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Chapter 447

In front of the tombstone…

A family of four, together with Hazel’s little princess, who is considered to be five people, stood there solemnly with a white chrysanthemum in their hands.

Adeline kept looking at the solemn black and white photo on the tombstone, but couldn’t help but burst into tears on the spot… “Old man, I miss you so much…”

Adeline finally couldn’t help crying.

“Mom, don’t be like this…”

Seeing her mother’s continuous tears, she couldn’t help but flushed her eyes and hugged her into her arms.

Landon at his feet was dizzy when he saw his mother and grandma cry and felt a little distressed.

The little hand grabbed the hem of Grandma’s clothes, and said with regret, “Grandma, don’t cry! I and Hazel will both feel distressed! Grandpa will also feel distressed when he sees it!”

“Yes, yes!” Adeline wiped away her tears, “Grandma won’t cry anymore! Grandma won’t cry…”

“En!” The little guy laughed, “Grandma is good…”


Blair Elijah placed a white chrysanthemum solemnly in front of Allison John’s tombstone and then bowed respectfully.

“Dad! From now on I will take care of the mother and Hazel. You don’t need to worry in heaven! I promise you that I will take good care of them!”

After hearing Blair Elijah’s assurance, Adeline also smiled lovingly.

Sitting in front of the tombstone, she still talked to herself, “Husband, I have a very happy life with Hazel now, don’t worry about us. Also! Hazel married a good husband, they will be blessed in the future. They can be as happy as we used to! You know?”

“Our precious grandson is also very well-behaved, very obedient, it’s a pity…” Adeline couldn’t help but choked up, “It’s a pity you didn’t have the blessing to look at him…”

“Mom, Dad will be able to see it!!”

Hazel knelt and hugged Adeline into her arms.

“En…” Adeline embraced Hazel with her backhand, “Hazel, as long as you are happy and healthy, your dad and I will be fulfilled in this life!”

“Yes, Mom! Definitely.”

At night, at eleven o’clock…

By the beach.

The starry sky is shining, the moonlight is sultry, and the breeze is blowing, unspeakable comfort and joy.

The back of the seat was lowered, the roof opened, and the wonderful music slowly poured out into the CD box…

The two people lay silently on the seats, staring at the beautiful night sky.

“What a beauty…”

Hazel couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

“Yeah! So beautiful…”

Blair Elijah turned his head to the side, looking at his wife’s beautiful cheeks and the bulging belly, he couldn’t help sighing.

Hazel turned her head to look at him, groaningly, “I’m talking about the stars!!”

“But I’m talking about you…”

Blair Elijah looked at her affectionately, covering her bulging abdomen with his hand, gently rubbing.

“That one…”

His handsome face leaned close to her cheek, and the lip flaps were constantly rubbing against her red lips. “The doctor said that the three-month fetus is stable, so we can do that…”

“En…” Hazel blushing and nodded.

She knew that her husband must have been suffocated recently.


“My husband, don’t blame me! Landon has to hold me every day to fall asleep!”

Blair Elijah caressed her swollen little reply resentfully, “After our little princess is born, let him sleep in her arms.”

Yep! This is a good proposal!!!

“Hey, my wife, while the light bulb is not there, should we do something more meaningful?”

The bottom is that the light bulb belongs to the light bulb. She is afraid it’s only Blair Elijah that clicks it?

Looking at her husband’s hot eyes, Hazel understood the deep meaning of his words.

“But this is outside…” Hazel made her cheeks flush with shame.

“It’s okay! The sealing conditions are well done!” Blair Elijah had already remotely closed the roof while she was talking, and the curtains were all closed.

“But I…” Hazel was somewhat shy, but before she could finish her words, she was held up by Blair Elijah.


Hazel screamed in panic.

“Shhh…” Blair Elijah smiled, touching her lips with his fingers, and soothed, “Don’t be afraid, give yourself to me! Rest assured, I will take good care of my baby…”

He said, lowering his head, gently, full of pity, and pecked a kiss on the bulging belly of Hazel.

But the big hand, but already restlessly attacked Hazel’s white breast.

This place is much bigger than before, and the soft-touch directly stimulates his most primitive desire…

When two people touched it because they hadn’t been in love for a long time, the whole person seemed to have been set ablaze by each other, and it was difficult to control themselves!!!

Blair Elijah hugged the plump, put her on the steering wheel, and sat down.

Hazel shyly didn’t dare to look at him more, “Elijah, this way…good…”

So shy, so exciting!!!

Blair Elijah leaned forward and asked her again and again…

The movement is very light, but not inferior in the slightest.

Inside his body, galloping, and sweating.


The action was so extreme that the whistle sounded everywhere, but obviously, the passionate people in the car couldn’t pay attention to these things at all.

“Tingling, Jingling, Jingling…”

Just when the two of them were about to reach the peak, Blair Elijah’s cell phone rang on the platform.

However, no one seemed to care about the meaning.

“Hazel, let go, the clip is too tight…” Blair Elijah turned a deaf ear to his phone, still coaxing his wife in his arms.

“Husband, I…I’m going to die…”

Hazel panted excitedly, her fingers clinging to Blair Elijah’s shoulders, almost pinched into his skin due to excitement.

Hazel’s figure shook with his movements, and the phone’s ringing stopped suddenly.

The ambiguous gasp came down the phone…

However, the two people in the car still didn’t know it at all, until, there was a roar of protest from someone on the other end.

“Blair Elijah, you beast!!!”

It turned out to be Evan.

The two froze suddenly, and Hazel’s faces flushed.

They didn’t know when the phone was connected! They must have been too focused just now, and they still don’t know where they were met.

“Don’t you know that your wife is pregnant and can’t be circumspect?”


Blair Elijah felt that this product must be because he was not good at it, coupled with all kinds of envy, jealousy, and hatred for his powerful abilities, so he maliciously hindered their happiness and love!

“Wife, let’s ignore this lunatic…”

Blair Elijah said he was about to hang up.

“Blair Elijah!! Don’t think that the three-month fetus is stable, you can do it arbitrarily! Your wife is now an elderly woman, so you should be careful about the movements of the fetus at any time…”

“You are an elderly woman!! Your whole family is an elderly woman!!”

Before that Evan could finish speaking, Blair Elijah yelled wildly and threw the phone directly to an unknown corner with a “pop”.

At this time, Hazel will be sad.

“Husband, did he just say that I am an elderly woman?”

“It’s okay! Wife, that is because he is illiterate and brain-disabled! The elder parturient refers to the pregnant woman after thirty-five years old!”

This bastard Evan, even if he didn’t say bad things, he even dared to beat his wife. Seeing him another day, he must teach him a good meal.

A small episode broke the interest of Hazel and Blair Elijah, and the two slumped on the seats, full of resentment.

But Blair Elijah cursed Evan at least a hundred times in his heart.


In the delivery room, an immature cry sounded, heralding a beautiful little princess croaking to the ground.

“Born, born!!!”

Adeline clenched Maya’s hands tightly, almost tears in her eyes with excitement.

On the side, Ruby let out a long sigh of relief, and the little princess finally landed safely.

Mrs. Blair, who was sitting on the side, had always had a rare expression on her face. At this moment, she also showed a long-lost smile.

The crutches, at hand, stubbornly, seemed to express her excitement at the moment.

And inside…

The baby’s immature voice is so loud that it should be very noisy, but when it comes to Hazel, it is so sweet.


It was so laborious just to give birth to the baby so that Hazel now even seems a little booing when talking.

The birth of this child killed her, and it took a full twenty hours of pain before finally tossing out the little princess.

“Wife, I am here.”

Blair Elijah hurriedly shook his wife’s hand, “What’s the matter? Is it uncomfortable? Body hurts?”

“No, neither!” Hazel shook her head, “Let me see our children…”


The nurse held the little guy who hadn’t had time to wrap things up before Hazel.

At that moment, looking at the immature appearance of the little life, the tender skin, the cute contour lines, and the pink appearance, Hazel’s eyes were red.

Probably, this is the greatness of maternal love.

“Wife, you cried no matter how you looked at it.”

Blair Elijah hurriedly wiped her tears, “Fool!”

“I’m just a little excited.” Hazel was so embarrassed that she wiped her tears, “It’s not easy to have a baby…”

“Yes! Yes! Thank you for your hard work…”

Blair Elijah kissed and kissed on the back of her hand.

“The little princess seems to look more like you!” Hazel glanced at the little guy in the doctor’s arms and said.

“Well! Daughters are generally like fathers! They must be beautiful in the future!”

Blair Elijah smiled brightly like sunshine.

Looking at his daughter’s eyes, they were soft as if they could overflow with water.

He knows, this baby looks the same as the one in his dream!!!

Isn’t it, this is a gift God gave them back?

He was once so cruelly snatched, and now, He returned, but it is only five years late!!!

When the little princess was eight months old, she could slowly start to crawl on the ground, and she knew how to call Daddy!

But, sadly, she won’t be called Mommy!

Sometimes Hazel even wondered whether Blair Elijah, the perverted and physically strong guy, was teaching the little princess how to call father every night while she was asleep.

“Naomi baby, come here, come to Daddy’s side…” Blair Elijah lay on the ground, holding a toy in his hand, coaxing the ground, with two little princesses with big wry eyes open.

Chapter 448

Yes! Their little princess called, Blair Yun Naomi! And Blair Landon has also been renamed, Blair Yun Landon! But why is the little father-in-law mainly called the word “read”? This was taken by Blair Elijah for her.

There is no deep meaning inside, and there are too many deep meanings.

Five years…

Thinking of his little princess, his wife, and his son…

In short, there are too many thoughts to have today’s little princess, so she deserves the word ‘read’.

“No!! Little wife, come to my brother!!”

On this end, Landon shook the sway in his hand, teasing his baby “Little Wife”.

Why should he call his sister, little wife? Because it was his father who said that his little princess will be Landon’s daughter-in-law in the future.

In the middle of the floor, the little guy looked at his father in a daze, and then at the little brother who was more handsome than her father.

Whoops, she was tangled.

When she got tangled up, she cried with a “wow…”

Hazel was busy cooking in the kitchen. When she heard her daughter cry, she hurriedly turned off the fire and walked out of the kitchen.

“You two bullied Naomi again?”

Hazel glared at the innocent Blair Elijah who was on the opposite side, and did not glance at her son who is constantly selling cute, “I told you two not to let her choose…”

Every time two people like to fight, the result of earning and snatching is that every time her baby girl hears this, she cries.

How pitiful!!!

Hazel put the baby in Landon’s arms, “Landon, you are responsible for taking your sister to play, don’t bully her!”

“Hazel, how could I be willing to bully my little Wife!!? She is so cute…”

The little guy sat on the ground, hugged Naomi tightly in his arms, and kissed Naomi’s pink cheek involuntarily.

Hazel corrected him with a black line, “It’s not the little wife, it’s the younger sister!!”

“It doesn’t matter!! It’s all mine anyway!!”

The little guy kept his sister in his arms like a doll, causing the little princess to scream in his little arms, then giggled again, and suddenly became very happy again.

Blair Elijah, who didn’t get the little princess, was a little depressed.

“Husband, come and fight for me…”

“I want a little princess!” Blair Elijah refused to go beside Landon.

“Husband?” Hazel looked at him condescendingly.

“Come!! My dear wife!!” Blair Elijah got up and put his baby wife in the kitchen from behind.

“Don’t do this, be careful, how bad it is to be seen by my son!”

“What’s wrong, he still hugs our little princess!”


This dad deserves it!!!

As a result, they, who have been busy in the kitchen, heard the little guy shouting outside.

“Father! The little daughter-in-law is peeing!!”

“I come!!”

When Dad rushed out like flying, he was busy changing diapers for the little princess.

Yes! What Hazel wants to say is that Blair Elijah has changed a lot after marriage! It’s almost unimaginable!!!

For example at this moment!!!

Since the birth of the little princess, he has turned from that cold old dad into a complete dad! When Elijah is on vacation, usually the little princess is with him and she is busy working! Sometimes she wants to intervene as a mother, but he still needs to grab it!

After Blair Elijah changed her diapers very neatly, he washed his hands and went into the kitchen to help.

“Husband, I didn’t realize that you still have the potential to be a family man!”

Blair Elijah just smiled, “Thank you for my wife’s praise! However, if you praise me as a macho, I will be happier!”


A hunk at home, but he still speaks.

Hazel couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“What do you mean by smiling? Could it be that you don’t agree with your husband’s statement?” Blair Elijah moan’s eyes were half-squinted, and he stared at her evilly.

She smiled and covered her mouth, “No! I believe, and yes, I believe very much!!!”

Absolutely, macho!!!

A man is so fierce that she can keep begging for mercy in bed!!!

Not to mention, this product has an increasingly fierce offensive.

According to him…

“My wife, as you get older, your demand becomes stronger! Your husband is to love you, love you, and satisfy you…”

Yo!!! What a magnificent reason!!!

However, Hazel had to admit that the previous pile of words, indeed, so!!! Even though she is really ashamed to admit it, but… her demand is getting stronger!!!

If she thinks that Ruby is just giving up breaking up this happy family, she is wrong!

She is a paranoid woman. She has always thought that her perfect son should have a daughter that can match him, so she still did not give up the idea of expelling a woman…

This day-

Hazel was invited by Ruby to the Kerry Hotel again.

“Mom, what are you looking for?”

Hazel like she was okay, so she sat down and asked her directly.

Anyway, she tossed and tossed about those things. She knew what was going on unless she came, but she couldn’t refuse the appointment made by her mother-in-law?

Ruby is also a straightforward person. As soon as Hazel sat down, she pushed a piece of paper and handed it to Hazel.

Hazel still jokingly, “Mom, what is it!”

“Five million!!”

Yo!!! Check!!!

So many, many zeros!

“Divorce my son, the money is yours!”

“…” Hazel is awkward.

This mother-in-law used up all the tricks, and in the end, she even found such a bad trick?

Five million?! Only five million?!!!

Does she know how much her son is worth?!

Hazel suspiciously at the opposite mother-in-law, pointed at her, “Mom, are you sure it was for me?”

“Yes! Take the check and get out of here!”

Ruby is still a domineering attitude.


“Okay!” Hazel as if she didn’t even think about it. Of course, she was not polite. She rolled the check and stuffed it into her pocket. “Mom, thank you! Then I’m leaving!”

Such heavy pocket money, don’t take it for anything! Moreover, she let herself go!

Besides, these five million…

To be honest, she doesn’t know how many people were taken away from it!

Seeing Hazel’s back walking away with seven-inch high heels, Ruby couldn’t believe it.

Knowing that so many times, she changed her way to test the woman’s love for her son. Every time she was satisfied with the result, this time she was idle and bored, so she thought of a new way to test her. Unexpectedly, this woman actually… agreed?!!!

This is pretty good!!!

At this time, Hazel was pushing the cart, strolling in the store, and the phone rang.

“Allison Hazel!!!”

Blair Elijah’s domineering voice came from the other end of the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Hazel replied casually, still focusing on the dazzling array of snacks on the shelf.

“Do you accept my mom’s check?” “Of course!!” Hazel made no excuse.

“You have to dare to try to escape with your money!!” On the other end, Blair Elijah warned her.

But as soon as she heard the tone, he was joking with her.

She was so tired of kittens, Blair Elijah came over after hearing what his mother said.

This time, his mother was scammed!

However, it’s good to pit it once! Otherwise, she will endlessly test their wonderful married life.

“I don’t dare to run, and I don’t want to run!” Hazel smiled here, “You treat me as a fool! For five million pocket money, I abandon my husband and my son. Besides, you are billions. It took me more than 20 years to get the big money, so why don’t I give it up so easily!”

She is right and confident.

Blair Elijah smiled, “You know the market!”

“…” Don’t understand this market? Could everyone treat her as a silly girl?!



“Mom was too lavish, and I was a little embarrassed to charge her for a second…”

Faced with a huge sum of five million dollars, she even hesitated for a second?!!! Fortunately, she can still speak out.

“And then?”

“Then, after I received it, I felt a little sad, so… I donated the five million pocket money to the disaster-stricken areas in Yunnan!”

“My wife, you are the one who does great things!!”

This time, his mother was miserable by her!

“Husband, I donated it in your name!!!”

“Wife, you really… do a big thing!!!”

Because, if she donates to the government in the name of Blair Elijah, it will be easy for him to take over future government projects! After all, he is the government’s hero, so he has to talk about feelings.

Also, a new political vote is being held recently, and his father is still a candidate for mayor. He was given such a high-profile donation by Hazel. His father’s image in the hearts of the people has been rising, and this the five million is from the hands of his wealthy son, so no one will pursue the source of these five million.

“Thank you husband for your appreciation. What do you want to eat tonight? I will make it for you!”

“I want to eat you…”

Mockup! Have a colorful accent with her again!

“Come back! Stew it for you!”

These days, both are the mothers of two children, so who is she afraid of?!

“Allison Hazel, you have gone badly!!”

This woman!!! She disturbed his heart, but he couldn’t put the work on his hands.

“Husband, you trained this! Why, are you not satisfied?”

“NO! Quite satisfied! You are…dead tonight!!”


Tonight is destined to be another passionate night!!!

On this day, Blair Elijah made an appointment with a female client to meet in a coffee shop.

This female client is a girl who is only twenty-five years old.

The two talked happily.

The girl said suddenly, “President Blair, it is really strange to say. In just a few days, I seem to have been deeply infatuated with you. If you don’t hate me, can you let me be your girlfriend?”

The girl’s words made Blair Elijah stunned for a second, and then he shook his head and smiled away, “Sorry, I’m already married.”

“I know!” The young girl nodded, “I know you were married, but…I don’t mind! I really…like you!”

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