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Chapter 437

“The best result?” Ruby sneered, “Son, don’t tell me, you still want to marry that snake-hearted woman into your home!!!”

“Yes!” Blair Elijah said bluntly, “Mom, tell you the truth! I think so! And, whether you agree or not, since I have made up my mind, I won’t make any changes easily! For myself, or Landon, this is the best ending!! Also, Hazel is not the kind of woman you think!!”

“Impossible!!!” Ruby yelled, her face paled a bit, “Son, I tell you, as long as I am, I will never let you marry that woman into our Blair again. Come on!!! You want to marry her, don’t you? Okay!!! As long as I die, you can marry anyone in here!! But as long as I am, you will never think about it!!! And, my grandson’s Custody, you don’t want it, I want it!! Anyway, I’m determined not to give the Allison for nothing!!”

Ruby resolutely finished speaking and got up to leave.

“Mom, don’t be like this!!!”

Blair Elijah hurriedly held his mother, and at that moment, hearing the piles of words from his mother, he felt a little embarrassed.

Why in this home, he will never feel any warmth and love…

It will always be like this forever, never ask him how he feels, just care about themself, and then, desperately, drive him into a blind spot…

“Mom! Enough… don’t push me anymore, your son… no matter how strong he is, he will be tired!!”

Blair Elijah’s voice was so weak.

His words made Ruby startled…

Of course, the next moment, she said, “Son, mom no matter what you think, but mom is always doing it for your good! This is the attitude of mom. You don’t want the custody of your son, yes!!! But we will be, I’m going to make a deal!! Also, you want to marry Allison Hazel, I’m fine if I die!!”


Ruby left Blair Elijah’s home mercilessly.

Standing in the hall, the lone figure looked so lonely.

It seems that he has never been as lonely or helpless as he is now…

In an instant, it was as if people all over the world had abandoned him…

Now, no one wants to stand on the same line with him…

He doesn’t know how long he has been frozen, Blair Elijah finally called Hazel.

“Blair Elijah?”

Just after receiving a call from Blair Elijah, Hazel a little surprised, “Why would you call me?”

“I have very important things to discuss with you.”

On the phone, Blair Elijah’s tone was a little anxious.

“I’ll go find you!”

“So urgent?”

“Yes! Very urgent, and very important!!”

“What the hell is it? Isn’t it clear on the phone?” Hazel couldn’t help but hang up.

Blair Elijah took the windbreaker, picked up the car key on the table, and asked her, “Is my aunt asleep?”

“Not yet!”

At this end, Blair Elijah was silent for a while before she heard him say, “Let’s find a place where we can talk easily!”

It is inconvenient for Adeline to know about this. She is old after all. Besides, this is not a good thing, and it saves her that she will be anxious after knowing it.

Hearing Blair Elijah’s tone, Hazel realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Then be in this tea restaurant outside our community! I’m going to book a private room now, come here!”

“Okay! Wait for me!!”

Hung up the phone, Hazel hurriedly cleaned up, ready to go out.

“Mom, I have to go out first.” Hazel changed shoes at the entrance door.

“It’s so late, where are you going!” Adeline cared.

“Just below, Blair Elijah came to me! It seems that there is something important to say!”

“That’s it! Then you go! I’ll take Landon with me!!” Adeline felt relieved at once.

“Yes, then I’ll go first!! I’ll be back later…”

Hazel out the door and walked directly to the tea restaurant at the door.

After deciding on a private room slightly off the corner, she quietly sat there drinking tea and waiting for Blair Elijah.

Blair Elijah arrived soon.

“So fast?” Hazel hurriedly got up, habitually took the windbreaker in her hand, and hung it on the hanger beside her.

After a series of actions, she realized something and looked slightly embarrassed.

“Hurrying to find me out so late, what’s the matter?” Hazel sat down at the table, and Blair Elijah sat opposite her.

“My mother… just came to me.” Blair Elijah’s voice was a little low.

“En?” Hazel looked at him with a puzzling smile.

“She…knows the existence of Landon!”


Hazel held the hand of the water glass and suddenly tightened.

Her complexion was suddenly pale, and the petals of her lips were a little bloody, “She… how did she know?”

“I don’t know, she didn’t say it!” Blair Elijah shook his head, “I don’t have time to ask her.”

Hazel’s eyes showed an unprecedented panic, “She… Does she want Landon’s custody?”

Blair Elijah raised his eyes and then nodded, “Yes…”

Perhaps, he is not the only one who knows his mother!

With a word from Blair Elijah, Hazel’s whole person seemed to have fallen into the bottom in an instant, and the whole person suddenly became weak, and her body almost collapsed on the chair.

Shaking her head, at a loss, “Impossible!! I can’t give Landon to her!! Blair Elijah, you help me persuade her, you tell her, I won’t teach Landon to her!!! No way! …No…”

Tears, like spring water, came out wantonly from Hazel’s eyes, “Neither I nor my mother can lose Landon!! Blair Elijah, you can’t do this… you can’t do this…”

Hazel crying, lying on the table, crying heartbroken.

If Blair wants to take back the pool, it is just a very easy thing!!!

Even, she didn’t have a chance to resist!!!

Why? Because they have power and power as well as power!!!

But what about her? What does she have?!!! She has nothing!!!

What’s more, even if she does not rely on power or money, her chances of winning this lawsuit are extremely low!!!

“Hazel, don’t do this…”

Seeing her drops of tears, Blair Elijah felt distressed.

He took her cheek and wiped it dry for her a little bit.

“Blair Elijah, can you help me, okay? You know how important Landon is to me and my mother, we really can’t lose him! Help me…”

Hazel grabbed his shirt collar as if grabbing a straw.

She knew that at this moment, the only person who could help her was right in front of her!!!

Perhaps only he can help her!!!

“Hazel, don’t do this! Don’t cry first, okay? Let me finish.”


Hazel wiped the tears on her cheeks, waiting for Blair Elijah to follow.

“What kind of person my mother is? I know her better than you! She said that if she wants to get custody of Landon, she will get it! But, we also have a way to deal with…” At this point, Blair Elijah Pause.

“What way?” Hazel looked at him excitedly.

“We get married!!”

Blair Elijah had never thought of pushing her back in this way. His plan has always been gradual, but he never expected that his mother would suddenly know the existence of Landon.

His mother’s move of chess undoubtedly disrupted his plan of chasing his wife. Until now, he can only use this move to have the best of both worlds. As for the mother’s resolute disagreement with his remarrying Hazel, he can only wait for everything to settle down before getting her forgiveness and consent.


Hazel stared at the man in shock.

“Yes! Only by getting married, my mother can’t take away Landon’s custody rights, and Landon will never leave you and Auntie! This is the only way to get the best of both worlds!”


Hazel hesitated, “Blair Elijah, you…do you know what you are talking about now?”

“I know! I have never been more awake than this moment!”


“Hazel, this is the best way to protect you, Landon, and Auntie from harm…”

Hazel’s eyes were touched, “Elijah, do you prefer to sacrifice your marriage again for us?”

“Sacrifice? Why is it sacrifice?” Blair Elijah smiled faintly, “Marrying you has always been what I want to do!”


His blunt words made Hazel a little speechless.

In the bottom of her heart, apart from moving, Hazel could hardly find other words to explain the feeling in her heart.

“There are some things I always wanted to tell you! Hazel, no matter what we have experienced between us, but love you, this matter, I never gave up! Before my mother knew about the existence of Landon, I have always wanted to chase you back step by step, but when my mother said that she wanted to take back the custody of Landon, I knew that she gave me another opportunity and excuse to approach you!!! So… I’ll make it right!! And for my marriage, this is not a sacrifice, but what I have been looking forward to…”

Blair Elijah sincerely stared at the opposite Hazel.

“Of course, if you don’t want to do this, or if you have other better methods, you can refuse! I don’t force it. Hazel, I just hope you follow the truest thoughts in your own heart. I don’t force you, nor do I hope you force yourself!”

His hand squeezed Hazel’s hand tightly…

He just hopes to pass the warmth of his palm to her…

“Let me consider it.”

Hazel a little panicked.

This ensuing situation, to be honest, has a very strong impact on her, and she has to be nervous, not afraid, and not panicked.

“If… I mean if, if we get married, your mother, father, and old lady, will they agree?”

Hazel shook her head, “No… They won’t agree! How could they still allow me to step into Blair’s door?”

Hazel will not forget the scene when Ruby looked at her with that hateful look that day…

“Hazel, you don’t need to care about these things. If you believe me, leave them to me! I’ll take care of them!”

Chapter 438

Blair Elijah will always be like a man, carrying everything on his shoulders.

“Think about it, I won’t force you…you don’t force yourself either!”


“It’s too late, I’ll send you back! Give me the answer when you think it over! And…This matter, try not to make Landon and Auntie feel it, lest they worry about it.

“En! I know! I will pay attention.”

Blair Elijah sent Hazel to the entrance of the entrance.

“Okay, don’t think about anything tonight! Get a good night’s sleep and decide after tomorrow!” Blair Elijah reached out and rubbed her head for a while, but said, “Anyway, I still feel a little sorry…”

“No…” Hazel shook her head, “You don’t need to be like this! You don’t need to apologize, I know! I should say thank you! Blair Elijah thank you for helping me like this…”

“This is just what I should do the most! In short, believe me, my only purpose is to give you, Landon, and Auntie… a stable home!! And this home… has always been me dreamt of!!”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel only feel that her eyes were wet…


Hazel never thought about it. After so many years, in the end, the two of them went around in circles, but they still came back…

She even didn’t know if this step was it was the endpoint between them!!!

The efficiency of Blair’s work has always been so fast that people are jaw-dropping.

As soon as Hazel entered Silverbell, she received a call from Mateo, saying that a lawyer’s letter had been sent to the company and asked Hazel to find time to go back and get it.

“Hazel, what is this?”

When Mateo handed her the lawyer’s letter, he asked with concern.

“Nothing.” Hazel shook her head, not wanting Mateo to worry too much, “It’s just a small matter, rest assured, I will solve it!”

“Did it… from the Blair?” Mateo asked her cautiously.

Hazel smiled, “It seems that I can’t hide anything from you.”

“What are you going to do?”

Hazel took a deep breath and sighed, “Blair Elijah asked me… to marry him!”

Mateo was startled for half a second, then nodded in the next instant, “This is indeed the best way.”

“Really?” Hazel showed a bitter smile, “Unexpectedly, after turning for so long, I finally returned to the dot…”

“This can only prove that you two are destined.” Mateo smiled.

“But I don’t want his marriage to be imprisoned by me again.” Hazel couldn’t tell how she felt in her heart.

“I know.” Mateo understands her.

“Five years ago, because of some impure purpose, he and I came together. Unexpectedly, five years later, we are still together with purpose…Seriously, even if we are married, but… it is inevitable that there will be some regret in my heart.”

“Hazel, in fact, as long as you have love in your heart, getting married because of something becomes less important! What’s more, you have to admit that this is the best way to protect Landon and Auntie, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Hazel a long sigh, lifted her lips, “Okay, I should go back there, I only took an hour off!”

“En! Go! Take care of yourself over there.”

“I will.”

Hazel nodded and went out of Mateo’s office.

Towards the end of getting off work, Hazel called Blair Elijah.

“After getting off work, are you free?”

“En.” Blair Elijah replied, “Is something wrong with me?”

“En… Um, wait for me in the office after getting off work, let’s talk!”

“Good! See you later.”

“See you later.”

After half an hour, get off work…

All the people came out of the company one after another. For a time, only one person in the design department was left, Hazel.

After tidying up, Hazel got up and walked to his office.

Standing in front of the mahogany door, her heart could not help but beat rapidly…

“Boom boom boom…”

She knocked on the door politely.

“Come in!”

Inside, Blair Elijah’s low voice came.

Hazel opened the door.

In front of her, the lonely figure of Blair Elijah, standing alone in front of the French windows, seemed to be looking at the last light in the distance that was gradually engulfed by darkness…

Between his fingers, there was still a menthol cigarette dangling, and the faint flames flickered between his slender fingers.

Seeing Hazel came in, he subconsciously squeezed out the cigarette in the ashtray.


“Thank you.” Hazel thanked politely.

“What is it for me?” Blair Elijah went directly to the subject.

“I received the lawyer’s letter from your mother today.” Hazel was a little dull.

Blair Elijah raised his eyebrows, his expression still unchanged, “Her speed has always been so fast…”

He had already guessed it.

“Blair Elijah…” She took a deep breath without a trace of a smile, and looked at the person opposite, “Does it count last night?”

Blair Elijah flickered towards the dark eyes, “Of course, as long as you want.”

“I do!”

There was a firm gleam in Hazel’s eyes.

Blair Elijah’s sexy lips sketched out a shallow smile, “Tomorrow morning, bring your household registration, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, see you at nine.”

Seeing his smile, Hazel couldn’t help but laugh.


At the moment when she made the decision, she felt a sense of ease that she had never had before…


So, are they going to remarry?

Why is she still so happy?

At that moment, Hazel began to dream about their married life.

Two people are sitting tight.

The opposite is Adeline, and the crystallization of love between them, Blair Landon’s children’s shoes.

“Mom, we two… plan to remarry.”

Hazel suddenly came up with such a sentence, which shocked Adeline, and for a while, she couldn’t say a word on the spot.


Seeing that Adeline didn’t answer, Hazel shouted again.

Only then did Adeline come back to her senses, joy was beyond words, but was quickly suppressed by her, “You…how did you suddenly make this decision?”

“Well, it was very sudden! But, we have already decided!! I hope you can make it happen, Auntie!” Blair Elijah’s attitude is very humble and affirmative.

“Mom, I hope you can agree.” Hazel lowered her eyebrows, begging.

“Grandma…” The little guy also raised his head and looked at Adeline earnestly.

“Have you figured it out?”

In fact, how could Adeline be unhappy with such a decision? However, even if she is happy again, she must first confirm their original intentions.

She doesn’t want the tragedy five years ago to be staged one after another. If it is the same as before, why take the next step?

“Mom, Hazel, and I have already thought about it very clearly!” As he spoke, Blair Elijah’s hand tightly held Hazel’s hand, “Please, believe me, I will give her and Landon a bright future…”

“Hazel, how about you?” Adeline looked at her daughter uneasy.

“Mom! I have figured it out too! I will work hard.” Hazel raised her head and steadily faced her mother.

Adeline smiled happily, “In that case, Mom doesn’t say much, but there are some things that Mom still has to say before you get married…”

“It’s still an old saying! You are no longer children, you are all in your thirties, and marriage is also a person who has passed away. I must understand a lot of things! In marriage, the focus of the business has always been tolerance, trust, and responsibility!! You two… Ma, to be honest, five years ago, no one gave enough trust, so it took the bitter fruit of these five years! Mom hopes you two will walk together again. When you enter this hall of marriage, you will be able to achieve true sincerity, trust, and tolerance! Only in this way can the relationship between husband and wife last long… you know?”


Both Hazel and Blair Elijah were a little moved.

After a few words, they brought their memories back to five years ago, that period when it was still a little green…

“Thank you, mom…”

“I will be a family from now on, so I don’t have to talk about these extravagant polite remarks! Wash and sleep early tonight, and welcome tomorrow’s new life!!”

Perhaps this night was the most exciting night for Adeline five years later…

That night, she was in bed and could not sleep.

The other two protagonists have difficulty sleeping.

Lying on the bed, Hazel looked at the little man sleeping soundly in her arms.

“Baby, you have worked so hard recently…”

She lowered her head and pecked the little guy’s forehead with a soft kiss.

The little hand, gently caressing his forehead, again and again…

“Baby, I know, the happiest person we can get married, must be you, right?”

Hazel couldn’t help but laugh, “From now on, we will be a family of four…”

Later, her baby finally had a real home!!!

It feels…

Is it beautiful?

Will it be more beautiful than five years ago?!

Just thinking about it Hazel felt a burst of a heartbeat.


It will be a brand new day!!!

After tomorrow, she…will be…Mrs. Blair again!!!

Love, fate…

These things, sometimes, are really… incredible!!!

Hazel felt that she had never looked forward to it like she is now, tomorrow…


Early in the morning, six o’clock in the morning.

Hazel early, or maybe…

She was up all night.

Sitting in front of the dressing table, dressed seriously.

Adeline opened the door and came in, “Wake up?”

“Well… Mom, you are so early.”

The conversation between the two people was very quiet because there was a little thing sleeping soundly on the bed.

The little guy made a lot of noise last night. He kept shouting to accompany his father and mother to get the certificate, but now it seems that he is too tired to become a witness.

“Hazel, Mom will help you comb your hair!”

Adeline took the wooden comb in her daughter’s hand, and whispered, “People say that when a daughter is married, Mother will comb her daughter’s hair.

While talking, Adeline combed the black hair for Hazel three times very carefully.

Tears came out of her eyes unconsciously. She hurriedly stretched out her hand to wipe it but was still noticed by Hazel.

“Mom, you… why are you crying? You still don’t want me to marry him, do you?” Hazel hurriedly got up and comforted her mother.

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