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Chapter 489

Perhaps this ending is the best for them!!!

The winding mountain road is a bit difficult.

Several times, Amelia was almost slipped.

Every time, a pair of cold palms stabilized her staggered little body.

She took his hand and walked to the top of the mountain.

“Liam, are you cold? Your hands are so cold…”

Even, she was about to get ice to the bottom of her heart, and she felt a tingling pain.

Burton Liam didn’t answer, but he clasped the fingers of her little hand, tightening it a bit.

If, a heart is an ice… Then, his whole world will only be left, icy.

Amelia raised her head and glanced at the sunset that was gradually receding.

The sky… seems to be late.


“Boom boom boom boom…”

In the sky, the sound of cracking bursts frantically, deafening.

In the next instant, the top of the mountain, the white snow, like a crazy tsunami, rushing towards them on the mountainside.

Like a horrible mouth of blood, it is about to swallow everything and destroy it.

It turned out to be an avalanche!!!

Everything… came so suddenly that everyone was caught off guard and overwhelmed!!!


The world is dark.

The heart, for a moment, stopped beating!

Suddenly, with an exclamation, it rang through the gloomy sky.


Burton Liam forcefully pulled the horrified little woman aside, stepped quickly, and desperately ran down the mountain.

In the panic heart, there is still a trace of reason.

The little guy on the side was already scared and pale.

He ran, turned his head, and looked at the heavy snow that was rushing towards them in panic.

He knew that if they went on like this, sooner or later they would be overwhelmed by this fierce avalanche!

He turned his head, suddenly, his gaze fell on a small cave in front of him.

The heart trembled fiercely and suddenly recovered.

In the next moment, he picked up the frightened little guy on the side and ran wildly to the entrance of the cave.

Perhaps, the hole is deep enough, and they have hope of survival today!!!


Very long time…

As if the sky had collapsed and the ground had sunk.

Black clouds, dye the entire sinking sky.

The plain snow illuminates the dark sky…

Against the remnants of the entire world…

However, in the cave, they could not perceive the desolation of the external debris at all.

The entrance of the cave… has long been sealed by thick snow.

Even more, the snow went deep into the bottom of the cave, leaving only a small room for shelter.

Perhaps they should be thankful that the last level of the cave was deeply blocked by a boulder brought down by an avalanche.

So… they were saved!!!

They survived.

However, he was deeply trapped in the snow-capped mountains, and there was no way out.

He held tightly the shivering little body in his arms.

Put her on his chest without leaving the slightest seam.

She must be terrified!

He held up her cold little face and examined her carefully with the silver light of the snow.

Distressed, it was obvious in the deep blue pupil.

“Frightened?” The mellow voice asked worriedly Amelia with a pale face in his arms.

The words, trembling, pretending to be relaxed.

“I…we’re not dead?” Amelia was trembling with the mist and asked him in front of her in disbelief.

“No!” He shook his head, raised his eyebrows, and curled his lips with a smile, “I am such a perfect man, God can’t bear to take my life!”

Amelia snorted in his arms, “Burton Liam, you are so narcissistic!”

In an instant, the suppressed atmosphere in the cave relaxed.

Amelia’s horror was almost wiped out with his joke.

On the freezing night…

The temperature… is getting lower and lower.

In the deep cave of minus twenty-five degrees, he held tightly the trembling little body in his arms.

Pulling off the thick cotton-padded jacket, he tightly stuffed the cold her into his warm arms.

Attempting to transfer all the heat from his body to the little guy who was frozen in his arms.

“Ok… so cold…” Amelia was buried in his arms, shivering.

The body was chilly, getting more and more ice…

Her small face was as pale as dead gray, without a trace of anger.

The pink and thin lips have long lost their original blood color, showing a purple-blue color.

Her always big star-like eyes, at this moment, there is no trace of light.

Eyes narrowed slightly, groggy…

She… seems, really going to sleep…

His heart was completely panicked at this moment!!!

“Little thing, don’t sleep! I hear you, I don’t allow you to sleep!” He hugged the sleepy Amelia in his arms tightly, and his voice was choked and trembling.

He knew that if she had gone to sleep, maybe… tomorrow, she would never wake up again!!!

He lifted her cold face and leaned close to him.

Exhale continuously… Exhale again…

From her cold forehead to her frozen jaw.

Everywhere, he never let go…

As long as it can bring her warmth, even if there is only a trace!!!

The flustered eyes were covered with a layer of mist…

His heart hurts so much!!!

It almost hurts, almost unable to breathe…

In his arms, she was groggy, and she could feel it, holding his big palm, shaking constantly.

She could feel more clearly… the heart next to her ear was jumping in panic, without a trace of rhythm.

However, her consciousness… the clearer…

Her body became colder.

She knew it was because of her cold!

Her body has always been very weak, such a low temperature… she simply can’t adapt!

It’s just that she doesn’t care too much.

Because, she thought, as long as he is there, she can!!!

“Burton…Liam…I…will I die?” She asked him softly, trembling in a low voice.

The look in her eyes was a bit blurred, but there was no mist.

With him, she is not afraid!!!

So… she won’t cry…

But… she has too many reluctances.

Holding his ape arm, she stiffened severely.

“Fool, how could you die if I was there!!?” He hugged her tightly, his lips pressed together against her icy forehead, sentence by sentence, trying his best to ensure.

The choked voice was so hoarse and so deep.

She must be fine!!! Not…

However, Amelia’s vision… more and more blurred…

The pupils of the eyes are getting grayer and darker…

She is in a hurry!!!

“Little thing, don’t sleep, okay… I’ll tell you a story!” He stuck to her ears, his low voice kept coaxing and struggling to call out to her groggy.

The hoarse voice was so hoarse that people couldn’t help but feel distressed.

Amelia looked at him and smiled lightly, her petite face pale and pale.

So… so cold…

It’s so cold that her heart is about to freeze!

She really can’t hold on anymore…

“Liam… fairy tales are all tricks of children, I… have grown up…” She smiled, so weak and so pale.

“Then… there are others…” He stared anxiously at her in his arms, looking so flustered and helpless.

She doesn’t like stories, what should he do? How to do it?

“I’ll tell you a joke, okay?” He proposed again, looking expectantly at her weak in his arms.

“Okay…” Finally, Amelia nodded, still, so weak.

Seeing him working so hard for herself and so helpless, she… couldn’t bear to refuse him.

Tears filled the gloomy pupils.

Her delicate facial features are beginning to be a little fuzzy.

Actually… she knew that she was going to die…

So cold, so cold…

The heart is trembling, and the blood is clotting.

It’s just… she didn’t dare to say or move.

All the time, endure it.

Fear, he can see any clues.

“Once upon a time… there was a rabbit, it… staying on the spot, first jumped with the left foot, then jumped with the right foot, and then… jumped with both feet together, why? You…do you know?

He was buried in her arms, his voice trembling and choking.

There was even a muffled sob faintly overflowing from her arms.

He… wept!


Her coldness, her weakness, her confusion, her paleness, he can see in his eyes and feel in his heart…

He is so scared, so scared…

Fear of her that’s it, leave him!!!

Hold her tightly!!!

For the first time, he felt death, so terrible, so scared…

The cold little hands, trembling, clung to his neck.

He bowed his head hard and approached her helpless and sad body.

He trembled with icy lips, struck his sex-sense thin lips, and smiled slightly.

He pressed against his lips, making a vague voice, “Because the little rabbit…like it!”

She curled her lips and smiled badly, but she still couldn’t hide her weakness.

“It’s like… I kiss you again and again! Because… I… also like…”

Her voice is getting lighter…

The look in her eyes was full of tenderness and reluctance.

Smile, more and more beautiful, more and more seductive-charming…

Like a white rose in the snow, beautiful, but pale.

“Liam…your joke, it’s so cold…” She teased him badly and pressed it to his warm thin lips.

The tears in the eyes, but rush like rain.

At that moment, his heart, as if severely slashed by a sharp knife, was full of heart-piercing pain.

One knife, one knife… Cruelly cut him…

Pain, seeping into the blood… into the bone marrow…

Until, the deepest part of his heart…!

He held her weak in his arms tightly, opened his lips, and grabbed her cold lips.

Kiss her deeply…

So deep, so tender, so reluctant…

In the frozen cave…

The temperature… lower, lower again.

The breathing is disturbed.

But… is getting weaker and weaker.

Hooking his neck, the strength in the little hand was a little faint.

She, buried in his arms, catered to his deep kiss, working hard, working hard…

Even though, groggy mind, blurred thoughts.

Very long time…

He let go of her.

Let her exhale and exhale smoothly.

Chapter 490

Seeing her silly and cute look, he lowered his eyes and laughed.

The corners of the lips carry… a bitter taste.

He leaned close to her, his ape arms held her petite body tightly, and the tip of his nose was close to her frozen little nose.

The blue pupil, who captured people like an eagle, stared at her for an instant.

“You just…that so-called “like”…is there a little bit of “love”…in it?” The sexy voice, with a trace of intoxication, asked her softly, bewitching her…

Even with a trace of temptation.

At the bottom of his eyes, the expectation couldn’t be more obvious.

At this moment, he hopes that her faint love will be stained with a thin layer of love!

That’s it, it’s just, shallow…

Or, really just, a little bit…

That’s enough!

Amelia held her big eyes and looked straight at him.

At that moment, the dark eyes…a ray of starlight flashed.

She chuckled softly.

So brilliant, so soft, so satisfying…

“What about you? Is there any?” She asked softly instead of answering.

The answer is already in the smile, clearly revealed.

He looked at her, his eyes fixed.

He curled his lips and smiled faintly, seducing her, “Do you want to know the answer?”

The tone is pretending to be relaxed.

In the dim eyes, it is hard to ignore the pain and sorrow.

Raising his hand, he pulled her thick padded jacket and pressed her cold body closer to his chest.

“If you want, when we go out, I will tell you again!!”

Sticking to her ear, his low, soft voice announced solemnly.

Amelia’s big pupils blinked, a little tired.

But…all the time, holding on, holding on.

Hold on, hold on again.

She laughed and looked at him directly.

“Okay…” nodded, answering him.

She wants to know the answer and his answer, so much!

Therefore, she must go out alive, and must ask him for this answer!!!


Time, a little bit passing…

Outside the cave, he doesn’t know what it is like.

Perhaps the search for firefighters is already in progress.

Inside the cave, Burton Liam had been talking to Amelia in his arms.


She couldn’t hear clearly.

In her ears…there is only the harsh sound of ‘buzzing’, one after another muffled sound.

Shocking her brain waves, knocking on her suffocated chest.

The heart… is getting more and more iced, and it hurts more and more.

Breathe… It’s a bit suppressed.

The touching world is already grey…

Even the white snow has become eclipsed.

“Cold… so cold…”

Amelia in his arms kept shivering and muttering.

It’s getting colder…

The snow outside… is slowly melting.

He was startled and was shocked by the little woman who suddenly shivered in his arms…

Heart panicked for a second.

If the temperature drops in this way, he will be unable to hold her in his arms.

Looking anxiously at the increasingly lifeless delicate face in his arms, he wishes he could lose all the heat in his body to her who was frozen in his arms.

Suddenly, the brain shook, and the heart was delayed for a second.

A bold idea flashed by.

Take a deep breath…

Looking at the little woman who was already frozen in his arms, deeply.

“Take off your clothes, okay?”

He asked her in a low voice.

The voice is hoarse.

However, looking at her expression, she was still calm and determined.

He just reassured her.

Now, even if she strongly opposed, he would desperately take off all the clothes on them.

Because he doesn’t want her to die!!!

“En?” Amelia trembled slightly, and there was a flash of astonishment in her gloomy eyes.

She looked at him suspiciously, with a dazed expression.

“It would be… less cold!” He explained embarrassingly.

Her childish eyes made him panic.

As if… he was abducting-abducting underage girls to do things that shouldn’t be done.

“Okay…” After a while, she buried her in his arms and nodded.


He lied to her and buried it in her ears.

“Close your eyes first!” He faintly ordered her in his arms.

After that, all the clothes on the upper body were washed off, and only a large cotton jacket was casually put on his shoulders, waiting for her in his arms to make the next move.

After a long while…

With his upper body naked, he almost froze.

However, the little woman in his arms never did any next move.

And she just stayed in place, not daring to move.

However, the small body in his arms shivered more and more severely.

Finally, he couldn’t bear to let her go on like this.

“What’s wrong? Afraid?” He lowered his eyes and comforted her in his arms softly.

However, the line of sight just fell on her petite body in his arms, and a touch of distress was obvious to the bottom of his eyes.

The deep blue pupils were stained with a layer of sorrow and grief.

Her little hands were trembling all the time.

With the pull tab of the zipper of the small padded jacket, pull it down…


The white and tender little fingers were already frozen to stiffness and numbness.

She pulled it badly, so hard.

But… a little bit can’t be used.

The heart was hurting fiercely, so sharp that it made him chill.

He lowered his eyes, kissed her cold forehead with affection, opened his lips, and faintly ordered her again.

“Close your eyes!”

He must help her.

But worrying again, he frightened her.

Amelia raised her gray water eyes blankly and glanced at him-naked to the upper body, then curled her lips, smiled faintly, and closed her eyes full of water.

She, with peace of mind, gave herself… thoroughly, to him!

He laughed, a little helpless.

When is it all, this little thing can still laugh?

He doubted whether she knew what would happen between them…

Gently buckle the pull tab of the small padded jacket with the big palm, and pull down the zipper little by little.

Then, the heavy little padded jacket was carefully removed.

Then there is the little sweater…

Then there is a cute little sweater.

Immediately after…

The farther behind…His fingers trembled harder.

The action is getting slower and slower…more and more difficult!

Even… even the palm began to heat up, sweating all the time.

In the frozen cave, the temperature is about 30 degrees below zero…

He didn’t wear any clothes on his upper body!!!

However, he will feel it, hot!!!

And yes, all over!!!

He thought he was crazy!!!

“Cold…” In his arms, a trembling murmur drew back Burton Liam’s thoughts floating outside.

Burton Liam glanced at the pitiful her deeply, and then took a deep breath, trying to calm down his whole disordered heart.

Detective, covering the small button on her chest…

One by one, difficult to solve.

Every time he solves one, his heart struggles even more.

It wasn’t until the last…Finally, when it all faded, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He hugged her tightly in his arms and squeezed the sweat for herself.

For the first time, he discovered that helping a woman undress… is such a difficult task.


The big padded jacket is wrapped around the small padded jacket, the big sweater is wrapped around the small sweater…

Layer by layer, they were tightly bound together, who were complete ‘frankly met’.

As the icy body warmed up a little bit, Amelia, who had been tossing for a long time, finally, buried in Burton Liam’s warm and strong chest and fell asleep deeply.

And he, hugging her in deep sleep, didn’t dare to move, for a long time, stalemate in the same posture.

The heat… keeps running towards the chest…

There was a stalk in the throat, and it was a little uncomfortable to dry.

The sturdy masculine body, clinging to her bare-naked slender body, burned even more severely, as if… In an instant, all the blood began to heat up rapidly, boiling!!!

No, no…

If this continues, he will have to burn himself alive in the ice cellar at about 30 degrees below zero.

He has to divert attention…

However… it is still in the future to wait for Liam to pull his thoughts away from the pain…

In the next instant, his chestnut chest was scratched by a pair of restless little hands.

Strong, soft, soft…

However, dyed on his red and sensitive chest, it is very itchy…

The heat is unbearable!!!

An exquisite and cute little face, pressed against his gradually reddened chest, rubbed comfortably, and she muttered pink lips rubbed comfortably on his sensitive skin as if it were a lovely strip. The playful little cat, fiercely teasing the unbearable heat in his heart.

Forbearing sweat… dripped drop by drop along his painful body, with an extremely sexy wild-wild breath…

The heat flow, a little bit…fermented and spread in the frozen cave…

Very long time…

After a long time, outside the cave, it has begun to show up gradually.

After a long time, Amelia, who was asleep in his arms, began to wake up gradually.

“Wake up?” He lowered his eyes and asked the little guy who had just woke up in his arms.

The voice looked very tired.

“Um…” Amelia rubbed her wistful eyes and answered him in a daze.

After a while, raised her eyes to look at him.

Amelia’s pupils are curved into two beautiful crescents with sparkling stars.

“Liam, you are so warm!” She smiled and praised him.

Not at all…not a little bit, shy of meeting the man before her frankly.

Little hand, probed.

She put her arms around his sturdy waist and tightened a little more.

Raising a cute smiling face, looking at him innocently.

“Did you sleep well last night?” She tilted her head and asked him worriedly.

On her face, there is still the innocent smile that has always belonged to her.

Burton Liam frowned slightly and turned to the beginning.

He couldn’t bear to look at her childish and innocent face.

Because… that would only make his sins more serious.

Last night… he didn’t sleep all night!

Sinful thoughts have been torturing him for one night, until now…

The scorching body was still about to move.

So… he had no choice but to suppress, restrain, and even ignore it!

“Why ignore me?” Amelia pouted aggrievedly, a little unhappy.

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