The Warmest Romance Chapter 1005 -1006

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Chapter 1005

Jiang Huanchen see she didn’t come out of the meaning, can’t help but hook lips smile, “I’m to visit?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and thought of Yu Yimo’s words. Her heart was cold again. She looked up at him and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Jiang Huanchen paused, and his face became more serious. He said with a smile, “I just know about lin ning.”

“When I introduced lin ning to you, I didn’t know that she had signed a contract with Yu’s media.”

Ruan Shishi was dubious and raised his eyes to his bright and beautiful eyes.

“I have already talked with lin ning. She said that she would think about it. It’s really my negligence. If you need to explain the misunderstanding, you can come to me and I’m willing to come forward.”

What Jiang Huanchen said was serious, not like a lie at all.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, inhaled deeply and asked, “don’t you know?”

Jiang Huanchen blinked, immediately raised his right hand, put up three fingers, and said solemnly, “I, Jiang Huanchen, have never told you a lie.”

Ruan’s heart was tight, his nose was sour, and his tears came to his eyes unconsciously.

She wanted to cry and laugh. Finally, she opened the door and walked out. She reached out and pulled down Jiang Huanchen’s raised right hand. “There’s no need to…”

“Do you believe me?”

Jiang Huanchen droops his eyes, slightly hooks the corner of his lips, and looks at the woman in front of him with a smile at the bottom of his eyes.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked at Jiang Huanchen. Her eyes were more firm and nodded.

Originally, she and Jiang Huanchen seemed to be two parallel lines without intersection, but then slowly, she suddenly found that, putting aside his aura, he was just an ordinary person, who could love and hate, in addition to honor and appreciation, he also needed emotion.

Jiang Huanchen raised her hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. She said in a low voice, “the endorsement I just signed is from the agency. I don’t know. Although I signed the contract, it’s good that it hasn’t started yet. Just break the contract.”

“Break the contract?” Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “isn’t it necessary to pay a lot of liquidated damages?”

Smell speech, Jiang Huan Chen hook lips, smile to give her a wink, “it’s OK, I have money.”

Ruan Shishi was angry and laughed, “money can’t be like this. Don’t push that endorsement, as long as you haven’t done those things.”

“That’s not good. You’re more important than endorsements. At least you should let some people have a look. You have the right eye for people.”

Said, he reached out, like a good friend general hook her neck, take her to the direction of the car, “go, eat hot pot.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment. Before he could figure out the meaning of his words, he had already been pulled to the car.

After getting on the bus, she understood the meaning of Jiang Huanchen’s words.

It seems that Jiang Huanchen already knows Yu Yimo’s misunderstanding of her. The reason why he broke the contract is to prove her innocence.

In an instant, Ruan’s heart warmed.

She turned her head and looked at Jiang Huanchen on her side, her lips slightly raised.

This friend, she really didn’t make it in vain.

She smiles, looks at him and says, “come on, eat hot pot.”

The car turned around and left quickly.

And not far away in the shade of the trees, there is a black car parked. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see it. It seems that you have merged into the night.

Chapter 1006

The people in the car are always paying attention to the situation here. As the champagne car leaves, one of the men says, “it seems that I can’t do it tonight.”

A few seconds later, a voice came from the back seat of the car, “don’t worry, there will always be a chance.”

After a hot pot meal, Ruan Shishi and Jiang Huanchen talked a lot, and the distance between them seemed to be shortened by such a meal.

Finally, Jiang Huanchen sent Ruan Shishi home and left.

The next day, when Ruan Shishi was at home, he received a call from lin ning.

“Director Ruan, I have terminated my cooperation with Yu’s media.”

“What?” Ruan Shishi was surprised, “what’s the matter?”

That day, Yu Gubei was in front of them. Didn’t he clearly say that he wanted her to act as the female leader? How did you suddenly terminate the cooperation?

“Mr. Jiang talked to me. He told me to make my own decision. No matter how I choose, I won’t blame me. After thinking about it, I still think I should do my duty. Now that I have received your short film, I want to finish it.”

“What about Yu’s media?”

Lin ning’s voice is a bit firm, “if they don’t agree, I will terminate the cooperation.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was moved. She sniffed and didn’t speak.

Lin ning’s smiling voice said, “director Ruan, when shall we start?”

Ruan Shishi said, “since you are back, we will start tomorrow.”

“OK, it’s a deal.”

After hanging up, Ruan felt that the big stone in her heart had disappeared.

In the afternoon of the same day, Jiang Huanchen’s official media platform announced that because of the trip, they unilaterally terminated their contract and cancelled the shooting task of the new spokesperson, saying that they would have the opportunity to cooperate again next time.

For a time, the heat of Jiang Huanchen’s breach of contract all the way up, directly over the news of Yu’s group’s stock prices.

Immediately, Ruan Shishi and director Gao held a short video conference, asking him to inform the staff that the work will start tomorrow, and the short film shooting will proceed according to the original plan.

The next day, after a few days’ rest, the staff’s complaints were reduced. After learning that lin ning and Yu media had terminated their cooperation, everyone was relieved and devoted to their work.

On the afternoon of the first day of construction, Ruan didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would come.

“This shot needs to be done again, adjust the position…”

Ruan Shishi is sitting in front of the seat, looking at the picture in the viewfinder, and directing the actors in the arena with a serious face. However, there is a man who has been staring at her for a long time.

I don’t know how long it took. When it was time to have a rest, she relaxed a little and took a drink from the water cup beside her.

Someone nearby called softly, “director Ruan…”


Ruan Shishi turns her head, who knows that she just bumps into the man’s dark eyes, her heart stagnates and her heart beats faster.

Yu Yimo stands not far away, his eyes are relaxed and lazy looking at her, and there is a faint smile in the corner of his mouth. Her appearance and expression make her heart beat.

She inhaled deeply, quickly adjusted the expression on her face, stepped up, and said hello in a straight line, “president Yu.”

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