CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1385 – 1386

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Chapter 1385

Since Peter has written an apology on the Internet, Tina, as the person involved, naturally has to respond.

Tina handed it over to Stephanie in response to Peter’s statement.

Stephanie commented and retweet Peter’s apology statement on Tina’s Twitter account: “It’s all AdamPic’s family. Of course, I chose to forgive you.”

Worried about causing misunderstandings, Stephanie also deliberately put quotation marks on the word “family” to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or being used by those who are interested.

The meaning is to tell everyone that whether Peter makes Tina stop work or start work, it is their AdamPic media business. Their AdamPic people are all a family, and they will not become involved because of this kind of conflict.

This kind of ridiculous response made the whole thing easy.

The curse wars on the Internet have also stopped a bit.

“It broke up, AdamPic’s family just had a quarrel, and outsiders jumped anxiously.”

“This melon is going round and round, it’s kind of interesting.”

“Hey, our lovely CEO Grant is back.”

“I’ll just say how Peter could be so irreconcilable…”

“Is it over? Is there any reversal?”


In addition to watching the excitement in the comment area, there are Peter’s fans who were almost blackened and came back to pay attention to him again.

This matter has been in trouble for so many days, and here, it is almost over.

When Stephanie saw Tina scrolling Twitter, she ran over and said triumphantly: “Ms. Tina, are you satisfied with what you saw?”

Tina praised her out loud as she wished: “Not bad.”

At least, the netizens stopped cursing.

Stephanie gave a triumphant “Yeah” and then asked Tina, “After the incident subsides, can we return to the crew and start work?”

“Yes.” Tina leaned on the sofa, closed her eyes and muttered: “I feel more tired than filming these days.”


The next day, Tina brought Stephanie back to the film crew of “Lost City”.

Tina is also a very hot character now. Many media are paying attention to her. Although she did not see anyone in the crew who is suspected of being a reporter, the news of her return to the crew still leaked out.

She had just arrived on the crew in the morning, and an hour later, the topic of “Tina’s Return to the crew of “Lost City” was searched again, and there were even a few high-fuzzy photos.

Tina also stared at the photo for a while, only to realize that she took it when she got off the car at the entrance of the film and television city.

It seems that the reporter is squatting on her at the entrance of the film and television city.

Really dedicated.

Tina spent the past few days in the hotel. Apart from scrolling Twitter, she was trying to figure out the script. After returning to the crew, she quickly adapted to the filming process all morning.

At noon, Tina and Stephanie squatted in the corner to eat a box lunch.

Stephanie kept talking, Tina read the script while eating, sometimes responding to Stephanie.

Meanwhile, don’t know who yelled: “CEO Grant, invite everyone to have a drink. Come and get it.”

Tina was eating and reading the script with one mind and two, but without hearing the first two words of Mr. Grant, she turned to ask Stephanie, “Who he said would invite us to drink?”

Stephanie could hear it clearly: “It seems to mean Mr. Grant…”

Tina asked, “What is Mr. Grant?”

Stephanie considered the words and said, “I think…it should be my cousin.”


He doesn’t accompany Cathy to the hospital. What will he do with the crew?

Tina glanced at Stephanie: “Aren’t you going to get it?”

Stephanie’s expression changed slightly: “I’m a little scared now that others invite you to drink.”

Cathy used to invite everyone to drink coffee as an excuse to rush to find Tina’s troubles. Stephanie is now overshadowed.

Chapter 1386

Stephanie and Tina didn’t go to fetch them, but someone brought them over.

“After searching for a long time, it turns out you two are here.”

Holding two cups of packed drinks in his hands, Peter walked towards Tina and the others.

Tina flipped through the script with her hand, looked up at Peter, closed the script in her hand, picked up the chopsticks to finish the remaining lunch, and put away the lunch box.

“Brought it for you.” Peter put two drinks on the small table in front of Tina.

Tina glanced at the LOGO on the handbag. She stayed in the studio all year round. She ate all kinds of restaurants nearby and instantly recognized which one it was.

She raised her head to look at Peter, with a faint expression: “Thank you, Mr. Grant.”

The weather in early spring was not cold anymore, but Peter was dressed very thinly, and his whole body seemed to be reduced a lot.

Tina frowned slightly and opened the script again: “If Mr. Grant has nothing else to do, I will continue to read the script.”

She lowered her head, and Peter could only see her hairy head. Even if she couldn’t see the expression, she could still imagine how cold her expression was at this time.

After two seconds, Peter said, “Let’s have a meal together after work.”

Tina hadn’t spoken yet, but Stephanie was unhappy: “Who wants to eat with you.”

She keeps grudges, she still remembers the things of the past few days.

Peter turned his head and looked at Stephanie: “You too.”

“I’m not going!” Stephanie snorted and raised her chin to express her dissatisfaction.

Peter is the most popular among his peers in the Grant family. When he was young, children of all ages followed him.

Stephanie lived in Peter’s house for a few years when she was a child. Compared with other brothers and sisters, she and Peter are more familiar with each other, and she is a bit petty in front of Peter.

Peter didn’t speak, just stared at her, his expression couldn’t be said to be abnormal, but it made Stephanie feel oppressed.

She swallowed, turned her head and whispered to Tina: “Ms. Tina…”

“Yes, the time and place will be sent to Stephanie, and I will go over with Stephanie when I finish work.” Tina agreed very simply.

Peter seemed to expect Tina to agree, and there was no surprise in his expression. After taking a deep look at Tina, he said, “Then I will leave.”


When Tina spoke, she already lowered his head again, as if she didn’t want to look at Peter more.

Peter stretched out his hand to loosen his tie, and left in silence.

“Ms. Tina, why did you agree to him?” Stephanie was a little puzzled, and Tina just agreed to have dinner with Peter.

Tina explained: “Although I responded to his apology on the Internet, some people still said that I was only forced by the company, so I compromised and cooperated.”

“Oh…” Stephanie’s face suddenly realized: “If you say this, I understand. You promised to have dinner with my cousin, so that the media can take pictures so that they can believe that there is really nothing between you. Sorry, right?”

Tina didn’t speak, it was an acquiescence.

“Although I think this matter seems reasonable, I still feel wronged. Why can Cathy get into trouble at will, we have to cooperate with the aftermath, it’s really shameless…”

Stephanie murmured for a while.

It wasn’t until work was about to start that Tina said, “Cathy should be there for dinner together at night. Let’s say enough at this time, then bear with me.”

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