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Chapter 23

“Ah, isn’t it? Only six years old?” Jean teased him deliberately.

“Ten years old!!” The little boy rolled his eyes uproariously.

Jean smirked, “Smelly, just like your brother!”

“…” This woman, dare to say that his brother has a bad temper? !!! Thomas Allison’s big black eyes looked at Jean in disbelief.

“Why keep staring at me?” Jean hurriedly covered her injured face, her expression a bit sad, “Don’t look, it’s very ugly today.”

“Every day is pretty ugly!”


This stinky kid!!!

“My brother called here!”

The kid said suddenly.

“Huh?” Jean gave a slight jaw.

“David, help me connect!”

Thomas Allison gave a faint command and saw David took the remote control on the coffee table and pressed it towards the large screen on the wall. In an instant, Jack’s enchanting face appeared on the screen.


“How was your day?”

“Very good! I just picked up a nasty wild cat back!”

Tomas Allison said, he didn’t forget to glance at Jean on the opposite sofa.

When Jean was stared at by him, she suddenly realized that the “nasty wild cat” that the little devil said was herself, this bad kid!!! She is not a little wild cat! Of course, it is even less annoying!!!

“Brother, when will you be back?” Thomas Allison asked her brother again.

“A week later!” In the video, Jack still supported his cheek lazily and returned to him.

Jean looked at the enchanting face on the screen, but had to admit that this man was really good-looking! Looking at him like this is a kind of supreme visual enjoyment.

“Brother, there is a wild cat on my side staring at you, Fan nymph!”

“Oh?” Jack’s mysterious phoenix eyes flicked suspiciously.

“Boy, you’re talking ‘chaos’ at all!!” Jean’s red and swollen face appeared on Jack’s screen.


Jack’s beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a few dangerous gleams passed through him. He stared at her and asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong with your face?”

Jack’s sudden question made Jean stunned for a second, and then replied with a loud voice, “Scratch.”

“Who scratched it?” Jack’s bewitched face sank.

“Uh… I was accidentally injured while filming.”


“How do you know?” Jean was in a daze as if she knew something, “Jack, you already knew about Mike and my sister, right?”

“Stay tonight!” Jack ignored her question, only ordered.

“No! I have to go back!” Jean’s face was pale as paper.

It turned out that Jack knew it early on, but he just didn’t tell her, and treated her as a fool and left her in the dark.

“She can’t go back.” Thomas Allison answered her brother lazily.

Jack nodded faintly, and didn’t look at Jean on the screen again, only said, “I have something else! Hang up first.”


The two quickly closed the line.

Just as Thomas Allison said, Jean couldn’t go back.

Only when she reached the door, she was stopped by a row of men in black, and their guns were aimed at her chest, “Miss Jean, please go back! This is Jack’s order.”

Jean turned her head, glaring at the innocent kid in the wheelchair opposite, and shrugged, “This is my brother’s order. No one dares to disobey.”

In the end, Jean never went back. If she didn’t stay here, she didn’t have a place to go.

Lying on the luxurious round bed, she could not sleep.

Her eyes stared at the ceiling in a daze, but her mind was full of scenes of Mike’s entanglement with her sister…

Tears involuntarily rolled out of the eyes, falling on the white pillow towel, breaking apart.

This feeling of being betrayed by marriage and family at the same time it’s so uncomfortable!!! It was as if someone stabbed her fragile chest until she was bloody.

“My brother went on a date with his girlfriend in Japan…”

Quill, another harsh word came out of Chaos’s mind.

Jean only felt her heart trembled, and her lips closed together and murmured, “So he has a girlfriend! Also, he looks so good, it’s weird not to have a girlfriend!”

However, after knowing that he has a girlfriend, why does an inexplicable sourness surge to her chest? Moreover, she seems to be really, very lost, very lost…

The next day, early morning…

The thin morning light came through the curtains, softly and warmly into the room, enveloping the people on the bed, as if covered with a layer of golden tulle.

Jean slowly woke up from her sleep, holding her beautiful eyes awkwardly, but for a moment, she froze.

For a moment, she almost thought she was dreaming.

In front of her, there was a bewitching face…

He lazily folded his legs and sat on the edge of the bed, staring at her with the mysterious phoenix eyes.

“Jack…Allison?” Jean sat up hurriedly in shock.

Jack’s charming eyes kept staring at her, and his eyes swept across her red and swollen cheeks, frowning as if unhappy.

“Does it hurt?”

His sudden concern made Jean’s heart trembled.

Her eyebrows drooped, her cheeks were a little hot, “it’s okay…”

As soon as Jack stretched out his hand, he easily picked up Jean from the quilt and sat in his arms.

Jean was taken aback by this sudden movement, “Don’t… don’t do this…”

“Don’t move!!” Jack ordered, his pupil flashed for a second, and his cold fingers pressed on Jean’s delicate chin, “Let me see the wound!”

“Jack, you… why are you doing this?” Jean’s cheek was red hot, and she was still vague in her words.

“How am I?” There was a wicked smile on the corner of his sex-sense lips.

Jean panicked, “I… isn’t it weird that we are like this?”

“Why is it weird?” Jack didn’t seem to care, his long arms wrapped tightly around her waist which was squeezed, Jean’s eyes were half-squinted into a line, and he looked at the expression in front of him with interest and was still a little worried. Woman.

At this moment, she was only wrapped in a large pink nightgown, she had already appeared in front of Jack when she was struggling.

“The pajamas fit well.” Jack curled his lips and praised in a lazy voice.

“Jack, you let me go first…”

“You haven’t told me why we are weird.” Jack finished speaking, and he approached her swollen cheeks and gently blew a few mouthfuls on her injured face as if cautiously.

This ambiguous movement made Jean in his arms suddenly stiff.

Her heart suddenly missed a beat, and the next moment, her face flushed.

Between his breath, it seemed to be filled with the charm and charm that belonged to him…

So masculine, but also so drunk and “confused” people.

This man is like a…monster!!! Correct! An enchanting evildoer who “confuses” people’s hearts, as long as she is a little slower, she will fall into the mystery barrier he set up and cannot escape.

“We shouldn’t be like this!!” Jean blushed, resisting, “I’m a married “woman”, and you…you are a person with a girlfriend, how can you still be with me…”

“What about you?” Jack raised his eyebrows wickedly.

“So close…” Jean lowered her eyes, her voice lowered a bit shyly.

“Ah…” Before Jean came back to her senses, she was hugged by Jack domineeringly.

“Jack, what are you doing?”

“Jean, you have to remember that as long as it is what Jack wants, there is nothing I can’t get!! What if you are a married “woman”? As long as I like it, you are mine!!”

“You…” Jean looked at the domineering man in front of her speechlessly.

What did he just say? Say… as long as he likes it? !!! What does that mean…

Jean blushed and her heartbeat, but she knew in her heart that the liking in this man’s mouth was not the liking she thought.

His possessiveness towards her is like the feeling of a child occupying his favorite toy!

“But I am not a thing! Besides, ethically, we can’t justify it like this!”

“Don’t try to talk about ethics with me, a man who doesn’t even care about the law, what ethics you expect from him?!”

“…” This is justified.


“Aren’t you afraid that your girlfriend is upset with you?” When Jean asked this, she felt a little unexplainable.

“Jean, hold my waist!”

Jack ordered her.

Jean just looked at him and didn’t follow.

Jack was not angry but laughed, “What? You want to play sex with me?”

“Jack, I don’t want to be a mistress between lovers!!!”

Jean seemed stubborn about this.

Jean, once again remembered the scene last night, her heartfelt a dull pain, her eyebrows drooped, and the sadness in her eyes was covered.

Jack raised her chin with one hand, forcing her to look at him, her gaze was a little condensed, “Jean, I don’t allow a woman with me, and think about other men!”

“Are you so overbearing to everyone?”

Overbearing, even the heart wants to control!

Jack curled his lips and smiled, and there was evil in the monster. “Jack Allison has always been overbearing to people who I want to be overbearing!! Other people are not qualified!!!”


This man, Jean found that she had no choice but to use him!!!

He is so domineering, he should be the very annoying kind, but every time he speaks, it is like a kind of exclusive pet, a kind of petting that makes Jean irresistible, and it makes her heart tremble.

Jack hugged her, went directly into the bathroom, put her on the sink, and sat down.

“Wash your face, then come out and apply “medicine”.”

After that, Jack was about to go out, and, as if thinking of something, he turned around and said, “You don’t need to worry about the things between me and my girlfriend! Are you a junior, let me say Jack Forget it!!”


She, Jean, is not qualified to be a…obstacle between him and Ava!!!


Looking at the long back figure disappearing at the door, Jean’s suspicious heart was more frustrated and astringent.

Jack, this man is like a mysterious vortex, staying in her world, adsorbing her, slowly falling into it…

At one point, there is no strength to struggle!!!

And Mike…

Probably, this is the fate of the last life!!!

She fell in love with this man since she was sensible. At the moment she proposed to marry him, she agreed without even thinking about it. At that time, she thought that the dream of the prince and princess had finally come true. , But found… It turned out to be just a glitzy dream!

After Jean washed her face, she felt much refreshed.

After coming out, Jack also changed into a loose nightgown at home.

Chapter 24

He folded his slender legs and leaned on the sofa casually. When he saw Jean coming out, he waved to the lazy her, “Come here…”


Jean looked at him puzzled.

Jack lazily raised the “medicine” ointment in his hand.

Jean paced towards him.

Jack patted the seat beside him and motioned her to sit down.

Jean sat down beside him obediently.

“Why did you come to me?”

Jack threw the “medicine” ointment to her, then handed a mirror over and asked her.

He put his legs lazily, spread his arms on the back of the sofa chair, squinted, and looked at her like a charm.

“I didn’t come to you specifically.”

Jean thought for a while before answering.

“En?” Jack snorted softly.

” I don’t know why I came here! But, Jack, there are some things I want to ask you. Did you know about Mike and my sister?”

Jean put the mirror and the “medicine” ointment on her leg.

“Yes.” Jack admitted, raising an eyebrow and asked, “So what?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Low anger, hidden in Jean’s eyes.

Her voice couldn’t help but raised a few decibels.

Jack frowned, “I have never been interested in participating in other people’s affairs!!”

He was so indifferent.

But what he said made Jean hold the “medicine” anointed hand, tightly tightened slightly, and for a while, she heard her murmur in a low voice, “In fact, you treat me like a fool like them…”

Jean said, getting up, and going to the dressing room.

Of course, Jack took her legs back easily, and fell into his arms, and was shackled tightly by him.

“Jack, you let me go!!” Jean struggled, tears in her eyes.

“What to do?”

“Don’t worry about it!” Jean puffed, “You should be less interested in other people’s things!”

“Girls should be nice.” Jack was not angry in the face of her little temper. He only took the “medicine” ointment in her hand and applied it gently for her.

His sudden movements made Jean panic, “I…I will do it myself.”

“Sit down!”

Jack ordered.

After all, Jean in his arms stopped resisting, “Didn’t you take a week to finish? Why did you come back today?”


Jack only gave a “groan”, and then no more.

Her question still didn’t give any answer.

“…” Jean was silent, this man!

“When do you plan to divorce Mike?” Jack asked her.

In his arms, Jean’s figure stiffened, and she heard her whisper, “Never leave.”

The voice is very soft but very persistent.

Jack curled his lips, and the enchanting pupils were shining with complicated gloom, which was impossible to figure out.

“Why? Still reluctant?” There seemed to be some ridicule in his words.

“No.” Jean’s answer was very indifferent, “I don’t want to just fulfill them like this.”

Jack chuckled softly, “This is not your style!”

“What is my style?” Jean smiled at Jack in front of him, “Patience? Or pretend not to know? Forgive? Or fulfill…”

As she spoke, a thin layer of mist was on the apricot cage in her, and she sighed, “I thought I would do it, but when I was slapped by my sister so much, I saw her and my husband again. At that time, I was naked and “naked”-the body’s love, listening to them calling me “slut”, “Vixie”, and “fool”, then I knew how many ills in my heart Be willing to…Jack, you said, what am I going to do with such a pair of men and women?!!!”

The voice fell, and a drop of tears rolled out of Jean’s eyes.

The sudden tingling on her cheek made Jean suddenly realize her gaffe, and wiped away her tears, a little sorry, “I shouldn’t have told you this…”

Jack’s enchanting eyes stared at Jean wantonly, his eyes like torches.

His lips…without warning, they fell on Jean’s fan eyelashes and kissed her tears dry…

The cool touch made Jean tremble all over.

The eyes widened, staring at the gentleman in shock.

“Jack… Allison, don’t… don’t do this…”

Jean resisted in embarrassment, “I…I’m not used to you like this.”

“Really?” Jack smiled wickedly, and hooked his finger to her sharp chin, “It seems that you prefer something rougher!”

As soon as the words fell, Jack’s big evil hand attacked Jean’s breast enhancement without warning. Even though the thick nightgown, Jean felt that she was almost about to be burned by his big hand…

“Jack, don’t mess up!!” Jean flushed with anxiety, and hurriedly grabbed his rude and domineering hand.

Jack smiled demonly, and in the next moment, he let go of his hand and stopped teasing her.

“The feel is pretty good!” Before the end, he didn’t forget to express his feelings.

“Jack, you are almost the same as the gangster!!” Jean scolded him in embarrassment.

Jack shrugged lazily, looking meaningless.


This guy has no skin and no face at all.

Later, Jack continued to apply “medicine” to Jean.

“Hey…” Jean called him suddenly as if thinking of something.

“En?” Jack raised his eyelids lazily.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

Jean tentatively probed him.

Jack’s demon-cooled phoenix eyes glanced at her, “Huh?”

“Thomas… why would he… have no arms and legs?”

One of Jean’s problems caused Jack’s hands to apply the “medicine” suddenly, “It hurts…”

She whispered in pain and was busy covering her cheek subconsciously, but she was a little apologetic, “I’m sorry, if you don’t want to say it, don’t say it! I don’t need to know.”

She just wanted to care about that cute cold noodle kid!!!

“He was cut off by someone…”

Jack’s voice condensed from above Jean’s head.

In the eyes of the blue “color”, if frost condenses, a dangerous “color” appears.

Jean’s lips are as cold as frost.

This sudden answer made Jean shudder, and her eyes widened, staring at Jack in disbelief, “was…cut off by someone?”


Jack curled his lips, and there was no warmth in his eyes.

“Why?” Jean asked in shock while trying to retreat from him, “Because… the enemy of the underworld?”

Jack did not let go, only “rubbed” her delicate body into his arms, deeper.

Head, buried in her chest…

As if wanting to draw more warmth from her soft body…

When Jean was still a little embarrassed and overwhelmed, she heard his muffled voice to her chest, “It is my father’s business enemy. On Thomas’s third birthday, he cut off his hands and feet. Thrown into the depths of the forest.”

That day the Allison was blood-bathed…

It is Jack’s indelible memory in this life!!! He will never forget how his crippled body was struggling in the forest with blood…

Jack’s words made Jean, who was pure-minded, couldn’t help but gasp.

She covered her mouth and could hardly believe that there was such a dark side in this world…


Jack’s low-pitched voice called her quickly.

“Yeah…” Jean had time to come back from the shock in the future.

“In your arms, it smells so sweet and soft…”

Jack’s demon’s cheek rubbed greedily, and he buried his head deeper.

“Jack, you big “perverted wolf!!!”

Jean’s small face turned red in an instant, and the shock and pity hadn’t been recovered before she was instantly replaced by shame.

“Be good, don’t be “chaotic”, let me just stay like this for a while…”

Facing her anger into anger, Jack whispered.

The tone is not like an order, more like a request…

His emotions seemed to be a little “fascinated”, his hands tightly wrapped her waist and head, deeply buried in her soft chest, and fell asleep deeply…

He, who hasn’t slept all night, finally seemed to be no match for this rare nest of peace of mind.

Seeing the unsuspecting sleep in her arms, Jean’s heart couldn’t help but feel trance…

It turns out that Jack, who has always been aloof and independent, has such a friendly side.

The corners of the beautiful lips couldn’t help but outline a gentle curve.

Like what, it hit her heart lightly, so soft, but also, so warm…

The next day…

Jean returned to her home, which was not considered home.

There is no lewdness before, nor nausea, and some, only deathly silence.

“Where did you go?”

As soon as she entered the house, she heard Mike’s muffled voice coming from the hall.

Jean was startled, her body stiffened slightly for a second, but she found that her chest still hurt a bit.

She took a deep breath without a trace, didn’t answer his question, and even didn’t look at him, and walked directly into the water room.

Put on the sanitary clothes, took the absorbent mop, wiped the steps, and prepared to carry out general cleaning of this “obscene”-filthy home.


As soon as she came out of the water room, Jean was blocked by Mike without warning.

His sturdy figure is like a mountain blocking the door, and the gloomy shadow envelops Jean’s petite body.

He bowed his head…

Moran’s black eyes were stained with complicated gloom, staring at Jean, in the ice desert, there seemed to be…unusual heat.

“Where did you go?”

He asked her repeatedly.

Voice, muffled, attitude, cold.

“Step aside!”

Jean’s tone is very bad.

This question, this man, is not qualified to ask her!!!

“Go to Jack, right?” In the tone of Mike’s, there seemed to be something…that Jean couldn’t understand, “fascinated”…

Heart, dull pain, very sharp.

The nose is sour, and the eye sockets are also wet.

However, she did not shed any more tears after all.

Looking up, Jean smiled, “Yes! Is there a problem?”

Such a smile was so beautiful that it almost pierced Mike’s eyes.

The pupils of his eyes shrank dramatically, and in the next moment, he flicked her hands and fished her neck, forcing her to raise her head…

One, a rude kiss, struck Jean’s red lips again.


Jean was frightened by this sudden kiss, her petite body struggled madly, “Blair… Mike, what are you doing!!!”

“Do not touch me…”

Jean struggled with all her strength and slapped the tall man in front of her. However, even if she tried to solve the problem, she still couldn’t escape the man, almost punished, raging kisses.

It’s already a quarter of an hour after Mike let go of her…

“Mike, are you crazy!!!”

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