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Chapter 21

The lower abdomen spurts out of control.

It was so hot that she could hardly bear it.


The unfamiliar tingling sensation stirred the jerky Jean, her whole body trembled lightly, and the shy babble overflowed into her lips.

The brain is blank…

All the reason, all the reservedness, at that moment, were all torn apart by Jack’s extremely lingering kiss…

“Ah… it hurts!!”

Just as Jean was “lost”, she felt a pain in her chest, and she whispered in pain, only to realize that her sensitive little grape was rudely by the bad man in front of her. Take a bite.

It was also this sudden pain that brought back all of Jean’s flying away reason in an instant.

“Allison…Jack, what are we doing?”

Jean flushed with embarrassment, and her little hands were busy tidying up her already broken clothes, “We can’t do this!! Can’t…”

!!! What is she doing?

What is the difference between this kind of self and Mike outside? !!!

She retreated in a panic, trying to step away from Jack’s hot body.

However, his powerful arms kept holding her slender waist, and he didn’t mean to let her go.

In the depths of the faintly blue eyes, flames were constantly moving, and the hot phoenix eyes were tightly attached to her peach-like red face…

Her thin lips were pressed tightly, and she didn’t speak, just let her sensitive private parts closely touch his exaggerated objects, let her deeply feel the sparks in his body at this moment because of her.

Being stared at by him, Jean’s face became even harder…

His deep demon eyes are like a hurricane, seeming to swallow her for life so that she dare not touch his sight for a while, and only panicked, “Jack, we can’t do this, you let go first. I… let me go…”

“Be my bed slave!”

Quickly, he said.

Deep and hot eyes locked her, without the slightest flicker or deviation.

Jean was completely stunned by his sudden words.

After a long time, she came back to her senses, Jean was wide-eyed, ashamed, and annoyed, “Jack, you must be crazy!!”

She struggled in a panic, trying to escape from his arms.

“Yes! I’m crazy…”

He admitted that the flames under her eyes burned him deeply, “My body is crazy because of you…”


His unconcealed words made Jean’s hot cheeks burn even more, and her heart rushed into her throat because of him.

She didn’t plan to ignore him, “You let me down!!!”

Jack ignored her and attacked her chest again.

“Jack, let me go down!!!” Jean was angry, her eyes reddened, “You can’t do this to me!! Hear you…”

Jean beat his strong chest indiscriminately because of panic, and her petite body kept pushing against his chest, trying to get rid of his confinement.

However, the disparity between her strength and his strength was too great, allowing her to scratch, quarrel, and fight, but he remained motionless.

“Jack, I am not your bed partner, I am a woman with a husband!! You can’t do this to me…”

There was a tearing pain in Jean’s chest because, at that moment, she thought of Mike again…

Her husband!!!


The sound of a piece of cloth tearing suddenly sounded, and Jean felt a sudden chill in her lower body. Her shy and private parts were instantly exposed in the “disturbed” air without a trace.

Her panties…

Jack’s big hands were so violently torn apart!!!

At that moment, Jean only felt her body tight, and then, tears, unwilling to call, rolled out into her eyes…

The sensitive flower “hole” was frantically played with by his slender fingers.

But her heart is a little addicted…

The body, there is not the slightest pleasure, some are just the desperate pain of drowning.

“Jack forced ‘sex’-love, is it interesting?!!!”

She held her misty eyes, with tears in her eyes, looking at him desperately, her voice, so cold, so cold…

Her words made Jack stiffen for a second…

The coquettish blue eyes met her cold eyes, lustful, still burning…

Of course, condensation accumulated a little bit in his eyes.

Finally, he smiled strangely…

Smile, cold, cold.

Fingers hooked her tear-stained face, and said deeply, “Little fairy, since you don’t like to use strong ones, okay! Then I’ll wait for you… Obediently send me to the door!!! But… “

At this point, Jack smiled coldly, his eyes revealed a little awe-inspiring, “At that time, I was not as good as I am now…”


Jack’s words made Jean shudder, but in the end, he let her go.

“Jean, I’m sleepy!”

Jack got up from the sofa, put his hands in his trouser pockets lazily, and dragged Jean’s small pair of fluffy slippers on his feet, and walked directly to her pink bed…

“Call me later!”

He gave a light command and fell asleep on Jean’s bed.

Even inquiries did not ask the owner’s opinion.

“Hey, you…” Jean clutched her chest and looked helplessly at the man on the bed. She clearly wanted to drive him out of the bed, but she was so awkward that she finally swallowed it when the words reached her lips, and she just let it go. He was lying on her bed.

He fell asleep with his back to her.

Jean stared at his sturdy back, hesitated for a while before asking him, “Jack, have you…have you really “raped” a girl?”

Hasn’t he been threatening her like this before? Even just now, it was only a little bit short, but in the end, he stopped, didn’t he?

She felt that he did not look like such a bad man!


Jack snorted and answered her.



“If you don’t believe me, the young master doesn’t mind, I can show it to you right away.”

Jack said he wanted to get up.

“No, thank you!!”

Jean held her chest and stepped back defensively.

The redness of the “tide” just now has time to fade from the face. At this moment, a layer of shy blush is trapped again. The beautiful face looks more like that ripe peach, which looks like a pinch, it will overflow with sweetness. Sweet water juice comes.

Looking at her timid appearance, Jack curled his lips and went back to sleep.

Seeing him fall asleep, Jean breathed a sigh of relief, and her nervous heart relaxed.

“Then you… killed someone?” Was it him that shot?

Jack’s tightly closed demon eyes flicked away, and layers of condensed “color” swept through the “color” of the faint blue eyes.

The eyes are as cold as ice and sharp as a falcon.

“Killing is like hemp…”

Four cold words, coldly overflowing from the lips…

Jean’s body suddenly shuddered, and her heart froze for a second. For a while, she felt that the air in the room had become a bit condensed.

“So, if you dare to let Mike touch you, you will be more careful! First “rape” and then kill, is my Allison Sect’s usual style!!”


That’s the style that perverts can only have, right? !!!

Early in the morning, inside the theater.

“The actors are ready to be in place!!”

As the director yelled, Jean put on her skirt and went into the carriage with her sister.

“Jean, you have to wrong you again in this scene…” In the carriage, Emma looked at her sister apologetically.

“Sister, it’s okay! You don’t have to worry about me, just play well.”

Jean encouraged her sister with a smile.

This is another beating scene, the same as last time, it is also a slap, and it is still a scene with my sister.

“Action!!” The director yelled, and all the actors instantly entered the state.

In the carriage, she saw Emma sitting on the opposite side with a cold face and said nothing. She raised her slap and threw it at Jean’s battered cheek.

“Ah…” Kelly gasped out of the field.

This slap was not light, and Jean’s beautiful face became red and swollen in just a moment.

“Battle girl!!”

She heard Emma curse, “Thinking that she can seduce the emperor if she has a certain amount of posture?”


Another slap suddenly sounded in the carriage, Emma stood up, grabbed Jean by the hair, and slapped her fiercely.

Bloodshot, quickly looming from Jean’s cheek, hurting her, grinning…

Nose, sore, tears almost rolled out of her eyes.

But she endured it!!! The play, can’t stop!!!

As long as the director doesn’t call out “cut”, this scene must continue to be performed! This is the quality that a professional actor must possess.

“Director, this one is not written like that in the script!!” Kelly outside couldn’t stand it anymore, so she took the script and went to the director directly.

The director glanced at Kelly coolly, “As long as it can promote the plot, it is normal for the actors to add and change the drama appropriately! Miss Kelly, as a professional manager, don’t you even know this point?”

“Director, how can you…”


The director was not talking to Kelly at all. After calling a stop, Emma rushed into the carriage and praised, “This one is over! Jean performed well!!”

“Thank you, Director!” A sweet voice rang in the carriage.

And Jean, who had been slapped several times, obviously hadn’t recovered her senses. She sat in the carriage in a daze, her mind was blank, only the “buzzing” tinnitus was still ringing.

“Jean, are you okay?”

As soon as the director called to stop, Kelly greeted Jean in the carriage, but when she saw the five red and swollen fingerprints on her cheeks, she felt sorry for her, and she didn’t get angry. “Emma, She is your sister, you have such heavy hands!”

Chapter 22

Emma looked innocent, “Jean, I’m sorry, it’s my sister that I was too into the show, don’t blame me! I didn’t mean it.”

Jean came back to her senses, her cheeks were twitching, even her ears felt a little sore.

“Forget it, sister, I’m fine…” Jean was helped by Kelly and got out of the carriage.

“I have ‘medicine’, I’ll get it…” Emma said she was about to leave.

“No! Miss Emma, thank you for your kindness!!” Kelly refused coldly, not forgetting to say sarcastically, “Jean can’t bear such a noble thing as you!”

After Kelly finished speaking, she helped Jean and left without turning her head.

Since she took away the spokesperson, Kelly suffocated her stomach. Seeing her so cruelly bullying her entertainer at this meeting, Kelly could hardly come forward and slap her.

Jean returned from the theater, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

She still had a few night scenes to be filmed today, but because the injuries on her face were too serious, even makeup could not hide the glaring redness. Therefore, after several discussions, her work was lost. Changed to three days later.

Dragging the tired woman into the house, she was only relieved that today, the door lock of the house was not changed by Mike.

After filming the scene for a whole day, the whole person seemed to fall apart. There was no energy in the whole body. Also, she was slapped several times by her sister for no reason. To be honest, besides cheek pain, her heart hurts even more…

A discerning person knew at a glance that it was her sister deliberately trying to embarrass her, and even she, who had always been good at deceiving herself, couldn’t hide her heart.

Sister, her relative…

Why should you treat her like this?

Jean tried to break her head, but she couldn’t understand the reason, but the more she thought about it, the dizzier her head and the more painful her heart.

As soon as Jean walked to the promenade on the second floor, Jean heard a sound from Mike’s room. Jean, her whole body… was stagnant, her face pales instantly.

For a second, she almost forgets to breathe.

At that moment, Jean seemed to hear the sound of her heart, completely collapsed into pieces…

The hand, hanging down beside her, kept shaking and clenched into a fist.

The palm of her hand was a piece of ice, just like her broken heart at this moment…

The steps under my feet are like pouring lead, step by step, slowly moving toward the half-open door…

Every step she takes, her heart hurts more…

The toes are like stepping on a sharp needle, and there is a piercing pain…

The door, half-open…

Jean’s footsteps stopped at the door.

Of course, when she saw the tightly entangled pair of children on the bed, she froze there as if struck by lightning.

Facial “color”…too white without any blood “color”!

The eyes of the water stretched wide and looked at the screaming woman under Mike in disbelief…

“Mike, ah… I can’t take it anymore…”


Hearing the exhilarating low roar of Mike, the tears accumulated in Jean’s eyes could no longer bear to overflow…

Inside, the woman who is in love with Mike is not someone else, but…

Her sister, Emma!!!

The hand dropped to the shoulder, clenched into a fist, shaking constantly.

The people inside obviously didn’t notice her at the door, but they were still frolicking on the bed.

“Husband, I am about to be tortured to death by you…”

Emma leaned on Mike’s strong chest, smiled, and kept acting like a baby with him.

“Little Fairy, I am tortured by you!!” While talking, Mike once again wickedly pressed Emma next to him.

“Husband, when did you divorce that bitch? If you let me wait like this, I won’t do it!”

As Emma spoke, she angrily hammered Mike’s strong chest.

“Alright! Alright…” Mike perfunctorily began to ask for her thin lips again.

“Stop making trouble, come on…” Emma nestled in his arms, laughing with waves, “Mike, don’t do it, don’t do it!! The idiot will be back soon!!”

Sure enough, Emma’s words shocked the day on her body.

Although it was just a small gesture, it still made the sensitive Emma feel, “Mike, you haven’t given me an explanation for your kissing that bitch woman! Why? Do you fall in love with her?”

“Do you think I would like a puppet-like her?” Mike snorted disdainfully, and then turned, “She was the one who kissed me strongly by that bitch!”

“I knew it!” Emma sneered and sneered, “I didn’t give her a good fruit today! I took advantage of the opportunity of filming to slap the fox’s face several times! After seeing her, I dare not to see her seduce-lead you!!!”

Mike twitched his lips and said indifferently, “She asked for it!”

Outside the door, Jean stood there, trembling all over…

Those lines of dialogue, like a sharp blade, smashed her broken heart fiercely!!!

The bloodshed all over the ground…

It hurts her, even her breathing is painful!!!


Jean, only Emma screamed inside. She found Jean at the door, “You…when did you stand there?”

Hearing Emma’s call, Mike also found Jean at the door, and the excitement instantly faded from his face, replaced by coldness and indifference.

“Close the door and get out!!”

Mike let out a low growl and ordered Jean, who was standing outside the door with a pale face.

Of course, Jean turned a deaf ear to what he said.

Trembling, she walked into the room, her eyes blurred with tears.

“Mike, if I love you again, I will be the stupidest fool in the world!!”

She stood by the bed, yelling hysterically at Mike on the bed, tears gushing out like spring water.

“And you, Emma!!!” Jean’s eyes showed an injured look…

Her marriage is nothing more than betrayal!!! But why, even her family affection must betray her?!

“Are you my sister? Emma, I’m your sister!!! Your sister!!!” Jean clutched her chest and shouted at her, her voice choked, and more despair.

She looked at the two people in “naked” body on the bed with teary, shaking her head…

“You don’t deserve to be my sister…”

“And you, Mike, you are not even worthy of being my husband!!!”

She finished speaking in a dumb voice, turned around, and did not want to take another look at the two people who were still stunned on the bed, and walked out the door…

Jean, footsteps, stopped at the door.

She turned around again and looked at them indifferently on the bed, with a faint smile on her lips, “Mike, want to divorce?”

Jean curled her lips, her tone a little decisive, “Don’t think about it!!”

Why should she be so generous to fulfill this pair of dog men and women who betrayed her? !!!

Coming out of the house, wind, she stood in the bleak breeze, tears raining down.

The desolate night scene was printed in the blurred tears of her eyes. At that moment, Jean didn’t even know where she was going…

Footsteps, aimlessly wandering throughout the city…

She walked like a corpse for not knowing how long, and she stopped in front of a luxurious European-style villa.

She was stunned suddenly.

In the next instant, suddenly as if she realized something, she turned around and wanted to leave in a hurry.

Why did she come here? This is Jack’s home!!!

Just as she turned and was about to leave, Jean, behind her, a dazzling car light shot at her, straight into her tearful eyes, and Jean subconsciously blocked the light with her hand.

The black Bentley galloped past but suddenly stopped by her side.

The car window slid down, but what “showed” was a childish and slightly icy face.

It’s the disabled little boy!!!

The boy’s sharp gaze stayed on Jean’s tear-stained and bloodshot cheeks and looked at her unabashedly.

“David, Please go in, Miss Jean!”

The childish voice of the little boy commanded the man named David next to him.

“Yes!” David got out of the car.

Jean waved her hand in embarrassment, “No, no need! I’m fine.”

She was just “lost” “stumbled”, and she came here!

But obviously, no one wants to listen to her, and David respectfully said, “Miss Jean, please inside.”

The black Bentley had already driven into the door of the house and disappeared from their sight.

Jean still followed David into the villa.

As soon as she entered the hall, she saw that the little boy was already sitting in a wheelchair, waiting for her calmly.

“Are you coming to my brother?”

The little boy’s voice was still a bit childish, but his expressionless face was printed with old people who shouldn’t belong to him.

“Are you Jack’s younger brother?”

They are not particularly similar.

Jack looks very enchanting, so charming that it can even be described as “beautiful”, but the little boy in front of her is very clear, and there is a kind of coolness that has not been formed in Thomas…

“My brother is not here.” The little boy said suddenly.


“He went on a date with his girlfriend in Japan.” The little boy continued speaking lightly.


Jean’s heart jumped “randomly” obviously without rhythm.

It turns out… he is someone with a girlfriend!!!

Jean twitched the corners of her lips and smiled, “It’s okay, actually I didn’t come to him deliberately!”

As for why she came to him, even Jean couldn’t explain why.

“Then since he is not there, I will go back first.”

Jean said, getting up and leaving.

The little boy could only hear her asking, “Where to go back?”

The two words made Jean’s figure abruptly stagnant, and for an instant, the acidity rushed to her chest again, and her heart was filled with indescribable uncomfortably.

“Sister Sophia, give her the “medicine”.”


After a while, Sophia handed over a piece of “medicine” ointment to Jean, “Miss Jean, wipe it.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Jean hurriedly thanked her.

“Living here tonight!” Jean, Thomas Allison said.

“No…no need!!” Jean refused hurriedly.

The little boy frowned, obviously dissatisfied, “Are all women as bad as you?”


Jean admitted that she couldn’t help laughing when she heard such a sentence from the childish little boy’s mouth.

Seeing her smile, the little boy’s pink mouth was still pursed unconsciously, expressing serious dissatisfaction, but at this time, he didn’t know his cold, naive and awkward appearance. How cute!

“Why are you laughing?”

Jean narrowed the smile on her lips a little, and asked him curiously, “How old are you?”

“What are you doing?” The little boy stared at her angrily.

“Ah… I guess! Eight years old?”


The face of a certain little boy was very stinky.

“Seven years old?”

“…” A certain kid’s face “color” got worse.

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