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Chapter 413

“You kid, all right!! Falling from such a high building didn’t flash your waist!”

Blair Elijah’s face has been so good that he can’t see where it goes, “Evan, don’t you think your existence is annoying?”

Good things that ruin him every time!!! This bastard!!!

He even suspected that this guy was on purpose!!! He must be jealous of his sex and happiness!!! Therefore, every time he deliberately finds an opportunity to destroy his good deeds!

Evan didn’t take Blair Elijah’s scolding seriously. He only knocked the plaster on his leg with his hand. “I’ll warn you. You have to pay attention to this leg and foot. Don’t press it. Now! It’s going to be crushed, and you will suffer by then!”


Unfortunately, he has been pressing for a while now!

“Landon, when are you going to talk to Hazel?”

“I don’t know…” Blair Elijah shook his head, “I’m thinking when she will tell me…”

As Blair Elijah spoke, complicated emotions ran through his dark eyes.

Evan took a deep look at him and asked, “What if someone doesn’t plan to tell you?”

Blair Elijah glanced at Evan, his eyes were a little hollow, and then he shook his head, “I don’t know…”

Not telling him, does it mean that she is not ready to accept him?

“You and Hazel are both slow-reacting people! Both seem to want to verify something on each other and get any answers! But I think since you have already reached this point, why not try to take the initiative again Point, tell her directly about this matter? You just have to see how she reacts and you will understand everything!”

Blair Elijah seemed to think about it seriously, and then said, “En! It seems that I have to find a good time.”

“By the way, how is my leg recovering? How long will it take to cultivate?”

“Two months!”

“For so long…” Blair Elijah frowned, already having a new plan in his heart…

He hopes that his sincerity can arouse the closed heart of a certain woman!!!

Time passed by in a hurry…

In these two months, a lot of things seemed to have happened, and it seemed that everything stayed in place.

Once, Hazel secretly swallowed contraceptives after finishing her love with Blair Elijah and happened to be caught by him.

Every time he didn’t use a condom, she took the medicine secretly, but to avoid unnecessary trouble, she never told Blair Elijah.

However, she was still caught by him.

At first, his face was very bad.

The sexy thin lips were pressed into a straight line, staring at Hazel, without saying a word.

Hazel was a little flustered by him. The two of them were silent for a long time before Hazel saying, “I just don’t think we two have any plans at all. If we have it, then…it will be very troublesome for both of us.”

Is not that right? She couldn’t imagine what the result would be.

Blair Elijah only looked at her, still, silent.

Hazel was staring at him, like a thorn on her back, and she was so confused that she didn’t dare to say more.

Finally, she heard him suddenly speak.

“Don’t take medicine anymore!!”

He said swiftly.

The voice was calm and expressionless.

But she can feel it, he is very unhappy.

It’s just unhappy! In his eyes, there is no anger or dissatisfaction.

After a while, she heard him say, “If you have anything to do in the future, discuss with me! I have told you that eating this is bad for your health!”

Blair Elijah snatched the medicine from her hand and threw it into the trash can.

“Don’t eat today! One time… You shouldn’t get caught.”

Having said that, he paused for a while before continuing, “I will wear a suit in the future! You don’t like it, you should tell me earlier!”

Blair Elijah’s words silenced Hazel.

This is a bit different from his style!

According to his hot temper, shouldn’t he come to question her? However, he has none! He seemed to understand her very much, or he didn’t want to force her. In short, he didn’t express any dissatisfaction with her behavior but was particularly unhappy with her taking the medicine and hurting her body.


Facing him like this, Hazel seemed to want to explain something again, but as if the throat was blocked by something, the words reached the throat, just can’t say it.

Isn’t this ending just as she intended?


This is a small episode in two months, and it seems to not influence them.

The two people still got along very happily, and Blair Elijah didn’t feel at all about this matter, and never mentioned it to her again, but when he did it later, he would pay special attention to safety measures.

Two months passed in a hurry…

Blair Elijah’s legs have returned to normal, only occasionally when the weather is wet, there is still a little pain.

And Hazel also resumed her previous life.

From 9 to 5, occasionally working overtime, her mother cooks, and she and Landon are responsible for eating. The family of three seems to be happy.

Of course, dates with Blair Elijah are also occasionally held, but they only avoid her mother.

On this day, after eating, Hazel was washing dishes in the kitchen, and Adeline didn’t know when to squeeze in.

“Hazel! How are you and that handsome uncle of Landon? Why didn’t you take them home to play? I don’t even know his name!”

In this way, Adeline thinks that her daughter may not be dating that man at all! Otherwise, how could the daughter be so unwilling to bring others back? Even the name was never mentioned to her.

“Mom, he’s a big man, how am I embarrassed to take him home.” Hazel casually found a reason to prevaricate her mother.

“Aren’t you in a relationship?”

“Where is it?!!!” Hazel quickly denied, “It’s not, my friend! You must have listened to that guy Landon again!”

“No, you always go out with him on a date?”


“Mom good friends can go out to meet, too!” Hazel’s heart panicked a little.

“Then I don’t care!” Adeline seemed a little depressed, “You decide for yourself! You can’t be with him, then you have to listen to my eighth aunt, and go to meet her distant nephew tomorrow. Although they are also divorced, their conditions are pretty good in all respects!”

When Adeline said this, she paused for a second, and glanced at her daughter, “Hazel, mom is picking up ugly things here, man, don’t be too picky about this thing, you are different from what you used to be after all. With Landon, it’s not the single woman you used to be! Picking a husband like this…”

“Mom!!” Hazel hurriedly stopped Adeline’s words and glanced at the kitchen door. Fortunately, the little guy was not there.

“Don’t say these words! Although Landon is not sensible yet, he should think more about these words if they are to be heard! You know, I don’t want to be considered his oil bottle!”

“You know what I meant!” Adeline was also a little anxious.

“Of course I know!” Moreover, every word of her mother is true.

This is a real society. Having a child, no matter what she does, will be much harder than for ordinary people.

“Mom, in fact, you also know my character. Instead of finding a man you don’t love, it’s better not to…”

“Hazel, marriage is not what you think!! You have gone through a marriage yourself, you should know better than anyone else, marriage and love are two different things!! In front of marriage, you will find that love is nothing at all. You listen to me, can you go and see me tomorrow? Maybe you and he will fit well or not? Or maybe you have a close relationship with him?”

Adeline persuades Hazel bitterly.

What she worries about most is that Hazel thinking about that bastard!!! That, the guy not worthy of her daughter’s beloved!!!.

If her daughter was ruined by him because she loved him, it would be too worthwhile.

“Mom, I…”

Hazel wanted to refuse.

However, looking at her mother’s expectant eyes, she had no choice but to give up, “Okay! I promise you, I will go see him tomorrow!”

Just go check it out!!! Let mothers feel at ease!!!

“Great!!” Adeline immediately beamed her eyebrows, “I will immediately call my eighth aunt.”

Adeline smiled and went out of the kitchen.

Hazel while busy, heard her mother call outside, “Auntie! It’s me!! Yeah! Hazel shows that dinner is free! Yes, yes…Ah, that’s great!!! Just let it be. The young people go by themselves! Well, they can watch a movie or something after dinner! OK, then let’s make a decision, okay! Tomorrow night at six o’clock…”

The phone hung up.

Hazel was still washing the bowl over and over again, but she was already in a mess.

Blair Elijah…

The three words are always flowing in her mind.

Hazel kept thinking, what would happen if her mother knew of his existence?

Or maybe, she has been trying to hide things like this, does she plan not to say it?


When can she hide this?

Hazel sighed.

The next day…

Seven o’clock in the afternoon, dinner time-

Hazel arrived at the western restaurant she had agreed with before.

As soon as she entered the door, she subconsciously searched the whole restaurant and saw someone waving at her.

Hazel for a second before walking over.


The man smiled, got up, and shook hands politely with her.

“Hello!” Hazel smiled generously.

His name is Christopher. He is thirty-five years old. He looks ordinary, not outstanding but not ugly. He has a shallow beard and a smile of a mature man. When he laughs, he is also a little friendly.

“You are more beautiful than the photo.” Christopher smiled generously.

“Thank you…”

Hazel thanked him politely and sat down generously opposite him.

Christopher is a very talkative man, and Hazel is not a gentle person on weekdays, and the two of them have a good chat when they come and go.

It seems that Christopher intends to develop with Hazel. The most talked-about is nothing more than two children, Landon, and his daughter.

When he talked about the child, the two people seemed to have more common words.

But they don’t know that at this moment, everything they have has already been collected into a pair of dark and deep eyes upstairs.

Chapter 414

When Blair Elijah called Hazel today, she said that she had an important business dinner in the evening, and she couldn’t push it off, so she couldn’t eat with him. In the end, only he and Landon were left at night.

Landon saw what the old man opposite had been looking at, and followed his gaze suspiciously…

“Huh? That seems to be a Hazel!!”

The little guy was very happy when he saw his mummy.

“En…” Blair Elijah responded.

“Huh? That uncle…where did I seem to have seen it!!”

The little guy blinked his smart eyes, “Uncle Christopher!!”

Correct!!! It’s him!!!

“You know?” Blair Elijah was a little curious.

“Yeah!! I went to Uncle Christopher’s house with my grandmother before as a little guest!! Uncle Christopher has a beautiful little princess, but the little princess doesn’t have a mother! At that time, the eighth grandmother also said that she wanted to take the baby. The princess is a sister to Landon!!”

“The little princess doesn’t have a mom?”

“Yes!” The little guy nodded and said again, “She is so pathetic…”

Blair Elijah was silent.

His complexion gradually sank a little.

So… Allison Hazel is not going to a business dinner at all, but… a blind date?!!!

Want to find a daddy and sister for Landon??!!!

Blair Elijah’s dark eyes shrank sharply, and the expression in his eyes instantly became lonely.

Allison Hazel…

What is she thinking?!

“Landon, who do you like better than me and the uncle below?”

“Of course it’s you!”

“Who is handsome with him?”

“Of course it’s you!”

“Who is more attractive to him?”

“Of course it’s you too!!”

“Then who do you think she would like better than him?”

“Of course…it should be you…”


“What is ‘should’?”

With these two words, Blair Elijah was really upset.

The little guy bowed his head aggrievedly, “Hazel just had a good time chatting with Uncle Christopher!”

Check it out!!! Even this kid can see that there is something strange between them!!!

Allison Hazel, did blind dates make you so happy? Is it necessary to laugh so brightly? So beautiful?

Blair Elijah admitted that he was unhappy, very unhappy!!!

He especially wanted to call the woman below to tell her that he was upstairs looking at all the scenes below. If he could hope she could collect it, he still didn’t dial the phone.

After a meal.

Hazel chatted with Christopher very happily, but she had already explained to him that she had no plans to fall in love, for the time being, so now they are just getting along like friends.

When Christopher went to pay the bill, he found that their table had already been preempted.

Christopher looked suspiciously and smiled, “Why did you pay for it?”

“No! Has anyone paid the bill?” Hazel was equally curious.



She heard a milky voice calling from behind.


Hazel looked back, Christopher was also a little surprised.

“Uncle Christopher!!”

“Yo!!! It’s Landon!!!” Christopher greeted Landon hurriedly, “Why are you here? Are you here with your grandma?”

As soon as Christopher finished questioning, he saw a black figure coming out from inside.

“No! I came here with Daddy!!”

The little guy’s screaming “Daddy” is so affectionate!!!

Hazel looked at Blair Elijah on the opposite side, really panicked for a second.

“You… why are you here?”

Blair Elijah didn’t speak, but smiled at Christopher and nodded as a greeting.

“Mr. Blair, did you invite this meal just now? It was a waste!” Christopher knew Blair Elijah, the top figure in Minlin, who did not know anyone active in the business field!

“As expected.”

Blair Elijah responded faintly, his eyes deeply locked to Hazel on the other side, but the four words did not hesitate to reveal his possession of the woman in front of him.

Hazel was a little panicked by his stare.

When she thinks of the fact that she lied to him on the phone before, she feels a little sorry and a little uneasy.

When Christopher saw the situation, he was also a conscious person, and said hurriedly, “Hazel, I’m sorry, I suddenly thought that there are still some things on hand, so I’ll take a step!”

“Okay, go ahead and see you!”


“Uncle Christopher, goodbye…”


Christopher was gone, and in an instant, only three of them were left.

Blair Elijah stared at her for a long time, and then said, “I will send you back.”

He was still, unhappy, expressionless.


Hazel nodded, but she was so flustered that she dared not say anything.

Along the way, the two of them are surprisingly quiet. Only the little guy Landon is always talking and enlivening the atmosphere. Blair Elijah occasionally accompanies the little guy to make a few sentences, but he still feels it his emotions seemed very heavy.

Soon, the car stopped at the corner.

Hazel hugged the little guy and got out of the car, and Blair Elijah also got out of the car…

“Go up!” He leaned on the car lazily, lit a cigarette, took a puff, but said nothing.

Hazel at him…

And he happened to be looking at her!

The deep eyes seemed to be expecting something.

“En… Then I’ll go up first!”

Finally, Hazel nodded, holding the little guy and leaving.

She didn’t say anything after all.

Blair Elijah looked at the shadow disappearing around the corner, and layers of bitter ripples filled his heart…

The smoke overflowed from circles to sexy thin lips, blurring his clear cheeks, and also blurred his dark and dark eyes…

Allison Hazel, is your heart still there?

When will your heart return?

Blair Elijah lost…

This expectation is it a bottomless pit?!

That’s it!!! That’s it!!!

Blair Elijah smashed the cigarette butt in the ashtray on the trash can.

Blair Elijah, just accept your fate!!!

From seeing this woman again, he will know that he has long been unable to escape the love network set by this woman, so why bother to be mediocre? If he can’t escape, just keep going!!!

Blair Elijah drove and left quickly…The body quickly disappeared into the bustling night scene.

At night, at eleven o’clock.

Outside the house, it rained heavily.

The mobile phone on the sofa was still dark, and it didn’t mean to ring.

Just after taking a shower, Blair Elijah was wrapped in a light gray nightgown, standing in front of the French windows, silently watching the peaceful night in front of him…

The heart pond, ripples, circle after circle…

How does it feel to be unclear, lost? Anxiety? Or upset?

All in all, it is a kind of worry about gains and losses!!!

The feeling that emotions cannot be controlled is uncomfortable…


Blair Elijah’s eyes looked out the window, his eyes tightened sharply, and his eyes shrank suddenly.

In the night, in the misty heavy rain, he saw a familiar figure covering her head with her hands, sprinting in the rain and rushing towards their building.


Blair Elijah stayed in front of Hubei, then turned around and walked out the next instant.

When he got to the first floor, the elevator door opened, and Hazel was standing there with a wet body, waiting for the elevator while stroking her long hair soaked in rain.

“Allison Hazel, what the hell are you doing?”

Blair Elijah stood in the elevator, frowning and questioning her.

Reaching out, he pulled her into the elevator forcefully, pressed the elevator, and went directly to the sixth floor.

“It’s such a heavy rain, you don’t even know how to bring an umbrella?” Blair Elijah blamed as she straightened her hair.

“It didn’t rain when I went out…” Hazel quibble.

“If you want to come over, you should call me first and let me pick you up!!”


Isn’t this trying to give some people a little surprise? How would she know that it would suddenly rain in this weather!

“Go in later and take a bath first! Otherwise, you must catch a cold.”

“En…” Hazel listened to his instructions and nodded obediently.

“Where is Landon?”

“Sleep!” After finally coaxing the guy to sleep, she came over.

“What do you do when you come here so late?” Blair Elijah glanced at her secretly and smiled while interrogating.

“It’s okay! Come here if I want to come!!” Hazel casually.

Blair Elijah gave her a harsh look.

He thought this woman would at least give him an explanation for the day’s affairs, right? But obviously, she didn’t mean that at all, and she could even treat it as if nothing had happened.

The elevator door opened, and Hazel standing at the entrance door, shivering pretendedly, and urged, “Blair Elijah, open the door quickly, it’s cold…”

Blair Elijah took her into his arms, “See if you will get wet next time.”

Being hugged by Blair Elijah in his arms, her heart was warm with a smile, and her whole body seemed to warm up a lot, “Hey, my clothes are all wet, and you will wet your nightgown if you hold me.” “Blindly worry!”

Blair Elijah glanced at her, and the entrance door was opened by him.

Hazel quickly changed shoes and walked in. The first thing was to feed the little turtle in the turtle tank with the small pieces of meat.

“Allison Hazel! You better stop annoying me today!”

Blair Elijah grabbed her waist, and walked upstairs carrying her, “Give me up and take a shower!!!”

“Alright! Blair Elijah, you let me down! I’ll go by myself…”

Blair Elijah ignored her at all.

“Ouch! Why are you acting like a rascal!!?”

Ok!!! Hazel had to admit that although she yelled like this, she was beautiful in her heart!!!

Being carried by a handsome guy so domineering…

Perhaps every woman expects being enslaved in her heart!!!

As soon as he entered the room, Blair Elijah put her down. However, Hazel’s feet hadn’t had time to stand still, but unexpectedly, Blair Elijah’s rude claws had already reached her involuntarily.

He unbuttoned her clothes and peeled off her short skirt.

At first, Hazel wanted to refuse, but looking at his impatient appearance, Hazel finally calmed down, playfully examining the man who seemed to be a bit sullen in front of her, not moving nor resisting, just let it go. He stripped herself up.

Till the end…

Even the bra and bottom-pants are not spared!!!

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