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Chapter 1097

“From now on, he will take the place of Chen Aping and participate in activities with you!” He was introduced by the staff of the War Department of the Japanese War.

“Special forces from South Vietnam?”

Everyone was in an uproar. They all knew very well about the disappearance of Lin Apping, a South Vietnamese special soldier, and they were a little surprised when they suddenly saw other special soldiers in South Vietnam.

“I will take the place of Lin Aping to participate in the special forces competition.” The man looked a bit fierce, and his eyes were very bad. He scanned around and said.

Although everyone’s eyes were attracted by him, no one spoke. After all, this kind of thing is happening in Nanyue now, and no one wants to cause trouble to themselves out of thin air.

What’s more, whether this special soldier will take the place of Lin Apping to participate in the competition, or whether to investigate this matter on the grounds of participating in the competition, no one can say for sure.

But the only thing that can be certain is that once it is mistaken for Lin Apping’s disappearance, the trouble can be aggravated.

“Special forces from South Vietnam.” Sheldon, who was leaning on the window, heard the voices below clearly. Looking at this person, Sheldon couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled.

“What you did is okay, they won’t find us here.” The ghost operator nodded.

“Don’t worry about this kind of thing. The new acting chief of Nanyue, Lu Chengkun, is a soft guy. When he left Nanyue, he called me respectfully, for fear that I would not leave and continue to stay with them in Nanyue.

” I guess this person is only for this position. As long as he can keep the position of the leader and hold the power in his hands, the rest is not important to him.” Sheldon lit a cigarette.

Thinking of those times in Nanyue, Sheldon decided to go back to the ancient ruins first after getting the method to log in to Youlong Island from the Erye family.

I went there in a hurry last time, and I left in a hurry. I just took away Hai Xintu. Judging from the current situation, I don’t know the secret of Hai Xintu at all, and Sheldon believes that the magic relics are definitely not like him. It seems so simple.

Going back this time, maybe even the secrets in Hai Xintu can be solved together.

“That said, it doesn’t pose a threat to us.” Sheldon’s words let the ghost operator breathe a sigh of relief. He was not afraid of these things. He was just worried that this situation would flood in his mind. Not only could he not help, but also It would drag Sheldon and Bai Xiaofei back, which he didn’t want to do.

“There will be no threats. If it can cause us trouble, it will not be easy.” Hearing this, Sheldon laughed and joked.

The two continued to tease for a while before returning to the room.

The special forces training has nothing to do with them, and Sheldon did not perceive any danger nearby, which means that Bai Xiaofei and Feixu are very safe here.

Lie on the bed with a cigarette between them, Sheldon thought about all the things that happened during this time.

The Chen Family on Youlong Island.

Sun League.

Including the Jinchuan family and the Hanoi family who are now in contact with the country.

Even the mysterious Yamashita family with ninjas, Sheldon couldn’t understand why the old man would help him out until now, and from the accent, he seemed to be a Chinese.

A family with ninjas, there will be Chinese people in it.

And Sheldon didn’t know why he helped him. Could it be that he had something he wanted to know about him.

In any case, after the special forces competition is over, Sheldon will go back and have a look. At the very least, he must understand the secrets of the old man. If he can be his own help, he will be relaxed when facing the Jinchuan family and the Hanoi family. less.

Without knowing it, Sheldon felt a little tired. Since he didn’t perceive the danger, he fell asleep directly. The cigarette in his hand burned to the ground and fell to the ground.

early morning.

It was not someone else who awakened Sheldon, but Ichiro Noda’s phone.

“Mr. Sheldon, where are you now?” Sheldon opened his sleepy eyes, took a look at the phone, and then connected. Just after the phone was connected, Ichiro Noda’s hurried voice rang on the phone.

“I’m resting in your training ground room.” Sheldon frowned slightly, and finally got a good night’s sleep and was awakened by others, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t walk around, wait for me there, I’ll be there soon!” I could clearly hear Noda Ichiro’s tone and relax, and after speaking, he hung up the phone.

Sheldon scratched his hair, not knowing what this person meant, but he still got up and washed a bit. After all, the other party was an investigator from the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom.

Just coming out of the bathroom, I heard a knock on the door.

After opening the door, Noda Ichiro walked in nervously, first looked at Sheldon’s body, and saw that Sheldon was indeed just waking up, so he dispelled his doubts.

“Mr. Noda, it’s not the first time we met. Just talk about it directly.” Seeing his actions, Sheldon said with a smile.

“Then I’ll be straight.” Noda Ichiro swallowed and said, “The special soldier from South Vietnam has disappeared strangely. According to our investigation, it is very likely that he was murdered.”

“Oh?” Sheldon was stunned. A moment, but still very plainly asked, “You found Lin Apping’s body, or did you find any clues?”

“It’s not him, Lin Apping, we have been investigating, but so far, we still haven’t investigated the situation at all. This person It’s like disappearing out of thin air. For so many years, I have never encountered such a bizarre thing!” Noda Ichiro said, shaking his head.

After a pause, he continued to speak, “What I told you was not him. It was the Japanese special force who had just arrived last night to replace Lin Apping in the special forces contest. He also disappeared, but according to the surveillance and the scene, it is estimated that he was killed. Dropped.”

“He is also dead?”

Sheldon felt a little unbelievable when he heard his words. Lin Aping killed him by himself, but this new special soldier, Sheldon’s mind was not on this person at all, and there was no reason to kill him. .

Other people’s hands.

Sheldon is a little curious about who will do it at this time. He knows that the special forces competition is about to start, and he knows that there are a lot of surveillance around. Even if the game is over, he will do it on the way back to South Vietnam. It is much better than it is now. .

“Yes, I didn’t go during training this morning. We went to the room to find it. Then we followed the surveillance bit by bit and learned about this.” Noda Ichiro nodded.

He feels like he is dreaming now, and Lin Aping’s affairs have not been investigated before.

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