Hey Girl You Deserve The World: Romantic Novel Overview

Hey Girl You Deserve The World is a romantic novel that can be read online for free. No need to pay for it because it is available here for free in PDF as well.

Due to covid all over the world, we all get close to books, Movies, Games, social media, Family, etc. And most people set their life goals, and most people changed their habits, etc.

People like me started to get attracted to reading materials in that lock-down situation. Everyone should take a glance at this amazing story.

What is love? It is a feeling that can not be denied. We do not have control over it as they are involuntary, natural feelings.

Love is uncontrolled and natural as it happens with no reason despite financial restraints. Love happens from a pure heart between two people with understanding, Trust, faith, trustworthiness.

What if these are lack in some their relationship will never last long even for a year. To have a long-lasting relation one should be achieving these characteristics.

Some people in the world are there who pretend to love but they come as deceivers and for their ulterior motives.

Those Two-faced people deserve hell but the one who loves them can not see their real face easily because they love them with their pure heart.

The pretenders of love don’t care about the true feelings and emotions of other people. They will hold hands with the fake love in their eyes until the ulterior motives are met. The novel brings a similar story for us.

Keep reading and scrolling down to learn more about this romantic novel.

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Hey Girl You Deserve The World Novel

There might be a question in your head as to what is this novel all about? Stay calm we are here to keep you up to date.

This novel is all about a girl who fell in love with a handsome but fake person and gets married to him and sees her whole world into him.

She loves him to the moon and back but as a result, she does not have that intense of love given. Because that man’s intention was something else of spoiling her life for the sake of money, wealth, popularity, well-established life.

He used her just for her property and bank balance. For him, this girl is a ladder to take his family beyond its current status.

This is all that matters to him. Once the goal is achieved, the protagonist will be discarded like a used tissue. Thus after every confrontation, ‘divorce’ is what he demands, shamelessly.

They chose a clandestine marriage, not many people know about this happening two years ago. It is been two years he never touched her. It already shows how much he is obsessed with money but not for loved ones.

Hey Girl You Deserve The World PDF

Her husband wants to get divorced as he is involved in extramarital relations ships. Shamelessly he showing proud getting others property i must say such a disloyal jerk he is.

One day, after catching him red-handed with another woman on his bed, she decides to give up on him. Thta moment was matter of life and death for her seriously as her heart was broken into tiny pieces.

Because since she saw him she was loved with him with core of heart but nothing melted his heart for her and even she could not able to make a soft corner in his heart as he was a disloyal jerk.

She sacrificed her career, her relations, and her friendships just for him. He is now returning her all this love with the dedication of his emotions towards other women.

Hey Girl You Deserve The World Read Online

Firstly she was all broken but afterward, she convinced her heart for accepting this bitter truth that he never loved her except he wealth.

She never loses hope and keeps walking to face him. Even after seeing things she still In her mind, she is thinking about giving him another chance. But there is no hope of his return, her brain knows that, but the heart has the control.

This fight of hatred and love, affection, and dejection goes on between them. She was ready to fight with him as he was a stealer of his property and love as well.

Her intensity of love for him was unbridled but he was not aware of this pure love as he was frivolous in the fragrance of wealth that he is owning.

Hey Girl You Deserve The World Story

On the day when the divorce agreement is to be signed, she has to travel abroad for her office work. The female protagonist is not ready, but her friend convinces her to go for it.

Thus, she readies all the needs for her man before leaving the house for the next full month. While the matter of divorce will linger on until her return.

She had a conversation with her man for a while and her wordings were si heart-touching and heartbreaking still that cruel man was the same.

“Are you still expecting me to love you? I will tell you again, I don’t love you! No matter if it is in the past, now, or in the future, I will never love you.” These are the word that hit her eardrums in her final conversation with this cruel, heartless man.

What would you expect the ending? Is he going to get change? Will her man get a soft corner for her in his heart in the end? Is he be going to forgive him for whatever he has done with her?

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To get more of the content and the further story explores the PDF option for free and you will get all chapters. Enjoy your free online read here, a full story without any charges.

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Hey Girl You Deserve The World is a romantic novel that can be read online for free. No need to pay for it because it is available here for free in PDF as well.

Some people in the world are there who pretend to love but they come as the deceivers and for their ulterior motives. This novel is all about thus.

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