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Chapter 45

“Jean, although Emma has done these things that are sorry to you, I hope you don’t care too much!”

“Dad! Don’t worry, I know how to deal with the matter between my sister and me! Don’t worry about it, I won’t worry about anything.”

“That’s good, that’s good…”

Father Glover nodded, and he seemed to be thinking of something again before asking, “This Allison Jack, do you know him?”

The words of her father made Jean startled for a while, then nodded, “Well! He is the producer of the new movie.”

“So…” Father Glover nodded clearly, then shook his head, “I don’t understand, why he wants to deal with our Glover!”

“Dad! Don’t worry about this first, maybe Sister can handle it!”

Jean comforted her father.

George Glover sighed lowly, “The mall is like a battlefield! Maybe it’s because your dad used to commit too many sins, now it’s someone else’s turn to deal with me!”

While he was talking, he seemed to be remembering something again, and muttered to himself, “Creating evil! Maybe, this is what God came to make me pay back the evil debt seven years ago! That’s good, good… “

Jean couldn’t understand a word from her father.

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing!” Glover George came back to his senses and shook his head hurriedly, “Jean, Dad is tired, and you want to take a break, go out first!”

“Okay, then you should rest first and call me if you have something to do.”


George Glover waved to Jean, motioning her to leave.


Among the many buildings, there is an ingenious French courtyard…

The towering evergreen trees line up in rows, adding a sense of freshness to the elegant courtyard.

The fragrance of golden osmanthus, the refreshing taste fills the heart, and it is very smooth.

After bypassing the sweet-scented osmanthus forest, followed by the fiery red maple leaf forest, walked into the forest along the trail, and stepped forward with the falling maple leaves…

Until she saw the retro Gothic building.

At that moment, Emma had to sigh the glory of Allison Sect!!!

This is just an office building, but it is so chic and luxurious.

“Allison Jack, Miss Glover wants to see you outside!”

David knocked on the door and shouted outside the office.

Jack flipped through the hand of the document and gave a sudden pause.

His eyes were a little sunken, and a sneering smile appeared between his thin lips.

Jean, I knew this before, so why bother?!

He closed the papers in his hand, got up, and groaned, “Let her in!”


Quickly, the office door was pushed open.

“Miss Glover, please inside.” David gestured to Emma to enter the door.

“Thank you!” Emma thanked him politely.

However, in a word, Jack, who was standing in front of the French window, suddenly turned around.

The secluded eyes shrank sharply for a few moments, and Bing Han gathered in the bottom of his eyes as if to freeze the woman opposite.

“How could it be you?”

He thought it was Jean!!!

“Jack Allison…”

Emma “showed” a flattering smile.

“Get out!”

Jack’s tone was harsh enough to frostbite people.

The sudden two words shocked Emma.

After a while, she came back to her senses, but still “licked” and greeted him with a smile, “Allison Jack, what made you so angry?”

Jack looked at her coldly, with ridicule in his eyes, watching her indifferently as she twisted her hips and leaned towards him.

Between the lips, the sarcasm grew stronger…

This woman, many times, in his eyes, is like a cheap female!!!

He even touched her, it was dirty!!!

“Allison Glover, why are you embarrassing our Glover suddenly? Did your ignorant girl offend you?!”

Emma clung to him without knowing any shame.

Jack concealed the anger in his heart, squinted his glamorous eyes, and looked at the woman in front of him with fun, “Tell me, what do you want? Please let me spare your Glover?”

Emma smiled more openly when she heard Jack’s blunt words.

Perhaps, this man is not certain that he can speak for her.

“Allison Jack, I know, your big net worth doesn’t care about the things of our Glover! Can you see if there are a lot of adults, raise your hands a little, let go of our dad! I know, you are a businessman and never do it. No good deal! Look at… my body… do you like it?”

Emma said, she grabbed Jack’s hand and rubbed her breasts teasingly.

The eye-catching eyes were full of “muzzling” colors, seducing the good-looking man in front of her.


She could save her father, climb onto this man’s bed, hook him up, and kill two birds with one stone, she would be an idiot who missed such an excellent opportunity!!!

As long as she can climb on Jack’s bed, it would be nothing to do with Jean!

So what is she still worth?!!!

In the face of Emma’s temptation-“Confusion”, Jack didn’t even mean to refuse…

Big hands, “kneading” her soft breasts fiercely.

Five fingers squeezed heavily, causing Emma to groan exaggeratedly.

How to seduce a man, she is more proficient than Jean!!!

“Allison, my body is more attractive than Jean…”

Emma smiled, “I can serve you well! So, let me serve you!!”

As she said, she stretched out her hand to untie Jack’s tie under the collar and the shirt buttons…

One, another…

Fingers with red nails kept drifting in front of Jack’s chest, skillfully stroking, teasing…

And the other hand…

He was very bold, touching his great dragon-head through her trousers…

Of course, the next moment, her face turned pale.

It was only when she was injured that under him, there was no reaction at all to him!!!

At that moment, Emma even doubted that this man didn’t he, didn’t lift it at all?!!!

Of course, she didn’t have time to withdraw her hand in the future, but she was firmly grasped by a big cold hand.

“Ah, it hurts…”

She whispered in pain, her face pale.

Jack smiled condensed, throwing away her hand indifferently, and mockingly said, “Just like you, you are also worthy to seduce-lead me??”

Jack’s words instantly turned Emma’s “color” into a pig liver “color”.

Of course, she recovered very quickly.

In the next second, she was not afraid of death, and she clung to Jack again, “Allison Jack, Jean is qualified to serve you, why can’t I? My body is better than her!! I serve men! The technique is better than her!! How can you know my taste if you don’t try, Allison Jack!!”

With that, her red lips rushed towards Jack’s earlobe.

Yes! She is going to fight it out today!

Her purpose is to climb onto Jack’s bed, and then let him linger on her taste!!!

As a result, before she had time to touch Jack’s skin, a cold gun was accurately aligned on her lips.

“Allison…Allison Jack, don’t… don’t “chaos”…”

Emma was trembling with fright and even started to tremble when she spoke.

Her complexion was so white that there was no trace of blood, and her body kept falling because of panic, “Allison…Allison Jack, please, yes, sorry…I didn’t mean it!!”

Jack’s enchanting eyes, like fire in hell, stared at her coldly.

In the bottom of his eyes, there is that chilling fierceness…

His gun pointed directly at her lips.

There was a sneer between lips.

“Emma, is your body clean with Jean?”

He questioned her darkly, and continued, “Is there any tightness with her under you?”

“None! Why do you serve this young master?! The broken shoes that other men have used are also worthy for me to wear?”

Emma’s face was pale because of his short words.


Emma seemed to want to say something but was coldly interrupted by Jack.

“Let Jean beg me!! And, get out!!!”

As he said, he resolutely pulled the board and loaded…




Hearing Jack’s countdown, Emma on the ground seemed to be mad, her eyes dizzy, she hurriedly got up from the ground, crawled around, fled away, and went out of Jack’s office…

Then, in one breath, rushed out of the entire Allison mansion.

The clothes hung on the body are still scattered and there is no time to arrange them.

“David, come in!!”

Jack gave a cold command inside.

David pushed the door in, “Allison Jack, I am here.”

“Why you let her in!”

Jack’s tone was too cold to freeze him.

“Sorry!! It was my mistake.”

David bowed his head and apologized solemnly.

Jack’s mysterious eyes narrowed dangerously, and he asked him casually, “How many years have you been with me?”

“Back to Allison Jack, it’s been five years.”

David’s answer was neither humble nor overbearing, but his forehead was already sweating.

“Five years…”

Jack seemed to murmur, half a moment, and then slowly said, “Five years, have you know my sex?”

“Yes…” David was silent.

Allison Jack’s “sex”, he knows better than anyone!!!

David took out the gun and pointed it at his right hand…


A cold gunshot exploded throughout the office.

“Allison Jack?”

David never expected that the gun in his hand would be shot down by Jack.

His marksmanship has always been accurate without any deviation!!!

“Give you another chance!!”

Jack only said coldly, “I will remember it later, there is no next time!”

Allowing that kind of woman to come in will only spoil his mood!!!

“Yes!! Thank you, Allison Jack!!”

“Go out…”

When going out, David sighed with relief.

He knew Allison Jack’s temper that his “sexuality” was hot and cold, and even elusive, but he was sincere in his heart to obey this man, and he was more grateful…

Back then, without him, perhaps the current self would have fallen into the hands of such a mafia long ago and would have been broken into pieces!!!

Therefore, even if Allison Jack wants his life, he will not hesitate!!!

When Emma returned home, her entire face was as white as a piece of thin paper, and the frightened group would not even dare to ask a question.

Fortunately, Jean was better at understanding the form, and hurried to meet Emma, “Sister, what’s wrong? Is something wrong? Are you okay? He… didn’t do anything to you?”

“Go ask him yourself!! Don’t be so pretentious to care about me!! It’s not for you, our whole family won’t be like this!!”

Emma rushed the anger in her heart towards Jean.

“Emma, how do you say these things!! What’s the matter with Jean!!” Father George hurriedly shouted.

“What does it matter to her?” Emma stretched out her hand and pointed her nose directly, “You have to ask her yourself about this matter!! Dad, ask her, what is her relationship with that Allison Sect Young Master!! Also, when I just went to talk to him, he even pointed at me with a gun and called the name, so she must ask him, Jean!!”

Chapter 46

“Also, when I just went to talk to him, he even pointed at me with a gun and called the name, so he must ask Jean to beg him!!”

To be honest, Emma was more jealous of this matter!!!

She was jealous of Jean’s specialness in Jack’s heart, and she was jealous that Jean could easily climb onto that excellent man’s bed!!!

Emma’s words shocked Glover George, and then turned to look at Jean, “Jean, what’s the matter with you?”

Jean’s complexion was so white that there was no blood.

Red lips moved awkwardly, after a long time, before she said, “Dad, I… will figure out a solution to this matter…”

“What can you do? Isn’t it accompany him to bed?”

Emma sneered at her.

Her words made the faces of Jean and Glover George stiff at the same time.

“Do you want Dad to go to jail, or do you want to give him his life?!!!”

Jean yelled at Emma, her face extremely bad.

Emma was stunned for several seconds when she yelled.

“Jean, is it true that what your sister said?” Glover George’s tone was very serious, questioning Jean.

Jean bit her lip, her face was a little pale, but she didn’t show the slightest panic.

“Dad, don’t think about it, Allison Jack and I are both grown-ups. We will have a sense of measure in the affairs between us! Don’t worry!”

Jean calmly comforted her father.

“Since Allison Jack called to see me…” Jean took a deep breath, “Dad, I’ll meet him first.”

“No way!!”

Glover George yelled, “Jean, you are not allowed to go anywhere!!”


Jean looked at her old father, “Dad, leave it to me!!”

“No!! This is my fault, I can’t let you take it for me!!”

Glover George grabbed Jean’s arm with great force, and blue veins burst out on the back of his hand.

It can be seen that he is very emotional.

“Dad, don’t be like this…”

The more this happened, the more uncomfortable Jean felt.

“Dad, listen to me, my relationship with Jack is not that simple. If you leave this to me, I can surely settle it! You believe me, the whole thing started because of me, so, I should take this responsibility…”

Jean broke off her father’s nails, one by one…

“Jean, Dad doesn’t want you to go!!”

Glover George’s brown eyes were bloodshot.

“Dad! Trust me, I will be fine, and we will all be fine…”

After Jean choked up, she turned around and went out of the hallway. She only confessed to Emma, “Take care of Dad!”

Then, she left without turning her head.

Standing in the hall, Glover George almost burst into tears, “What evil did I do!!”

“Dad, don’t be like this…” Emma hurried over to comfort her emotional father.

“Emma, tell dad, what is the relationship between Jean and that Allison Jack?” Glover George grabbed Emma’s hand and was very excited.

“Dad, that, I just said it ‘random’, don’t take it seriously! They have nothing to do with each other, at most they are only a couple…”

That’s it!!!

Emma would say this, one is to worry about her father’s body, and the other is for their company.

After all, Jack has spoken, maybe she is the only one who asks him, Jean, so at this time, she can only help her and hide her father.

“Just like this?”

“Really!!” Emma nodded definitely.

Even if Glover George was a little skeptical, he didn’t say much.

This somewhat relieved Emma.

Of course, in her heart, there is more jealousy and hatred for her half-sister!!!


“Boom boom boom…”

The door of the office was knocked, and David’s voice was heard outside.

“Allison Jack, Miss Jean is here.”

“Let her in.”

Only a deep “groan” was heard inside, and he faintly returned.


“Miss Glover, please inside.”

“Thank you…”

This time, it was the voice he was familiar with.

Soft, gentle, like warm water…

They are just two superficial words, but they can easily pick up his heartstrings.

Jean pushed in.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, a tall figure stood by the window.

Outside the window, a golden “color” halo, lazily flowing in through the glass window, sifted on him, pacing him with a cold temperament a few afterglows, to the point that it looked softer, but added a bit of mystery Gas.

“Allison Jack…”

Jean took a deep breath and called to him.

Jack looked at the charming eyes outside the window, tightening a circle…

The lips, a confident chuckle…

She finally came!!!

Jack turned around and stared at her coolly, the faint smile still appeared between his thin lips.

“Miss Glover, long time no see…”

Jean pulled the corners of her lips far-fetched, “We only saw each other three days ago.”

And so…

In these three days, this girl didn’t think about herself at all?!


Jack responded unhurriedly, with a strange tone, but reached out his hand, smoked a cigarette at the table, and lit it lazily.

Take a faint sip…

His posture is still that elegant and noble.

Seeing that he didn’t mean to break the topic, Jean had to throw the words out by herself.

“Allison Jack, please raise your hands and let go of my father!”

She asked sincerely, bowing her head slightly.

Jack smiled wickedly, staring at her with some sarcasm, “Why?”

Jean took a deep breath, “You are upset with me, just come at me! Don’t touch my family!!!”

Jack smiled coldly, “Jean, since you didn’t come to beg me, please go out! I’m very busy!”

What he meant was, not willing to compromise!

Yeah, who is she? How can his decision be easily compromised?

Jean pressed her lips tightly, her face paled, and she said, “Is there no turning point?”

“It’s all up to you if there is a turnaround!” Jack replied very easily.

Eyes swept across the courtyard outside, took a faint sip of the long smoke in his hand, and said, “Jean, I’ll give you three minutes to consider. After three minutes, even if you kneel and beg me, there will be no more Chance! Three minutes later, you will wait to see your father go to jail!”

“Jack, then I will hate you!!” Jean shouted angrily towards his lonely back.

Jack lifted his lips indifferently, “There are too many people in this world who hate me, not too many of you!”

As he said, he raised his hand to check the time and said indifferently, “Two minutes and twenty-three seconds.”

Jean’s small hand holding the handbag tightened and tight, “Why? Jack, why do you have to tie me around? You don’t lack the so-called ‘bed slave’ at all! Let me go! Please…”

“The last two minutes…”

Her tone was very weak, and he didn’t even turn around to look at Jean behind him.

He took a faint sip of the cigarette in his hand, and spit out circles of “blurred” smoke, covering his enchanting face, giving the mysterious him even more concealed air.

Jean bit her lip and stood there stubbornly, refusing to lower her head, but she did not dare to leave.

The two people were so stalemated.

“Jack, I don’t want to be like this…”

She shook her head feebly, her eyes were completely helpless…

Why, why does everyone have to “force” her into the corner?

Once, she even thought that Jack was different from other people, but the closer you get to him, the more dangerous you find this man…

“One minute…”

Jack reminded lightly.

Jean’s face became paler, and her eyes were a bit wet and “tide”, “Jack, let my dad go!!”


Jack turned around abruptly, his charming eyes shrank in a circle, staring at Jean’s delicate body, angrily.

Jean shook her head, the mist-filled…

What she didn’t want, she didn’t want to be a spoiler of other people’s love, and even more, she didn’t want to be the mistress and bed partner of a man who has a fiancée!!!

Of course…

Does she have another choice?

Does she watch your old father go to prison? Did they watch Glover’s career fall like this?

She can’t do it!!!

“Thirty seconds…”


As he counted down in a cold voice, Jean shook her little hand holding her bag more and more…

The palm is getting colder…





The countdown sounded into Jean’s ears as if a sharp knife was severely cut on her heart, torturing her frantically.




“Good!! I promise you!!”

With a loud shout, Jean choked and continued to repeat, “Jack, I promise you, okay? What do you say, I promise you… Please, let my dad go!”

Jean begged him dumbly, tears in her eyes…

Her face was pale with a hint of despair.

In the end, after struggling for so long, she still sold herself…

Yes! How could she be so stupid? With this strength, how can she compete with such a powerful man?!

Jean fell to the floor feebly, never felt that she was so helpless…

Jack’s fascinating lips made a wanton smile, and his slender legs stepped closer to her.

Squatting on his haughty body, coldly looking at the weak woman in front of him…

Fingers, cold, raised her chin, sneered, “Jean, I knew this before, why bother?”


Jean bit her lip and said nothing.

Water eyes turned away, unwilling to look at his aggressive face.

But he was overbearing, smashing her coquettish face to meet his own biting eyes.

He said, “Want me to let Glover George go?”

“Yes…” Jean answered him.

“Good!” Jack laughed, “It’s just that your previous attitude made me very dissatisfied…”

Jack’s words caused Jean to be stunned for a second, and a bit of anger and panic appeared in her eyes, “You…what do you want?”

Jack stood up and looked at her condescendingly, “Do you know what your sister said to me when she came to me?”

Jean frowned suspiciously, pursed her lips, and said nothing.

Jack smiled demonly, “She said, her bed skills are better than you, and her skill at serving men is better than you! I recognize this more…”

Jean’s frowning eyebrows grew deeper.

“You said if I let her be my bed partner, will she refuse?”

Jack’s eyes “showed” a weird light.

Jean’s cheeks instantly turned into a pale piece of paper, “Jack, you can’t do this! You can’t be like this…”

She shook her head, then shook her head…

Water mist, “mistakes” her eyes…

If she is asked to ‘serve’ a man with a woman like Emma, she feels…

She will go crazy!!!

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