Stealing Your Heart: Full Novel Review

Reading makes us live many centuries in a span of just a few years. The people who read are always well-curated mentally than the ones who don’t read.

Through reading, we can live hundreds of lives in the form of characters that we adore and find to be like us.

Stealing Your Heart, the book that I am going to discuss in this post is filled with characters with whom we can empathize, with whom we can fall in love.

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Stealing Your Heart:

Steal Your Heart is a roller-coaster ride for people who have the ability to feel the words that come out of the pen of the writer.

This is one of the popular stories that have found traction among readers throughout the world. Although originally written in Chinese, people from all around the world can get something out of it.

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In this post, I am going to discuss this novel. First, I will write down a short synopsis of the story. Secondly, I will try to provide you a review so you can make your mind about reading it. Finally, I will discuss the possibilities of reading it online.

Stealing Your Heart Novel: A Brief Synopsis

Stealing Your Heart is a novel that will satiate your thirst for a good story. It is written in simple language without distorting the storytelling.

It all begins in a room where we meet our protagonist, Lin Xinyan. She is with a stranger selling her body. Although she is an innocent girl of eighteen, she has to do it because of the problems that she faces.

Her mother who had been divorced when she was pregnant with her brother is fighting a battle between life and death. Her brother is also injured. Both of them were involved in a road accident.

With money, and with nowhere else to go, Lin Xinyan has to sacrifice her sanctity. But by the time she reaches the hospital with the money, her brother is dead.

Stealing Your Heart Chapter: Pain and Misery for Lin Xinyan Continue
While her mother is recovering from the injuries that she incurred in the accident, they are visited by a person whom they have already forgotten.

Lin Xinyan’s father comes to visit them. He is not there to enquire about the health of her ex-wife, he has another motive.

He proposes that Lin Xinyan marries the crippled scion of a wealthy family. Lin Xinyan’s mother objects to it, but Lin Xinyan agrees with a condition: bring back all that his father had taken at the time of the divorcing her mother.

Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan: She Marries, Will her Sorrows Subside?

When she is about to marry the crippled person, she finds out that her to-be-husband is in love with the secretary that he had hired. That doesn’t bother her.

But the fact that she is pregnant with the child of the person she slept with for a wage is something that kept her awake for many nights before marriage.

What happens to her if her husband finds out? Will she be accepted after that? What about the secretary? There are many such things that you will have to find out after reading the novel.

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Free Online Reading of the Novel Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan:

You can read this novel online. All you have to do is to search for it on the internet. You will enjoy the whole novel but the ‘Stealing Your Heart’ chapter 16, in particular, will leave you gasping for air.

Stealing Your Heart Read Online:

There are multiple forums that will make it possible to read the novel. You can choose the best one among the many websites available.

Bottom Line:

You can also download the Stealing Your Heart PDF from any authentic website so you can be able to read it while offline.

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