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If you are looking for a good read to spend quality time, Stealing Your Heart Novel is here for you. This Chinese novel revolves around the life of a Chinese girl named Lin Xinyan, who has seen all possible difficulties of life at a young age.

The novel “Stealing Your Heart” is articulated superbly; hence it will bind the reader till its last words. The twists and turns that life offers for Lin Xinyan are expressed with the feel it deserved. So, this is an extraordinary tale that you will not regret reading.

Here on this site, you will get this full novel “Stealing your heart” to read for free. You can also get the PDF version so that you can read the whole story without distortion.

Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan

Image Of Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan

Lin Xinyan, the female lead character of the Novel “Stealing Your Heart” lives a miserable life as her father abandons her with her mother for a second woman. She was just 10 years old when her father cheated on her mother while she was pregnant with Lin Xinyan’s brother.

The coldhearted father didn’t just cheat her mother but also sent the mother and daughter away to a faraway land. Later, Lin Xinyan’s brother comes to the world with an illness. Soon after his birth, he gets diagnosed with Autism which adds to their problems.

Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan Free Online Reading

During this phase of life, the young girl and her mother have to do odd jobs to earn their livelihood. As they were struggling to meet both ends, the family faces another jolt. They encounter a deadly accident and Xinyan’s brother and mother get severely injured.

Despite every hardship, the family of three was happy together but little did they know the universe has decided to test them even further. Being hit by a car, heroin’s mother and brother get hospitalized.

Stealing Your Heart Novel Read Online

Image Of Stealing Your Heart Novel Read Online

To meet their medical expenses, Lin Xinyan has to take an extreme step. She had no other option to save her family so she decides to sell herself to a guy for a night. This was something she never thought of doing but the circumstances made her to take this extreme step.

This was the most unusual and unexpected sacrifice of her life, but this was the only option to secure the lives of her most precious ones. After spending the most unusual night of her life, she gets the money and rushes towards the hospital.

Stealing Your Heart Chapter

As soon as she reaches the hospital, she comes to know that her younger brother had already left this world. The news shatters her but soon a ray of hope emerges as she witnesses her mother’s breath. Her mother was still alive and the money Lin Xinyan earned saves her life.

Both mother and daughter get back to their normal life as the mother gets well. But nothing was similar as before, they had lost a part of their heart and it was quite difficult for them to compensate for his absence.

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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 16

The story of Stealing your heart novel continues as they were struggling to live their life without Lin Xinyan’s brother, her father comes back to them. He wasn’t there to ease their pain but to add more pain to their lives. Father asks his young daughter Lin Xinyan to marry a guy whom her mother betrothed as a child. The guy was now physically challenged and unable to carry forward the generation line.

Despite of her mother’s reservations, Lin Xinyan agrees to marry the guy but with certain conditions. As she was preparing to get married, soon she realizes that she was pregnant as result of the night she spent with a guy. Yet again she falls into a whirlpool of troubles.

Will she reveal the truth to the guy she is going to marry? Will the man accept her despite of her pregnancy? What she is going to face next? To get answers to all these questions, read the whole story online.

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