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Chapter 379

Oh, no wonder Hazel always said that the Chinese characters of the motherland are vast and profound!

Seeing the cute look of the little guy, Blair Elijah laughed out loud towards the little demon.

Could it be that every kid is as fun as this kid? Why didn’t he think the kid was so funny before!

The car stopped in the parking lot.

Blair Elijah got out of the car and the little evildoer climbed out of the car.

“Oh, uncle, your car is so high!” The little guy turned over with his heavy schoolbag on his back, and he still mumbled bitterly.

Blair Elijah laughed dumbly, stretched out his hand, took the schoolbag on the back of the little guy, and put it on his hand, “It’s a kid, you are too short!”

Blair Elijah hit the weak heart of Landon without pity.

This little guy is really small, so small, especially standing next to his legs. By comparison, the kid is like a little toy.

Blair Elijah stretched out his big hand to him.

Landon hurriedly grasped his big little finger tightly with his fleshy little hand.

Big hand, holding small hand.

In this way, Blair Elijah walked home with a pink and lovely tail.

In front of the building, suddenly, the little guy stopped.

He raised his head and looked at his father, “Uncle, wait for Landon.”

“What are you doing?” Blair Elijah lowered his head, looking suspiciously at the little thing near his feet…

The little guy pointed to the telephone booth on the side, “I will make a call…”

“For the family?” Blair Elijah turned his chest and looked at the little ghost with his scrutiny eyes. “Aren’t you without parents?”

“Oh! Uncle, hello mother-in-law!” The little guy ignored him and ran to the phone booth as he said.

As a result, he only took two steps, and Blair Elijah twisted him back with one hand, “I have a phone at home, and I have a mobile phone.”

“No! Just use the shared phone for Landon!”

Of course, he can’t use his father’s phone, what if he is spotted by their shrewd Hazel?

To know her adultery with his dad, Hazel must be a cry, two troubles, and three hangs, and in the end, she will directly cut off all the connections between him and his dad, and then her future happy life with his dad will be completely lost.

Wow!!! Just thinking about it, the consequences are unimaginable!

Blair Elijah looked at the little demon in his arms in confusion.

“Uncle…” The little guy acted like a baby.

“OK!” Blair Elijah finally nodded, he wanted to see what kind of medicine was sold in this little ghost gourd.

Blair Elijah walked towards the phone booth holding the little demon.

“Do you need me to dial for you?” Blair Elijah asked him.

“No need! Thank you, Uncle!” The little guy was very polite, “Just hold Landon!”

Because he was too small and the phone booth was too high, he couldn’t reach his short hands if he didn’t hold him.


Blair Elijah was very cooperative.

Don’t forget to help him throw two coins into the phone.

The little guy quickly dialed a group of numbers and went out. Blair Elijah didn’t look at the group of numbers carefully, only holding him intently, waiting for the call to be connected.

Soon, the phone seemed to be picked up by the person on the other end.


The little guy yelled out loudly, “It’s a puppet! Your baby Landon.”


Blair Elijah, who was holding Landon, couldn’t help shaking his hands.

What kind of life did this little evildoer come from? How old is this to start learning to pick up girls?!!! Moreover, it was so affectionate!!! OMG!!!

“Baby, why are you crying?”

It seemed that the person over there was crying, and the kid over here was very nervous.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry… Landon is fine!!! Really! Landon is with a handsome uncle now!”

Handsome uncle? This kid has good eyesight! Blair Elijah thought.

Over there, Hazel wiped a tear, “Landon, why is your phone turned off?”

“Ouch! No battery!!”

“Where are you now? Why don’t you stay in the kindergarten and wait for Mommy?” Hazel asked him righteously.

“Um… I saw that the little turtle in the shop opposite, it was so cute, so I went to see him for a while, and then I met my handsome uncle! Then I went home with handsome uncle!”

“You went home with the strange uncle?” Hazel was anxious and sweaty, “You tell me where you are now, and I will pick you up right away.”

“Baby, don’t worry! Uncle is a good guy, a big good guy!! Do you believe in Landon! If the uncle is a bad person, Landon won’t be able to call you now! And wow, the money for the phone call was also from the uncle! Baby, you don’t use it to pick me up! I promised Uncle Handsome to spend the night with him!”


This stuff!!!

When did he say he wanted to keep this little evildoer here for one night?

He said that he was lost, and he had to come to his house by himself? But, how come this little monster’s mouth has changed?

“Come on, let me talk to Landon! This kid doesn’t understand the sinister heart.”

Obviously, on the other side of the phone, Adeline was also anxious and hurriedly snatched the phone in Hazel’s hand.

“Landon! Tell grandma, where are you now, okay? Grandma and Mommy will pick you up together…” Adeline coaxed her grandson.

“Grandma, even you don’t want to believe in Landon?”

Why is it so difficult for him to spend a night with his father?!!!

“Uncle, come and tell my grandma! Tell grandma, you are a good person, so you wouldn’t be kidnapping the pool, right?” The little guy said, he handed the phone receiver unceremoniously Blair Elijah.


Blair Elijah was still shocked for a second. As a result, a voice came from the vicissitudes of life on the phone, “Landon, even if your uncle is a good person, you shouldn’t stay at someone else’s house and cause others trouble!!”

Look, Director Doming, my grandma!

“Grandma, hello!”

Blair Elijah said politely. As a result, the language on his lips was completely contrary to what he thought. “Grandma, I am the uncle of Landon. I think Landon is very cute and we are also very speculative. So, I want him to stay here for one night too! But I can promise you that I will send Landon back early tomorrow morning, do you think it is appropriate? Oh, of course, if you don’t worry, you can leave my phone number…”

God knows, when he said that he was very speculative with a four-year-old kid, Blair Elijah completely began to doubt his IQ.

And, the hell, in this case, shouldn’t he take the initiative to ask for the address of the other end, and then take the initiative to send the lost kid home? However, he didn’t!!! He even took the initiative to ask this kid to stay!

He must be evil!!! Or, he has been alone for too long, and suddenly someone comes into the family, and he subconsciously wants to keep him.

Very unexpectedly, the little ghost’s grandmother agreed.

Blair Elijah quickly left his phone to the person on the other end.

His phone number has never changed in the past five years…

The reason, only he knows! Because he was afraid, one day a woman wanted to find him, but couldn’t find it! Therefore, his phone number has not been changed until now.

On the other end, Adeline didn’t even remember Blair Elijah’s call back then. She only entered the string of numbers into her mobile phone, making it easy to find their baby at any time.

“Goodbye, grandma…”

The little guy shouted goodbye on the phone, “Grandma”

“Don’t think about Landon too much! But Landon will miss you!”


When this kid grows up in the future, he will probably be a master pick-up girl with a first-degree evil, right?!

The little guy stepped on the pair of fluffy pink slippers, and looked around in the huge house with a little head like a rattle, swaying from side to side, and his smoky eyes shuttled back and forth. It’s as cute as a curious baby.

“Wow! Uncle, you live alone in such a big house?”


Blair Elijah poured water for the little guy on the bar counter while responding to him.

His eyes settled on the pair of plush slippers that looked like a big boat on his feet.

The heart still trembled for a second.

These shoes are not big. They were left by a woman five years ago. He kept them in the shoe cabinet and occasionally asked the auntie hourly workers to wash and dry them, but they have never been used. One, because there is no other way, those shoes are the smallest in the family.

“Uncle, you are so pitiful! There is only one person…”

The little guy looked at him with pity, and while talking, his small body was still squeezing, trying to climb up the tall seats on the side of the bar with great effort, but he couldn’t climb up. He had no choice but to give up.

But found that his father’s gaze has been falling at his feet.

He also followed his father’s gaze, staring at the pair of slippers on his feet that looked like two big boats, “Oh…Uncle, you are not honest!!”

The little guy pointed to the fluffy female slippers on his feet and complained to his father, “You also said that you live alone. This is a girl’s slippers!!”

Could it be that his father has always had an affair? That can’t work! If his dad has other girls, what about their little Hazel?

Blair Elijah looked at the little guy’s serious accusation, a little funny, “Little devil, do you care too much?”

And, is there too much to know?!

“How can I do it!!?”

The little guy snorted unconvincingly, and the slippers on his feet were muffled by his footsteps in the room like protesting.

He is in a bad mood now!

Blair Elijah smiled, “This shoe is broken, but I have to pay for it.”

“Stingy…” The little guy sneered at him unceremoniously, his small body twisted, and climbed onto Blair Elijah to sit down, “If it breaks, I will let our baby pay you for her shoes! Hers is much more beautiful than this. !”

“…” Can he compare the models five years ago and five years later?!

“No one can afford to pay for this pair of shoes.” Blair Elijah said faintly, with a look of loneliness passing through his dark eyes.

The little guy was stunned by Blair Elijah’s sudden sad expression. After a long time, he asked tentatively, “Uncle, isn’t this left by your favorite aunt?”

Hearing the little devil’s question, Blair Elijah looked at him in shock for a second, and then he was shocked for a long time before saying, “Little devil, are you sure you are only four years old now?!!! Do you know if it is too much?”

Chapter 380

“Ah, uncle, do you have an aunt you like?” The little guy was filled with loss in his eyes.

Oh no!!! If the uncle has a sweetheart, wouldn’t their little Hazel be completely useless?!

Blair Elijah narrowed his eyes to look at the gossip little evildoer in front of him, and then nodded for a while, “Yes! Your uncle, I do have a girl I like…”

In fact, like Allison Hazel is what he has been doing! But it is also something he has never wanted to admit in front of outsiders!!!


Many reasons, many reasons!!! Also, a lot of cruel reality!!!

However, the child is innocent, so when facing the little guy’s luminous eyes, he had an urge to tell him his heart.

“Moreover, I have loved her for many years…”

Blair Elijah wrapped the little guy in his arms, brought water to him, and continued, “She is my former wife! And, we both had children, but our children… unfortunately…”

Blair Elijah’s eyes were dim and sad, “In an accident, she left us! If she doesn’t leave, she should be as big as your little devil!!! Haha, if she doesn’t leave, I’ll give her to you. ! However, it seems that you don’t have such a fate…”

Blair Elijah’s throat was a little hoarse.

Many times, he always thinks of the little princess who will not have time to appear with him in the future.

He doesn’t know why, he always feels that the baby who left them must be a pretty little princess like an elf.

“Later, my wife and I divorced… Later, she left me, and it was five years after she left!”

The little guy heard his father’s words, and for a long time, he only opened his small mouth in amazement, unable to speak a word.

He had heard Hazel said that he still had a sister, but the sister left them before she was born.


The person his father likes in his heart is his baby Hazel??

The little guy’s unhappy mood immediately became cheerful now.

“It’s okay! Uncle, as long as you like it, go and chase people back! I’m pretty you!”

The little guy said, patted his thin little breasts.

Blair Elijah hurriedly grabbed his restless little hand, “Don’t shoot! I’m worried about you hurting yourself by shooting!”

This kid is cruel to himself!

He stretched out his hand and pampered the little devil to rub his little chest, suddenly as if remembering something, “Oops.”

Busily got up, put the little guy back on the ground, and went to the door to get the bag that was just brought back.

Just chatting with this kid, even Hazelic’s bride was forgotten at the door.

“Little turtle…”

The little guy also followed Blair Elijah like a little tail.

Blair Elijah put Hazelic’s bride into the turtle tank and saw that the little guy beside him had been looking at the turtle in the turtle tank with difficulty. He hurriedly carried the turtle tank to the ground so that the kid could see clearly.

“Wow, so good!”

The little guy squatted there like a curious baby, staring suspiciously at the two little turtles in the turtle tank with his big black eyes open.

“Hazelic, I found you a little bride, so you won’t have to be single like me in the future!”

Blair Elijah smiled and clicked on Hazelic, who had been raised by himself for five years.

“It’s called Hazelic?” The little guy asked his father suspiciously.

Blair Elijah only looked up at the little devil and did not answer.

“What about it? What do you want to call Hazelic’s bride?” The little guy asked Blair Elijah with a serious face, with his little head running fast, “Uncle, or else, can I give it a name too, okay?” “

Blair Elijah didn’t raise his eyes to look at him, but still stared at the little tortoise in the tank, and said for a while, “It already has a name.”




What a familiar name!!!

Isn’t this the same name as their Hazel?


Later, all night, he heard the little guy nagging…

“Uncle, you are so pitiful! Do you usually eat by yourself?”


“Uncle, are you alone in the bath? Landon is different. Every time three people are together…”

So, is this kid here to show off and stimulate him?

“Uncle, are you alone when you sleep? Ah… you are not afraid of the dark?”

The little guy blinked a pair of black phoenix eyes, looked at him sympathetically, with a small head resting on his sturdy belly, and unceremoniously holding him as a pillow.

“Little devil, if you continue to talk, I will let you go to sleep!”

Tigers don’t send cats, he treats him as critically ill!

Hearing the old man’s very serious intimidation, the little guy slumped his little head timidly. After a while, he heard the timid voice sounded dully in the quilt, “It’s so fierce, no wonder it’s all alone…”


“But, uncle, you will never be alone anymore!!”

Suddenly, a round head of the little guy came out again.

“Why?” Blair Elijah looked at him suspiciously.

“Because you will have a chance in the future!!” The little guy’s immature voice sounded warm, and a small pink face showed an innocent smile.

Looking at the childish smile of the little devil, Blair Elijah’s heart that had been cold for five years seemed to be warmed in an instant…

It seemed that there was a soft lump that hit his heart fiercely. Then, his heart sank a bit…

Soft, warm…

A strange warm current penetrated deep into his heart.

“Boy, you are simply a… enchanting!!!”

Not only coax women but also coax men like this!!!

The next day, at eight o’clock in the morning-

“Baby, I’m back…”

The little guy entered the house carrying a heavy schoolbag.

“God! Let grandma and mommy see…”

Adeline and Hazel took turns holding the little face of their children, and looked at him, “Thank God, there is no problem at all.”

The two people hung their hearts tightly all night and finally fell to the ground.

“Grandma, Hazel, don’t worry! Landon is really fine, look, there is no piece of meat!”


It’s worth losing a piece of meat! The two of them must go desperately with that man!!!

“Hazel, grandma, you let me first let Landon take down the bag first!”

The little guy was panting with exhaustion, and complained, “That stupid uncle, I told him to stop feeding Landon, but he wouldn’t listen…Oh! I’m so tired that Landon will die… “

Although it was only from the first floor to the tenth floor, it was also very life-threatening for him!!!

The little guy didn’t have time to keep warm with Mommy and grandma, so he took the schoolbag off his back and threw it on the sofa. The whole body was tired and collapsed on the sofa.

Hazel and her mother looked at each other deeply.

“Landon, mommy, look at what’s stuffed in your bag by the uncle.”

“Well, Hazel see for yourself. If you like to eat, just take it.”


This little guy is very generous!

As a result, Hazel opened his small schoolbag, really good

Sure enough, there is everything, no wonder this kid is exhausted!

Fruits, puddings, yogurt, even eight-treasure porridge?! Moreover, it is not a kind of fast food, but it is cooked at home and packed in a bento box.

Hazel at her tired and paralyzed son, then at her mother, shrugged and laughed, “Mom, it seems that the handsome uncle in this kid’s mouth is indeed a good person.”

Bad guys don’t give him so many delicious foods, right? Moreover, it is so hard.

The little guy who was paralyzed on the sofa finally opened his eyes and looked at Hazel and said, “Hazel, I promised that uncle will bring you the meal for you next time!”

“En?” She looked at her baby boy with a puzzling smile.

The little guy began to pack up the small schoolbag that was turned over by Hazel, and replied, “Hazel, you all don’t know how pitiful the uncle is. Every day, he lives alone in such a big, cold house. There was no one to accompany him to eat, no one to accompany him to bath, and no one to accompany him to sleep. Anyway, he was alone in everything…well, even Landon sympathized with him!”

The little guy’s eyes showed sympathy.

Hazel sat down beside him, helped him organize the snacks in his bag, and asked him casually, “Why don’t he has any other relatives?”

“I don’t know! I didn’t see it anyway!” The little guy shook his head like a rattle, and then looked at his mummy before continuing, “However, the uncle said he has a girl he likes. …”

Hazel rolled her eyes, “Landon, how many times has Mommy told you? Children are not allowed to talk about love and love all day long! Besides, what do you know about liking as a kid? Only sesame mung beans are big!”

The little guy shrugged innocently, “This is not what I want to say, but the uncle told me! He also said that the girl he likes has been away from him for five years, but he still misses her. !”

Landon’s words made Hazel stunned for a second.

Five years…

The same is five years!

How many people and things can be changed in five years? Also, how many hearts…

For five years, it is not easy to be able to keep his lover in his heart.

“Baby, since you like Uncle so much, why don’t you just ask Uncle to come to our house for dinner? Anyway, our house is also lively. Right?”

“No!” The little guy shook his head into a rattle again, “You don’t know the kind of person like the uncle, he is… cold, so he won’t come to other people’s homes for dinner!”

It’s worth it! Then, isn’t his master Landon’s big plan all in vain?

“Okay!” Hazel glanced at her son, habitually rubbing his chubby head with her hand, “I listen to you.”

“Oh, Hazel, you messed up Landon’s hairstyle again!!”


Children with big farts start to pay attention to hairstyles?!!! This is going against the sky!!!

This day and night.

At Anna’s invitation, Blair Elijah went to the ‘Le Nest’ again.

In fact, since the strong kiss incident that day, Blair Elijah has rarely been in and out of Colton. The reason is very simple. He doesn’t want to see that woman again and doesn’t want to be bewitched by her.

But today, he still came!

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