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Chapter 9

The duffel bag on her back has pressed her a little bit out of breath.

Over there, fell into silence.

“Mike, what is the password?! This is my home, you are not qualified to expel me!!!”

Finally, she roared at him on the phone like a vent.

Tears had been rolling in the eye sockets for a long time, but they were all forced by her and swallowed back into the abdomen.


Mike at the other end reported the lock code.

Then, she could only hear him say, “Jean, take your things and get out of this house!! Also, at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, the Civil Affairs Bureau will sign on time!!!”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for her to regain her senses, so he cut off his mobile phone.

She was stunned, and she didn’t return for a long time.

When she came back slowly, there was only a icy beep in her ear.

“Mike, even in daytime if you want to get out, you get out!! This is my home, my home!!!” Jean yelled at the dull beep on the phone, venting the anger and humiliation in her heart.

After roaring, Jean fell on the suitcase as if she had been drained, a little lost in her soul, her expression in a trance.

She doesn’t know how long she sat outside the door, until the neighbor opposite came home from get off work, she hurriedly closed her emotions and pressed the lock code.


This set of numbers is very familiar, as if she had seen it or heard it somewhere, but at that time, she didn’t even have the intention to think about it so much, until she learned the result, Jean’s whole body collapsed… ¦

All emotions were violently subverted in her life!!!

Entering the house, she quickly packed her luggage, changed her casual clothes, and went straight to the kitchen.

When she was wearing the apron, she was shocked to find that the apron had been replaced by a new set by Mike.

This surprised her very much, but she still carried some joy, because Mike would never “work” for their family at all, but he’s been married for nearly two years.

The bad mood just now improved a little at this moment. When she opened the refrigerator and was preparing for dinner, she was caught by the dazzling array of ingredients in the refrigerator.

All kinds of fruits and fresh vegetables were piled up like a mountain, but what made her even more shocked was that there were rows of original sour milk neatly stacked on the edge of the refrigerator.

This is the thing Mike hates most, but it is Jean’s favorite!!! Even if it is not her favorite flavor, this is enough!!!

Seeing all the incredible things in front of her, the corners of Jean’s beautiful lips couldn’t help but bend and bend.

Mike, you are not so unrelenting to me after all…

“The password is correct.”

Jean was flabbergasted when she heard the password lock on the hallway ring.

After hesitating for half a second, she went out of the kitchen door and smiled to greet the husband who came in.

The two people met in the hall.


Jean called him softly.

Not seeing him for a month, he seems to be doing well, at least, there is no sign of losing weight.

However, she has had a particularly bad time this month. In this month without any news from him, she missed him, and she was almost crazy.

She lost weight, in just one month, she lost a full ten pounds!

Mike’s gaze fell directly on her apron, and then turned to the sour milk in her hand.

“Who told you to wear it?”

Mike’s tone was very cold, and he quickly stepped forward, approached her, and coldly reached out and grabbed the sour milk from her hand. The next moment, he rudely untied her apron, “Jean, This is not your thing, you are not qualified to touch it!! I remind you again, this home has no place for you!! Pack your things and get out!!!”

The last word of “Fun” in Mike was loudly shouted, almost deafening!

“You…what do you mean?” Jean only felt a dry throat, and asked her little finger at the sour milk that was snatched away by him, “You said these are not mine?”

Her voice floated fragilely in the air, very weak.

“Then…who’s that? Who is she? Mike, who is that woman?”

As if she was crazy, Jean threw herself into Mike’s arms and beat his strong chest with resentment, “Mike, tell me, who is that woman who makes you so crazy? Why do you like her so much… Oh oh…”

She was nestled in his arms, crying in tears.

“Jean, you are enough!! Don’t go crazy anymore!!”

Mike pulled her body and pushed it on the opposite sofa without mercy.

He stood there, domineering, “I’ll tell you again, who that woman is, has nothing to do with you!!”

After he finished speaking, he was about to turn around and leave, but suddenly paused and warned again, “Don’t touch her things!!”

“Asshole!!! Mike, you asshole! Devil!!!”


When Jean cleaned up the house, her eyes were soaked by the black lace bra in front of her.

Therefore, during the month she was absent, another woman occupied their home and her husband…

The hand, holding the dazzling bras, trembled violently.

Mike, if it wasn’t for loving you, how could Jean have let you trample on me like this!!!

Chapter 10

The next day, at nine o’clock, Jean still did not appear at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Today is her first day of work.

This was the next costume play three months ago, and this play was also the first time she collaborated with her sister Emma.

However, the elder sister plays the heroine of this play, and she is just a bad girl next to the villain heroine.

But I didn’t expect that the first play of the day would be the rivalry between her and her sister, and it was still the main play of the palm.

“Director, this play…does it have to be slapped?”

In the rest pavilion, she heard her Sister Emma discussing with the director.

“Of course.” The director nodded solemnly.

“Can you… fake fight?”

“Of course not!”

The director’s answer made Emma frowned.

Seeing that the director didn’t mean to ease, Emma couldn’t keep begging.

“Sister, it doesn’t matter.” Jean touched up her makeup while comforting her sister.

“Don’t you just slap? I can stand it! Besides, we are all professional actors. Don’t these scenes often happen?”

It is impossible for a third-rate actor like her to encounter this kind of drama on weekdays, so it is impossible to have any special attention, so of course not this time.

She is actually used to it!


“The actors are ready to be in place!!”

Hearing the assistant director shouting loudly, the dialogue between the two sisters could only stop temporarily.

Numerous actors quickly took their place, while Jean and her sister Emma stood in the middle of the camera and confronted each other.


As the director shouted loudly, the clapperboard was struck hard, and Emma rushed over without saying a word, raised her hand, and slapped Jean.


Jean was caught by the director before she could react.

“Emma, the action is not strong enough!! Come again!!!”

Emma looked at her sister in embarrassment, “Jean, does it hurt?”

“Sister, I don’t feel anything at all! Come again!”

In fact, it was still a bit painful, but she could clearly feel that her sister had been very merciful.

“The actor is ready to be in place, action!!”


Another neat slap fell on Jean’s cheek, and Jean was swept away by the wind of the palm and turned her cheek to the left.

“Crack! Crack!”

The director yelled again, looking a little angry, “Emma, how did you do it? This is a very intense scene. If you don’t get the spot in your slap, the anger of the characters will not burst out!! Come on again, more strength!!! Try again!!!”

“Yes…” Emma was depressed.

“Jean, I’m sorry…”

Jean shook her head and chuckled, “Sister, don’t let the director and other actors look down on our sisters!!”

“En…” Emma nodded heavily.

And in the rest pavilion not far from the venue, a mysterious man in a black windbreaker was quietly enjoying the good show in the venue.

The dazzling “confused” Phoenix eyes, squinted playfully, and between the “sexual” lips, there was a faint smile, “Emma, dare to touch my Jack’s kitten, but there is a price to pay…”

“Come again!! Action!!” Following the director’s exhilarating shout, “pop…” a crisp and neat applause resounded throughout the venue.

“Ah…” Kelly on the sidelines couldn’t help taking a cold breath, “Jean…”

In the field-

Emma’s red palms were still aching fiercely, and she was still shaking when she hung beside her.

And Jean stood there ignorantly, her eyes were already blank, and there were uncomfortable buzzing sounds around her ears, frantically stimulating her fragile eardrums and pulling her brain nerves.

When the wind swept through her palms, her pink face instantly became red and swollen, and she was tinged with blood. From a distance, she looked like the peach that could be broken by a bomb, crystal clear, but also extremely annoying. People pity.

Ok… it hurts!!!

There was soreness in Jean, her nose was sour, but she endured it all.

If she can’t bear even this bit of pain, how can she become an outstanding actress? !

Outside the court, inside the pavilion, Jack’s mysterious and blue eyes, like the sea, fold and shoot out with radiance, and the corners of the mysterious lips rise slightly, condensing into a wicked arc. The forest is so cold…¦shudder.

He got up, surrounded by bodyguards, left indifferently.

“Okay, this one is over!”

As the director shouted, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Jean, are you okay?” Emma greeted her with a guilty expression and apologized, “I’m sorry, Jean, I…I didn’t mean it.”

“Sister, don’t do this… I know you didn’t mean it.”

Kelly brought the makeup artist to greet her, “God! Baby, how can a face become red like this! Oh my god, it must hurt to death!!”

“No, nothing…”

Jean pretended to be strong.

“Quickly, take the “medicine” first! Otherwise, this face will swell even more.” Kelly helped Jean go.

“Jean, I’m afraid I can’t take “medicine” yet…” Emma held her sister, a little apologetic, “There will be another scene to be filmed soon!”

“But her face is already swollen like this…” Kelly frowned dissatisfied.

“The next scene happens to be the scene after being beaten…”

So, is she now saving even the makeup on her swollen face? !

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