tang family.

Seeing her insistence, Mrs. Tang had to agree. Wendy Tian was unfamiliar here. She ordered two servants to accompany her around and wait for Wendy Tian to get familiar with her before looking for a job.

Bruce Xiao had been wandering around Tang’s house after receiving Flora Wu’s instructions, and when he saw Wendy Tian coming out, he followed up secretly, waiting for an opportunity to get rid of Wendy Tian.

It’s just that the old lady ordered the two servants who followed Wendy Tian to do their best to keep Wendy Tian intact. Bruce Xiao had no chance to start at all. Bruce Xiao knew that this matter was in a hurry. He didn’t believe that Wendy Tian would not be placed, as long as Wendy Tian was placed. , He looked at the opportunity to start.

Wendy Tian didn’t know that someone was waiting to kill her. Observing these days, she found that the only job she could find was probably doing dishes and washing dishes in Chinese restaurants.

It’s just that she doesn’t have any documents, and the restaurant refuses to accept people from unknown sources. Wendy Tian is very anxious, thinking about going back and asking the old lady to see if she can find a way to help her solve this problem.

In the evening, when she returned home, Tian and the old lady talked about the problem. The old lady told her not to worry, and said that she would find a way to help her, and the servant came and asked them to eat.

The old lady went to the table with Wendy Tian. Simson Tang was still invisible. Since that incident, he has rarely appeared in this house.

Looking at Simson Tang’s location, Wendy Tian felt empty. There was no taste in her mouth even after the meal. At this time, there was a plate of braised pork ribs in the kitchen. The old lady saw her tastelessly eating a piece of braised pork ribs. She advise her to eat more.

Wendy Tian said thank you to the old lady. She took the braised pork ribs that the old lady gave her and put it to her mouth with chopsticks. She used to like braised pork ribs, but the braised pork ribs of this talent gave her a different feeling. She suddenly felt vomiting when she smelled. Wendy Tian knew that such behavior was rude. She tried her best to suppress the nausea that surged in her heart, but she still couldn’t suppress it.

Wendy Tian put down her chopsticks and covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom. Her movements surprised the old lady. She looked at Ellie next to her. She also showed a puzzled look. At this time, Wendy Tian’s reticent voice came from the bathroom. After a while, Wendy Tian walked out, to say sorry to the old lady, and the old lady didn’t blame her either, “Did you catch a cold today? I asked the doctor to show it to you?”

“No, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but suddenly I smelled the ribs and felt a little sick.”

“Nauseous?” The old lady and Ellie looked at each other. Both of them were people who came here. Wendy Tian said that she was in good health, but she suddenly vomited. She contacted Simson Tang for being together, and counting time, it might be pregnancy. Right?

Thinking about this, Wendy Tian, who was sitting down, suddenly got up and rushed into the bathroom after drinking the water brought by the servant. Seeing this, the old lady and Ellie were almost certain that she was pregnant.

The old lady was not in the mood to eat either, and immediately ordered the driver to prepare a car to go to the hospital. Wendy Tian refused without knowing that she had nothing to do but had a bad stomach, but the old lady didn’t listen to her and took her to the hospital forcibly. After a doctor’s examination, Wendy Tian was indeed pregnant.

Wendy Tian’s pregnancy surprised the old lady. Simson Tang is in his thirties. She has been looking forward to her great-grandson for many years. Now Wendy Tian’s pregnancy is a great thing for her.

The old lady took Wendy Tian home with joy, and when she got home, she burned a few sticks of incense for her ancestors, and ordered her servants to take care of Wendy Tian.

Seeing the joy from the heart on Mrs. Tang’s face, Wendy Tian’s heart is very complicated. It can be seen that the old lady attaches great importance to the child in her stomach.

The old lady is naturally eager to repay her great-grandson when she gets older. As long as someone is pregnant with Simson Tang’s child, she will definitely be happy. Wendy Tian realizes that the old lady’s care for herself is only because she is pregnant and has nothing to do with her.

If another woman is pregnant with Simson Tang’s child, she will definitely be so happy too. How much Wendy Tian hopes that the old lady not only likes the child in her stomach, but also likes her.

Of course, what she most hopes is not only that the old lady likes her, but also that Simson Tang, the child’s father, can think of Wendy Tian as shameless.

Obviously knowing that Simson Tang has a fiancée, knowing that he only has his fiancée in his heart, how can she be so whimsical and expect Simson Tang to look at her differently? She is immoral like this!

However, she couldn’t control her thoughts about Simson Tang. Let alone Simson Tang as her savior. During this time, Simson Tang was caring and considerate to her, and he had deeply entered her heart.

How many women dream of having such a handsome and talented boyfriend? Wendy Tian’s heart was disturbed by Simson Tang’s appearance.

There is no doubt that she likes Simson Tang, she is also willing to have children for Simson Tang, but Simson Tang does not love her, he has no feelings for her, she can’t be so selfish to ruin Simson Tang’s happiness for her own happiness, Wendy Tian is in a dilemma. Extremely tangled.

On the other side, the old lady was also happily talking to Aunt Ellie about it. Fiona’s pregnancy was an accident, but it was really so happy. The old lady told Auntie Ellie happily that she was going to conceive Fiona. The news told Simson Tang, but Ellie was a little worried, “Old lady, let’s talk about this slowly.”


“The person that the young master has always liked is Miss Ye, and Miss Fiona is just because of being calculated. During this period of time, he has been very depressed because of this matter. If you tell him about Miss Fiona’s pregnancy, he will not be even more annoyed. Yet?”

In the Tang family for so many years, Ellie also knows Simson Tang. “Young Master is a responsible person and an infatuated person. You have also seen that he has not married for Jamie Ye for so many years. Now that he heard that Miss Fiona is pregnant, he will definitely not be happy. There are only two ways to solve it, one It was to break up with Miss Ye to marry Miss Fiona. The other is to kill the child in Miss Fiona’s belly. I think with the love of the young master for Miss Ye, he will definitely not choose to marry Miss Fiona, but will choose to kill the child. It’s not easy to get things done right away.”

The old lady sighed. Ellie was right. How could Simson Tang give up Jamie Ye after waiting for Jamie Ye for so many years. If Fiona was pregnant, he would definitely choose this way. It’s just the child in Fiona’s belly. I can’t bear it!

Seeing that the old lady was depressed, Ellie gave the old lady an idea, “It’s better for the old lady. You should talk to Miss Ye about Fiona’s pregnancy first. First persuade Miss Ye to accept the child, and wait until Miss Ye accepts the child. Then let Fiona give birth to this child, and finally tell the eldest master that this will not only keep the child, but also allow the eldest master to marry Miss Ye.”

“Is this a good idea for you, but will Jamie Ye agree? And that Fiona, will she agree to give birth to Simson Tang anonymously?” The old lady felt too mysterious. “The most important thing is Simson Tang. He will definitely not agree to let Fiona give birth to this child to affect his relationship with Jamie Ye.”

“Ms. Ye is also the mother of the child. She can definitely understand your expectation for your grandson. I think she will agree to your request. As for Fiona, she likes the young master and persuade her to give birth to this child. It’s not difficult, but the young master listens to Miss Ye the most, as long as Miss Ye persuades him, he will definitely keep the child.”

The old lady had no good way to think about it, so she took Ellie’s advice and called Jamie Ye. The old lady first explained to Jamie Ye what Simson Tang was designed by Hallie Tang, so that Jamie Ye should not have a bump in her heart. Forgive Simson Tang.

Jamie Ye assured the old lady that it was not Simson Tang’s fault. She would not blame Simson Tang. Seeing that Jamie Ye was so talkative, the old lady said about Fiona’s pregnancy, “Jamie Ye, I have one more thing to tell you. “

“whats the matter?”

“That… Fiona got pregnant after that night.”

Jamie Ye let out an “Ah”, and there was nothing to say for a while. She was not a fool and finally understood what the old lady meant to her. The old lady liked her grandson so much. This little jade is pregnant with Simson Tang’s child, she must not have the heart to kill it, she must have wanted to keep this child deliberately, so she came to test jamie’s tone.

Jamie Ye didn’t know how to speak, she just didn’t speak while holding the phone. Seeing that she was not speaking, the old lady had to take the initiative to say what she meant, “I want Fiona to give birth to this child.”

Jamie Ye knew that he couldn’t just keep silent, so he asked, “Does Simson Tang mean that too?”

“No, he still doesn’t know about Fiona’s pregnancy.” The old lady sighed. “I also just learned about Fiona’s pregnancy. I haven’t told him yet. He hasn’t even returned home since that happened. I’m worried to tell him that Fiona is pregnant and he will insist on killing the child, so I want to ask you what you mean first. You also know that Simson Tang’s child admits to death. He only listens to you. I also want you to help me persuade Simson Tang, let him agree to keep this child.”

Jamie Ye let out an “Oh”, and there was a momentary blank in her mind. The old lady continued: “I know this request is too much of you, but this is Simson Tang’s child. I wonder how it is also a life, and I want to discuss it with you. Let Fiona give birth to this child and I will raise him. It won’t disturb you and Simson Tang’s life. What do you think?”

The old lady said what could happen to Jamie Ye. This request of the old lady is not too much to think carefully. Simson Tang has no children of his own at such an age, how could the old lady, who is a grandmother, not be in a hurry? She is not a cruel person. Simson Tang is so good to her, her child Simson Tang can accept it. Why does she not accept Simson Tang’s child? Jamie Ye replied in silence, “I will persuade him, but that Fiona is willing to give birth to this child?

“I haven’t told her yet. At the moment it’s just that I have this idea. If you agree with me, I will persuade her to give birth to a child. Of course, whether the child can stay or not will ultimately depend on Fiona. If she disagrees to give birth, neither can we force her.”

“I know, this child will stay, I have no opinion, you first go and persuade that Fiona to give birth to this child, I will persuade Simson Tang.”

“Jamie Ye, thank you!” Seeing Jamie Ye’s understanding, the old lady hung up the phone happily.

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