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Chapter 483

Is he a man to her? Shouldn’t he be just an uncle?!

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the small body in his arms.

In the next instant, he hurriedly released the ape’s arm that had imprisoned her.

His eyes flickered.

“Forget it, when I didn’t say anything!” He opened his lips quickly, his low voice was a little inexplicable panic.

After that, in the future, he had to wait for Amelia to recover. He had already left.

Amelia stared at the back disappearing at the door, her heart felt a little bit cold…

Until, the body froze stiffly, and the muddled thoughts gradually returned…

She turned around and got into the cold bedding.

Close her eyes and sleep lightly.

The bedroom door is still open…

The wind outside the window was still blowing, and the coldness filled the lonely bedroom.

The computer is still on…

The noise of the game resounded throughout the room.

The soundtrack of the game is very popular, however, listening to her ears, it seems so lonely…


Since then, the way they get along has changed.

Or, to be precise, it was him who changed!!!

Every time, the eyes he looked at her were always so cold and alienated…

Every day, when she got up to school, she realized that he had already left.

Every night, his figure always appears in this so-called home after one o’clock in the morning.

And she…

Look at his eyes, always with, that trace is not easy to detect, but it makes people feel painful and sad.

In the morning, she always wakes up early every day, but he always leaves in front of her…

Every night, after one o’clock in the morning, in that hidden corner of the corridor, there is always a small thin figure hidden…

She is always careful and careful, paying attention to everything downstairs.

As long as that figure shows up, her gaze can no longer be removed from him…

Many times, she saw that he always sat on the sofa alone for a long, long time.

Sometimes, just sit for an hour…do nothing, just raise his head occasionally and take a look at the dim corridor…

Every time, Amelia felt that his gloomy eyes were always, intentionally or unintentionally, frozen at the door of her bedroom.

But she didn’t dare to think too much…

She is afraid, all of this is just an illusion of her self-comfort!

If he cares about her, would he now treat her so cruelly?

Because of his indifference, his alienation, and his coldness.

Amelia once again returned to her original life track.

After school, she always comes home very late.

The backpack is always full of unknown objects.

However, since then, her taciturn has become more obvious…

In school, her deskmate Harper has almost cleared the border with her.

Even her reputation is getting louder and louder in school…

Of course, there is nothing more than the bad ones.

“Bundled-Raised Love-Woman”

Or, pretend to snatch someone else’s boyfriend’s ‘Little San’!

Even more exaggerated, “the lady who accompanies the man to roll the bed”!

For the rumors, she just can’t hear them!

Because she never cared what others thought of her!

Therefore, she is even less interested in knowing who has spread these malicious rumors!

At home, she was equally reticent.

Sometimes, Mia will ask some questions about her life intentionally or unconsciously.

But in the end, there is always one question and one answer.

Or, keep silent.

That night.

The cold wind hits…

Seaweed-like curly hair, messy scattered on her shoulders, swaying randomly with the breeze, oozing coolness.

Amelia dragged her bulging backpack and wandered along the deserted streets…

The dim light sparsely spilled on her thin body, making it even more lonely.

Besides her, it was a little weirdly quiet.


“Oh…” a strange cry of excitement broke the entire silent sky in due course.

In the next instant, a high-level team rushed towards Amelia frantically against the wind.

The speed is a bit appalling.

“Oh oh oh oh -“

The people in the car screamed strangely in the face of the wind, and their voices were more exciting than each other.

The convertible sports car, one, followed by another, quickly passed Amelia’s petite body and raised a biting cold wind.

The skirt lifts…

With an inexplicable sense of desolation.

However, she was a little envious of these people in the car…

Because they can vent their emotions so comfortably.

But she never vented.

She turned her head, lowered her eyes, and continued to move forward.

Suddenly, a red sports car stopped beside her without warning.

Amelia was taken aback.

Tilt her head, looking at the sports car aside in confusion.

Then came over clearly.

In the sports car, there are four people…

Among them, the three of them looked completely ambiguous-staring at Amelia outside the car.

“Hey! Master Mason, don’t you? You have not forgotten to pick up girls at this critical moment?” Adam Mason who got out of the car was teased by a red-haired strange man.

“Haha! I think this girl is crazy!!!” The other man didn’t forget to answer

(PS: Gang: Sizheng, which means that the four aspects are all punctual.)

“Hey! Master Mason, hurry up! Time is limited, don’t just pick up girls!!”

“It’s so noisy!” Adam Mason roared at the group of hurt friends, one of them lifted their feet hard and kicked the gorgeous sports car in front of him, showing his irritation.

“Hey, you fellow!!”


Amelia just stared blankly.

Between them, it was like a farce.

But there was a little more noisy atmosphere in her space alone.

“Hey! Why are you still outside so late?” Adam Mason asked her casually with his hands in his pockets.

This time, he didn’t go directly to the hot spot when he came up as usual.

Probably, what happened last time had a slight impact on him.

Amelia just looked at him indifferently and did not answer his question.

About her, she never used to tell anyone except that man!

She turned around, ready to leave.

However, the next moment, the little hand was tightly pulled.

She tilted her head, staring at him straight, with a trace of confusion in her eyes.

However, still did not say a word.

Adam Mason hooked his lips and smiled evilly, always cynical.

His eyes fell on the bulging satchel around her waist.

“You didn’t take the contents of the bag at our house?” He raised his eyebrows, deliberately making things difficult for her.

Su Mo snorted softly, “No!”

She has never been to that mall since she met him last time!

“Hey! Mr. Mason, what are you instigating? The car will start soon!” The people in the car started to wait for a little impatiently.

“You shit, are you here to play or pick up girls?”

The crowd began to protest non-stop.

“You, he-mother, you won’t die!” A fierce look shot past, and he kicked the car door fiercely.

“Racing car?” Amelia was curious.

“Well, what? Are you interested? Do you want to go together?” Adam Mason raised his eyebrows and stared at Amelia who was opposite.

Go together?

Amelia looked down, hesitated.

After a while, she raised her eyes and looked at him, “Can I sit next to you during the game?”

She wants to experience firsthand the feeling of flying in the wind!

Adam Mason was taken aback for a moment, a touch of stunning eyes flashed past.

“Okay!” He shrugged, responding to her, “but you have to be mentally prepared!”

This is the first time a woman has dared to ask to sit in a car.

Amelia nodded.

“My Master Mason, can you get in the car now?” Seeing that Amelia finally nodded, the man in the driver’s seat greeted them to get in the car with a smile.


“Master Mason, you can do it! Don’t forget to take the girl with you when you go to the competition…”

Adam Mason didn’t bother to listen to their broken words and pulled Amelia into the car.

And Amelia can filter out their words perfectly.

Inside the racing track

On the winding racing track, crazy racing cars gallop past from time to time, making excitement and strange noises.

Beside the track, the women’s crazy screams were endless, accompanied by the passionate shouts of men from time to time, sometimes mixed with a few low curses, one after another, fiercely impacting Amelia’s always clean eardrum.

Adam Mason’s slender fingers covered the steering wheel and tightened.

For a while, he tilted his head and glanced at Amelia on the side.

“Are you scared?”

Amelia frowned and asked him puzzledly, “Why are you afraid? You don’t believe in your strength?”

Adam Mason was startled slightly, curled his lips, and smiled wickedly.

His strength is unanimously recognized by the entire racing community.

“Amelia, this time you accompany me to death?!” He smiled, and there was some deep meaning in his words.

Amelia remained silent but stared straight ahead for a moment…

That, a purposeful place.


On the starting line, the magistrate raised the flag in his hand.

Signal that all racers are ready.

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows, curled his lips, and smiled mysteriously.

Suddenly, one leaned over, head sideways.

Before Amelia could react, his charming lips were already pressed against her pink cherry lips.

The next second, pull away.

“Hope it will be a lucky kiss!” Adam Mason smiled evilly, and even licked his lips exaggeratedly, with a look that was still unfinished.

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at him, her eyes still indifferent.

Raised her hand, raised her sleeves, and wiped her lips fiercely.

Completely… regardless of any feelings of the man on the side!

Adam Mason felt his lips twitch a little, gritted his teeth, “You guy!!!”

“Drive!” Amelia glanced at the referee calmly.

As soon as the words fell, gunfire sounded in due course.

Then, the car body flew out of the starting line.

“Oh -” Adam Mason exclaimed strangely with excitement.

And Amelia, just sitting quietly beside him, seriously feeling this moment, a different feeling.

It seems that her heart, at this moment… also flew at this extraordinary speed.

A long time…

A frantic scream swept across the track, and their car broke through the finish line without any suspense.

At that moment, Amelia breathed a sigh of relief.

Car, hold on.

Adam Mason smirked, “Amelia, I thought you weren’t afraid of drag racing!”

The act of exhaling just now betrayed her.

After that, Adam Mason got off the bus.

Amelia didn’t speak and got out of the car.

“Benjamin! You trash, don’t you say that you have never lost? Ah? Do you know how much money Michael has raised on you? Ah?” Suddenly, there was a horrible voice.

It is the voice of other opponents being scolded by the boss.

Chapter 484

Adam Mason leaned lazily on the car body, smiling at them.

“Oh, it turns out that Young Master Blair can’t afford to lose so much?” Adam Mason teased the boss arrogantly.

“Don’t bet if you don’t have money! Why bother!” This guy bet with him, and it is really defeated and defeated again and again.

“Adam Mason, don’t be smug!! See if I won’t find someone to kill you next time!!” The teased Young Master Blair turned blue.

“Heh…” Adam Mason let out an exaggerated laugh, “Young Master Blair, then I’ll wait!”


“What are you? Let’s get the money first!” Adam Mason was too lazy to talk to this guy again.

After a while, the man threw a thick stack of banknotes to him, still not forgetting to curse severely.

Adam Mason seemed to be unable to hear his curse at all.

Holding the stack of banknotes, he smirked, “Every time I let Young Master Blair spend money, I feel a little sorry!”

The corners of Young Master Blair’s lips twitched, and he gritted his teeth, “Adam Mason, you are ruthless!”

Then, turning his head, he shouted angrily, “Let’s go!”

Adam Mason smiled evilly, and responded with a compliment, “Go slow, Master Blair!”

Then, he raised the banknote in his hand.

With the sound of “Wow…”, red pieces of paper, flying around in a flash…

Then, scattered all over the place.

“Ah!!! Mason has scattered the money again, hurry up and pick it up!!!”

“Ah… it’s money again!!!”


The sound of screaming broke through his ears, Adam Mason curled his lips, smiled at the young Master Blair who was on the other side, who had not had time to leave, shrugged, and smiled triumphantly.

“Let’s go!” Turning sideways, pulling Amelia in a daze, got in the car and left.

“Where do you want to go?” In the car, he turned his head and asked her.

“Whatever…” Amelia responded lightly.

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly, “Not going home?”


Amelia was stunned for a moment.

Then, she shook her head.

She has never had a home.

Adam Mason glanced at her deeply, “Okay!”

He answered her, then drove and left.

It’s already past 12:30, this girl refuses to go home, so she is not worried that her family will be anxious?

Of course, Adam Mason would not send her home so kindly.

Later, the car stopped in front of a luxurious villa.

“Get off!” Adam Mason said faintly and got off the car.

Then Amelia followed him into the villa.

In the living room, the magnificence flashed Amelia’s eyes a little bit.

“Hey, Amelia, you are not even wondering where is this place?” He was a little strange.

Since she came in, until now, she has not asked him a word.

Is she not afraid to sell her?

Amelia shook her head, “As long as it’s not from Burton Liam’s house, it’s fine!”

The voice of her answer was a little dull.

It seems that the mood is very bad.

“Burton Liam’s house?” Adam Mason was curious about the switch.

“Where am I sleeping?” Amelia tilted her head and asked lightly.

It was half-past one, and her biological clock was approaching.

“Sleep in my room! Other rooms need to be cleaned up!” Adam Mason pointed to his bedroom.

He usually lives here alone, so the rooms are not too tidy.

During the day, only part-time workers come to clean up.

“Oh!” Amelia nodded, turned around, ready to go to the bedroom.

“Dingling Dingling…” A rush of bells rang into Amelia’s bulging bag.

Amelia paused.

Then, after hesitating for a moment, she took a step and continued to walk into the bedroom.

Let it go, the phone in the bag rang frantically.

She doesn’t know how many times this is today or dozens of times!

Adam Mason looked suspiciously at the back of her leaving.


“Adam Mason, I want to take a shower…” Amelia opened the bedroom door and looked at him innocently in the living room.

“…” Adam Mason only felt the blood in his body rush to his forehead for a while.

This guy!!!

If she were another woman, he must have thought it was her initiative to seduce him, he would have rushed over without saying anything!

However, this woman will not!

She will take the initiative to seduce him, unless the world is doomsday, the world may only be left with the two of them, then there may be a little chance!

“Why? Isn’t there water in it?” He answered her angrily.

What’s the matter, he can be regarded as a handsome guy with a good-looking appearance and a very popular relationship?!

“But, there is no clean clothes…” This one on her can no longer be worn.

Today, when she was picking up things at the mall, she was already sweating when she ran out. Later, when she was racing, she was sweating again.

So… she had to borrow it.

“Oh!” Adam Mason scratched his hair, “I will give you a bathrobe!”

It’s long, safe, conservative, and of course warm.

“En…” Amelia turned sideways and let him in.

Later, Adam Mason kindly chose a special and conservative bathrobe for her.

Then, she went straight into the bathroom.

Adam Mason had nothing to do, turned on the laptop on the table, and started playing his battle game.

Suddenly, the phone rang on the table.

Still, from the bulging cross bag.

“Hey! Amelia, your phone rang again!” He shouted into the bathroom.

“Oh!” Amelia just answered faintly.

Then, ignored it.

In the bathroom, the sound of splashing water still lingered.

Adam Mason also stopped paying attention.

It’s just that the phone calls seem to be endless!

It’s two o’clock, won’t they sleep? Fight endlessly.

Finally, he couldn’t help it.

Opened the bag, flipped through it impatiently, but could not find the location of the phone.

Is there any mistake? This guy has everything in her bag.

By! There are several kinds of full sets!!!

It’s hard to imagine!!!

“Dingling Dingling…” The phone rang, still frantically urging.

Finally, he was angry.

He picked up the bag and put everything in the bag upside down on the table. In a moment, the table suddenly became colorful.

Finally, the phone appeared.

He picked it up and glanced at the caller ID.


How could it be him?

After hesitating for a moment, he pressed the answer button curiously.

“Where are you?” Suddenly, a frantic roar sounded on the phone.

The angry voice was very anxious, but it could not conceal the deep exhaustion.

“I’ll pick you up…” This time, his voice was lower by several decibels.

There seemed to be too much helplessness in the tired voice.

“Mr. Burton, I’m sorry, I’m not Amelia!” Adam Mason hesitated for a moment before finally speaking.

“You…who are you? Where is Amelia?” The fingers holding the phone couldn’t help but stiff.

“Don’t worry, Amelia is with me, she is fine!” Adam Mason could feel his worry.

“Tell me, who are you!” Burton Liam almost gritted his teeth and asked out loud.

Do not worry?

It was past two o’clock in the evening, and she was still in a man’s house! Why not tell him to worry??

Burton Liam only felt that the anger had burned directly to his forehead from his chest, and it was almost impossible to restrain it!!!

“My name is Adam Mason, Amelia’s classmate!” Adam Mason confessed honestly.

Classmates? Adam Mason?

Burton Liam stroked his eyebrows, a little painful.

Damn it!

It was the man who kissed Amelia last time again!!!

“Where are you? I’ll pick her up!” His voice was dull for several minutes.

Burton Liam frowned slightly.

“Are you Amelia’s family?” He was a little curious.

Otherwise, why would he be so worried?


Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment.

His heart trembled for a second.

Quite a while

“Yes!” He nodded and responded.

She is his family, but…

In his opinion, he doesn’t know if he is also her family!

Later, Adam Mason gave him a string of addresses.

Then, hung up the phone.

Taking a glance at the messy objects scattered around the table, Adam Mason felt helpless.

Twisted his lips, and then packed all of them into the bag one by one.

While tidying up, he sighed.

This guy is really good, so many things, not too tired to panic.

He packed up her things and threw her mobile phone in.

After a long time, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped.

Amelia walked out wearing a plain white bathrobe.

Adam Mason laughed and looked at her teasingly.

“Do you have to wrap yourself so tightly?”

This woman is too exaggerated, right? The belt won’t work, it has to be wrapped one after another.

From top to bottom, it is strict and solid, like a big dumpling.

Amelia ignored him, “Is there a hairdryer?”

She raised her wet curly hair and asked him.

“And many more…”

Then, Adam Mason took out a small hairdryer from the cabinet and handed it to her.

There was a noise from a hairdryer in the room.

And Adam Mason on the side just leaned lazily on the table and looked at her quietly.

He thought, wait for Amelia to dry her hair, and then tell her, wait until someone is coming to pick her home!


“Ding Dong Ding Dong…” The hurried doorbell sounded.

Adam Mason couldn’t help being taken aback.

Isn’t he? So fast? It seemed that it was only half an hour.

No matter how he counts it, this is also a suburban area, and he can’t come from the city so fast!

Unless… this man drives a speed car!!!

He lifted his lips and smiled badly.

It seems that Uncle Burton is very afraid that he will swallow his little niece!

Amelia turned off the hairdryer in her hand and looked at Adam Mason aside in confusion.

Are there any guests so late?

“Wait…” Adam Mason gave a faint confession and went out of the bedroom to open the door.

It’s a long time…

The bedroom door was opened again.

Adam Mason leaned against the door frame and looked at the two people in the bedroom.

Inexplicable, feeling, weird.

“Burton…Liam??” How could he be here?!

Amelia tilted her head and stared at Adam Mason at the door.

The eyes are full of disbelief.

“Adam Mason, are you betraying me??”

Adam Mason was startled slightly.

Sell? Will the matter be too serious by her?!

“Forget it, let’s talk first! I…I’ll go to the game first!” Adam Mason was a little hairy by Amelia’s angry eyes.

Better to hide first!

As soon as the words fell, the bedroom door was heavily closed.

Adam Mason left like an escape.

He was afraid that the inexplicable anger between them would inevitably get on him.

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