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Chapter 491

He turned his head and looked at her, somewhat helpless.

“Do you feel better?” Probed his hand, removed the hair on her forehead that was wet from his chest, and asked her worriedly.

“Much better…” She smiled ‘chuckled’ and nodded.

“Liam, you are so smart!” She once again praised his smart feat.

The small face was buried on his sex-sense chest, and she rubbed it twice.

“Hey!” He called her, his voice dumbed for several minutes.

The sharp sword eyebrows trembled a little.

Looking at her eyes, there was a trace of a blur…

In the scorching body… those restless factors seem to be starting again, about to move!!!

“Little things… Behave, stay away from me!”

He reached for his hand and gently pushed her restless body.

Opening lips, faintly ordered her, his voice was rough as if he was deliberately suppressing something.

Her approach… will not be a safe and smart feat!

Amelia raised her eyes and looked straight at him.

Her pupils are full of injuries and grievances.

She put her arm around his sturdy body and loosened it quickly.

Angrily moved her light small body aside, but found that this was an extremely difficult thing.

They are already tightly wrapped in clothes!

She wanted to leave, but she couldn’t leave either!!!

However, the struggling Amelia in his arms…

For him, it was cruel torture.

As delicate and tender as a baby, rubbing his sensitive skin intentionally or unintentionally…

Even more, the softness of her chest, from time to time, swept across his sensitive chest without shy.

Along with it, an enchanting and sweet breath that belonged to her alone… penetrated his whole boiling body.

The flush of passion immediately filled his sturdy body.

He is going to die!!!

On the forehead, blue veins are already violently jumping, sweat dripping…

A probing hand slammed her struggling body.

“Don’t move!” He growled out of control at the restless her.

Amelia was taken aback, staring at the startled pupils, staring blankly at him who suddenly roared.

Liam, breathing deeply…

Exhale hard, mouthful…

Hot sweat, dripping down with his sex sense, along his sharp contour line like a knife.

“Little thing, you have a little awareness of the difference between men and women, okay?” He felt helpless.

Even if, between them, they didn’t wear anything…

However, she can behave a little bit more peacefully, a little bit more carefully!

However, why, every time, she has to behave so casually and so carelessly?

Is there nothing that needs attention in her eyes, between men and women?

Can she meet so frankly?

Doesn’t she know that such carelessness is the ultimate temptation-confusion and teasing for every man?

Or, she… never treated him as a normal man?

He lost to her!!!

He strangled her weak shoulders.

The blue pupil, who captured people like an eagle, stunned her in a daze.

“Little thing, I am also a normal man… I also have the emotions and desires that ordinary men should have, so, okay?”

Low Karma’s voice spoke lightly, begging, word by word.

It seems that it is still a bit difficult to bite.

It can be felt that he is deliberately suppressing certain emotions.

“Burton Liam it’s you who made me stay away from you!” Amelia, who returned to her senses, retorted with aggrieved cheeks.

He was wrong at first, but this guy even raked in the back, accusing her of not being good enough?

He frowned helplessly.

Exploring her hand, flicked over her petite body and put her arms in his arms.

“Forget it, just stay in my arms peacefully like this!”

Because, if she moves like that just now, he really can’t guarantee that in the next step, he will do something shameless to her!

Amelia was buried in his arms, feeling aggrieved.

Men and women are different…

Why he likes to emphasize this word to her every time!

He is a man, she is a woman, she knows it!

She also knows the distance between a man and a woman!

She also understands those things between men and women!

Keep a proper distance from men, she knows better!

But…between her and him…

She didn’t like it at all, the sense of distance he was talking about!!!

She likes to stick to him like this, and she doesn’t mind being watched by this man, let alone the fire that he was ignited by her.

Because she likes him, deeply!!!


They finally settled down.

Holding each other tightly, waiting for the rescue team with peace of mind.

Very long time…

After a long time, the two people in the cave fell asleep again.

With a “bang”, the cave was pried open.

At the entrance of the cave, the rescuer, dumbfounded, looked at the two people who depended on each other closely.

Just now, they detected that there was still popular in the cave, but unexpectedly…

The leisure time of these two people is not so good!!!

Everyone was ambivalent-watching the pair of men and women in the cave who were busy doing bad things, hoping that the good things would be more exciting.

“Ah -” Amelia opened her eyes and saw the rescue team halting at the entrance of the cave.

Amelia’s big eyes flashed with horror and embarrassment, and in a moment, she screamed out of control.

In the next instant, the small body subconsciously dived straight into Liam’s broad arms.

Fortunately, her body is small, and Burton Liam’s body is big enough.

So… she can keep her small body tight.

“Liam, there is…someone…” The little hand nodded his bare chest, calling him to wake up.

After a while, Burton Liam opened his eyes in a blur.

Last night, it was so miserable that he slept very hard.

However, to his surprise, in the ice-bound cave, he slept comfortably, and the happy dream was filled with bursts of alluring milk.

Probably, it was because of the group of little guys stuck in his arms.

But…she just said…


Suddenly, Burton Liam shook back to his senses, his sword eyebrows drenched slightly.

He tilted his head and glanced at the hole.

In the next instant, the ape’s arm tightened the little thing in his arms even more, and the big palm subconsciously pulled the sealed cotton-padded jacket.

He was thankful that his padded jacket was big enough to wrap them tightly.

“Burton…Burton Master?” The captain of the search team just saw Burton Liam’s charming face, a playful horse face, and instantly turned into an ugly pig liver color.

The voice calling him even faintly trembled.


He had no idea that the entrance of the cave would be the Young Master of the Burton Group!!!

Although they saved the lives of both of them, they… destroyed this good thing…

“Yes… I’m sorry, Burton… Master Burton, I’m bothering you, then… that, we are… just to save people… It’s really…” The leader of the rescue team bowed and apologized.

“You go out first!” Burton Liam unceremoniously interrupted his apologizing.

His face is a bit ugly.

“Yes, yes! Let’s go out right away…” The rescue team leader nodded like smashing garlic.

The players on the side also saw some clues and hurriedly left first consciously.

Outside the cave

“Captain, this guy is a bit familiar! Who, such a big card?”

An unsuspecting team member was gossiping curiously.

“Who?” The captain watched the players’ expressions a bit exaggerated, raised his hand, and patted his head fiercely.

“I just said that you guys won’t make money until you die, and you don’t even want to get rich. You don’t even read business magazines? Have you heard of it?”

“Of course…” When referring to the Burton Group, the eyes of other people who weren’t particularly interested in it lit up a lot.

“The one inside, Liam, one of the hottest successors of the Burton Group, do you know? Huh?”

“Huh?” All the players were taken aback.

“Wow, I didn’t expect Burton Master to be so passionate? This kind of thing can also be in the cave…cough cough cough! But it’s also a good excuse to keep warm! Ha ha…”

With a “pop”, the speaker was punched mercilessly in the head by the team member.

“Damn! Keep your voice down! You don’t want this job, we want it!!”


Outside the entrance of the hole, noisy noises were heard word by word, all passed into the hole, under their ears.

Amelia subconsciously drilled into Burton Liam’s arms, feeling a bit shy.

“Hey… They have a lot of things!!!” Burton Liam glanced at the little guy in his arms, pointed to the entrance of the hole, his dark voice looked a little embarrassing.

The enchanting eyes wandered a little, but they seemed to be smiling faintly.

The atmosphere for a moment…appears to be extremely ambiguous!!!

This group of fantasy and self-righteous guys!!!

“No…I think they are cute…” Amelia hid in his arms, giggling, and praised the group of unreasonable rescue team members outside.

“Cute?” Burton Liam chuckled, “Hahaha, so cute…”

It’s so-‘cute’!!!

Burton Liam cooperated with Amelia, mocking the group of ‘unreasonable’ men outside!

Amelia raised her hand, hooked Burton Liam’s neck, tilted her head, smiled at him pretending to be angry, “Burton Liam, you said that we don’t want to go out again, will the people outside think that we are starting to continue inside again? ?Ha ha…”

“Cough cough cough cough…” This time, Burton Liam couldn’t hold back and choked out.

Looking at her, a little helpless.

“Hey! You little thing, do you know too much?”

Amelia tilted her head, smiled, and lied, “I learned from you!”

“Ahem-that, first… put on the clothes first, and get ready to go out!” Burton Liam pointed to the clothes on the side, watching her eyes flicker.

He hurriedly broke the topic.

This girl gave him some headaches!

Remember everything she shouldn’t remember.

What’s even more exaggerated is that at every critical moment, she never forgets to take it out and rinse it several times.

Chapter 492

Before long, they came out of the cave.

Amelia had a severe fever along the way.

The small body groggily leaned on Burton Liam’s broad back, however, something kept muttering in her mouth.

“Liam, I like you…”

“I like you…”

“Liam, you love me too, okay?”


In the dream, Amelia kept muttering and kept asking.

But her heart was inexplicably aching, one after another.

It was not until he went home at night to find a doctor that he knew she had deteriorated into acute pneumonia.

Next day

Various news media are rushing to report on the event of the snow mountain collapse of ‘Ai Binger’.

Inadvertently, two familiar faces were photographed.

As a result, the fact that Burton Liam encountered an avalanche in the snow mountain spread throughout the Burton family.

The doorbell rang quickly.

Sister Mia opened the door and Allen Emily rushed in.

“Mia…Sister Mia, young…Is the young master?” She looked extremely anxious.

There was too much worry in her eyes.

“Yes, yes! Young master is in the young lady’s room!” Seeing Allen Emily’s worries, Mia hurriedly responded to her.

However, as soon as Mia’s words fell, Allen Emily disappeared into the living room and went to Amelia’s room upstairs.

But, here, in Amelia’s bedroom.

She was still lying on the bed, a little weak.

And Burton Liam just sat on the opposite sofa, guarding her quietly.

Thoughts…but it’s always, wandering away.

The relationship between them seems to have undergone some changes.

It’s just… definitely not in the normal direction!

In the cave, watching her so weak and pale, at that moment…

The fear and panic in his heart couldn’t be more real!

At that time, he had no thoughts at all to consider the external reality and moral and ethical issues.

So… at that moment, he was tempted by her!

Unscrupulous, tempted!!!

Although, at that moment, she was also only fifteen years old!!!

And he…twenty-eight years old!!!

However, in the real world… they are completely different states of mind!

He… has to consider, really, too much…

Amelia on the bed could feel the sight he looked at her…

With struggle, with dullness, as if…with a trace of determination.

Let her, inexplicably, a little heartache.

“Burton Liam…” Su Mo tilted her head and called him.

“You’re scared, aren’t you? You don’t dare to love me at all, do you?” She asked him with a smile, but the smile on the corner of her lips seemed so weak.

Gradually, she seemed to understand the invisible resistance between them.

From the moment he started to escape from her last time, until now…

Burton Liam looked at her who was asking him questions, his eyes were very deep.

But… did not answer.

This world is not like a fairy tale.

As she said, those beautiful stories are just to coax children.

This real-world is cruel!

It’s so cruel, it makes you daunting!!!

It’s so cruel that it doesn’t allow you to make a rational decision.

Because, the result of doing the opposite…forever, only, hurt!!!

But, sometimes, if they don’t try it…they never know, if they are walking now, is it true or not?!


Is she suitable for being so small?

And… Between them, can they avoid these resistances in reality?

Age, identity, the eyes of the world, morality, and…

Grandma’s hatred, and resistance!!!

He is totally…not confident!

To her, to himself, too!!!

He got up, walked to the edge of the bed,

Kneeling, the deep blue pupil looked at her, his eyes fixed.

“Little thing, do you dare? Do you dare to love?” the soft voice asked her.

At the bottom of his eyes, there is…too much complexity.

“I dare!” Amelia nodded firmly, almost without hesitation.

She loves his heart, never wavered!

Even if, once, in his heart, there has never been her!!!

He curled his lips and smiled deeply, “Do you know, if you dare, how many stalks we need to cross?”

Amelia shook her head.

She didn’t know and didn’t want to know at all.

“I know, as long as we persist, we can do it!” She answered him with absolute certainty.

Because she has always firmly believed that ‘people do things’!

“Fool!” Burton Liam probed her hand, patted her forehead, lightly smiled, and cursed, but it was full of doting.

“These words, the teacher lied to you, little idiots!!” He smiled and teased her.

His heart…but he twitched, the pain was a bit sharp.

After all, he knew that it was impossible between them!

But, these kind of words… really makes him, very heart-warming.

“No, okay!” Amelia retorted to him.

“Liam, didn’t you fall in love with me only when I persisted all the way? In the cave, I knew the answer to that question without asking!”

She, proud, gives examples to prove.

“Really?” Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, teasing her deliberately, “Do you think too much?”

Looking at her confident face…

The heart… is particularly trance.

She persisted all the way, let him fall in love with her!!!

Her persistence turned what he thought was impossible into, possible!!!

This world…maybe, there is a miracle?!

“I didn’t think too much!” Amelia smiled confidently and shook her head firmly, “I won’t be as an idiot like you, being liked by others, and I can’t feel it at all!”


In the bedroom, about all those… like, and loves…

Outside the door, Allen Emily, who was just about to push the door to enter, heard clearly.

Holding the small hand with the handle, it’s cold…

Heart, cold to the bone.

Tears, dizzy in the pupils, astringent and aching.

He, unexpectedly, fell in love with someone else!!!

It’s a long time, a long time…

She sucked her nose heavily, raised her hand, and wiped her tears.

Take a deep breath, lift her lips, and raise a gentle smile.

Raising courage, knocked on the door.

“What’s the matter? I heard that you had an avalanche yesterday. Is there anything wrong with your body?” As soon as she entered the room, Allen Emily asked anxiously.

“I’m fine! It’s just that the little thing is sick!” Burton Liam glanced at Amelia on the bed and responded to her.

“Amelia, you… are you okay?”

Amelia only felt that the look in Allen Liam’s eyes looked a little strange.

It seems…hidden, a little bit sour.

Amelia shook her head lightly and buried it in the quilt.

“Emily, take care of her for me first, I will bring her a glass of water, and wait until she is ready to take medicine!”

“Okay…” Allen Emily nodded and glanced at Amelia on the bed, with some inexplicable envy in her eyes.

Then, Liam exited the door.

Soon, the bedroom door was pushed open again without warning.

In the next instant, another woman appeared in Amelia’s room.

Blair Evelyn is here too!

Amelia only felt a headache. What day is it and why everyone is squeezing into her room!!!

Looking at Allen Emily in the room, Blair Evelyn was startled.


The corners of her lips raised a slight chuckle, with a little contempt.

Also, a trace of bad intentions.

She hates this artificial woman!!!

Married, but there are other women’s fiancés in her heart!

How is this different from cheating after marriage?

“Second Sister-in-law…” Blair Evelyn smiled, pretending to be polite, but her tone was a little unkind.

Amelia on the bed stared at Blair Evelyn, a little funny.

Sister-in-law? When did Burton Liam’s second sister-in-law also become her second sister-in-law??

“Blair…Evelyn, are you here too?” Emily nodded faintly and asked her with a little embarrassment.

“Of course, I’ll see if my fiancé is injured… What about you? What are you doing here?”

Blair Evelyn seems to have forgotten her real purpose here.

Questioning Burton Liam’s old lover seems to be the real reason for her coming here.


Amelia sneered.

She hates this woman!!!

“Auntie Blair, you are so noisy!!” Amelia turned over, pretending to be weak and complaining.

Blaming eyes, staring straight at Blair Evelyn who was talking shrilly.

Allen Emily tilted her head and glanced at Blair Evelyn on the side, her eyes a little awkward.

And Blair Evelyn, with a gorgeous and pretty face, her expression changed, a little ugly.

It’s… Then, damn it, auntie!!!

Amelia glanced at her irritably, then looked at Allen Emily for a while.

“Sister Emily, Aunt Blair, I think I need to rest…”

The implication is that…

Can they guys go out first!

As soon as her words fell, Blair Evelyn only felt a burst of anger on her head.

This guy, unexpectedly…

Call this woman “elder sister”, but call her “auntie”?!!!

“Amelia, I warn you, don’t go too far!!!” Blair Evelyn pointedly pointed at Amelia who was ‘too much’ on the bed and coldly warned her.

Does this little thing think she’s a bully?

“I’m telling you, don’t take Liam to pet you, you think you can ride on my head, but you are just a parasite in this family. When I marry Liam, you wait and see, this family is there any place for you!!” Seeing Burton Liam’s absence, Blair Evelyn suddenly expressed the grievances in her heart.

By the way, it reminds the woman on the side that the man’s ultimate right of ownership belongs to whom.

“Blair…Evelyn, Amelia is just a kid!!” Allen Emily anxiously persuaded the domineering Blair Evelyn from the side.

“Child? Is she just a child?” Blair Evelyn smiled, full of contempt.

Amelia pointed to the bed without saying a word.

“Do you think she is just a child? I tell you, she speaks more poisonously than anyone else, and how old do you think she is? How old?? So she started to learn to snatch men from others, and she even sent Liam a message saying she liked him, she is so ridiculous!!! Amelia, do you know you are ashamed!!” The more she said, Blair Evelyn became more and more energetic.

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