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Chapter 423

When he entered the clinic, he was surprised that it turned out to be a little girl in a pink nurse costume.

The little girl looked young, she looked like she was in her twenties.

She has a pair of agile and big beautiful eyes. The eyelashes are curly and long like disc wings. With the light of her eyes, her eyes flicker, and her smoky eyes are like obsidian, shining and eye-catching.

There seemed to be layers of ruddy on that cute little face, and it felt like a very ripe red apple.

“Are you… the attending doctor?”

Evan looked at the girl who was looking innocent on the other side in disbelief.

The girl seemed to be stunned by him for a second. Then, she put her hands in her pockets and stared at him pompously. She sat down at the table with a clear cough, and said old-fashionedly, “Give me the medical records.”

Evan handed her the medical record.

The girl took out the medical record sheet, prepared to make a record, raised her head, and looked at the tall and strong man in front of her, “What’s your name?”


Seeing her going through the procedure seemed quite good, Evan’s uneasy heart was slightly settled.

“How old are you?”


“What are the symptoms?”

“Huh?” Evan hesitated.

The girl picked up her beautiful black eyes and looked at him, “Mr. Evan, I’m asking you, what’s wrong with your body.”

Evan’s clear eyes were half-squinted, and he looked at the girl who seemed to be a little childish on the other side, “Doctor, can I take the liberty to ask you a question?”

“En?” The girl blinked her beautiful eyes suspiciously.

“How old are you?”

The girl frowned, “Mr. Evan, does this question have anything to do with your seeing a doctor? Or do you doubt my professionalism?”

Evan smiled wantonly, “Neither! I’m just worried. When I say later that my symptoms will damage the underage child, are you sure you want to listen?”

The girl gave a clear cough and lowered her eyebrows so that Evan couldn’t detect her expression at the moment, and he could only hear her say, “Say…”

“Then I’m welcome.”

“It’s like this…”

Looking at this innocent little face, Evan really couldn’t say anything, but after another thought, he was a professional doctor, so he was less worried.

“Recently this time… when I was doing that with a woman…”

“Which to do?”

“Just do that!” Evan looked at that childish face and was a little bit ashamed to speak out.

“Which is it?” The girl frowned impatiently.



“En…” The girl blushed, but was strong and composed, and said with a clear cough, “Go on…”

Evan also coughed a few times before saying, “Just when I was doing it, as soon as I went in, I…shot…”


The girl sat up straight for a few minutes, and her lashes like disc wings fluttered a few times. Her small face was already flushed, but she didn’t even know, “When did it start like this?”

“Just this month…”

“This phenomenon belongs to ‘premature ejaculation’!”

It is explained in the medical books.


Of course, he knows that this is ‘premature ejaculation’!!! Moreover, it is the most unwilling situation for men!!!

Thinking of him, Evan is a gold medal doctor, a talented person, well-educated, handsome, and strong, but he did not expect that he was defeated in this most deadly place?!

Could this be the so-called fair system of the emperor? Open a window and close a door?!!!

But why did Blair Elijah just open the window for him without closing the door?

People are also a kind of talent, who has just learned, shrewd, rich, the most important thing…

People’s sex life can be extremely harmonious!!!

“Doctor, I’m like this… is there a cure?”

This is the most concerned issue of all patients, especially him!!!

As a man, if even this kind of thing is not enough, he would rather die!!!

“It’s hard to say, do a check first!”



Evan followed the girl into the testing room next door.

“Lie down…”

A certain man lay down on the bed obediently.

“Take off your pants!”


“Doctor, this…”

Not so good?!

“Mr. Evan, please cooperate.”


As a result, Evan was frustrated and could only obediently drop his pants to his knees in front of a little girl…

Even the underwear, together!


Evan couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

His unpromising little brother turned out to be…

Lift it!!!

Moreover, it was too obvious that he had a strong sexual interest in the doctor on the other side who treated himself!!!


The girl was startled when she saw the huge and high-spirited thing, her smart eyes shrank in shock, and the next moment her cheeks were flushed with a layer of pink tulle.

She seemed to try her best to calm herself down. She coughed and coughed for a while before he heard her say, “The cause of premature ejaculation may be that the foreskin is too long…”


Evan swallowed, and a look of joy appeared under his eyes, “Doctor, shouldn’t that just remove the foreskin?”

“Cough cough cough! Not necessarily, for the time being, you have to do a further check! You lie down obediently!”


As a result, a series of inspections…

In short, Evan felt that his virginity was destroyed by this woman!!!

The girl solemnly held the results of the examination and said, “The foreskin is too long. You have to cut it! Also, there are five more sensitive nerves. You have to cut it!”

“So, doctor, am I going to have two operations now?”

“Yes! Mr. Evan.”

“Doctor, after I have this operation, will I be fine?”

Evan was still a little worried. He must know that these two operations were performed on his most precious life! If there is a case, the scalpel is slightly off…

“Not necessarily!” The girl replied earnestly, “But, without surgery, premature ejaculation will continue!”


“Okay!!” Evan relentlessly agreed in one breath.


In the operating room, a sad farce is going on frantically.

On the agreement, the chief surgeon said: Perry Elena.

Of course, it was this seemingly young female doctor who was quite experienced.

“Lie down, please take off your pants.”

She took a deep breath without a trace and ordered.

God knows how nervous she is at this moment…

This is the first surgery in her life!!! Moreover, it is still such a large operation!!!

Evan, who had taken it off once, seemed much calmer again.

However, as soon as he lay on the operating bed and looked at the girl’s continuous deep breathing, Evan felt somewhat forgiving.

“Doctor Qi, you… have experience in this area, right?”

“Of course not!!!

She’s still in the internship stage for the time being!!!

“Mr. Evan, you don’t need to be too nervous. This is a non-invasive operation and there will be no major problems.”

Elena was comforting him on the bed, but in her heart, it was more comforting herself.

“Ahem, that… Doctor Perry…”

Evan’s handsome face was stained with a rare blush.

“Huh?” The girl blinked her innocent eyes in confusion.

“Can you… please don’t stare at it all the time…”

Evan pointed his finger at his own.

He knows, it was the first time he was caught by a girl, especially such a young girl who was staring at his own thing. The key is that this little girl was staring at the film while she swallowed without knowing it. Saliva.

This… Looking at Evan’s eyes, he would think that this girl is not going to have an operation at all, but… is going to eat him alive!!!

When Elena thinks that she will use a knife on that thing later, she swallows nervously.

The operation officially begins…

Evan was so nervous that he didn’t dare to lie down, staring only at the laser beam sweeping over his most sensitive thing…

A burning smell ran through the operating room.

Inside, it seemed like a farce was going on.

“Doctor Perry, don’t shake your hands!!!”

“Doctor Perry, the one you are holding on to me, it hurts!!!”

“Enough cutting here, enough…”


Bloodshed a whole bedsheet.

It was so painful that he couldn’t help but roar!!!

“Ah…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” A little girl kept apologizing, her hand holding the instrument was still shaking.

“Stitch…” A certain man growled weakly.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

A certain girl listened helplessly to his orders.






“Are you a doctor?”

After an operation, the patient turned out to be calling the doctor in the end? The patient is teaching the doctor how to deal with the aftermath?

Evan endured the pain, and while bandaging his injured lifeline, he asked suspiciously the little doctor who appeared to be at a loss.

“I… of course… yes!”


Evan felt uncomfortable when he heard her replied unequivocally, and he heard someone shouting outside, “Elena, are you inside? You girl shouldn’t be here under my name. Shall I do surgery with the patient? Let’s do it together?!!!”

Outside, it was…

Leonardo, the dean of this hospital and the chief professor of andrology, Perry Everett, the father of children’s shoes!!!

And why are Perry Elena children’s shoes here? Because… she came here to practice with her father!!! She must know that before graduating from this university, she can catch up with surgery by herself, what a chance to exercise! How could she let others go?!

Evan heard a shout outside, bandaging his wounded hand, and pausing suddenly, his figure stiffened, and a cold air instantly wrapped him tightly.

He couldn’t help being so excited, his sharp eyes staring at the still flustered girl in front of him, “Perry Elena, are you…A doctor?!!!”

“I am!!” She pursed her lips and answered without hesitation.

Evan stared at her.

His eyes were too harsh, staring at her like a thorny back.

Elena panicked…

The little mouth moved, and for a while, he heard her weak and weak, “I am… an intern…”

Chapter 424



Damn it!!!

Evan’s handsome face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

The most important thing in his life was handed over to an intern like a fool?!!!

It’s over…

The intern doctor weighs a few pounds, and as a doctor, he knows better than anyone else!!!

“So, this thing of mine does not need surgery?”

Evan stared at her eyes and almost sparked.

“No! Your premature ejaculation was originally caused by too long foreskin and too sensitive nerves…”


Premature ejaculation!!! Poke his sore spot again!!!

Damn woman!!!

“Then is my operation considered successful?” Evan almost gritted his teeth.

“It should be counted…”


Should?!!! At that moment, Evan wanted to choke the pretending woman in front of him!!!

“Perry Elena!! If my life is useless, you will never think of any sexual blessings in your life!!”

“Why?” Elena glared at him bitterly.

“Why?!! Just relying on you to ruin my precious life, I can pester you forever!! I have no sexual blessings, and you don’t want to have sexual blessings!!! If I can’t, I will rely on you for a lifetime!!!”

“You are a rascal!”

“It’s better to be a rogue than to kill you!”

“But your lifeblood…it was useless…”



Damn it!!!

Evan thought, if he had a heart attack or something at that time, he would have vomited blood to death by this woman on the spot!!!

This woman is not a doctor!!! But a messenger!!! A servant who kills the soul!!!

Evan has never felt as embarrassed as he is today!!! His male dignity was completely strangled in the hands of this woman!!! . …

When Connor told everyone about the matter from beginning to end, everyone was happy, and almost rolled on the ground.

Even Blair Elijah, who was always unsmiling, couldn’t help laughing.

“Blair, we must go to see and see the skills of this young nurse intern in person, Blair! We can trample the dignity of our Evan like this! Hahahahaha! This girl is so amused!!!”

“Connor, you just need to go! My body is so strong that I can’t do it! It’s my turn to do that kind of operation that undermines the dignity of a man! You say yes? Wife…”

This guy…

It must be deliberately to stimulate Evan!!!

Hazel stabbed him shyly, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

However, what Blair Elijah said is also true! Sometimes, Hazel wants him to go to the hospital for an examination. Why is his thing so energetic? Every time it’s just finished, within a few minutes, the thing is rising again!!!

She couldn’t bear it several times, so she could only nest in his arms, begging for mercy again and again!!!

At night, a few men made a lot of noise, playing cards and drinking.

When Blair Elijah played Mahjong, he still habitually held Hazel in his arms.

Lucky, still surprisingly good.

And Hazel had already fallen asleep during their fight.

Lying in his arms, she still slept soundly even though there was the clash of mahjong.

“It’s the last lap, go home after the fight.” Blair Elijah whispered to everyone.

“Just go home?” Connor was not happy!

“Be quiet.” Blair Elijah gave him a sideways glance.

“Okay! I see!”

“Hey! Blair, you and Hazel are sleeping in my place!” Evan suggested.

“No!” Blair Elijah casually threw a card out, “I recognize the bed, I changed the bed, I am afraid that I will not play well! Besides, I am too worried about stimulating you…”

“Damn!! Die to die!!”

Evan deeply doubted his vision of making friends.

He doesn’t know what broken friends!!!

After a lap, Hazel in his arms seemed to be felt, and she suddenly woke up.

“Has your event ended?”

She rubbed her eyes and asked him tenderly.

“En! We are going home.”

Hazel got up from him and felt a little embarrassed when looking at so many people in the hall.

“Hey! Blair, there is something for you, help me move it down!” Connor got up and patted Blair Elijah.

“En?” Blair Elijah looked at him puzzled.

“Come down!! Absolutely good stuff!”

“I’ll move things first, take a break, drink some water, and wait for me to call you.” Blair Elijah didn’t forget to arrange Hazel before going down.


Hazel nodded obediently, “Go!”

Blair Elijah followed Connor and went downstairs.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing? It’s mysterious.” Blair Elijah followed the leaf suspiciously.

Connor opened the trunk of the car and saw several boxes lying quietly inside.


Blair Elijah looked suspiciously, “Why don’t you want me to hide weapons? I’m not interested in that thing!!”

“Fine! Knowing that you are not interested in criminal crimes!”

“Would you give me a few boxes of condoms?”


This guy is it possible to be only interested in this thing?!

Blair Elijah opened the box and looked at the contents a little funny, “When did you start selling gunpowder?”


Is the firework in the house installed?!

“Blair Elijah, can’t you be a little bit silly?”

“Just such a vulgar thing, talk about romance with me?”



“It was a waste of my kindness! Don’t forget it, leave it to Evan, the little nurse!!”

“It’s a real waste for him! Can that kid get a girl?!”

As Blair Elijah said, he moved down the fireworks one by one.

“Vulgar is a bit vulgar, but it doesn’t hurt to play.”



Hazel was pouring tea in the kitchen, and Evan walked in from outside.

“Senior Evan…”


“Your body… is it all right?”

“It’s okay! Don’t listen to their nonsense!” Evan was embarrassed.

“That’s good…”

“Recently, I see you and Blair get along well…”

“Well, it’s not bad! At least, it’s not often quarreling.” Hazel while holding a teacup leaning on the countertop, smiled.

“That’s good!!” Evan nodded, “To be honest, I am happy for both of you! Also, about the DNA in the pool, sorry! Blair is my brother, you know, so I secretly tested it. I hope you won’t blame me!”

“How come? I can understand!”

Hazel rubbed the tea in the cup.

“Hazel Blair loves you!”

Evan looked at Hazel, and continued, “His person is just like that. He likes to hold everything in his heart and refuses to say it! In the meeting you left five years ago, he seemed to have collapsed. He looks for you aimlessly every day, from home to abroad, from East to West, from Asia to Europe, but when he found you, he found that you were married…”

At this point, Evan took a sip of the water in the cup before continuing, “When he came back, I felt that the guy had changed a person! Even after losing weight for a whole circle, the whole person was decadent.”

His look became a bit solemn.

And Hazel’s heart kept locked tightly.

Some pain…

“Hazel, one day, I think I, as a friend of Blair, will never forget…”

“?” Hazel raised her head, looking at him slightly.

“I remember that day, Blair asked me to go out for a drink. He drank a lot that time. He was probably drunk. So he ran to the bathroom and vomited. As a result, I didn’t see him for a long time. I was a little worried, so I ran into the bathroom. I took a look, and it turned out… I saw him squatting in the corner, leaning against the wall, and crying silently there…”

Evan’s words made Hazel hold the water glass’s hand and tighten it fiercely.

There was a pain in her chest, a bit sharp.

“Many people think that it’s a wimpy behavior when a man sheds tears, but as men, we all know in our hearts that a man is not without tears, but just not sad! Is Blair a wimpy person? Blair’s person, even if it is no matter how great the pain is, he won’t say a word!! But when I saw his tears, my whole person was shocked… I never thought that such a tall, unruly man, unexpectedly he would cry too! He would cry for a woman too! I have never seen Blair Elijah like that…”

Evan said while shaking his head, “That’s a picture I never even dared to think about…”

Such an energetic Blair Elijah would even cry so lonely and helplessly…

What kind of emotion makes him feel that kind of pain?!

Evan knew that Blair Elijah’s only weakness was her, that woman named Allison Hazel!!!

“Hazel, in fact, no matter how Blair hurt you five years ago, but…he loves you after all! So, I hope you can abandon some of the pain and take on the love he gave you!”

“Blair has always been a hindsight…”

From the beginning to the end Hazel only heard what Evan said, and said nothing.

However, holding the water cup in her hand, it is getting tighter and tighter.

There was a dull pain in her heart…

It was extremely difficult to hold her back.


The tears of that man…

In the eyes of the world, what a precious, what a rare thing!!!

Hazel smiled sadly, and in her heart, there was a bit of unclear…


Outside, Blair Elijah’s whispering voice came.

“Eh! I’m here!” Hazel adjusted her emotions in time and hurriedly responded to him outside.

Blair Elijah walked in from outside, “What are you talking about?”

“Secret…” Hazel with a winking smile.

She realized that the man in front of her…

It seems a bit more dazzling than before.

“What about you, what are you doing with Connor underneath?”

“It’s also a secret!” Blair Elijah smiled.

“Okay, let’s stop here, you two, go back quickly and look anxious!!” Evan directly blasted them.

“Then let’s go first.” Blair Elijah smiled and took Hazel in his arms, not forgetting to exhort him before he left, “Hurry up and go to the hospital for an examination again, don’t discard that thing!”



The two drove home.

After getting out of the car, Hazel was about to go upstairs, but Blair Elijah held her back.

“And many more…”

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