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Chapter 409

The rays of dawn projected in from the window and shone on them, so warm and warm…

As if feeling the warmth, Hazel opened her eyes in a daze.

Opening her eyes, she ran into Blair Elijah’s eyes that were gentle enough to greasy water. At that moment, she seemed to hear the voice in her heart…

At that moment, she had an urge to rub into his broad arms.

But, fortunately, she quickly regained her normal consciousness.

Looking at him in front of her, Hazel rubbed her wistful eyes, “Why are you still asleep?”

“Well, I can’t sleep…”

“Why?” Hazel blinked suspiciously.

Blair Elijah smiled at Hazel, “I miss you, so I can’t sleep…”

This is the case again!!!

Moreover, it is still such a numb.

Blair Elijah didn’t care about her, he just opened her quilt, and regardless of whether she agreed or not, he got in, embraced her, and fell asleep.

“Hey! You…” Hazel pushed him, a little embarrassed.

“Okay! Be good, stop making trouble! It’s about to dawn!”

Blair Elijah put his hand into the quilt, “So sleepy! It’s past four o’clock, and I haven’t slept all night…”

Seeing him like this, it’s not good to laugh at him anymore, so she just let him fall asleep in her arms.

All night, noisy…

But it seems that the warmth is a little off track.

Until the end, the two of them hugged each other and fell asleep…


The next day, early morning…

The thin morning sun shines through the beige curtains and reflects on the lazy Hazel, and it gives her a golden halo.

Today is another beautiful day…

Hazel rubbed her distressed eyes, only to find that the man was no longer there.

When she got up and finished washing, she heard Blair Elijah calling.

“Sister Lydia, can you help me stew some chicken soup and bring it over. Gastrodia must be added! Well, put more, it will help my brain.”

Blair Elijah kept exhorting on the phone.

“Master, do you have a headache?” Aunt Lydia asked Blair Elijah worriedly on the phone.

“No! Only… a friend.”

Blair Elijah thought for a while, then said.

He can’t talk about Hazel with Lydia, because he is worried that Lydia will talk to his mother.

He didn’t want to be disrupted by his mother when he didn’t confirm the relationship with Hazel when things will only become more and more complicated.

“Okay! Then I’ll send it to you soon.”

Blair Elijah hung up the phone, but Hazel was still standing on the promenade.

With her hands on the fence, she lazily supported her chin, bowed her head, and looked down at the man in the hall downstairs.

“Hey! Did you let Sister Lydia stew for me?”

Blair Elijah could hear her question upstairs, and looked up at her with a smile, “Wake up?”

“You haven’t answered my question yet!” Hazel is also smiling.

Such a relaxed feeling in the morning is so good!

“Okay, that’s it!” Blair Elijah probed his hand and answered her with a smile, “Gastrodiae is good for the brain. If I have time, I can ask Evan to write you a supplement. Although that guy is not very good, his medical skills… “

The most surprising thing is that the guy seems to be a little proficient in any subject.

“Thank you.” Hazel smiled lazily, “but who is your friend?”

“Oh?” Blair Elijah looked up at her, “You are not my friend, what is that? Huh? I think about it, is it an ex-wife? Or a girlfriend? Ah…or, fiancée?”


“Blair Elijah, the more you talk, the more ridiculous!” Hazel scolded him.

While talking, she walked downstairs and said, “Later Lydia will come over, I will stay upstairs! It is not good to let her see.”

Hazel knows what Blair Elijah is caring about, and he has been caring about it.

Not to mention that Blair had always had achievements for her five years ago, but now five years later, the prejudice is probably deeper.

So, if she can avoid the Blair now, try to avoid it!

What’s more, she didn’t want to be discovered by the Blair of Landon.

“Well, it’s okay!” Blair Elijah nodded in response.

In the morning-

Sure enough, someone came to give them soup, but Blair Elijah did not expect that it was not someone else who gave the soup, but Ruby! His mother!!!

“Ding dong, ding dong…”

The doorbell rang quickly, but the two people in the room were anxious like ants on a hot pot.

“How to do how to do?”

Hazel flustered paced up and down the hall.

“Why is your mother the one who came here? Wouldn’t it be so nice if I just hid like this? But…”

Would it be worse to hit head-on?

“Forget it, leave it alone! Go upstairs and hide first!” Blair Elijah said first, “I will let my mother leave as soon as possible.”

As soon as Blair Elijah finished speaking, the phone on the coffee table rang.

As a result, he heard his mother knocking on the door, “Son, do you have trouble with your legs and feet and can’t open the door? Mom knows you are inside!! You kid, your legs and feet are broken, why don’t you tell your family??”


He doesn’t know which big mouth is telling the story to his mother’s ears.

This is troublesome.

“Mom, don’t worry, I’m walking now!!” Blair Elijah yelled at his throat, and waved his hand to Hazel and go upstairs.

Hazel received instructions and hurriedly went upstairs and slumped into his room.

She hopes Ruby will not discover her existence!!!

It wasn’t until Hazel’s figure disappeared at the door that Blair Elijah was relieved and limped on a cane to open the door for his mother.

“God! Son, how come your feet are like this?”

Ruby looked at her son in this look, very distressed, and hurriedly helped him sit down on the sofa, “What do you think you want to be strong? It’s all like this, but you didn’t tell the family! If I hadn’t passed by your company today and wanted to see you on a whim, I wouldn’t know that you had something like this!!”

“Mom! I’m fine, so don’t worry too much.”

Blair Elijah said, still not forgetting to secretly glance at the situation upstairs.

“You said it’s okay, this foot looks like this!! You can’t do this, you have to let Sister Lydia come and take care of it!!! Really!!!”

Ruby carried the soup and walked to the kitchen, but as soon as she entered the kitchen, she lived in, “Son, do you have someone taking care of you?”

“Ah, no… No?”

Blair Elijah’s eyes flickered.

“No one?” Ruby looked at her son suspiciously, “Why does no one have the smell of oily smoke in the kitchen?” Then, she did not forget to open the refrigerator and check it, “Son, don’t tell mom, you will cook by yourself! Especially if you are limping!”

“Also!” Ruby raised the soup in her hand, “Lydia said you are going to stew this soup for a friend! What kind of friend?”

Ruby’s eyes lit up, “Girlfriend? Right? Which daughter? Why didn’t you show her to mom? Also, why didn’t it appear in the newspaper? Is it serious this time? When do you plan to marry?!”


The more Ruby asked, then she went too far.

This speed of development can be called a rocket.

“Mom…” Blair Elijah looked at her with a helpless smile. He knew that his mother was very anxious about his marriage, but he had nothing to do!

Because the only woman who made him want to get married has been absent!

But now it’s alright, that woman… finally came back!!!

Although he waited for five years, she finally came back!!!

It took a long time, but at least, she didn’t let him wait in vain!!!

“Mom, you think too much. It’s just a part-time job I hired to cook for me! Not a friend! Not a girlfriend!”

“So…” Ruby still didn’t believe it, “What about these soups? Whose?”


“Which friend?” Ruby forced.

“It’s Evan!!” Blair Elijah lied and didn’t blink, “Mom, you know, that guy doesn’t go home all the year-round. It’s not easy to drink the soup at home. This will be compelling, so I made him stew…Eh, if you believe it or not, call him now!”

Ruby looked at her son half-believingly, but she didn’t mean to call…

“Forget it! Call him, that kid is very shrewd, even if you deceive, that kid can cooperate without flaws!”

Blair Elijah only smiled.

But no, good brothers for so many years, no matter how tacit understanding is.

“Mom, you don’t need to let Sister Lydia come over. I have an auntie to take care of me. Besides, Evan will come here often. If you suddenly let Sister Lydia come over, I will only find it even more inconvenient!”

Ruby glanced at her son, thought about it for a long time, and then reluctantly said, “Okay! But I will let Sister Lydia come to give you a soup every day!! Also, if there is something to be done in the future, it must be first. Time to inform the family, you know?”

“Yes! Mom, I know! Isn’t this afraid that you will be worried then!”

“You will only worry me more! It’s really…”

Blair Elijah couldn’t help but glanced upstairs and saw a small black head peeking out curiously. Seeing Blair Elijah’s gaze swept past, she hurriedly retracted.

Blair Elijah gave a clear cough, “Um, mom, do you have anything else to do later?”

“I’m fine today, I made a special trip to see you!”


“Later, Mom will cook a good lunch for you!”

It’s really rare for Ruby to cook. Usually, only on his father’s birthday, Ruby will cook and cook a sumptuous dinner for the whole family. However, it depends on the mood. If she is in a bad mood that day, this treatment is also just safe.

So, for this meal, he is very yearning.

But, it’s just that this is too special today, so he can’t help but refuse.

“Mom, how about this meal… shall we make another day?”

“En?” Ruby looked at her son suspiciously.

“It happened to be an appointment with a client for dinner today. I have to talk about the hotel cooperation plan. Look at this…” Blair Elijah had to say a reason.

“You look like a ghost, so what kind of work are you talking about!! Contracts or something, but the negotiation will not be the same again! Don’t just focus on work, not even your body! I don’t agree with this!!” Ruby’s attitude is very resolute.

“Mom! This is a big customer from the United States. It’s rare to meet him once. I can’t just let it go! Besides, this is a big project of more than one billion Yuan…” Blair Elijah can say the numbers more. A bit huge.

Chapter 410

Ruby is a person on this road. Of course, she knows how tempting a business is to the billions of dollars. She glanced at her son’s legs and felt a little shaken, “How are you going like this?”

“I’ll let Uncle Declan come to pick me up later!” Blair Elijah hurriedly returned her, “Don’t worry, I am in a wheelchair, there will be no problems.”

“Okay then!!” Ruby finally didn’t hold on, “Actually, my mother also had a meal at noon today. When I heard that your leg was broken, I pushed it immediately, but now, I seem to be able to go to the appointment!”

“Mom, then you go quickly! I’ll go out soon after a while!! Also, thank you for the soup! Go back and help me, thank Sister Lydia, just say… that boy Evan likes it incredibly!”

“Okay!!” Evan saw her son look very anxious, got up, and didn’t plan to sit down anymore.

“Then I will leave first! You take good care of yourself!”

“Okay! Mom, I’ll give it to you.”

Blair Elijah leaned on crutches and was about to send Ruby out.

The tense heartstring relaxes at this moment.

To be discovered by the mother of the existence of Hazel, with his mother’s decisive character, Sister Lydia will be allowed to take care of himself in the future, and she also took it for granted to go back to his home to take care of him. Just so gloriously let it go to Sister Lydia.


He has just taken a step now, so he can’t have a problem with this knot!!!

“Son, what do you think?” Ruby asked Blair Elijah, who seemed to be in a daze.

“No, nothing!” Blair Elijah returned to his senses, Ruby was already standing at the entrance of the hallway.

“Then I will go first…”

With that said, Ruby is about to leave.

However, a strange ringing sound made Ruby still have time to step out, and suddenly stopped.

“Hazel baby, hurry up and answer the phone! Super baby is calling you…”

The bell of milk and milk exploded in the hall.

This is the ringing tone of Hazel’s phone!!!

Just a few days ago, Landon recorded it with Hazel’s cell phone!!! Blair Elijah had been arguing with him for a long time, and both of them rushed to record. As a result, both of them recorded it and set it as their special ringtone.

Unexpectedly, this ringing tone turned out to be… a bad thing!!!

“Hazel baby, answer the phone quickly…”


In Blair Elijah’s heart, there was a stir.

His precious son, when he won’t call, he should call now!!!

And upstairs, Hazel is even more complaining!!!

Oh no!!! This time, it must be revealed!!!

“Hazel baby?” Ruby turned around, staring at her son with a biting gaze.

“Whose cell phone is ringing? Is it… Allison Hazel?” Her eyes almost turned into two ice skates.


“Son, that woman is back, isn’t it?” Ruby turned and walked in, looking for the cell phone that kept ringing.

Sure enough, a female phone!!!

The phone happened to be hung up by the person over there.

Ruby held the phone in her hand, “You are still in contact with that woman!! You said, is she the one who takes care of you here? And this soup is also for her, right? She is not here? She’s upstairs, right?”

Ruby said, going upstairs to find.

“Mom, even if it’s her, what can we do?”

Seeing her mother come upstairs, Blair Elijah limped behind her.

Ruby became excited when she heard what her son said. She turned her head and stared at him, “What do you mean by her? Son, when did you become so unpromising? It was the woman who didn’t want you first. What is it now? As soon as she came back, you sent yourself up again? With a dignified president and a mayor’s son like you, what kind of ladies are you looking for? I just want one to be so careless. Lung’s fragile woman? Anyway, I don’t care, you have nothing to do with that woman!!! I will never allow any woman to trample on my son like this!!!”

Ruby deliberately increased the decibel of her speech a little bit, the reason is to let Hazel upstairs hear.

Of course, her words can be heard clearly by Hazel.

The complex emotions turned into a circle of ripples, which flowed through the bottom of her heart, and some were not tasteful…

“Mom! It’s your son, I’m sorry for her first!!” Blair Elijah looked at his mother helplessly.

“Really?” Ruby raised her eyebrows disdainfully, “Even so, she is not qualified to trample on my son!! Not to be qualified to stay in this house!!!”

“Mom!!!” Facing his mother’s unreasonableness, Blair Elijah had nothing at all.

And Hazel, of course, knows the character of her former mother-in-law.

Since they have all searched upstairs, it seems that she is still hiding, and she is a little unkind.


Hazel walked out generously from the room.

“Excuse me, I just went to the bathroom, and when I came out, I didn’t expect you to come over.”

“Oh, it’s long enough to go to the bathroom this time.” Ruby stood on the promenade and looked at the opposite Hazel sarcastically.

After five years of absence, the time hasn’t left any trace on this woman’s face, and even the fox and charming temperament that year has become more and more serious.

No wonder her son is going to be caught by this woman again!!!

“Allison Hazel, I don’t want to tear my face with you, so, get acquainted and go out by yourself!! You are not welcome here!!”

Ruby glanced at her indifferently.

Hazel only smiled before trying to answer, but Blair Elijah took the lead.

“Mom! You don’t have to be like this, I won’t let her leave.”

Blair Elijah’s tone was very firm. He paused, as if he was thinking about something, and then continued, “Actually, I didn’t plan to let the two of you meet now, but since you have already met, let’s put it out and put it! Allison Hazel, I don’t care what you think of me, but since you have come back, I have no plan to let you run away!! Whether you say I am overbearing or blame me for being too arrogant, but the result there is only one, you stay with me!!”

He, across a long distance, stared deeply at her opposite, and in the dark eyes, there was only the firmness and long-term love for this lost love.

Comprehending the profound meaning in his gaze, Hazel standing there staring at him, the heart pond…a rippling…

Hands, resting on their chests, unconsciously because of tension, the tighter the grip.

“Mom! My business…I hope I can decide by myself!”

Blair Elijah looked at his mother, his voice was a little low, but he was also very determined, “I know you have been hoping for me to remarry for the past five years, but… I’m sorry, some things are really beyond my control, such as the heart!!! She may not love me anymore, but I still can’t forget, and I can’t force myself to fall in love with others!!! Mom, this is love, I believe you know better than me!!! You can also understand my heart …So, I hope you can fulfill me!!”

Blair Elijah’s words are full of genuine comfort.

Ruby’s eyes shrank dramatically…

“Son, you… are you willing to lower your posture so low for this woman?”

Blair Elijah smiled faintly, “Mom, I didn’t lower my status, I just took love more sacred!! Also, I took her more importantly!”

“You…” Ruby, who has always been eloquent, was blocked by her son’s few sincere words.

And Hazel on the other side was also caused by his sincere words from the bottom of his heart. The heart was throbbing, and the warm wave of moving wave after wave almost wiped her out…

“What about her? Does she still love you? Son, are you sure you don’t want it?”

Ruby asked Blair Elijah, but her eyes were fixed at Hazel.

What she wants is Hazel’s answer!!!

What is love? As early as five years ago, she fulfilled her son’s love, even if she didn’t like the girl in front of her very much! However, she loves her baby son, so she chose to accept this wife!!!

She understood her son’s feelings towards this woman better than anyone else. For so many years, she has been watching it in her eyes and hurting her heart.

The more unhappy her son was, the more she hated the woman in front of her, but she did not expect that this woman would come back again, and her son seemed to…

With life?! Perhaps she can only use these four words to describe it!!! At least, in her son’s eyes, she saw emotional fluctuations, which is probably a symbol of life!!!

The son loves her!!! But, what about this woman? What if she doesn’t love? What if she hurt her son again?? As a mother, shouldn’t she shelter her son everywhere? Shouldn’t she think about her son’s happiness everywhere?

Hazel looking at Blair Elijah, and his mother…

The situation seems to have completely exceeded her expectations…


Hazel opened her red lips before she wanted to explain something, but she was cut off by Blair Elijah.

“Mom! She hasn’t accepted me yet!!”

Ruby frowned and Hazel at the opposite side.

“But, this is always between us, Mom, I hope you…give me a chance, a chance to get her back!!”

The implication is to ask his mother not to block him anymore, as well as them!!!

“Son, you… are you not afraid of getting hurt again?”

“Fear! Of course, I am afraid!!” Blair Elijah smiled and nodded, “But I’m even more afraid that I didn’t even work hard, so I let her go!”


What the son said, let Ruby’s live.

For a time, she couldn’t say a word.

And Hazel, standing there, even more so, unable to say a word.

All she knows is that there is a warm current that accumulates in her chest, causing her to make her nose sour…

Blair Elijah, haven’t seen him in five years…

He has become too much!!! At least…learned, try to make her understand!

Hazel stared at him in a dazed manner, her eyes were a little moist unconsciously.

Ruby seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she said nothing more.

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