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Chapter 431

Heart, aching pain.

Allison Hazel, how many years do you have to worry about this fruitless love?

Will it… last a lifetime?

She smiled lightly, for the rest of her life!

As long as she doesn’t have to worry about struggling like five years ago, that’s enough!!!

Anyway, it has been more than 20 years, this kind of feeling of being alone in her heart she has long been used to it! Maybe it was empty one day, and she was not used to it!

Hazel stood at the bus stop, waiting patiently for the bus.

Perhaps because it was too late, there were not many people in the station.

After a quarter of an hour, the twelve number bus was already in front of her, and a black Bentley overbearing slid into the bus station first, taking the lane to the gorgeous.


This is simply a man who doesn’t talk about traffic laws!!!

The window of the co-pilot was slid down, revealing the familiar face of Blair Elijah.

“Miss Allison.”


Hazel approached him in shock.

Quill, a pack of medicine was thrown out of the car, “Catch it.”


Hazel looked at what was in her hand, and then at Blair Elijah in the car.

Blair Elijah didn’t say anything, he just pointed his cheek with his finger. The next instant, the car galloped away, completely disappearing of Hazel…

Hazel stood dazedly until the bus was about to leave, Hazel suddenly recovered.

“And many more…”

She hugged the bag of pills that suddenly came out and caught up with the bus.

After getting in the car, she randomly found a place by the window to sit down, and then she started to look at the medicine in her hand.

They are all topical ointments, such as burns and anti-inflammatories, which are carefully applied.

Even though it was just a few random ointments, she could feel the man’s good intentions.

Hazel wet her eyes…

Eyes, deliberately avoiding looking at the ointment in her arms, turning to the beginning, tearful eyes to appreciate the familiar night scene of this city… However, at that glance, she saw a familiar handsome face!!!

Hazel stared at the dark Bentley outside almost incredulously.

He, then, followed the bus she was on, slowly driving alongside it on the highway.

His car window was open, and the bright night view passed by their windows… and they were still fixed by each other’s side.

Blair Elijah finally raised his head and glanced at her…

However, it was just a glance, but Hazel, involuntarily, tears…

It was a very peaceful tear…

From the heart, leak out!!!

Why? Blair Elijah, why after I did something like that, you still appeared in front of me as if there was nothing wrong? Why can you still treat me as usual? Is there no grudge in your heart?

“Allison Hazel!!”

“Allison Hazel…”

Hazel couldn’t hear what Blair Elijah was yelling outside, but looking at his mouth, she knew he was calling herself.

His hands seemed to be eagerly gesturing, obviously not paying attention to the road conditions at all.

Hazel in a hurry, hurriedly opened the glass window, “Blair Elijah, what are you doing, look at the way!!”

“Hey!! Forgot to tell you something…”


“The ointment inside, the green one, look that one can’t be applied often, but can only be applied to the face for three days at most! The ointment has strong side effects, too much use can cause muscle atrophy. Have you heard?”

Blair Elijah yelled into the wind and told her on the bus.

“Heard it…”

Hazel’s hand, climbing on the glass window, eyes flushed.

So, he chased it just to tell her this?!

“Where do those injuries on your face come from?” Blair Elijah asked her again.

Hazel for half a second, but didn’t answer him, only said, “Blair Elijah, you go back!! Don’t follow me! You are very dangerous like this!!!”

Hazel poked her head out and shouted at him on the opposite side.

At this moment, she couldn’t take into account the pairs of eyes in the bus that were looking at her curiously.

“Where do those injuries on your face come from?!!!”

Blair Elijah ignored her at all and only asked her persistently.

“It was accidentally burnt.” Hazel knew that if she didn’t answer him, he would keep asking herself unswervingly.

“What about those scratches?”


“Who scratched it?”

“Blair Elijah, don’t ask me anymore! These things have nothing to do with you, don’t worry about meddling anymore!!” Hazel a little anxiously.

“Who scratched it!!?”

Blair Elijah turned a deaf ear to her words.


Hazel realized that she had no choice but to use him. “My colleague was scratching it. It was because of some disputes with some problems at work that it became like this!!!”

She had to lie.


“Really!! You go back quickly!! Don’t follow, it’s not safe!!”

Hazel at him, but more worried about him.

Blair Elijah didn’t listen to her and still drove the car on his own, dangling beside her.

“You go back!!”

Seeing him like this, Hazel somewhat worried.

“Don’t follow me anymore.”

“Hey! Stop being passionate, I just drop by!”


Ok! Since she said so, what else can she say?!

However, even if it is on the way, he doesn’t have to… drive so slowly, right?

Then, the two of them didn’t say much, but Hazel always had a question to ask Blair Elijah.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally asked.

“Are you…the company is okay?”

Blair Elijah turned his head towards her and chuckled lightly as if it were meaningless, “Just your little trick, it’s really hard to trip me.”


Faced with his meaninglessness, Hazel for a while and didn’t know how to answer.

Regarding his deliberation, he is like looking at a child’s game. He sees it in his eyes but does not remember it in his heart. He knows every move and every move she takes but never pokes. Break her, let her go crazy, and when she is happy, he will come out to take care of the aftermath.

Blair Elijah, is he so indifferent to these things? Why is he holding her in his palms even though it’s all like this?

The more so, the more uncomfortable Hazel will be.

It’s just that, perhaps more deeply moved in her heart…

She remembered the scene when he proposed to her that day, Hazel’s heart, involuntarily tugging pain.

This man, she doesn’t know what to do with him!


‘Tan’ in the Chinese restaurant-

“Auntie, thank you for coming!”

When Adeline appeared in the box, Blair Elijah hurriedly got up to meet her.

Adeline did not treat him with a melodious appearance. Even if she knew that her daughter had done the things that hurt him, although she was apologetic, she still had a grudge about what happened five years ago, “If it wasn’t because you were the person my daughter liked, I won’t be here.”

“I know.” Blair Elijah didn’t care about Adeline’s indifference, still smiling, and politely pulled out the seat for her and helped her sit down.


He greeted the waiter and said, “Order.”

He politely handed the order to Adeline, but Adeline didn’t pick it up, but said, “You order! You are more familiar with it.”

“Then I’m welcome.” Blair Elijah didn’t postpone it any more, and just ordered some of the top dishes here.

“Mr. Blair, if you have anything to do with me, just tell me!”

Adeline felt that facing Blair Elijah, she was a little bit uncomfortable.

“Auntie, I wanted to tell you about this a few days ago. It’s just that I’ve been too busy recently, and I’m not able to find time to ask you.”

“What the hell is it?” Adeline looked suspiciously at the opposite Blair Elijah.

“It’s about that incident five years ago…”

Blair Elijah’s words changed Adeline’s face slightly. The hand holding the water cup suddenly tightened, and her lips were drawn into a line. Her reaction told Blair Elijah that Adeline was still stubborn about what happened five years ago.

“Did you and Hazel always think that I was the one who pumped Hazel’s blood to save Sarah? Because the blood drawn from her killed the child in her belly and indirectly killed her uncle. …”

Blair Elijah’s words made Adeline startled…

“You… what do you mean?”

Blair Elijah lowered his eyebrows and smiled, a little astringent, “Tiger poison still doesn’t eat its seeds! Even if I’m bad, how can my child bear the heart to hurt? What’s more, Hazel is my wife. Maybe I will do something that hurts my wife and children?!”

Adeline’s stunned eyes widened, “You…what you mean…we, misunderstood you?? What the hell is going on? If you speak more clearly, I am confused by you!”

Adeline was agitated.

“Auntie, I admit that back then, I married Hazel for another purpose. I even thought of asking Hazel to save Sarah like a bastard. I apologize cautiously to you and Hazel for this! But these thoughts only stayed in my mind for a short period! Five years ago, the person who drew blood to save Sarah was not me, but someone else! However, I did not protect my wife and children, I am very sorry…”

The bottom of Blair Elijah’s eyes showed guilty eyes.

Adeline was stunned, and she couldn’t find it for a long time, “How…how could it be? If the person five years ago was not you, why didn’t you say it earlier? But you just want to tell me at this time? “

“If I can, I would also like to say it soon!! However, the truth of this fact was only unexpectedly learned when I went to Las Vegas a few days ago. I didn’t know that then. So you and Hazel hate me so much. It is for this reason…”

Blair Elijah smiled bitterly. To tell the truth, when he suddenly learned the truth, the feeling of grievance in his heart was more uncomfortable, but the grievance was more introspection and understanding.

If they had done a good job five years ago, how could they both take such a path?!

Adeline was stunned. For such an ending, she couldn’t get back to it for a while.

“Five years ago, was it not you?”


Blair Elijah nodded, sure.

“That…Hazel…” Adeline’s expression turned pale, “the things that Hazel did to you…”

Chapter 432

“It’s okay!” Blair Elijah smiled meaninglessly, “It’s good for her to be happy!”

“You… don’t care?” Adeline felt a trace of guilt in her heart.

Apologize for the guilt five years ago, and apologize for the guilt five years later.

Blair Elijah took a sip of the hot tea in the cup before slowly saying, “In fact, I cared about it at first. It’s hard to watch my lover pull me into the trap. She, so I had to treat her like a rebellious child!”

He watched, cleaned up, and it was all right!

These words of Blair Elijah undoubtedly moved the mother Adeline.

It turns out that for so many years, her daughter has been living in a world surrounded by happiness, but they are blinded by hatred, so they can’t perceive it.

At this time, Adeline was thinking, how many dear lovers in this world have passed away with true love because of such misunderstandings?

“Elijah, does she know all these things?”

“No, she doesn’t know.” Blair Elijah shook his head, “Moreover, I don’t intend to let her know, at least, not now! So, I also hope that aunt can help me keep this secret.”

“Why?” Adeline was suspicious, “Isn’t it better for you to let Hazel know about these things?”

Blair Elijah shook his head, “Auntie, I told you this because I don’t want to be misunderstood by you again! But I don’t tell Hazel because… I don’t want her to face me hard!”

Adeline was stunned by Blair Elijah’s words.

Blair Elijah continued, “Actually, I know that she treats me like this, and she feels no better than me! And I also know that even if she hurts me, she hurts herself! Because I can feel that she still loves me!!!”

He knew that every word of love she said to himself would never be false! Because he knows her, a woman who is arrogant like her will never put the word love on her lips if she does not love! If she doesn’t love, she is determined not to be willing to go back to that home with him again, let alone to love him!

Therefore, the more he understands her, the more he understands her love for himself, the more he knows all the pain in her heart, and the more he can understand the harm she has done to herself!

“But if you tell her the truth about five years ago, based on her personality, she will blame herself deeply, and she will even wonder how to face me!” Blair Elijah smiled, “I don’t want her to use that kind of apologetic love in her heart to me! I am even more afraid that she will resist me because she can’t face it! Auntie, our love can no longer withstand any accidents, so only now is the best! Now she is willing to let go, and I… still have the confidence to chase her back! That’s enough!!”

“Would you rather bear such a big grievance than tell her the truth?”

Adeline at this time was completely moved by the words of the former son-in-law.

“I don’t want to see her tears of self-blame! More afraid that she will push me away because of self-blame…”

Just thinking about it, Blair Elijah felt that his heart was hurting!

“Since I have been reciting it for five years, I don’t care if it takes longer!”

If the truth is known earlier, maybe they will not be like this, but the truth is a small step too late, perhaps this is also a big test of the love between them!

“Elijah, you are like this… I’m a mother, I don’t know how to say it! Thank you for being so thoughtful for my daughter! And, I am here to represent myself and Hazel, I carefully apologize to you! Whether it is five years ago or five years later, I hope you don’t take it to your heart. For so many years, I really… I’ve wronged you!!”

“Auntie, don’t do this! If I did well that year, nothing like this would happen!”

“Don’t mention the past things! No matter who is right or wrong, it’s all over! It’s all over… Mom now only hopes you both can be happy…”

Blair Elijah smiled relieved, “As long as I can get your support, everything will be fine! Auntie, I hope I can call you ‘Mom’ again one day!”

Blair Elijah’s words from the bottom of his heart moved Adeline to tears.

“Hazel is blessed to get your love like this! Our old man can finally rest underneath…”

Adeline’s eyes were whirling, but she smiled comfortably.

“Then can you tell, who the hell was the servant who killed my husband and killed my granddaughter?”

At the mention of this, Adeline was a little excited, and the hand holding the water cup tightened and tightened.

Blair Elijah took a deep look at Adeline before saying, “His name is Gibson Mile! He is Sarah’s current boyfriend! He is now a gangster killer!”


Killer, the two words made Adeline’s face suddenly pale.

“The killer can kill people?”

“When I went to the United States, I met him by accident, and he took the initiative to tell me everything!”

That was the way it was.

Blair Elijah’s company was in crisis, and there happened to be two successful projects in the United States, so he went there directly to negotiate with local investors.

In the club, he happened to finish talking with the client and when he was about to leave, he didn’t expect to meet Gibson Mile and Sarah beside him.


When Sarah saw Blair Elijah, she was slightly surprised.

Gibson Mile only glanced at him indifferently and stood there without speaking.

Sarah hesitated and walked over to Blair Elijah, Gibson Mile just leaned against the car lazily, smoking.

“Sarah, it’s hard to believe that I will meet you here.”

“Brother, you have lost a lot…”

Sarah’s eyes were still full of pity.

“I lost weight recently!”

“Brother, don’t hide it from me! It’s all in the newspaper!” Sarah’s eyes were completely distressed.

Blair Elijah smiled faintly, “If a good thing does not go out, the scandal has spread for thousands of miles.”

“Why is this?” Sarah couldn’t believe it, “Brother, you are such a savvy person, how can your company have such a big problem? I don’t believe it.”

“Allison Hazel did it!”

Gibson Mile, who was leaning on the body, spoke.

Blair Elijah and Sarah were both startled.

“I accidentally saw the ‘Continental’ mentioned in the newspaper, and I searched it casually. It was a shell company under Allison Hazel’s name! So, the whole incident was a set of hers!” Gibson Hazel’s lips seemed to be smiling. The commentary.

At that moment, Blair Elijah had to admire the reconnaissance ability of the man in front of him.

Sarah was stunned, “Why? Hazel… She, why would she be like this?”

Blair Elijah smiled bitterly, “Perhaps just wanting me to taste the pain of being exploited by love! It’s okay, let her play!”

Gibson Mile hummed twice, took a deep breath of the long smoke in his hand, and after a while, exhaled the smoke ring, then suddenly said, “Blair Elijah, I drew Allison Hazel’s blood and saved Sarah!!”

“What?” Blair Elijah was in a trance for a second, his pupils dilated, and the blue veins on his forehead almost burst out, staring at Gibson Mile in shock, “You say it again…you say what you just said again?!!!”

Blair Elijah came over in an instant, completely irritated.

“Mile, what are you talking about?” Sarah also obviously never knew the whole story, “What makes you drew Sister Hazel’s blood? It was not because of the sudden hospital…”

Sarah didn’t say anything further.

She also seemed to understand something general.

Blair Elijah excitedly grabbed Gibson Mile in front of him, and clasped his windbreaker collar with his hand, “Gibson Mile, tell me more clearly!!! What happened five years ago?!”

The bloodshot eyes quickly filled Blair Elijah’s eyes.

Facing Blair Elijah’s excitement, Gibson Mile seemed calmer and calmer. He took Blair Elijah’s hand off his collar without hurriedly, and then said calmly, “I wanted someone to draw her blood back then, causing her to miscarry. Yes! However, she was in a coma at that time! So, she probably thought that the person who drew the blood was you! Because, what a coincidence, what you said to Evan, not only she heard it, but I also heard it, but I heard a bit more comprehensively than her, knowing that you were reluctant to draw her blood, so I had to do it for you at that time!”

Gibson Mile smiled, but the smile in his eyes made people shudder.


Blair Elijah made a fist and waved it at him without hesitation, hitting his stern face straight.

Suddenly, the nosebleeds came out.

“Ah…” Sarah was shocked and hurriedly greeted Gibson Mile, “God, are you okay?”

Then, all of Gibson Mile’s bodyguards rushed up and pointed at Blair Elijah with that cold rush.

“All back!!”

Gibson Mile only heard a roar.

Sarah was also anxious, “Go back!!”

“Yes!!” All the bodyguards hurriedly stepped away. For a time, only three people remained on the scene.

Blair Elijah walked towards Gibson Mile like a lion and beast with crimson eyes, raised his fists, and swiped towards him without hesitation, “It turns out that you, your servant, killed my child! Indirectly! Killed her father!! Gibson Mile, you are simply a beast without blood and meat!!!”

Gibson Mile took another lap, but said nothing, raised his fist, but slammed towards Blair Elijah without hesitation, “The surname Blair, you are not a good bird!!! You are the same as your dad. Two bastards!! My child still in my womb would not have a miscarriage if it weren’t because of you!! And your dad, if he didn’t falsely accuse my father back then, our family would not be ruined!! I too will not embark on this killer road!!!”

Who knows what kind of desolation it is to live alone in the darkest corner of the world!!!

If it weren’t for Blair Grayson back then, how could there be Gibson Mile now!!!

Gibson Mile wanted to destroy Blair’s family, but until he met Sarah, everything seemed to have changed, his plans were changing, and his heart became less bloodthirsty…

“Your family took a few lives from our family, but I just got it back!!”

Two people were beaten together desperately.

Let Sarah cry and cry, but no one paid any attention.

This is a men’s game, a vent of hatred and hatred, or a…the end of hatred.

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