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Chapter 429

There are no more seats on the bus.

Hazel while standing holding the railing, tears kept pouring out like a flood from the gate.

Head, leaning on the arm, ignoring the sight of everyone around, crying bitterly…

Too many memories, from that day more than twenty years ago, until now…

Everything seems to be vivid!!!

It was so clear that she cut her heart, and it hurt!

The passenger in the bus hit her, she raised her eyes subconsciously, but at that moment, she accidentally saw through the rearview mirror of the bus…

The man who has always been energetic, at this moment, is squatting in front of the sewer and is working hard to uncover the manhole cover of the sewer…

Enough!!! Blair Elijah…

This shouldn’t be him!!!

Isn’t he that man with a lot of cleanliness? Is not he that tall man? Is he not that noble and inviolable man?


But for the sake of such a love, bend himself like this?!

Hazel doesn’t know…

How significant is this ring to Blair Elijah!!!

In those days and nights in the United States, he accompanies those customers and businessmen during the day, but at night? He got into the computer room at night, just to give her a diamond ring he made by himself, love!!!

Every bit, every drop on the ring, blends every bit of his love for her!!!

Communicate with the teacher every day, learn, and make elaborate…

He couldn’t forget those late nights!!! Even if he is tired and sleepy, just think about that Hazel’s face, it seems that all the fatigue is not worth mentioning.

How could he easily give up such a ring full of love for her…

Looking at the cool breeze, Blair Elijah faced the lonely figure, and Hazel stood there, covering her mouth…

Painful, whimpered.

Allison Hazel…

Finally, everything is completely over!!!

Are you satisfied?


She doesn’t know why they will take such a path…

From the beginning to admiration, to love, to pain…

So far, farewell completely!!!

Blair Elijah…

It would be great if life was just like the first time. !!!


Inside the car, a song “Life Is like First Meeting” was broadcast from the mobile TV, penetrating Hazel’s eardrum and poking straight into the heart…

“I loved a person’s shoulder and thought I would always be by his side. I cried, that was the first time I was hurt for love, I miss the tears at that time. How many roads I walk, my legs will hurt. If you love how many people you have, your heart will get tired. If life is just like meeting at the beginning, it is so beautiful, we met here. You kissed my gentle face, I thought heaven is like that, very happy, your love used to warm my heart, thank you for giving me those time…”


Music, running around…

Involved in every heart hurt for love!

Hazel finally couldn’t keep listening. When the car stopped at the next stop, she got out of the car in a daze and ran the song behind her head…

Walking aimlessly on the street, letting tears wash away her painful face, and letting the cool breeze blow her numb body.

Blair Elijah…


All the ties between us are completely over!!!

More than twenty years…


No one would know why, after loving him for so many years, in the end, she took this step alone…

If she says now, she loves him, as always…will anyone believe it?!

In the cold wind, Hazel stood facing the wind, tears streaming down her face…

No one will know-how, in the past five years, in love and pain, she struggled madly to come over…

She is like a double-faced person…

Here, love him!

But over there, she hates him deeply!!!

How much courage is needed to love him?

The mother said, she can forget the death of her child, but she can’t forget the departure of her husband…

Yes!!! How can a person who has never been a mother understand the pain of being stripped of flesh and blood from her body?

What kind of pain is it to see her relatives passing by?!

Can she forget it? Can she lenient? She can’t!!!

But even so, she still loves him deeply…

That is a kind of love that can’t help it!!!

Whenever she lingers in her dreams, she always remembers that familiar figure and that face…

There is a single photo, but it can only be pressed at the bottom of the box, and she dare not be known.

Yes!!! How can she be known for such a despicable love?!

That man carries the life of her child…

It’s the death of her father!

It is the hatred of the mother!!!

It’s her pain!!!

A bloody life…

How can she pretend to be blind?? How can she treat him as if nothing has happened, and still love him purely?

She wants to love, but cannot love!!!

Want to love, dare not love!!!

Who will quell her apologies? Who will repair the guilt in her heart? Who will redeem her love with blood debt?!!!

Who, to balance the love and hate in her heart…

No one can, no one can redeem her, except herself!!!

Only one personally cut off this feud…

Everything is completely liberated!! She is also completely, relieved!!!

So, from this moment…

They, go back to square one, everything goes to zero…

And the grievances between them are also thorough, at this moment, cleared!!!


So, farewell, Blair Elijah…

Just let this love… so far dissipate in this bleak cold wind…

Submerged in the dust!

So far, never see each other again!!!

In the cold wind…

The lone figure of Blair Elijah still stands there…

Watching, the bus slowly left the station, leaving his sight…

The dark eyes were stained with mist, and the shadow of the car in front of him became more and more blurred.

Between the sexy thin lips, a sad smile…


He murmured, seeming to be scolding the woman who left, but still, pampering people to heart.

“Why don’t you try to tell me everything five years ago?”

His hand, holding the diamond ring tightly…

As if to pinch it into the palm, embed it in the blood.

The low voice, trembling, overflowed deeply into the lips.

In the dark eyes, there is a complex light…

Unpredictable, no one can guess.

Hazel to the company, when clocking in, the time is displayed at ten o’clock in the morning.

It was an hour late, which was not her style.

“Sister Hazel!”

As soon as she entered the company, she heard Leonardo at the front desk calling her.

“Huh?” Hazel forced a silky smile and walked suspiciously towards him.

“A lady named Ruby is looking for you! Now waiting in the reception room!”

Leonardo’s words made Hazel stunned, and her pale cheeks lost their blood.

“Sister Hazel, are you okay?” Leonardo seemed to notice a little strange color and asked with concern.

“No, I’m fine…”

Hazel shook her head, looking in a daze, “Then I will go by first, thank you.”

“Well, don’t thank…”


Standing outside the reception room, Hazel indescribable tension in her heart.

She took a deep breath, trying to suppress the emotions in her heart.

After a sigh of relief, she squeezed the door lock, unscrewed the door, and walked in.

“Mrs. Blair…”

She, try to make herself look more generous.

Her heart was nervous as if carrying a rabbit in her arms, jumping wildly, as if to rush out of her voice.

Ruby smiled as soon as she entered the door without even speaking. She raised her hand and poured the hot tea in the cup onto Hazel’s cheek.


Hazel whispered in pain.

This water, although not just boiling, is hot enough to burn the skin.

In an instant, layers of red bloodshot appeared on Hazel’s cheeks.

It hurt her, her eyes were red, but she didn’t even have the right to scream.


Before she could return to her senses, she slapped again and slapped her mercilessly.

The cheeks that had just been scalded suddenly pierced fiercely.

Hazel covering her face, blushing, looking at Ruby.

The red lips were tightly closed, still silent.

“Allison Hazel, you are not a thing!!!”

Ruby cursed, tears still glowing in her eyes, “My son treated you like that, you did to him like this!! You woman…snake-hearted!!!”

Ruby’s words, every word, like a thorn, poked Hazel’s chest fiercely…

“Now that he has become like this, are you satisfied? Ah?? Are you happy?!!!” Ruby clasped Hazel’s weak shoulders, swaying wildly, questioning her, “What is the point of my son? Sorry, you want to treat him like this, huh?? You want to ruin him like this!!”

Ruby’s nails are very sharp, holding Hazel’s arm with a strong force, the nails are embedded in her skin, almost like rubbing into her body.

Hazel was pale and numb, letting her drag and tugging, and letting Ruby pull her hair out of control.

Pain, occupying her entire body, but she can’t feel it anymore…

“Allison Hazel, in this life I will never allow you to get close to my son anymore!!”

Ruby left angrily after beating and scolding.

Hazel unkempt sitting in the reception room, hair dangled and messed up.

She shrank her figure into a ball and sat curled up on a chair, with dazed eyes, staring at the gray scene outside the window…

The eyes are getting loose…

Viper heart…

Yes!!! Allison Hazel, why on earth did you turn yourself into such a woman?

From approaching step by step, to step by step… In the end, every step is to win!!!

The results of it? Ask your heart, is it relieved?

No!!! There is no sense of relief at all…

Hazel leaned on her knees, buried her head in her arms, letting tears flow across her cheeks, and letting tears flow across the scars on her face…

Tears seeped into the scar, but there was no pain at all.

Blair Elijah…

He shouldn’t be so vulnerable!!!

Bean big tears, dripping out of the eyes…

She shook her head and then again.

Based on her knowledge of this man, he shouldn’t have just collapsed like this!

Just because she believed, she dared to do it like that, and hate that way…

Just because, understand his ability!!!

She asked herself, do you want to ruin him? Do you want to step him to the bottom? Not!!! Because she knew that she had no strength to ruin the shrewd man!!!


He is willing to destroy it in his own hands!!!

Blair Elijah, when were you so stupid?!!!

Chapter 430

Blair Elijah…

Does the love that comes close with a purpose hurt? But she just wants him to know… this kind of love is really… piercing, almost… terrible!!!


The scar on Hazel’s face is obvious.

Because it was a burn, a piece of redness remained on her face, and Ruby’s grasping skills were so powerful that after many days, there were still glaring scars on her cheeks.

“Hazel, tonight, go and talk about this project!”

Mateo knocked on the door and came in, and handed the document to Hazel, “At seven o’clock, Kerry Hotel.”

“Good!” Hazel nodded, her complexion still not good.

As soon as he came out of Hazel’s office, Kaylee stopped Mateo, “Brother Mateo, let me be responsible for that project!”

Mateo smiled, “Why?”

“Sister Hazel has been in poor health recently, and her face is so bad, so you should let her go back to rest early. I will be responsible for this kind of thing! Besides, the scars on her face make it a little different to see clients. Ok?”

Kaylee was quite worried about Hazel. She guessed what the scar on her face was, but it was a family affair after all. She is not a good outsider to ask anything, she can only work and live. If she can help, do more.

“No…” Mateo shook his head, “She must be responsible for this case.”


Mateo smiled warmly and said, “Okay! I know you care about Hazel, but there is no way. For today’s plan, probably only she will be able to fully agree on this plan.”

“So…” Kaylee dropped her shoulders in frustration, “Well then! I hope Sister Hazel can get out of the haze soon.”

Mateo turned around and glanced at Hazel in the office. The warm eyes were filled with layers of worry, but he did not forget to comfort Kaylee, “It’s okay, everything will be fine…”

This silly girl…

How could she push herself into such a desperate situation?

She must be more uncomfortable than anyone else in her heart at this moment?!

Silly girl, if you spread out these things and tell me earlier, maybe, then I can still help you, but now…

Everything, you can only rely on yourself!!!


“Mom, I have a party tonight, and I might go home later,” Hazel called her mother Adeline.

“Hazel, you go back early, pay attention to your body…”

“En! It’s okay, Mom, don’t worry.” Hazel on the phone, forced a smile.

Adeline wiped her tears here, and all the pain in her heart could only be swallowed into her chest, “Well! Mom is waiting for you…”

Her daughter, she knows best!

“This fool, how can she force herself to be like this? Why doesn’t she tell us that she is so bitter in her heart!!!?” Adeline hung up the phone, still holding his husband’s portrait, crying, while counting, “Husband, you said…Did we force the child to be like this? Why is she so stupid!! Uuuu…”

Adeline didn’t know how much love and hatred her daughter carried in her heart that would drive her to such a desperate situation…

And she would push herself on such a dead-end!!!

She wants to love, but cannot love!!! But uncontrollable to love…

Probably, only in this way can she let go of her share of filial piety, let go of her hatred, or… forcing herself to let go of the love of more than 20 years, right?!


Kerry Hotel, half past six-

When eating with customers, Hazel will habitually take half an hour earlier.

Even though she has been in a poor mental state recently, she still does not want to affect her work.

She sat quietly in the box, waiting patiently.

In fact, after experiencing this change, Hazel is like a different person. When she saw her before, she was always energetic, charming, and confusing, but now she seems to have been stunned, although charming temperament is not diminished at all, she feels more fragile…

This was inconsistent with the bold and strong Allison Hazel.

But people are always like this…

Once they lose their soul, they will become like walking dead.

In half an hour, ticking across…

Hazel still sat there quietly, waiting, even, without even looking at the time, just drinking tea in silence.


With the sound of “Wow”, the box door was pushed open.

Hazel subconsciously tilts her head to see…

The next moment froze.

The pale complexion was unnatural for a moment…

The person in front of her is not someone else, but it is…Blair Elijah!!!

That, the man who hasn’t seen him for many days!!!

Today, he is still dressed in a dark Armani suit with a solid-color classic shirt. Simple dress, but his mature and stable temperament is brought to the extreme.

He is still so elegant…

Standing at the door, lonely and arrogant, like a legacy of independence.

When he saw Hazel in the box, he seemed to be stunned for half a second…

Staring at her dark eyes, getting deeper and deeper…

And Hazel, obviously unexpectedly that the person who came would be Blair Elijah, and suddenly became a little flustered.

Blair Elijah stepped forward with his long legs and walked in gracefully and calmly, and the high-level people followed him.

Compared with Hazel’s lineup, she looks much inferior. Perhaps, this is what Mateo deliberately arranged! Even for such a major project, she was only asked to solve it.

“You don’t have to panic…”

Blair Elijah seemed to perceive the helpless Hazel and hurriedly calmed down.

“I didn’t expect it to be you either.”

Hazel uncompromisingly.

The more he was like this, the more uncomfortable Hazel.

“Blair…President Blair, or else, let Mr. Brooks talk to you in person another day!”

What exactly is going on? Why is Blair Elijah the client of this project? Isn’t his company experiencing serious deficits and it is difficult to maintain? But now…

“What? Miss Allison is very busy?”

Blair Elijah lazily flipped through the material in his hand, not looking at her.

“No, it’s not…” Hazel shook her head, a little fidgeting.

Even at this moment, she did not dare to raise her eyes to look at the man on the side.

“Then I’m sorry, I don’t have any spare time to ask you, Mr. Brooks! I am very busy!” Finally, Blair Elijah picked up his head from the materials, “Miss Allison, if your company sincerely wants to cooperate with our Silverbell, then let’s continue talking. If you have any inconvenience today, I’m sorry, but we can only look forward to the next opportunity for our two companies to cooperate.”

Blair Elijah said, closing the materials and leaving.

“Mr. Blair!!”

Hazel quickly stopped him.

She got up and apologized generously, “I’m sorry! Mr. Blair, it’s my fault. I was still out of the state just now. I hope you don’t mind!”

Hazel quickly adjusted her emotions, the corners of her charming lips raised a confident smile, proactively stretched out her hand to show him good, “Hello! Allison Hazel, take care.”

Blair Elijah reached out and took her hand.

In the dark eyes, a bit of teasing passed by, the sexy thin lips rose slightly.

Sure enough, the self-confident Allison Hazel is still the most attractive!!!

This is the real her!!!

The whole meal was eaten harmoniously.

Except for talking about official business, the two people never talked about anything else.

Nine o’clock-

The two got up.

“President Blair, happy cooperation.”

Hazel took the initiative to shake hands with him.

“Happy cooperation.”

Everyone left the hotel together.

Several people said goodbye one after another. Seeing Blair Elijah’s figure heading directly to the underground parking lot, Hazel couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

At last…


Fortunately, apart from official business, the two never talked about anything else.


The past is just a floating cloud, a floating cloud that has never had anything to do with them!

Seeing Blair Elijah again, Hazel is very scared.

She’s afraid that this man will treat her nicely, afraid that he will stare at her with that kind of petting eyes…

But, fortunately, he didn’t! His attitude towards her is like a chat between clients! Easy.

It’s just that, while relaxing, Hazel still ignores the trace of pain and loneliness that can’t be lost.

The moonlight, faintly falling…

She enveloped her lonely figure as if she had spread a layer of silver jade-like tulle on her delicate and beautiful.

She smiled sadly, closed her gaze, carried her handbag, stepped on three-inch shoes, and walked to the bus stop…

Allison Hazel, so be it!!!

Don’t expect anymore, her ending, here, it is completely stopped…

Fair enough!!! Isn’t it?

Without hate, her heart is relaxed a lot…

The feeling that the burden that has been pressed for five years is finally released, really, indescribable…

“Allison Hazel!! Tomorrow is a new day again -“

Laughing, standing under the moonlight, yelling towards the moon in the distance.

“Everything is over!! A new life is about to begin!! Allison Hazel, your new life is about to begin, add…”

“Allison Hazel!!!”

Hazel’s words to cheer for herself were too late to finish, but she was interrupted by a low voice.

Looking back suspiciously, she saw Blair Elijah sitting in a dark Bentley and poking his head out, “Don’t shout, everyone in the hotel should be asleep.”


Hazel was blushed instantly by Blair Elijah’s sudden words.

“Get in the car.” Blair Elijah glanced at the passenger seat.

“Huh?” Hazel for a second.

“Give you…”

“No, no need!!” Hazel suddenly regained consciousness, waved her hand hurriedly, a little embarrassed, “Well, President Blair, thank you for your kindness, I…I can go by myself! Thank you.”

She chose to reject him.

Blair Elijah’s mood didn’t seem to have changed much, he just nodded faintly, “Goodbye…”


The car, like a gust of wind, drove out of the hotel…

The rising wind blew Hazel’s body, unexpectedly a little cold, and she couldn’t help but wrap her body tightly.

For a while, under the street lamp, only her lonely figure was left, a little desolate…

“Allison Hazel, admit it! You are lost…”

Hazel muttered to herself, her heart aching.

Yes! Seeing his car, he drove away like the wind without hesitation, her heart, as if falling from a high altitude, fell directly into the bottom…

Looking up, looking at the faint moonlight…

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