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Chapter 15

The tone was frosty.

The car just now is undoubtedly Allison’s exclusive car, and its license plate numbers all end with three eights.

Jean didn’t expect that Mike would appear at the door of her company, and what was more unexpected was that he would still care about where she went last night.

At the same time, Jack’s harsh words once again rang from her ears, so clear.

“Jean, you are the most failed woman I have ever seen!! Deserve it, Mike, doesn’t love you!!”

Jean smiled coldly, resisted the tearing pain in her chest, glanced at Mike, and said indifferently, “Where I was last night, it seems to have nothing to do with you!”

After Jean finished speaking, before Mike could react, she bypassed him and went into the company.

Jean’s sudden indifferent attitude made Mike stunned for a long time. When he recovered, he turned around and grabbed Jean’s arm. The force between his hands made Jean sore.

“You were with Jack Allison last night?”

Jean frowned from the pain, waved her hand, shook off his restraint, and answered him unabashedly, “Yes!”

“Did you sleep with him?”

During the day, Mike’s big hands shackled Jean’s chin, staring at her coldly, gritted her teeth and said, “Jean, tell me, have you slept with him?”

His sharp eyes, if he wanted to tear the Jean in front of him into his stomach.

Jean was strangled by him, her head kept “forced” upwards, and his fingers pressed against her swollen cheeks heavily, causing her eyebrows to twitch, and her heart was also cramped by his words. With…

“Yes! I’ve slept!”

She gritted her teeth and answered him.

Tears kept spinning in the eye sockets, but they were swallowed in her abdomen stubbornly, and she said dumbly, “Mike, are you satisfied with this answer…”

The answer, she just explained it truthfully!!!

Yes! He was not the only one who cheated in this marriage!!! Jean also slept with other men half a month ago!!!

During the day, Mike’s dark eyes shrank suddenly, and the scarlet stained his eyes, making Jean panic for a second.

“Jean, it’s no wonder your body is so hard today! Heh, it turns out that you are climbing the tall branch of the young master of Allison Sect, you are really good!!”

Mike clasped Jean’s hands and moved down step by step, finally confining her neck to death.

“Let go of me!! Mike, it hurts to death!! Cough cough cough…” Jean struggled, her little hand desperately grabbed his big hand, a beautiful face turned red and white due to pain, Dou Big tears couldn’t help but roll out from her eyes.

But, her pale lips were bitten by Mike!

“Jean, just because I haven’t touched you, are you hungry to find other men to find pleasure?” Mike’s lips and teeth were biting Jean’s soft lips wildly and domineeringly.

Jean’s tears flowed from the pain, “It hurts! Mike, you let me go!! You bastard… It hurts… Uh-oh-“

Jean was kissed by him, but she couldn’t feel any warmth…

In addition to bloody, bloody!!!

“Mike, what qualifications do you have to educate me! You let me go…”

Jean struggled to death, but, the harder she struggled, the deeper and more domineering the kiss of Mike went!!!

The wet tongue sharply opened her teeth, madly in her sweet sandalwood mouth, attacking the city, absorbing every weak breath that belongs to her…


The spotlight was constantly flashing in front of his eyes, and both of them seemed to be taken aback. Mike quickly pushed away Jean in front of him without hesitation or reluctance.

At that moment, Jean clearly saw the panic in Mike’s eyes, and her heart was slightly astringent.

Is he so unwilling to be photographed close to himself? Or, worried about being seen by that woman?

“Miss Jean, when did you date Mr. Blair?”

“Miss Jean, may I ask…”

“Sorry, please let…”

Jean didn’t expect that she would be surrounded by reporters early in the morning, but she finally got rid of the reporter’s entanglement, only to realize that he had already left her and she had nowhere to go.

Fingertips couldn’t help but stroke her painful lips, where the smell of Mike still remained…

The heart is astringent…

Once, she was so expecting to have a kiss with him, but now, when she really kissed, she found…

It turned out that kissing is not as beautiful or romantic as she imagined…

When Jean entered the company, Kelly greeted her with a dark face.

“Mike’s daytime is really not a thing!!”

Kelly’s words made Jean tremble for a second, “What’s wrong? Has something happened? I… just ran into him at the door.”

“Do you know what he is here for?”

“En?” Jean looked at her suspiciously.

“He came to your sister to sign the contract!!” Speaking of this, Kelly was still a little furious, and snorted coldly, “I said that Blair’s department store has not renewed the contract with us for a long time. It turns out that there has been a change of spokesperson. Planning!! This bastard is really…”

Chapter 16

What Kelly said made Jean stunned.

“You mean, he came to the company early in the morning to get her sister to sign a department store endorsement contract?”

“It’s not!!”

Kelly snorted twice, “Your sister’s face is great, and her dignified president of the Blair has come to the door in person!! I don’t know, I thought it was the two of them who got married!!!”

Kelly is like this, always speaking directly and without concealment.

Jean’s eyes flickered a bit, she felt unclear, but she didn’t forget to comfort Kelly, “Forget it, we can’t do this thing. Fortunately, the spokesperson is not someone else, but my sister.”

“I’m just a bit unwilling!!” Kelly’s anger has not faded, she glanced at Jean, sighed, and was somewhat helpless, had to let down her anger pressure a bit, “Forget it, I know you must be more uncomfortable than me …”

But, with her husband on one side and her sister on the other, what can she say? Even if she feels uncomfortable, she must endure it, right?!

In the afternoon, in the dressing room of the theater…

Jean was doing the final dressing. Emma pushed the door in but backhanded the lock of the dressing room.


Jean stared at Emma approaching her from the mirror in shock.

Emma smiled lightly, “Jean, let’s talk.”

“Sister, do you want to say… endorsement?”

“No…” Emma shook her head with a smile, “I know, you don’t care about endorsements at all. Perhaps you care more about your marriage…”

“Sister?” Jean looked back at her, “You… all know?”

“Yeah! I heard Mike mentioned it to me today! He said…he wants a divorce?”

Jean smiled sadly, spreading her shoulders, a little aggrieved, “En! He… indeed asked me for a divorce.”

Emma’s eyes were shining brightly, staring at her opposite, “Then… what do you think?”

“Sister, has he mentioned to you that he is in love with another girl?” Jean’s tone melted with a touch of weakness.

“This…” Emma’s eyes filled with uncomfortable eyes, but quickly returned to nature, shook her head, “He never mentioned it to me. But, since Jean, you already know that Mike is in love with someone else, why are you still reluctant to divorce him?”

Jean took a deep look at her sister, then looked at herself in the glasses…

In the watery apricot eyes, the pain of struggle was dyed.

“Sister I’m just not reconciled…”

Jean shook her head and smiled sadly, “I could choose to bless them, because I love Mike and I am willing to fulfill him, but…”

When he locked her out of the door in such a reckless manner and even stripped her only haven to become a nest of love between him and that woman, she realized that there was so much unwillingness hidden in her heart… ¦”

“I won’t get a divorce!” At least, not for the time being!

Jean’s attitude is very determined.

The reason, just because… She didn’t want to just fulfill the couple!!!

She is unwilling!!!

Jean’s words made Emma hug her, and her face was stiff for a second, and her face turned into a pig liver’s color involuntarily. However, this kind of strangeness is in Emma’s picture. Just staying on a beautiful face for a second is not enough, so that Jean just thinks that she is dazzled.

“Whatever you want!!” Emma’s tone was very hard, but she was still smiling.

“I won’t disturb you.” After saying that, Emma stepped on her seven-inch high heels and walked proudly out of the dressing room. Before leaving the dressing room, she did not forget to add, “Jean, I am sorry for your endorsement, but…I hope you can understand that these things are based on strength and…Charm!!! Come on!!!”

She smiled deeply, raised her long black hair, and stepped out of the dressing room charmingly.

Jean stood there blankly, her heart was mixed, which was very unpleasant.

However, her sister had to admit that it was true.

Endorsements are just like acting, relying on strength and charm!!!

Therefore, Jean, in the future, without the bondage of love and marriage, please do your best!!!

Although a report did not occupy the front-page headlines, the stimulating and ambiguous kiss photos still attracted the attention of many netizens.

Even Jack, the young master of the Allison Sect, unwittingly read this extraordinary report.

“The innocent actress Jean successfully climbed Blair’s youngest president Mike, and the two boldly played kissing games on the street.”

The hot title and the hot picture set off Jack’s enchanting lips with a playful chuckle.

“Brother, your little servant, doesn’t seem to be honest at all…”

The little boy glanced at the newspaper on the table and smiled lightly.

“En…” Jack elegantly cut a small piece of beef and put it into his mouth. After swallowing it, he lazily squinted the enchanting eyes of the demon, “The wildness of the kitten “Unclean…”

Jack finished speaking lazily and continued to lower his head to eat.

Thomas Allison looked at his silent brother, but he knew very well that one of his brother’s pets should suffer again!!!

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