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Chapter 435

Hazel murmured, obviously still don’t know which drama her mother was singing. After a long time, Hazel looked at Blair Elijah, “My mother…hasn’t she always hated you?”

“Am I boring?” Blair Elijah only smiled.



“The little guy seems to be sleeping soundly.” Blair Elijah glanced at the small body in his arms, his father’s loving eyes filled the dark eyes.

“Probably because he was too tired to go to school.” Hazel pulled her son’s hand distressedly, “Actually, he must know that you will be very happy to see him.”

Blair Elijah lowered his head and pressed a kiss on the little guy’s forehead.


Hazel seemed to have thought of something, and asked him, “Um…your family, do you know about Landon?”

“I don’t know.” Blair Elijah shook his head.

“Didn’t you say?”

“Of course!”

It is not convenient to talk about it temporarily.

He knows the characters of his parents best. If they know that there is a child outside the Blair, they will grab him back without compromise. By then, the obstacles between him and Hazel will only increase…

“Thank you…”

Hazel thanked him sincerely, she knew that Blair Elijah must be thinking for her own sake, so he didn’t tell his parents about Landon.

At this time, it happened that Adeline walked out of the kitchen.

“Come on, eat some fruit! Grapes are good for digestion.”

“Thank you, auntie!” Blair Elijah thanked her politely.

“What are you polite?” Adeline seemed to be very happy, “Hazel, didn’t you mean to work overtime tonight? Why are you with Elijah again?”

“Uh… I forgot to tell you. Well, I was transferred to work in their company two days ago.” Hazel didn’t mention it to her mother on purpose. She would worry about her when she was saved, but she didn’t expect it to happen today. It was such a subversive situation, which surprised her.

“So it’s like this, very good…” Adeline nodded with a smile, “Well, Elijah, are you free tomorrow weekend?”

“En. Of course, what’s the matter with you, Auntie?”

“It’s a rare weekend that everyone is here, and Landon is also at home. I’ll cook a good meal for you tomorrow at noon. If you don’t dislike it, just come over for dinner at noon! Recently Landon always talks about you, and now he is asleep again Yes, he will be very happy if you come over tomorrow.”

“Okay!!” Blair Elijah grinned, “I must be on time at noon tomorrow.”


Hazel staring at the two people in front of her dumbfounded, she couldn’t believe the current situation.

“Okay! Auntie won’t bother you, two young people! I’m going to sleep with Landon!”

“En! Good night auntie.”

Blair Elijah hurriedly handed back Landon in his arms to Adeline.

Adeline greeted him and went into the bedroom. Suddenly, only Hazel and Blair Elijah were left in the hall.

“My mom… why does she seem to be a different person?” Hazel was still suspicious.

“How?” Blair Elijah stared at her funny.

“Hey! Tell me honestly, did you give her some ecstasy soup?”

“Are you tired?” Blair Elijah didn’t answer her question but instead asked her.

“I am OK, you?”

“I’m not tired! I slept for a long time during the day. If you are tired, I will leave first.” Blair Elijah said he was about to get up.

“Are you coming here tomorrow?”

“Why, I am not welcome?” Blair Elijah looked at her with a smile.

“No! I didn’t mean that.” Hazel shook her head embarrassedly.

Blair Elijah only smiled.

“Okay, I’ll go now! You hurry up and take a shower and rest!”

“Well, I’ll send you off…”

Hazel said, got up, and followed his footsteps.

As soon as she arrived at the entrance, she was stopped by Blair Elijah, “You don’t need to send me down, just come here!”

“May I?”

“Of course. Go back!”

“That’s good!” Hazel didn’t insist anymore, and Blair Elijah went downstairs alone.

Seeing the elevator door closed, Hazel inexplicably in her heart.

She can’t tell what she feels, but… very empty, but very complicated.

Everything does not seem to be operating on a normal track.


As soon as Blair Elijah left, Adeline walked out of the bedroom again.

“Hazel, Elijah is gone?”

“Mom! Why did you wake up again?” Hazel looked at her mother curiously.

“Why didn’t you send him off?”

“Mom, what’s the matter with you today? Didn’t you have a prejudice against him before? How could this…” Hazel didn’t understand.

“Hey! Don’t mention the past things! By the way, you went to work at their company again?” Adeline asked her after taking the past things briefly.

“Yes!” Hazel nodded, “The Company cooperated with them on new projects and was dispatched.”

“Very good, very good! Then don’t you two meet every day?” Adeline’s eyes showed gossip.

“It’s only the first day to work today! Mom, why don’t you go to sleep?”

“Hey! Hazel, I think Elijah likes you a lot! Or don’t worry about it, just makeup with him! You go around like this…”

“Mom!” Hazel hurriedly stopped her mother’s words, “Mom, you are very wrong today!!”

“What’s wrong with me? I don’t want you to be happy as a daughter?! You don’t know if I’m a mother? Mom knows you still like him, and mom knows why you go to Elijah’s company Hands and feet! You want to alleviate the guilt in your heart, but Hazel, have you ever thought that Mom and your dad didn’t want you to be that kind of person…”

Talking about these things, Hazel felt a little uncomfortable.

“Sorry, mom!”

“I…I’m a little tired, I’ll take a shower first…”

“Hazel! Think about what Mom said.” Adeline sighed and shouted at her back.

Hazel stopped her footsteps, turned her head, looked at her mother, “Mom, a lot of things are not two people’s affairs, me and him…maybe impossible anymore! Even if we are willing, his mother, and those of his family, they will not fulfill us anymore!”

She still remembers that when Blair Elijah sincerely assured Ruby of his love for her, Ruby said that this was his last chance for her son and her!

But, the result?

As a result, she did not grasp this opportunity well, she let it flow away from her fingers, and it could even be said that she trampled on this opportunity…

Although a little uncomfortable, fortunately, she does not regret it!!!

When Ruby taught her that day, she also said that in the future she would not be allowed to approach Blair Elijah for half a minute.

Yes! She hates herself so much, how can she let herself be with her son? Hazel no longer hopes for such a thing.

The next day…

When Hazel was still asleep, she heard Landon yelling excitedly outside.

“Daddy!!! Why are you here suddenly!!!?”

“Little devil, do you miss Daddy?” Blair Elijah took the little guy into his arms.

“I want to…” The little guy couldn’t think about it. “Daddy, what are you doing lately? Are you busy?”

“Yes! Daddy is busy making money to support you and Mommy recently, so I haven’t had time to see you!”

“That’s it!!” The little guy snorted, “Well then, forgive you for the time being!”

When Hazel heard this, her heart trembled for a second before she hurriedly crawled out of the quilt.

After washing her face, she changed her clothes and walked out of the bedroom, “So early…”

“Baby, it’s not early!! You are too lazy!! Father-in-law Sun has a big ass!” The little guy said, pointing to the big sun outside.

When she was told by Landon, she was a little embarrassed, “Maybe it was because I was too tired last night.”

“Why don’t you go to sleep again?” Blair Elijah looked at the dark circles around Hazel’s eyes, “It seems that you can’t be asked to work overtime in the future.”

“I think it’s difficult!” Hazel shrugged, “You have long been used to squeezing me.” Facing Hazel’s dissatisfaction complaint, Blair Elijah just laughed.

When eating…

Adeline always served Blair Elijah with food.

In short, according to her words, all the dishes on the table were made especially for him.

“Come on, come here for dinner as long as you have time! If you are fine after work, you can also come with Hazel!”

“Yes, yes!!” Landon sat in his father’s arms and nodded hurriedly.

“Look, you see, the little guy welcomes you more!!”

Blair Elijah grinned and looked towards Hazel, “Where are you? Welcome me?”


At this moment, Adeline bumped her elbow to Hazel and gave her a look.

Hazel curled her lips, “It’s okay! If you are idle, just come over! No one will not welcome you…”

She would not welcome him!

For his existence, Hazel’s heart has been entangled.

It was like a hurricane that attracted her, but she fell into it but wanted to struggle! In short, it is a force that makes her want to resist, but can’t resist!!!

In fact, since falling in love with this man twenty years ago…

Hasn’t she always been like this?


Today, outings are organized in kindergartens.

With a heavy backpack on his back, Landon followed the leading teacher in an orderly line to the bus stop not far ahead.

When passing the red light, a group of children all stopped.

“Seeing the red light, what shall we do?”

The leading teacher asked everyone in a sweet voice.

“Stop and wait patiently.” The children answered in unison.

“By the way! Everyone is doing a great job!!”

The sweet and childish voice of the children attracted a large group of passersby who were also waiting for the red light.

Among them, there is another person, Ruby!!!

“Mother-in-law!!! Be careful!!!”

In the crowd, Landon’s tender voice yelled at Ruby.


Ruby was taken aback, and hurriedly looked at her handbag, and she saw a dirty hand peeking into her bag.

The man didn’t expect someone to shout, he took his hand back in a moment of fright, and ran away in the next moment. Before running away, he did not forget to stare at the pool in the crowd.

Landon’s scared little neck shrank inwards…

That uncle just now is terrible!!!

Ruby saw Landon in the crowd at a glance, and he was inexplicably familiar.

She felt…

This child, when he was young, is similar to her son.

Chapter 436

Ruby hurriedly smiled and walked towards Landon in the crowd, squatted down, and stroked his little head friendly, “My kid, thank you so much just now.”

“No thanks! Mother, this is what we should do.” The little guy is humble.

“Little friend, what’s your name! You look so cute!!”

“My name is Landon…”

“Landon!! So good…”

As soon as the kindergarten teacher saw Ruby here, she immediately recognized her.

“Ah… Mrs. Blair, hello, hello… I didn’t expect to meet you here, are you here to send Landon?”

“Teacher, you misunderstood! My mother-in-law and I just met!” the little guy explained hurriedly.

“Just met???” The kindergarten teacher was a little confused, “Mrs. Blair, you… are you not Mr. Blair Elijah’s mother?”

“Yes!!” Ruby smiled and nodded, “Is there any problem?”

When he heard this, the little guy also blinked suspiciously, looking confused, but seemed to understand something.

Then, he heard the kindergarten teacher suspiciously, “Isn’t Landon the child of Mr. Blair?”

“What did you say?”

Ruby’s face changed suddenly.

It’s just that, in those eyes, she doesn’t know whether it is joy or some other more complicated emotions.

“Yes!! Landon’s daddy is Mr. Blair Elijah!!”

The kindergarten teacher nodded affirmatively.

On the side, Landon remained silent, without saying a word.

He had heard his grandparents and grandma, but she said that it is not time to tell them about the existence of Landon, so now…

Whoops!!! Good gossip teacher!!!

Ruby stared at Landon, who was somewhat similar to her son in front of her in shock. After a while, she adjusted her emotions and suppressed the shock in her heart, showing a loving smile, and stroked the little guy’s head, “Landon, can you? Tell mother-in-law, who is your daddy and mommy?”

Landon glanced at the teacher, and then at the kind mother-in-law who was smiling on the other side.

He lowered his eyes but still told the truth.

Because, the teacher said, children are not allowed to lie!!! What’s more, now that he is still in front of the teacher, he will be scolded for lying.

“Landon’s father is called Blair Elijah, mommy is…Hazel…”

Landon’s words made Ruby on the spot, and it took a long time for her to recover, but she could only hear her muttering, “My son’s son…”

“Mrs. Blair, we should go now!”

Ruby came back to her senses after hearing a call from the kindergarten teacher.

“Mother-in-law, we are leaving!” The little guy didn’t forget to say hello to Ruby before he left.

“And many more…”

Ruby hurriedly called them, “Um, teacher, wait…”

Ruby’s mood was a little flustered, nervous, and a little confused.

Suddenly facing this grandson, she couldn’t tell how she felt, was it exciting? Or is it happy? It is more suspicious and puzzling…

She has a grandson, why has she never heard of it?!

Moreover, this child can be her grandson, because that little silhouette looks so much like her son when he was a child!!!

“Mrs. Blair, what else do you have?” the kindergarten teacher asked her.

“Actually… I want to talk to Landon.” Ruby looked at the little guy beside her.

“This… Mrs. Blair, because we are going on an outing, we have already arranged a car. This meeting is already waiting for us at the opposite station. Look at this…or else, wait until we come back from the outing. Is it convenient for you??”

The kindergarten teacher was a little embarrassed.

“Then… will it be convenient for me to go with you?” Ruby made an opinion.

If she wants to accompany her grandson on an outing, that’s a good choice!

“Together?” The kindergarten teacher said, and then laughed, “Of course!”

“That’s great!!” Ruby laughed, squatting down to look at the pond at her feet, “Landon, am I welcome to come with you?”

“Of course welcome!!” The little guy smiled sweetly.

Ruby hurriedly dialed the phone and said, “Mrs. Allen, I’m sorry, but today’s lunch may have to be shifted for a day or two! Yeah! Suddenly there is something urgent to deal with, okay, okay! See you tomorrow, bye …”

Ruby quickly turned off all the activities today, only to accompany her grandson on an outing.

Along the way, the little guy would always hold his head up, blink his slick eyes, and look suspiciously at his mother-in-law.


“Are you my daddy’s mommy?”

“Of course! Is there any problem?” Ruby smiled lovingly, rubbing the little guy’s round head.

She knows, at that time, she hoped that her son could give her a grandson as soon as possible, but unexpectedly, this grandson had existed five years ago! But she didn’t even know?!!!

This unfilial son!!!

“Of course not!” The little guy shook his head like a rattle. “Then what should I call you?”

“You… just call me grandma!!”

“Grandma…” the little guy murmured. The next moment, he smiled innocently, “Grandma! Nice to meet you.”

These words, the kid learned the fuck!

Ruby was amused by the little guy who looked like a big ghost, “Grandma is very happy to know you too!!”

During the outing, the two people, the old and the young were stuck together and never separated.

“Grandma, you are so cute!! You didn’t build it like a tent!!” The little guy looked at the weird tent set up by his grandma in front of him, couldn’t help but squat on the ground holding his belly, and laughed.

Ruby knew that she was wrong, and when she saw the little devil smile like that, she couldn’t help but blush, “Ah!! You bad boy, you dare to laugh at grandma!!”

The little guy hurriedly covered his small mouth, smiled, and apologized, “I’m sorry! Landon won’t dare anymore.”

“Good! Come on, baby, come to grandma’s side!!! Have a good chat with grandma.” Ruby beckoned the little guy to come over.


Landon greeted the past and squatted down beside her.

“Baby, who do you live with now?” Ruby asked Landon pretendingly.

“Landon lives with Mommy and Granny,” Landon answered honestly.

“Mommy?” Ruby frowned casually, “Allison Hazel?”

“En!!” The little guy nodded.

“Then… Didn’t you live with Daddy?”

Landon looked like Allison Hazel’s child because his facial features have inherited the charm of that woman, which made this cute little guy show a bit of charm in his handsomeness!!! To put it bluntly, he’s Hazel.


Speaking of Daddy, the little guy’s expression darkened, “Daddy lives alone!”

He wants to live with Daddy and Mommy, but, after all, this is between them…

“Then Landon…Do you want to live with daddy or grandma?” Ruby asked him tentatively, “It’s good to live with grandma! Grandma has grandpa and grandma at home!!! And, there are at home. There are so many toys, and the house is big!! There is also a playground…everything you want baby, you have it!!”

“Wow!! It’s so great!!!” The little guy listened with excitement.

“Of course! Baby, do you want to live with grandma?”

“Okay!! But Landon can only live for a day or two at most. After a long stay, Landon will want Hazel and granny!” After all, Landon is a child, and his mind is still relatively simple. Where can he understand the profound meaning of grandma’s words?

Landon’s words made Ruby stunned for half a second, and then she laughed, “It’s okay! It’s okay to live for a few days…”

She coaxed her grandson like this.

“Then go home with grandma tonight, okay?”

“This…” The little guy hesitated.

“Grandma, or else, you asked Landon to go home first and ask Hazel, mother, will I go there after she agrees. Otherwise, Hazel’s mother will be worried.”

The little guy is not a little ghost who just goes home with people.

Of course, except for his father!

“Okay!!” Ruby also knew that she couldn’t force the little guy too tight, so she didn’t continue.

They didn’t come home until eight o’clock in the night.

Ruby was not in a hurry to go back to her home, but her son’s home.

“Mom, why are you here?”

Blair Elijah had just finished taking a bath, with only a bath towel wrapped around his body, and water dripping from his sturdy figure, so he hurriedly opened the door to his mother.

“Son, tell me honestly, are you hiding anything from mom!”

Ruby was a straightforward person and directly questioned her son.

Blair Elijah was startled, with a few complicated eyes flashing under his eyes, but he quickly grabbed his expression, and said suspiciously, “Mom, what can I hide from you? At most, those daughters who arranged a blind date with me nothing! Besides, I can’t worry about it! This thing depends on fate! They are not your son’s food! You don’t need to worry about it, okay?”

“Okay! Let Mom stop worrying about this, so Mom won’t worry about it!! Then let’s sit down and talk about Landon!!”

Ruby sat down on the sofa proudly and solemnly with legs upright.

Mother’s words made Blair Elijah shocked.

“Mom, you… how do you know about Landon?”

“Anyway, don’t worry about how I know it, mom will ask you how you plan to solve this matter!” Ruby’s tone was high.

“What’s the solution?” Blair Elijah frowned.

“The issue of custody!” Ruby said directly to the subject, “Don’t tell me the blood of our Blair, you are going to put them in the foster care of Allison!! With your father’s consent, then you can’t do that. Agree!”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Blair Elijah’s face looked a little ugly. What does it mean to be placed in foster care in the Allison?! “Landon was brought up by Hazel and her mother. For so many years, the two of them have been tired all the way. How has our Blair helped them? Or, what did our Blair give Landon? Mom!! You can’t be so selfish. Although this child is of our Blair’s blood, you shouldn’t say it like this, and you can’t do this!! In short, I will have the best result in this matter! For the time being! You don’t need to worry about it!”

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