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Chapter 17

At night, nine o’clock-

Jean returned to this cold home again.

The password for the room door was unlocked by someone she hired to unlock it.

Mike didn’t go home, whether he will come back tonight, it seems that it is a “mystery”.

“Ding Dong Ding Dong -“

Quill, the doorbell rang, and Jean hurriedly got up to look.

Through the video phone, Jean saw a charming face like this.

The people outside seemed to feel the shock of Jean inside.

“Open the door.”

Jack’s lips lightly opened, ordering her.

“Allison… Jack? Why did you come here?” Jean stared at the screen in shock but didn’t mean to open the door.

“Give you three seconds, three seconds later, I will break in!”

Jean’s eyes faintly glanced at him on the screen.


“Hey, wait…”


“Wow…” the entrance door was opened by Jean. She stood inside, glaring at the man opposite, “Jack, believe it or not, I will sue you for breaking into the house!”

How can this guy be unreasonable like this!!!

“Then you can add a crime for me by the way…”

Jack stepped forward and took Jean’s domineering into his arms without warning, and brought back the entrance door behind him.

As soon as the tall figure turned, Jean’s delicate body was easily pushed against the cold door by him.

Jack’s eyes were like a hurricane, locked in front of her.

“Jean, you can also accuse me… the master-wife! Anytime…wait!”

The last four words overflowed from the demon to Jack’s thin lips, and as soon as the voice fell, the cold lips covered Jean’s slightly opened red lips involuntarily…

Four lips, intersect!

As soon as he touched her, she felt a numbness that she had never experienced before, spreading from the tip of the wet tongue…

Penetrating Jean’s sweet sandalwood mouth, entangled with it crazily.

For a moment, Jean felt nothing but sorrow, her heart and soul softened, her body softened…

“Allison… Jack Allison…”

During the deep kiss, Jean whispered his name quietly, clearly trying to break away from his kiss, but found that at this time, she was already unable to stand softly because of his tingling kiss. She stayed on her heels, and for a while, she could only “fascinate” and “chaotically” cater to him. Following his entanglement, dancing with his hot and humid lips, letting him plunder her…every inch, breath!!!

“Jack, don’t… stop making trouble…”

Jean yelled angrily, her little hand gripping the collar of his windbreaker and holding it tightly.

A little pink face was flushed with shame, and shyness and annoyance flowed through the “distracted” and “chaotic” eyes, staring at the man in front of him, full of helplessness and anger.

Jack slowly retreated a few minutes between her sweet lips, and the ambiguous silver thread was still entwining her red lips. The smell of “blurred” permeated the whole room, and he hugged her tightly, charming Shrouded.

He laughed, the demon was extremely cold, and his sense of “sex” was extreme.

With her fingers that are not stained with dust, she teasingly attached her hot and humid red lips, rubbing, over and over again…

The feeling of numbness made Jean tremble all over her body, her small face instantly shy like a ripe peach.

That appearance, printed in the eyes of others, made Jack have an urge to step forward and take a bite!!!

“Little fairy, your body… will always be more honest than your little mouth…”

The low-pitched male voice is like that intoxicating mellow wine so that people can be drunk without drinking…

He stared at her deeply.

The faintly blue eyes are like a deep thousand-year-old well with no bottom, but the dazzling faint light that occasionally sheds always makes Jean fall into it in a daze.

“Do you like Mike to touch you here?”

He was smiling obviously, but that smile made Jean shudder.

She took a deep breath without a trace, suppressed the panic in her heart, and greeted Jack, “Jack, if you are so overbearing, I will sue you.”

Jack raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Give me another charge.”

“Rogue!!” Jean was going to push him away.

Of course, he stood in front of her like a huge boulder, pressed tightly against her tender body, motionless.


Jack’s demon-cooled charm pupil, sharp as a sword, stared at her urgently.

The finger hooked her slender white jaw, forcing her to follow his cold gaze, “If you dare to let him touch you again, I will… in front of him… “Rape” you!!”


Jean turned pale because of his warning words.

“Jack, you…you are simply unreasonable!!”

Looking at the playful and serious smile on the corner of his lips, Jean was so angry that she hammered her petite fists against Jack’s solid chest, “He is my husband!! He should have touched me for granted!! But what about you? What do you mean to me like this?”

Chapter 18

Jean was almost crying by this guy who didn’t play cards according to the rules.

However, she knows that he and herself are nothing more than a “dew” marriage, but she still kisses him… It seems that there are so many, she can’t control it!!!

“You are my Jack’s woman, so… You can only be touched by my Jack!!” He pinched the fingers of her chin, couldn’t help tightening, his eyes instantly became cold, “I will never allow anyone to mess my Allison little things!! Even if it was Mike, he couldn’t do it!! So…”

He smiled fascinatingly, smiling presumptuously, and whispered in a soft voice, “Keep it clean, because I, Jack Allison…I always do it when I say it!!”

After Jack finished speaking, he finally let her go.

Jean’s eyes faintly glanced at him with a pale face before she wanted to go out, but she heard the code lock ring.

“Wrong password, please re-enter.”

Jean was startled when she heard the mechanical sound outside, her face turned pale suddenly.

The little hand hurriedly clasped Jack’s big hand and said in a low voice, “Don’t…don’t open the door!!”

Jack glanced at her with a dizzying “confused” pupil, and the corner of Jack’s lips outlined a deep, thin smile.

Of course, he knows what the situation is now.

Inside, stood her ‘traitor husband’, while outside, the man who was constantly unlocking was not someone else, but the true husband of Jean!!!

“What? Afraid he would see it?”

Jack raised his eyebrows.

And Jean, holding his hand, didn’t mean to let go, but she was always thinking about what to do.

“What to do…Jack, or…you, you hide first…”

As soon as Jean spoke, Jack’s sharp eyes shot straight towards her like a sharp blade.

The beautiful handsome, instantly condensed into frost.

“Do you care about him that way?”

“…” Jean didn’t answer him, she just cried and continued begging, “You hide first, okay? He will get the password soon!!”

She just changed the password back to the previous group!

“Let me out, or let him in! You choose!”

Jack is domineering, and he can’t stand his beak.

Jean is anxious, “Jack, I beg you, okay? I don’t want to be caught by him! If he slandered me and said that I cheated before marriage, he would try to get me out of the house. I don’t need anything! But this house, I have to stay at!!! This is the last gift my mother left me…”

While she was talking, Jean’s eyes filled with water passed a shallow wound.

Jack stared at her blue eyes flashing a strange stream of light as if inadvertently, the demon eyes glanced at this unique house.

After a while, he heard him ask, “Which room are you?”

For a second, Jean’s smiled, pointing upstairs and whispering, “The first room on the left above, the room with the pink door.”

Surprisingly, he was willing to soften his body.

After listening, Jack opened his long legs and went upstairs leisurely.

The pace is not fast and slow.

Until the moment when the pink door panel upstairs was closed, only one “password correct” sounded, and the entrance door was smoothly opened from the outside.

As soon as the door was opened, Mike stood outside the door with a cold face, staring straight at Jean, who looked a little awkward.

“Who allowed you to change password privately?”

Mike’s face was ugly to the extreme.

Jean frowned, did not answer him, turned around, and walked into the hall.

His heart is still sore.

As long as she sees his familiar cold face, Jean will still involuntarily feel heartache!!!

Mike changed his shoes and came into the hall.

Today, he seems to be very tired, not arguing with her too much, but lazily buried himself on the sofa.

“Pour me a glass of water.”

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