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Chapter 49

Apply “medicine”? Jean’s small face flushed instantly, “No need! I’ll do it myself.”

“Don’t move!” He emphasized again, watching her teasingly, “Oh, lie down for me.”

Jean frowned before she wanted to resist, but she couldn’t resist him with her strength.

Her legs were arrogantly separated, and the other hand, already holding a cotton swab, peeked into her privacy again…


Jean exhaled in pain, with more shyness on her cheeks.

This kind of thing is terrible!!!

“It hurts?” Jack asked her with an eyebrow.

“Of course.” Jean curled her lips she was still sullen at his brutality just now.

“See if you will be good next time…”

Jack looked up at her head and sighed carefully between her injured legs…

It doesn’t matter to him, but he confuses Jean…

The whole person, for an instant, froze on the bed, not daring to move, and her cheeks were flushed like a ripe red apple…

This man, unexpectedly…

This is simply subverting all her thoughts!!!

Jack got up and looked at her extremely pink cheeks, his faintly blue eyes sunk a little…

The flame, dyed in the eyes, jumped quickly…

He couldn’t help but deceived himself towards her who was flushed and extremely shy…

“Does it hurt?”

The damp and hot breath, with evil charm, splashed on Jean’s hot cheeks.

His voice is dumb, like the mellow aroma of wine…

Teach people, don’t drink and get drunk.

“No…It doesn’t hurt anymore…” Jean looked at him “bewildered”, and her little hand protruded subconsciously, pressing against his chest, trying to maintain the safest distance from him.

Jack threw the cotton swab away, grabbed her small hand with his big hand, and clasped it on his palm…

His snort took a deep breath between her neck…

The faint fragrance penetrated through and passed into the depths of his heart…

A kind of strange “fascination”, flowing past…

But his lower body felt the protrusion of a hard object…

To him, it seems to be not enough!!!

“Allison… Jack, don’t be like this…”

Jean resisted him.

From his eyes, she seemed to be able to see some of his thoughts.

Of course, Jack’s lips struck her once again…

Hot and humid kiss, domineering and arrogant…

His hand grabbed her neck with great force, forcing her to accept his rough and lingering kiss…

The ambiguous silver thread cuts between the lips of two people…

His kiss is tight, lingering, and even stronger and crazy…

That feeling, as if to swallow the petite person in his arms!

She doesn’t know how long this kiss lasted…

Jack let her go until Jean had begun to gasp hard.

“Jack, I’m so tired…”

Being tossed by him is exhausted!

Jack squeezed her little nose as if spoiled, “Be obedient…”

His attitude is like treating his pet in captivity!

There was a wry smile in Jean’s heart.

In her opinion, she is just a tool for him to vent his desires!

“I want to go back and see my dad!”

Jean said swiftly.

Jack stared at her for a second, then said, “Okay! You go back! I’ll let David see you.”

Jean thought for a while, and finally nodded, “Okay.”

Before leaving, Jack handed her the key, “You will wait for me at home tomorrow.”

Jack hoped that a bunch of keys, her heart hurts…

The eyes are moist, and finally, nodding…

Reach out, take it, obediently, “Okay…”

Does she have the right to say ‘no’ to such a man who can control her world?



Sitting in the car, Jean’s heart was messy.

Unexpectedly, after turning around, she eventually became Jack’s bed companion.

Sighed, a little bit lamented, but more helpless.

Her eyes swept outside the window…

Of course, when she left the door of the house, she saw that lovely face…


Jack’s current fiancée…

The heart shrank fiercely, it hurts her, and even had difficulty breathing.

She saw the girl, standing there, staring at her in the car with that kind of extremely cold eyes!

That kind of eyes seems to be too rich…

Not reconciled!!!

Just like her before!

At that moment, she seemed to be on Ava’s body and saw herself in pain.

Jean quickly put aside her eyes, did not dare to look at her more…

The more she looks at her, the more she feels sad…

Also, more guilt!

She is a person who made a mistake after all!!!

Back home, all the seals were removed.

Everything at home returned to normal.

Megan gave Jean a good look at this meeting, “Hey, it seems that Jean is still quite capable! Let’s have dinner at home! I’ll let Uncle Jaxon cook some good dishes!”

It is rare for Jean to see Megan’s attitude, but she is a little flattered.

“Okay, thank Aunt Megan.”

Jean didn’t agree because Megan’s attitude eased, but wanted to get together with her elderly father more.

To be honest, after experiencing these things, her feelings for her father seemed to be inexplicably deepened, and she always felt that there might be his unspeakable suffering in him.

Emma glared at Jean jealously, and sarcastically said, “You are so charming! Jean, why does Allison Jack listen to you so much? Wouldn’t you have anything to do with him? Your business?”

Glover George’s old face pulled down in an instant, and looked at Jean with a serious face, “Jean, tell your dad what the hell Allison Jack wants to do? What is your relationship with him?”

“Dad! Just like what my sister said, because my charm is greater than the average person’s, so he is willing to sell his face to me! Of course, people like Allison Jack, definitely not everyone will give face! Just like a sister asking Him, hasn’t she eaten a closed door? So ah, dad, don’t worry about it. There should always be such a relationship between Allison Jack and me before he would let us go!”

Jean smiled softly and talked.

However, every word and every sentence went straight to Emma.

If she remembers correctly, some women have reminded her that many things depend not on strength but charm!!!

Emma turned red with anger because of her words, so she wanted to reply, and heard her mother calling her, “Emma, call Mike to go home for dinner.”


Emma only then took off her edge, and when she thought of Mike, she smiled triumphantly.

Sure enough, just as she expected, the woman’s face appeared pale that made her happy.

Even though, such a different “color” only exists for a second…

“Dad, I… I suddenly remembered that I still have something urgent to deal with, so I won’t eat here!”

At this moment, Jean just wants to escape!!!

It’s not that she is afraid to see the lingering relationship between Mike and Emma, but…

After the humiliating scene just now, she no longer knew how she was going to face that man!

So, she just wanted to escape him, far away.

“Didn’t you just agree to my mother? Why did you say you want to leave?” Emma leaned over to Jean and sneered, “Why? Scared?”

She saw the panic in Jean’s eyes.

“Dad, mom…”

Jean didn’t have time to leave, and there was a low voice at the door.


Emma was overjoyed, and the whole person was like a puddle of soft mud, greeted the opposite daytime.

“I was just about to call you and ask you to come and eat! Do you know that all the crises in our family have been resolved! Do you want to know who resolved it?”

Emma laughed sneeringly, “It’s amazing! It was Allison Jack who asked to solve it!”

Emma’s words made Jean pale…

It also made the look in Mike’s eyes a bit bitter.

His eyes fell on the woman who was a little flustered on the opposite side…

Look at her straight that looks like he wants to see her deeply…

At this moment, Jean panicked completely…

The small hand holding the handbag can’t hold back tight and tight.

In the palm, layers of sweat…

She thought that he would tell all the scenes he saw today!

“Is it?”

Mike lifted his lips, seemingly a bit ridiculous, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, only said meaningfully, “It’s amazing.”

Then, there is no more text.

His reaction made Jean a long sigh of relief…

After dinner…

“Jean, just like Emma and others, live here tonight!” Glover George asked Jean to stay, “How long have you not been back to live in this house? Dad is thinking about it…”

Jean wanted to refuse. She was very unwilling to live under the same roof with Emma but seeing her father’s nostalgic look, Jean couldn’t bear to refuse.

In the end, she chose to agree.


Late at night…

The phone rang, it turned out to be Jack’s call.


He asked her, as if caring about her every move.

“Still at home,” Jean answered honestly.


At the other end, the man groaned, and then fell into silence.

It seems that the person on the other side cannot find the topic at all.

Jean thought if there is nothing to say, why call her?

Jack didn’t know why he wanted to call her, so he wanted to hear her voice inexplicably.

“Are you looking for me?”

Jean felt embarrassed in this way, so she asked him actively.

Jack was stunned for half a second before he heard him reply, “No.”


“Uh, that, I’m going to take a shower, so I hang up first…” Jean “licked” her astringent lips before she said.


Jack said sternly, with a domineering tone, and he couldn’t let his beak.

Jean was speechless.

“Speak to me…”


Jean was completely stunned by him

And here, Jack lazily leaned on the guardrail, looking at the lonely night view outside the window, feeling a burst of emptiness in his heart…

Tonight, just inexplicably, he wants to hear her voice…

He found that the closer he got to this woman, the more empty he would appear after separation.

“Then what do you want me to say?” Jean found out that she could do nothing with him.

“Everything is fine, I’m listening.”

Jean, what can she say? This is not storytelling.

But, can he refuse?

“Or, let me tell you a story!”

Is this woman coaxing him like a three-year-old “hairy” child?

But, he just wants to hear her talk, so if she loves to tell stories, tell stories!

“Good!” He agreed.

Jean brewed for a while and thought for a long time before asking him, “Lyla’s daughter, have you ever heard of it?”

“What is this?” Jack raised his eyebrows, “I haven’t heard of it.”

Chapter 50

His hand was lazily holding that enchanting face, while the other hand, holding the phone, a casual smile between his lips, his cool eyes looked at the scenery outside…

Jean felt that his mood was a little better.

On the other end, she heard her beautiful voice, “Legend has it that there is a beautiful and kind mermaid in the Sea Kingdom. Once a handsome prince came on the sea, and the prince suddenly encountered danger but was rescued by the kind mermaid. From then on, the mermaid fell deeply in love with this handsome prince from the land. To pursue a happy love, the beautiful mermaid did not hesitate to endure huge pain, took off the shape of the fish, and even traded with the witch’s human form with her most beautiful singing voice but she didn’t expect that the prince was married to another human girl after he went ashore. Later, the witch told the beautiful mermaid that as long as she kills the prince and keeps the prince’s blood in her lap, then she can return to the sea and live her carefree life again, but the kind-hearted mermaid refused…For the happiness of the prince, she plunged into the sea and finally turned into a pile of shadowless bubbles… “

And this story has a pseudonym called “The Bubble Princess”.

The story ended, and on the other end, Jack was silent.

Perhaps, Jean at that time never thought that one day…

She will also be like the mermaid princess in the story. When she abandons everything to be with her beloved and turn herself into another person for him, she will suffer a big turn-over…

When everything becomes just a ridiculous joke…

Jean thought, maybe at that moment, only Bubble Princess understood her pain the most, right?

Of course, these are all things…

“This is the end?”

That end, Jack asked.

“En! That’s it.” Jean nodded.

Jack lazily said, “Your voice is very nice…”


So, the story she just told is nothing like it? Is this man just to hear her voice?!

“What happened to you today?”

Jean always feels something is wrong with him.

“Nothing.” Jack shook his head.

Today, it’s just the death anniversary of his parents’.

Every day, he would feel very lonely…

“Jack, so you are here alone?”

Quill, there was a sweet voice on the phone…

It’s Ava.

That voice, like a sharp blade, hit Jean’s heart directly.

Inexplicably, her heart suddenly tightened…

She heard Jack say, “I have something to do, hang up first.”

“Toot toot…”

The cold mechanical sound filled Jean’s ears…

Inexplicably, her heart suddenly became a little hollow…

Hand, holding the phone, felt a little cold.

However, in Jean’s heart, she knew better than anyone that the risk factor of the man on the other end of the phone was dozens of times, even hundreds of times, higher than that of Mike.

Therefore, she must not sink her heart in…

As soon as Jean hung up the phone, the door was pushed open.

It was an accident, it turned out to be Mike.

He stood at the door and closed the door easily.

Jean stood by the bed in a daze, looking at him…

Looking at him, she suddenly felt funny…

This world is chaotic.

Once, when she returned to this house, he was living in the same room with her as Mike, but now, when he comes back, he has already slept on her sister’s bed…

How ridiculous, and how ironic.

Jean smiled lightly, “Brother-in-law, what can you do with me?”

Her sudden address made Mike slightly startled.

His face became a little difficult to look like, “Don’t call me that.”

Jean wasn’t in the mood to care about his temper, but said, “You have something to do with me? Let’s go out if I’m fine! I am going to take a bath and sleep.”

“Jean, you surprised me!!”

Mike’s words were all ridicule.

“It turns out that this is your true face. It seems that I underestimated your ability.”

Jean snorted coldly and did not answer his words.

If it hadn’t been for them to “force” her into such a blind spot, how could she crash into Jack’s hands?

Now, what right does he have to stand opposite her and say these ridicules to her!!!


Mike approached her step by step…

There seemed to spark in the bottom of his eyes, and Jean’s eyes were so cold that Jean frowned.

A dangerous atmosphere filled the room…

“It looks like you have a pretty good lip service!!”

Mike grabbed her chin and forced her to open her lips.

“Since you can kneel and ‘lick’ for Allison Jack, then it seems you be able to serve me comfortably!!”

“Asshole, let me go!!!”

Jean struggled, and the little hand broke his big hand, her heart was completely replaced by anger, “Mike, you are not as good as a beast!!! What qualifications do you have to say such a thing? Let me serve you? Dream!”


Mike sneered, and the hand holding her jaw became tighter and tighter…

“Jean, are you not afraid that I will shake out what I saw today?” He squinted his eyes and looked at her darkly.

Jean held his cold arm and sneered, “Shake as you like! The moment you see me again, I don’t think I will let you go easily!”

“Jean, you have a long bone!!”

“Yeah!! Thank you and Emma for this!!!”

“Then I see when you are going to be persistent!!”

Mike grabbed her and threw her on the bed. In the next instant, the bastard started to untie his belt.

“Mike, you must not die!! My sister wants to know that you look like madness, she must not spare you!!”

“She can’t spare it, it must be you!!”

Mike sneered before he wanted to take out his high-spirited things, and Jean took the opportunity to get up and run, but she didn’t expect that this bastard had already “feel” her mind.

As soon as she stretched out her hand, he brought her back and pressed her on the bed again.

“It’s not that easy to run!”

Mike laughed a bit ferociously…

Thinking of the scene between this woman and Jack in the daytime, he wanted to break her into pieces.

Jean, is this the so-called love in your mouth?

It turns out that the love you gave is just so vulnerable!!!

“Asshole!!! Let me go!!!”

Jean opened her mouth and bit his arm, “Help!!! Help…”

She yelled, struggled desperately, and stubbornly resisted. At that moment, she had never been disgusted with this man like this one!!!

“Mike, you really…make me sick!!”

“Jean, you are in my heart, and it’s not much better!!”

Mike’s sullen eyes shrank sharply, and the next moment, the whole person invaded towards her.

“If you dare to touch me, Jack will never let you go!!!” Jean yelled.

Mike pressed her on his body, and was about to send a huge hard object into her mouth, sneered, “Jean, what you tell him, then not only me, but you are the one who is finished!! Say it! You may also add your sister, your father, and everything about your entire Glover…Look, who of us is more playful!!”

Mike “exposed” a hideous face.

“Beast!!!” Jean struggled frantically before reaching out to beat him, but unexpectedly, she was firmly imprisoned by his big hand.

And that disgusting thing from him is going to be stuffed into her mouth…

At that moment, Jean’s tears of humiliation were about to well out of her eyes!

Even if she was forced by Jack, she did not feel as humiliated or nauseous as at this moment!!!

“Mike, I hate you!!!”

“What are you doing!!”

Jean’s door was suddenly open, and Emma stood outside the door.

At this moment, she stared at a pair of fiery eyes, staring at them who were overly ambiguous on the bed…

She saw that her fiancée took out the huge hard thing and was about to put it into Jean’s mouth…

And at that moment, Jean, who was tense, breathed a sigh of relief…

Finally, she can get rid of this demon!!!

Emma stood there, her face changed from red to white, and from white to red…

On the other hand, Mike on Jean’s body only tilted his head, looking at Emma at the door, his eyebrows frowned as if dissatisfied…

After a while, she came down from Jean lazily.

At that moment, Jean was disgusting from the heart of this man…

In the past, what kind of eyesight did she has to see such a jerk and beast!!!

No, maybe he was a beast and spoiled the beast!!!

Emma rushed over, raised her hand, and was about to draw her face towards Jean…

Just when Jean was about to capture her, she didn’t expect that one hand would come faster than her…

Well, it turned out to be Mike!!!

Jean stared at this man in disbelief…

Shocked, this bastard would help her stop this crazy woman!!! She is not dreaming, is she?!

“What you do?”

Emma glared at her man in disbelief.

“It’s not her fault.” Mike said indifferently, and added, “I forced her!”

“Mike, you… do you know what you are talking about?!!!”

Emma stared at the man in front of her sullenly, her hand trembling unceasingly.

Jean’s astonishment slowly eased. To be honest, she is really happy to see this situation.

Ah! It turns out that they will have such a day!

Dog bites a dog, is that the case?

Jean applauded in her heart!

“Emma, don’t think that I don’t know what you did in front of Jack!!” Mike’s expression was extremely cold.

“Don’t you always want to climb on Jack’s bed? What’s wrong? He doesn’t look down on it? Why? Because you are not a virgin? Because you were played by me?”

Mike said in a cold voice, step by step “close” to Emma.

At this moment, Jean began to wonder if there is any love between the two opposing people…

If there is love, why, the two of them can be so aggressive.

If there is no love, why did he do such a stubborn thing with this woman back then, and even give birth to a child?

Ah! Maybe they are not loveless, but ruthless!!!


Emma was extremely angry.

Jean snorted coldly.

It seems that this woman discovered the true face of this man!

“Emma, you shouldn’t have come in just now! You should let me play this woman fiercely! That way, Jack will abandon her like a rag! Even if he doesn’t like you, But this woman can also be kicked away by Jack! Wouldn’t it be in your arms?”

Mike suggested her.

And here, Jean’s face became paler and paler because of his words…

At that moment, she regretted that she should have rushed out when Emma rushed in!!!

So, now it’s too late…

“Where do you want to go?” Jean’s arm was grabbed by Emma’s sharp hand.

“Let go of me!! You two demons!!”

Jean never knew that people could be scary to such an extent!!!

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