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Chapter 415


Finally, she couldn’t make it anymore.

A small face flushed red, and she stared at him shamefully, “Blair Elijah, what are you doing!!”

“Undress and take a bath!!!”

Blair Elijah’s face has never been better.

Hazel thought, maybe this guy is still mad in the daytime! Based on what she knows about him, this guy is not such a generous person! It’s just that he didn’t go wild in the day, this will find the right chance, and he must get revenge on her.

Sure enough, here it comes!!!

Blair Elijah didn’t know when, he also took off his nightgown.

With his sturdy upper body naked, he walked into the bathroom with Hazel.

Take her into the bathtub and sit down, and let the warm water flow through their bodies…

The refreshing feeling instantly forced away from the cold in Hazel’s body, and also made the already condensed atmosphere softer and warmer.

Hazel was buried in Blair Elijah’s arms, his head lightly leaned on his broad shoulders, her eyes closed shallowly, feeling the faint warmth…

Leaning on him in this way, her heart was filled with the deep peace of mind.

If so, she can just lean on him for a lifetime, how great…

Blair Elijah…

Should I forgive you for the pain five years ago?

Should I… just let myself go?!

Hazel lost…


Blair Elijah’s muffled whisper sounded in her ears.

Hazel opened her eyes.

The misty water mist filled her eyes, so it was not tempting.

Blair Elijah’s soft lips lightly fell on her rosy cheeks, constantly rubbing back and forth, with too much nostalgia and tenderness.

“Anything you want to tell me?”

Hazel relieved.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t lie to you…”


Blair Elijah’s white teeth gently nibble on the little shoulders of Hazel.

“Itchy…” Hazel was trembling because of his amusement.

Being bitten by him didn’t hurt, but itching made her giggle.

“What else?” Blair Elijah didn’t mean to let her go.

“Also… I shouldn’t go on a blind date with another man…”

The word ‘blind date’ was severely irritated Blair Elijah, and as a result, he took a bite on Hazel’s shoulder with one lip.


Hazel grinned.

Blair Elijah let go of her and said, “Women with no conscience! She will cry out for pain, no matter if others will also hurt!!”

His words made Hazel slightly shocked.

Her heart was in a daze…

Sweet and astringent.

She raised her head and looked at him, with a smile in her eyes, “Are you… jealous?”

Blair Elijah also looked at her, “Don’t you think it should be? Or not?”

Hazel pursing her lips and Hazel, like a child, “It’s not…”

Why does she feel that all this seems to be extraordinarily beautiful?

” I went to dinner with him tonight, so I made it clear! I told him that it was impossible between me and him! Why did I go to the appointment, but I didn’t want to… let my mother down.”

Speaking of Adeline, Hazel seemed a bit lonely.

Blair Elijah’s heart trembled for a second in the same way, and he hugged her tightly into his arms and asked her, “Have you ever thought, when will you tell mom what happened between us?”

” I don’t know how to speak.” Hazel shook her head, a little confused.

“Hazel, since you don’t know what to say, why don’t you let me say it myself?”

“Don’t!!” Hazel shook her head, “Forget it, let me talk to her myself! Go ahead, I am worried that the effect will be worse! However, I promise you, I will tell her whenever I have a chance!!!”


Blair Elijah opened his lips and smiled.

Sexy thin lips, leaving on her white and tender skin…

Nibbled and sucked, and asked her again, “Hazel, let’s go on a trip! Can you bring Landon with you?”

“Traveling?” Hazel back and looked at him in surprise.

“En!” He nodded, “Go to New Zealand!! Go to the place where we used to walk together…”

Come back to me

New Zealand…

A strange and familiar country.

Tekapo, New Zealand.

A town where love begins…

The same is true of a small town where the story ends!

He used to leave too many promises here, and he also made too many love proverbs here, and later…

It seems that everything has turned into nothingness!!!

After all, Landon didn’t travel to this strange country with his father and mother because he was going to school.

At night, putting down her luggage, before even letting Hazel rest, Blair Elijah took her directly to the church that had witnessed their love.

The night is lost…

The starry sky was shining, and the starlight spilled from the transparent glass windows into the church, reflecting on the two equally beautiful faces of Hazel and Blair Elijah…

The corners of the lips, the shallow happiness, diffused and turned into a deep smile.

“Why are you taking me here?”

Hazel asked him with her head tilted and smiled.

Blair Elijah thought for a few seconds before answering seriously, “I want you back…”

In a word, it seems… the meaning is very deep.

It also seems to be a pun.

At that moment, a little uncomfortable flashed across the beautiful cheeks of Hazel.

She thought, she must be thinking too much!!!

“I want you to come back to me…”

However, he doesn’t know when she will return to him! “Remember that dance five years ago?”

Blair Elijah asked her.

“Of course!!” Hazel nodded.

Starlight fell into her dazzling eyes, seeming to embellish her deep eyes with layers of diamonds, which are extremely dazzling.

That dance, she thought, she would never forget in her life!!!

It’s like living in her spiritual world. Hazel always suddenly thinks of him and that moving dance inadvertently…

At that time, she always thought, perhaps, that was the most indelible memory in her life!!!

Such a dance is simple and pure, but it has long since entered the deepest part of her heart.

At this moment, the music played again…

Blair Elijah’s strong body slid neatly into the halo dotted with stars…

The sexy and fiery dance moves once again in front of Hazel’s eyes.

But his gaze has been… only at the pair of shining eyes in the dark light.

So focused, so emotional!!!

It seems that in his entire world, he has never been alone!!!

He said, “Hazel, as long as you like it, I will dance for you for a lifetime…”

He also said, “Did you know? In the five years since you left, whenever I missed you, I would dance this dance. This would make me think…you are still here, you are always here!!! And this for five years, I can only dance this dance alone…”

Hazel staring at his dancing posture…

To meet his dark eyes, tears fell like rain.

Because, at that moment, she once again thought of the past!!! Thinking of their pure past!!! Thinking of the first time he performed this dance for her with such meticulous care, her grateful heart…

Blair Elijah, five years…

Five years ago and five years later, he was doing the same thing, but…

Five years later, should I still accept and trust as I did five years ago?

Tears, wet cheeks…

But it also wet his lips.

His soft thin lips attached to her crying cheeks distressed, and kissed her bitter tears little by little.

He smiled lightly, somewhat sadly, “Hazel, your reaction has not changed at all, it is the same as five years ago…”

His words made Hazel cry even harder!!!

“Don’t cry, I didn’t want you to cry!! Originally, I wanted to show this dance to you and our son, but the little guy is not so lucky!!”

Blair Elijah smiled relaxedly.

Hazel for a moment, raised her eyes, staring at the man in front of her in astonishment.


“Yes, I know it!” Blair Elijah nodded, “I know that Landon is my son, and you and Brooks Mateo are only married for Landon’s residence!”

“You…” Hazel’s face was pale, the tears in the eyes still had time to fade, but there was still a little sullen in the eyes, “Are you investigating me?”

A hint of disappointment and panic was hidden in the angry eyes.

Blair Elijah smiled faintly, his lips feeling astringent.

Hand, gently holding her little hand, rubbing together, very attentive and distressed.

“Hazel, why don’t you try to believe me? Just because you are worried that you will think of me that way, so when I know Landon is my son, I never dare to recognize him. No one can compare to this uncomfortable feeling. I know better…”


His words made Hazel bowed her head guiltily.

For Landon, she protects, will she overdo it!!! But, she really can’t let Blair know the existence of Landon!!!

” Evan previously suggested that I go to Landon for a paternity test. I didn’t agree with him, but I didn’t expect him to do a DNA test with Landon on his initiative. The result…I am very happy! Really…Thank you for raising Landon alone, for your hard work!!!”

Blair Elijah hugged Hazel into his arms, very tight…

“Hazel, I know what you have been worrying about. You are afraid that my parents will steal him from you, right? I tell you, no! We will all love him! That kind of love, too It will never be less than you! And, I hope… we can give the little guy a sound love, a sound home!!! We… can do it!!!”

She smiled and rubbed it in Blair Elijah’s arms, saying nothing.

She has to admit that her heart really… hurts more than ever!!!

“Hazel, come back! Let’s face our future together and face the barriers in front of us, okay?”

His kisses fell on Hazel’s cheeks finely…

Mixed with, her bitter tears melted into his lips.


From now on, no matter how much pain and no matter how many tears, let me bear it for you!!!

As long as you can come back, I can afford anything!!!

“Allison Hazel, I love you…”

He kissed her finely and kept repeating this sentence.

“Listen well, Allison Hazel, I love you!!! With my life, I have been in love!!!”


These three words have never been spoken to anyone.

Except for him, Allison Hazel!!!

It seems to have been poisoned, deeply fallen into it, unable to extricate itself.

He only hopes that these three words can be the same as the woman in front of him, that is, for a lifetime!!!

Chapter 416

Listening to his sweet words, Hazel finally laughed out in tears, “Blair Elijah, you are so stupid!! And ah… these words are numb!!”

Blair Elijah smiled, and put his hand on her chin, trying to raise her cheeks to meet his eyes, “Promise me, will you come back?”

The sluggish voice is like the mellow aroma of wine, listening to the ears, making Hazel drunk…

Everything is just subconsciously…

She nodded ignorantly, tears bursting from her eyes.

“Okay! I’m back…”

The three words, a simple answer, made Blair Elijah’s eyes flushed with excitement.

In the next moment, his hot and humid lips already madly kissed Hazel’s red lips…

A hot kiss, if he wants to swallow her…

If he could, he wished he could take the woman in front of him and eat it for himself! Since then, never separate!!!

“Thank you…”

“Hazel!! Thank you for coming back…”

All the love, all the excitement, all the feelings, everything turned into one sound, thank you very much!!!


The pain has come to an end!!!

The love that has been waiting for five years seems to have had results!!!

Finally, everything will become better!!!

On this night, even the starry sky is a little dazzling.

Fragmented starlight, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, projected into the luxurious presidential suite, and deeply enveloped a double on the bed.

The petite person, buried lazily in his arms, fell asleep with her eyes closed gently.

The silver light sieve fell on her cicada-like lashes, almost transparent, beautifully tempting.

Blair Elijah propped his head with one hand, with a satisfying smile on his thin lips, quietly admiring the beautiful scenery in his arms.

Tonight, he really can’t sleep!!!

Seeing her lying peacefully in his arms like this, everything seemed like a dream.

Blair Elijah still doesn’t know whether this scene is true or false, but these are no longer important to him!

All he wants is, she is in his arms!!!

As long as she is still…

Fingers, warmly stroked her rosy cheeks, touching them lightly, feeling her presence with nostalgia.

“Hazel, are you really…returning?”

He murmured and smiled.

His lips touched the edge of Hazel’s ears, causing her to turn over, expressing dissatisfaction.

“Hmm, stop making trouble…”

In her sleep, she protested again and again.

Blair Elijah’s body, which had just settled down, became excited for a moment when he heard her delicate yin.

The hot body began to stick to her again…

His movements were very gentle, not irritable, and he held her tightly with his hands, gently but deeply, and entered her body.

It seems that her body has become accustomed to his existence, so that, without any prelude, she can’t feel too much pain.

Only know…

There was a huge scorching heat, struggling to hold her apart.

Pleasure, wave after wave…

Finally, awakened Hazel from her sleep.

She stared at him aggrievedly, “Blair Elijah, are you tired?”

“Not tired…”

Blair Elijah laughed and buried her in his arms, acting like a baby, “I can’t sleep, so I always want to find something to do!! So… my wife, I have to work hard for you!!”


In two words, Hazel only feels the earlobe is hot.

“Blair Elijah, don’t shout!”

“I never yell! You are my wife!!” Blair Elijah started to sneer, turning over to Hazel while speaking, and asked her more deeply.

“It used to be, now it is! It will be in the future!! It will be all my life…”

Hazel hammered him, “Blair Elijah, you should be lighter!!”

He now gives her a feeling like a child!

Someone once said that no matter how smart, wise, mature, and stable a man, once he meets the woman he loves, he will instantly return to be a child…

What about him? Is he the same?

A meal, three people, Hazel, Adeline, and Landon, all around the table, it was so lively.

Adeline never understood why her daughter suddenly brought her out for a big meal. It was not until Blair Elijah’s figure appeared in front of her that she suddenly realized.


The little guy beckoned to Blair Elijah excitedly.

And Hazel, sitting on the opposite side, putting one of her hands in front of her, tangling nervously.

Hearing the grandson’s call, Adeline was stunned for a moment, her face turned pale, and when she looked at the opposite daughter, her face was as cold as freezing.

“You called him.”

It was a question but in a positive tone.

Perhaps, only she knows best about her daughter!

“Mom, don’t you…”

“I’m full for this meal! You want to eat it, eat it yourself! I’m going back first!!”

Adeline didn’t show any face to anyone at all. She picked up her handbag and left.

It turned out that Blair Elijah was the “handsome uncle” in Landon’s mouth!!! Oh, she doesn’t know if the world is too small, or the man’s deliberate approach!!!


The little guy took Adeline’s clothes pitifully.

“Mom…” Hazel also took her mother’s wrist embarrassedly, “Mom, don’t do this… let’s sit down and talk.”

Blair Elijah at the door of the box hurriedly greeted her when he saw Adeline look like this.


“Don’t call me!! I don’t want to lose my life!!” Adeline’s expression was ugly.

And her straightforward words also choked Blair Elijah towards his figure.

“I’m sorry…” He bowed his head and apologized.

“I am sorry?”

Adeline looked at him amusedly, then took another look at Hazel, “Did you see it? Allison Hazel!! The man you love, after taking away your father and your flesh and blood, cruelly wanted to use the three words ‘I’m sorry’ hastily! He thought that the words ‘I’m sorry’ could wipe out everything in the past!! Hahaha…”

Adeline sneered, her eyes flushed, not only pain, but anger, or angrier!!!

“Blair Elijah, if ‘I’m sorry’ can exchange my dead husband and granddaughter back, I will forgive you!! I will allow you to laugh together!!!”

Adeline’s decibel rate is very high, so high that almost everyone outside the box can listen.

However, all the people inside have no intention to take care of these!

“Allison Hazel!! If you are the daughter of me and Allison John, you shouldn’t take the past pains as never happened!!! You don’t have to remember your father’s death, but…I didn’t How to forget my husband’s death!!! You want to be with him, yes!!! I won’t stop you, I just treat you as a daughter who has never given birth to you!!!”

Adeline’s words made Hazel pale instantly.

And Blair Elijah, also standing there, didn’t know what to do for a while.

Never thought that her hatred for himself was so profound!!!

Also, if it were not for himself, the baby would not die, the baby would not die, and Hazel’s father would not die suddenly because of emotional instability…


On the side, the unreasonable little guy looked at the three adults who were facing each other and was so scared to cry.

Tears, hanging in the sockets, rolled out drop by drop.

The small body staggered and got into Adeline’s arms, “Grandma, don’t you like uncle?”

Adeline looked at the little guy’s tears, her eyes flushed, “Baby, do you want to go home with your grandma…”

“Grandma, don’t cry, don’t cry…”

The little guy went to help Adeline wipe the tears distressed.

Mother’s overreaction caused Hazel to be in the same place on the spot, her expression suddenly changed, until she saw the tears of the old and the young, she suddenly came back to her senses.

“Auntie, I know that I was wrong in the past, but I am willing to spend my entire life to repay it…” Blair Elijah stood there, assuring Adeline sincerely.

Attitude, neither humble nor overbearing!

However, sincere and touching.

Adeline just turned a deaf ear and looked at dumb Hazel, “Daughter, the last thing to remind you of being a mother, a man…not everything you should believe!!! Especially this kind of heartless man!!! And, you Can be sure that some people apologize so humbly for their sons!!”

After finishing speaking, Adeline didn’t care about anyone in the private room at all. She was holding the pool and was about to leave. Just before going out, she paused again and looked back at the inside, “Blair Elijah, if you still have a little conscience, please let the people of Allison go!! And… You have committed a mistake, even if you use your two lifetimes to repay it, I don’t know it, but please show your mercy, don’t pull on our family’s smile!! She has had enough for the past 25 years!!”

Adeline’s profound words carried her hatred and anger towards the former son-in-law, but also her love and distress for her daughter. !

That unworthy love, why does her daughter have to fight her life again and again!!!

Adeline left, and for a while, only Hazel and Blair Elijah were left in the private room.

After a long Hazel came back to her senses and chased it out.

Blair Elijah wanted to hold her back, but he didn’t!

The person outside is not someone else, but her mother!!! Her favorite person! How could he cruelly keep her by his side?

Lonely, covering the dark eye pool deeply…

However, he didn’t plan to stop like this!!!

Love, there should always be a price to pay!!!

He won’t be foolish to ask Hazel, mother, and him, who she would choose!!!

That kind of behavior, but only a wimpy man can do it!

What he wants is the beauty of both!!!

He doesn’t want her embarrassment, let alone the broken happiness, so all he needs is… hard work and sincerity!!!.


“When did you start with him?”

Adeline’s face was frosty.

“Not long after the beginning…” Hazel lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at her mother more.

Adeline smiled sadly and wiped away tears, “Ill fate, this is ill-fate… Hazel, what’s wrong with you, this shouldn’t be your style of doing things!! Blair Elijah is so good? Is it all like this, why are you still so numbly in love with him?”

Hazel silently and did not answer.

There are often no answers to many things.

“I’m just a daughter like you…”

“Mom! Don’t cry, your daughter will always be your daughter!!” Hazel hurriedly wiped her tears.

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