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Chapter 11

At this time, Kelly really didn’t know whether to say that Emma was too dedicated, or did not take her sister seriously!

At nine o’clock in the evening, when she returned home from work, Jean’s face was already swollen like a bun.

There was still a hot pain on the cheek.

She didn’t expect her sister’s last slap to be so strong! However, she has nothing to say. She believes that her sister has only put such a heavy hand for the plot.

After a whole day of busying, Jean was already tired like a puddle of muddy water. She leaned on the entrance door faintly, pressing the lock code weakly with her fingers.

“Wrong password, please re-enter!”

An icy reminder sounded, and Jean snapped.

The heart, for a second, if it stopped beating.

Finger, re-entered the password again dumbly, but the cold voice still answered her.

She froze, and for a moment, there was a blank in her mind!!!

She… after a long day, when she was almost exhausted from exhaustion, suddenly, the facts told her… she was once again locked out of the door by her cruel and ruthless husband!!!

Inside the room, a faint voice sounded…

Like a male voice, but also like a female voice!!!

For a while, the black lace corset of a woman came out of Jean’s mind, and suddenly, her chest was pierced by sharp ice ribs, and it hurts her. , A little choking.

“Mike, are you inside?”

She knocked on the door very lightly.

The whole body has long been unable to use any more energy.

And the voice, almost desperate.

Inside, it was quiet, and for a while, there was a girl’s low chuckle.

Mike’s cold voice came out from the door, “Jean, are you sure you want to come in? You have to watch me make love to her before you give up?”

He sneered, cruelly like a devil, “When are you going to insult yourself like this? And, my home…When are you going to be shameless?”

His tone was not heavy, but he was extremely mocking.

And his words, like a handful of fine salt, sprinkled mercilessly on Jean’s already broken heart, it hurt her… her internal organs were almost convulsing.

The hand dropped to the side, a little bit clenched into a fist.

Tears, endlessly spinning crazily in the eyes…

The tears eventually spread, seeping through her red and swollen cheeks and into the skin, making her sore that she couldn’t help but choke.

Once again, she was cruelly rejected by her husband…but in the house, it was him and another woman.


Jean clutched her ears, screaming as if she had been severely irritated, and ran away frantically from the staircase.

And that voice, like a curse, kept resounding in her ears, and it couldn’t escape.

She squatted on the side of the road, covered her ears with her hands, she was very strong, but her expression was trance like a poor woman “lost” and lost her mind…

Jean, enough!!! Really, such a man is not worthy of you to be sad for him, sad for him! Let it go!!!

In her heart, she told herself time and time again, but the tears continued to flow out like a bank burst.

The night sky, I don’t know when it will rain heavily…

It fell on her cold body, but she didn’t notice it at all.


Quill, a harsh brake sound completely cut through the desolate night sky.

A dark “colored” Maybach, like a warrior, stopped right in front of Jean.

The door was opened…

“Exposing” a fascinating and fascinating face like this.

The faintly blue eyes, like eagles and falcons, “forced” the bull to stare at the weak and delicate shadow in the rain.

As soon as Jean raised her eyes, she unexpectedly crashed into his mysterious vortex of dark blue “color”, stunned…


Why is he here? Isn’t he in Japan?

“Come up.”

The enchanting pupil narrowed and ordered her.

The sound is as thin as water.

Jean stared at his dazzling and handsome face like a demon, and she couldn’t get back to her senses for a moment.

Seeing her motionless, the cold voice came out from Jack’s thin lips again, “Give you three seconds…”



He counted down lightly, expressionless, as if it didn’t matter to him.

But staring at Jean’s phoenix eyes, he was as sharp as a sharp blade.

If the eyes can kill people, Jean thought, maybe she is already full of holes.

“Wait, I’ll get in the car!”

Jean took a deep breath, got up, and got into Jack’s car.

Now she really has nowhere to go. Since someone is willing to take her in, what reason does she have to refuse?

What’s more, would this powerful man like a king really give her a chance to refuse?


Only a faint command sound from Jack sounded, and the car smashed into the rain again, and quickly disappeared in front of her neighborhood like a midnight elf.

“Jean, put away your cheap tears for me!”

Jack did not look at her at all, only frowned.

When he said, Jean wiped her tears aggrievedly, and said angrily, “Mr. Allison, do you care a little more?”

Chapter 12

Jack tilted his head and squinted at her. There was a dangerous atmosphere in the mysterious eyes, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his lips, “Jean, you must not know how ugly you are now!”


Jean was a little furious.

Is this man a bit rude? Or, do they really know each other well?

Jack leaned back in the chair lazily, squinted and took a nap, no longer paying attention to the woman beside him.

“Where are we going?”

Finally, when the mood calmed down, Jean realized the key issue.

“Do something.”

Jack responded indifferently.

“Take me there?” Jean looked suspiciously at Jack with a calm expression on his face.

Finally, Jack opened his eyes lazily, “You are waiting in the car.”

“Oh…” Jean nodded, and suddenly felt something was wrong, “Well, Mr. Allison, I… I think I should get off here!”

Jack’s wicked eyes glanced at her again.

Jack stretched out his long arms and held Jean’s red and swollen right cheek directly with his big hands, and fingertips “kneaded” it.

“It hurts… It hurts…”

Jean cried out in pain, and tears almost rolled out of her eyes again.

“Jack, what are you doing!!!”

Jean wanted to remove his hand angrily, but his big hand caught her small neck and didn’t move.

The evil eyes looked at her awe-inspiringly, “It hurts like this?”

“What on earth do you want to do?”

Every word and every action he has taken has made her unable to predict at all.

From the first time She met him, until now!!!

“When you know who the sleeping woman is under Mike, I think…you will only hurt more…”

Jack said inexplicably, in the mysterious eyes, there was an ambiguous brilliance that the teacher did not understand.

“You… do you know Mike? Who is that woman, do you know?” Jean looked at him in astonishment.

“It’s not a coincidence.” He smiled like a devil, somewhat cold, “coincidentally met, and…Well.”

Jean’s face suddenly paled, “Then…the matter between us…you, did you tell him?”

The corners of Allison’s demon’s lips outline a thin arc, which is a little ridiculous, “What is his right to know about Jack?”

“You…” Jean hated his inexorable attitude, but she was grateful for his inexorable attitude that he didn’t let her husband know what happened that night.

Thinking of everything that night, Jean would scold herself secretly in her heart. While resenting her husband’s love, she herself was doing the same thing. Although she was drunk, it was obviously not. Lost-an excuse!!!

“Then do you know who that woman is?” Jean looked at Jack nervously with her pale face.

“It seems that you are really interested in her.” Jack held her face, smiled coquettishly, full of meaning, and gently pursed her thin lips. “But I hate my Mike’s woman very much. Interested in things!!”

Although he was smiling, Jean was shuddering in the cold.

Jean’s eyes passed a little panic, and he stretched out his hand to remove the palm of his imprisoned hand, “Jack, I am not your woman!! I am a married woman!! I am a woman with a husband! Yes, that man is not some other man, he is my husband!!!”

“Oh? So what?” Jack smiled dizzyingly, confidently, “Miss Jean will come out of the wall sooner or later, right?”

“You… Mr. Allison, don’t you think you are too arrogant?”

Jean admits that this man has the capital to make women crazy from words to behavior, from the inside to the outside, but she is not included!

However, Jack only raised his handsome eyebrows indifferently, and said nothing more.

It seems that everything is already under his control…

The car stopped in a remote abandoned factory.

“Jack Allison, here it is.”

Ahead, the black-clothed man in the passenger seat reminded him in a deep voice.

“En…” Jack also responded lightly, “You go down and wait for me!”


Only Jean and Jack were left in the car.

The curtain was lowered, and the two of them were completely blocked by the outside world.

Jean looked at the man next to him defensively, “Allison…Jack, what do you want to do?”

Jack narrowed his eyes and looked at her, “”Traitor” kills you.”

The three words popped out from the lips, seeming to be a bit playful.

“You…” Jean’s red and swollen face instantly paled when she heard his words, her eyes “showing” panic “color”, and the small body leaned back subconsciously, “You… don’t “chaos”! The murder is breaking the law!!”

Jack smiled. While smiling, he lowered his eyebrows intently and combined an exquisite new pistol.

“You mean… a ‘traitor’ person, okay?”

He asked, loaded the gun in his hand, and looked at Jean, still with the cool smile between his thin lips.

Jean looked at the gun in Jack’s hand in horror, and her little head was instantly blank.

She sees a lot of guns, but they are all just props!!! But, this one in Jack’s hand…

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