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Chapter 43

Kelly sighed.

She has known Jean for so many years, and she can see the girl’s thoughts at a glance.

“Jean, you know a little bit about the rules of the circle! This kind of thing is like this, especially for a good man like Allison Jack, with beautiful women around him, you should have seen it through! If you were tempted by him, the person who is injured in the end is you! So, if you don’t want to make yourself too sad in the future, just keep your heart safe.”

Kelly kindly advised her.

“Kelly, where did you think of it! I didn’t mean that, and… in short, don’t worry, I will protect myself!”

How could she love a man unsuspectingly after this trick by Allison Jack?

Of course not!!!

“That’s good, you are a smart girl!”

“Ah… By the way! The actor of “Slaying the Wolf” has finally been decided.” Kelly said, handing her the newly released cast list, “I didn’t expect it to be Max.”


That, international superstar, Max?

“I heard that this big superstar behaves badly on weekdays. I’m used to doing my way. I don’t know if we will temper his temper when he joins our crew.”

Jean suspiciously, “Didn’t he develop in Japan?”

“En! he came back to China in the last few days! I heard that the crew finally invited him, and he didn’t even sell Allison Jack’s face at the time!”

Jean smiled softly, “It seems that his face is really big enough.”

“Heh! I don’t think the face is big enough, but the celebrity is big enough!” Kelly smiled, and then took the cast from her hand, “Okay! Hurry up and touch up the makeup! There is no time.”


At night, return to the International Union City.

Jean didn’t turn on the light, she habitually nested her tired body into the soft sofa, opened her eyes, and looked at the pale ceiling dazedly by the moonlight.

Watch watch…

Inexplicably, tears are blurred.

Unexpectedly, in the end, she would still become someone else’s junior…

It felt like being slapped fiercely, her chest was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t find a point to vent.

She propped up her slumped body and walked upstairs to her room.

While packing things, she dialed the man’s phone…

At first, the first time, no one listened.

The second time, after thinking for a while, the other end answered the phone.


He didn’t say anything, just frantically asked her.

“En…” Jean replied, “Do you… have time to come over? I think we need to talk.”

“I am very busy.”

After Jack finished the three words, he didn’t wait for Jean’s response, and he hung up.


A series of busy sounds filled Jean’s ears…


Jean sat down on the sofa, frowning, very bored.

After thinking for a long time, she finally sent a text message to him…

“Let’s end this absurd deal!”

The text message passed and there was no reply for a long time.

Jean waited for half an hour. Seeing that the other side seemed to have no intention of paying attention to her, she stopped waiting, just packed her things, and prepared to leave.

The things were just prepared, and the phone rang, “Jean, you are not allowed to go anywhere without my order!”


His consistent style.

Jean sighed, did not return him, dragged her luggage, and went out.

However, as soon as she left the house, she saw a familiar Maybach driving into the community and finally stopped in front of her.

A long black figure stepped off the car.

Under the moonlight, the face of the demon was as cold as frost.

Jack stared at her as if to freeze her for life.

Jean bit her lip and stood there, looking at him quietly.

“David, take her luggage in!”

Jack heard a deep command.

“Yes!” David took the order and approached Jean to take the suitcase in her hand.

“I’m not going in anymore!” Jean was very persistent, putting the suitcase behind her.

Jack stared at her eyes, squinted halfway, and “shot” a dangerous aura from the deep eyes.

But he could only hear her, “Observe…”

It was a coaxing tone, but she was shuddering when he listened to Jean’s ears.

Jean took a deep breath, expressionless, and said solemnly, “Jack, let’s end this ridiculous deal.”


Jack smiled.

Between Jack’s thin lips, there was a wanton forest cold.

“Jean, who gave you the right to say ‘end’?”

He asked her, his voice was cold, without a hint of temperature.

Imposing and bullying.

Jean’s red lips opened awkwardly. After a while, she said, “Sorry, I insist…”

“Adhere to?”

Jack smiled faintly, and only glanced at David on the side, “Help her get the luggage in.”


Jean yelled at him, her eyes darkened, but she was particularly stubborn, “Don’t “force” me anymore! You know, my shameless person is!! Don’t let me be the same as Emma!”

Jean’s emotions were a little excited.

The hand holding the suitcase did not let it go.

“Little San?”

Jack’s evil sword eyebrows were raised, and his legs stepped closer to the extremely stubborn woman opposite…

The slender fingers raised her slender jaw.

Fingertips, biting ice cold.

The strength between the fingers is also extremely heavy…

That appearance seemed to be pinched deeply into her blood.

“Jean, I’ll tell you again, you…just my Jack’s…**, that’s it!!! You are not qualified yet!!”

Jack’s words made Jean pale.

There was humiliation, rushing to her chest, but it seemed that she couldn’t even find a word of refutation.

“So, don’t take yourself too seriously!” Jack left his hand indifferently, and added coldly, “Just you, it still can’t affect the relationship between me and Ava! So, give it to me obediently. Stay here!!”

“She already knows the relationship between us!” Jean held the suitcase’s hand tighter and tighter.

“So what if she knows?” Jack’s eyes didn’t make waves.

“She doesn’t care, what are you still hypocritical?” Jack squinted at her, and his cold figure deceived her a little bit. “Why? Could it be that you fell in love with me? You care about me and what happened between her?”

Jean was “forced” by him, and stepped back again and again.

Her eyes flashed a little panic, but she recovered quickly, “Jack, you think too much!!”

Jean put her hands against his chest, trying to distance herself a little bit from him, her eyes drifting but she didn’t dare to look at him, “I…I can’t fall in love with you…”

She “licked” and “licked” her lips. She only felt a bit dry in her throat and continued to add, “Whether I will affect the relationship between you and Ms. Ava or not, there is one thing I can be sure of. My presence will affect It hurts her emotions to her mood! This feeling…I know the best…”

In the end, her expression was unconsciously sad.

Looking at her lover and other women’s “milk”-the feeling when they are in mingling, she thinks, she knows better than anyone!!!

She also knows the pain…

Someone needs to bear it!!!

“Sorry! This is my principle! The relationship between us can only end!”

She is extremely paranoid.

After taking a deep breath, she continued, “Thank you for those who helped me before. As for the heroine of “Breaking Wolf”, if you think there is a more suitable candidate, I don’t mind if you change! But, I still want to fight for myself, no matter what, I will do my best to play this role well because I like this character!”

Jean said, neither humble nor humble.

Jack’s monster eyes are extremely cold…

“Are you sure you want to leave?”

“Yes!” She nodded, very persistent.


Jack answered simply and neatly.

Jack’s thin lips, wanton laugh…

“Let’s go!” The corners of the evil charm’s lips sneered, “I’m waiting for you, come back and beg me!!”

After Jack finished speaking, he turned around indifferently and walked to the car.

The bodyguards followed immediately.


The door of the car was heavily closed, Jack’s enchanting face was hidden in the car, and then…

The car ran over quickly and disappeared in front of the villa…

Jean was stunned for a long time, looking at the car shadow that was going away, her mind was a little lost…

However, while failing, there is more anxiety.

His last words…

He has to make her worry!!!


Jack, since I have made up my mind, I will never go back!!! Even if you “force” me out of this circle, I will never violate the principles I should have!!!

However, Jean was far from expecting that he would use such a despicable means to force her back…


Jean was hanging out in the store alone.

“Max, Max…”

In the supermarket, a girl was heard screaming.

Jean didn’t care too much, she still lowered her head and continued to focus on picking some daily necessities, and she was used to “sexually” pulling down the brim of her head a bit.

Just as she was about to put the nightgown in her hand in the cart, Jean saw a tall figure, rushing towards her…

Before she could return to her senses, she felt light on her head, and the hat flew into the hands of the tall man, and whatever it was, it was buckled on his head.

The nightgown in her hand was also snatched by him, and when she saw that the man in front of her was quickly wrapping the nightgown around her body…

And then…

The man suddenly held her face…

In the next moment, he was overbearing to press her on the shelf, it was a crazy kiss…


A group of girls swarmed by from the corridor, but they didn’t find a couple who was kissing passionately on the shelf.

Max didn’t even have time to see the look of the girl in front of him, and kissed her without hesitation, only to find that…

Her lips are a bit sweeter than he thought…

The fascinating eyes were half-opened, and they hooked their eyes, looking at the eyes that were as big as copper bells…

Thin lips, ambiguous, constantly rubbing against her lips…

Toss and turn, gnaw…

Until, Jean suddenly stretched out her hand in front of her, and pushed the prodigal son in front of her away.

Her eyes stared at the opposite man with sullen eyes. Only then did Jean have room to see the suddenly frivolous person in front of her…

It turned out to be a face that was so beautiful that it turned all beings upside down…

So familiar!!!

Even eyebrows, straight nose, thin lips slightly raised…

And, those eyes that are so enchanting that the girl can hardly look away!!!


Internationally popular superstar, the male protagonist of “Slaying the Wolf”, Ou Jean!!!

“Miss, thank you very much!”

With a happy smile, he took off the hat on his head and placed it on Jean’s head in a daze.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, he turned to say, “Why? Know me?”

The thin lips outline a dizzying smile, “My movie “fan”?”

Chapter 44

Seeing that she was still in a daze, Max guessed, smiled evilly, probed her hand again, took off her hat, and said, “To thank you for just helping me, so, sign a name for you!”

Pay attention to his words, to thank her, so she kindly ‘helped’ him sign a name!!!

It was like giving her a great reward!!!


She is not his fan!!!

Jean returned to her senses. When his pen was about to draw her hat, she stretched out her hand and snatched the hat away, “You are not allowed to ‘chaotic’ painting on my hat!!”

Jean hurriedly hid her hat behind her, raised her head, and met his playful eyes sullenly, “I am not a fan of yours!!”

After speaking, he wiped the lips that he had just finalized with a little depression, “As an international superstar, would you be too shabby!”

Forget it! Just be bitten by a dog while walking on the road!!!

Max squinted teasingly, “Do you know I am the international superstar Max?”

This woman, knowing who he is, has such an arrogant attitude?!

Jean ignored him, just stretched out her hand, and faintly clicked on the huge shampoo poster on the shelf…

Above, it is Max’s handsome and innocent face.

Looking at the handsome and beautiful self on the poster, Max lifted his lips triumphantly, but in the next instant, he saw that Jean had already pushed the cart away.

This woman did not put him, an international superstar, into her eyes at all!!!

Even, the attitude is more arrogant than him!!!

“Where did Max go? Why is he so fast?”

Jean, hearing the girls talking again, Max felt bad and hurried to the exit.

When passing by the cash register, he saw that Jean was just paying, and then he suddenly heard that she came to the store to buy essential items.

When he walked to the checkout counter, he took a box of “Du-Lex” and swiped it directly on the scanner of the lady at the checkout counter, then took a hundred and threw it into Jean’s cart…

“The remaining money will be used as compensation for the kiss just now!”

After saying ‘generously’, before Jean understood what was going on, she saw his head up high and walked out of the store handsomely.


“Why is that person just now so like Max…”

The lady at the cash register murmured startled.

And Jean, looking at the one hundred in the cart, was so angry that she couldn’t rush this hundred over and hit them in his face!!!

Could the value of her kiss be measured by this money?!!!

The point is, she still finds the leftover change after buying the **!!!

Jean stretched out her hand and threw the one hundred on the cash register, her expression a bit sullen.

The cashier quickly took it and gave the change to Jean.

Jean’s face was also a bit bad, and she just said, “This money is not mine, you can keep it! Could you please help me check out?”

The lady at the cashier was stunned for a moment, nodded hurriedly, and took the money back before she started to help Jean settle the bill.

Three days later-

Jean received a call from Megan, “Jean, your dad is going to jail!!!”


Jean didn’t come back for a while.

“Auntie Megan, don’t scare me…”

“Who scared you? Come back and see for yourself! Our house is about to be sealed off, why don’t you come to help your dad!!”

Megan’s tone was very bad, and she could feel very upset, “Jean, how much money do you have now? You take all your money back to your dad, or your dad must go to jail!!!”

So, to talk about it, just to let her take the money home.

“What the hell is going on?” Jean was anxious.

“Your dad’s company is in a deficit! All banks will suddenly draw capital. Your dad can’t afford the debt. Now he can only wait to go to jail!!!”

“Why… how could this be?” Jean’s voice trembled a bit, “Did Dad’s company run smoothly?”

Without them, the Glover would not have the current Blair, so she always felt that her father’s career was in full swing!

But what, in a blink of an eye…

“What’s going well! If it weren’t for Blair to support our family all the time, our family would have collapsed long ago! Although we supported Blair at that time, now Blair is prospering, and our family is not getting better day by day! With this, it’s hard for Blair to help! No matter what, you come back first!”

After Megan finished speaking, she hung up.

Jean didn’t think about it anymore, and she hurriedly packed her things and went home.

Upon returning home, Emma was already at home unexpectedly.

Glover’s house went up and down, inside and out, all covered with seals.

George Glover sat on the sofa with a bitter face. At that moment, Jean felt that her father was a lot older for a while.

His vicissitudes of life was covered with fine and dense wrinkles, and his sadness and sorrow were caught in it, making him look older and older.


When Jean saw such a father, a burst of distress surged in her chest.

No matter what kind of holidays there were in the past, and no matter how much prejudice she had in her heart, he was always her father.

The emotion of blood thicker than water cannot be eliminated.


When George Glover saw Jean at the door, he was overjoyed, “You kid! I thought you would never want our home again!!!”

“Dad, it’s all now, don’t say such things!”

Inexplicably, at that moment, Jean felt that her father loved her.

“Now our house is gone…” Father Glover almost burst into tears when he said it.

“Dad! Don’t be so pessimistic, it will get better.” Jean comforted her father.

“What’s so great!! Do you know who asked for the withdrawal! It’s Allison Jack!!! Jack!!” Emma said coldly.

Hearing this, Jean’s face turned pale.

“Why… how? Did you know that it was him?” Jean’s voice trembled.

“Allison Jack told me.”

Emma’s face is very bad.

“Jean, how much savings do you have, take it out to your dad to pay off the debt!!” Megan walked out of it and ordered sharply.

“What are you talking about!!” Father Glover’s expression was very ugly, and he said angrily at Megan, “How much money can she fight for outside by herself as a girl! Besides, we will use our daughter’s hard work. Do you want to give me her money, there is no door!!”

“I’m telling her money? Why are you talking so unscrupulous! I’m not doing it for me?” Megan flushed with anger.

“For me?” George Glover snorted coldly, “Can Jean’s money cover our huge loan? Even a fraction is not enough!! What do we want her money for? So it can be put into your private pocket? Megan, this wishful don’t count on the abacus!!”


Jean was busy holding on to her emotionally excited father, “Stop arguing! If I can help you, It is obligatory!”

“Dad, Mom, stop arguing between you two!!” Emma came out annoyed to persuade him to fight, and said again, “I still have something to do with Allison Jack privately. I’ll go talk to him and see if I can get him out of the internet. .”

“Really?” Father Glover seemed to see some hope, and a pair of dim eyes lit up instantly.

At that moment, Jean’s heart couldn’t help but hurt…

Seeing the look of expectation in her father’s eyes, she felt more guilt in her heart.

She knew that this man was just to “force” her back…

However, she never expected that he would use such a despicable method!!!

“I have never understood why Allison Jack wanted to make an effort to embarrass us!! We have never had a holiday with him!!”

Father Glover sighed in a low voice.

Emma glared at Jean ferociously, “Then you have to ask your, this good daughter!!”

Jean turned pale, “Sister, what are you talking about!”

“Jean?” George Glover curled his eyebrows and looked at Jean in confusion.

“Dad! It’s okay…” Jean shook her head hurriedly.

She didn’t want to struggle too much with this issue, and even more, did not want her father to know that she had sold her body for work!!!

“Dad! Let me talk to Allison Jack first!! There should be no problem.” Emma said and walked to the entrance.

“Okay, daughter, you can be more careful.” George Glover still worriedly exhorted.

“It’s okay! Dad, don’t worry!”

Emma left proudly.

Jean stared at her left-back, but her heart was still hanging in her throat.

Sister, can you ask that man?

She will not forget the cold words that the man left before leaving…

“I’m waiting for you, come back and beg me!!”

It turned out that he had already planned every step!!!

If she can, she hopes that her sister can move that man…

Knowing that this kind of hope is faint, but she is still hoping.

“Jean, come, come to the study with Dad…”

George Glover stood up.

“Oh, good.”

Jean helps keep up with her father’s slightly staggering footsteps.

Seeing his father’s body that looked a little rickety because of tiredness, inexplicably, tears began to roll in her eyes unconsciously.

In case…

If the previous scene hadn’t happened in this home, they would still be as beautiful as before…

“Dad, what do you want me to do?”

As soon as Jean entered the study, she closed the door and asked her father.

“Jean, Dad has always wanted to tell you a lot…” George Glover took his daughter and sat down on the sofa.

He sighed, then continued, “I know, Mike and Emma have been complaining about your dad! Hey…it’s something to blame, it’s something to blame! Your father made the daughter so ignorant! I also blame our inability!!”

“Dad, why did you say this suddenly?”

When mentioning those things in the past, Jean felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, but she only said, “Dad, all the things in the past are gone, I forgot!”

“How could you forget it? You kid, just like your mother…”

Speaking of her mother, Jean couldn’t help but freeze with her hand in front of him.

“Forget it, don’t mention her! Don’t mention it…”

At that moment, Jean sees a hurtful emotion in her father’s eyes.

Yes, it is injured!!!

He seems to have suffered, some kind of emotional trauma…

“Jean! I’m sorry about Mike! Dad has already taught Emma a lot about her behavior, but… Dad really couldn’t stop them from being together at the time!! Because Dad’s Company has been attached to the Blair since then! Without the support of Blair, the feared company would not be able to resist! Unexpectedly, in the end, the Allison Jack would suddenly “plugin”…”

George Glover’s face was full of vicissitudes, “Dad knows that your happiness and interests should not be measured, but…how many people will be unemployed without a company, and Dad has no other way!!”

“Dad, don’t say it! I understand! I understand both! Besides, this kind of thing has nothing to do with you at all!”

Jean felt a little sad when she heard what her father said.

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