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Chapter 499

She turned her head and faced his deep blue pupil, which was like the sea.

In the next moment, she got into his warm arms.

“Liam…” she called him in a soft voice.

Like… the catkins floating in the wind.

Soft and comfortable.

Liam was startled for a second.

His heart softened a little bit involuntarily.

“Let’s be together, try it, okay?”

She, buried in his arms, asked him in a low voice.

In the words, full of expectations…

It seems, still carrying, a trace of caution.

She…really, a little bit, afraid that he would refuse!

Suddenly, the big palm that held Amelia’s body couldn’t help but froze.

There was some choking in the throat.

Thoughts…In an instant, they were in a mess.

Very long time…

Between them, there was silence.

No one speaks anymore.

This question…maybe, for them, it is too heavy.

Quite a while

He pulled her away from his arms.

The deep blue pupil locked her like a falcon, his eyes like a torch.

“Do you know how much older I am than you?” He asked her, his voice a little bleak.

This issue has never been discussed between them.

However, it is a real problem.

Amelia looked at him straight and shook her head.

She didn’t know, but she didn’t want to know at all!

In her cognition, love… never distinguishes high or low, even more, regardless of age!

“I am 13 years older than you!”

For them, this number is undoubtedly a gap that is almost impossible to bridge.

His heart couldn’t help but tightened.

“Perhaps, the generation gap between us is deeper than we thought, but there is still time to discover in the future!” Burton Liam said, slightly analyzing.

The light in his eyes was a bit cryptic.

It seems… trying to analyze the contradiction between them seriously.

Or maybe, trying to dispel her love of him…

However, it is…

He was serious, persuading himself.

Persuading, he has a…gradually fallen heart!!!

Sometimes, love is crazy…

Even those who are rational, there are times when they are seriously derailed!

Just like now, they knew it was impossible, they knew it was a mistake, but they… but they always made their choices deeper and deeper!!!

What is the meaning of moths fighting the fire?

“Are you rejecting me?” she asked him, the words…not a bit aggressive.

She just wants to know the answer.

The clear eyes were stained with a little mist.

Somewhat hazy…

Her heart hurts…

Is the resistance between them these invisible things? Are these things that constitute no threat in her heart??

Or he doesn’t love her at all!!!

Or, it is she who takes the resistance between them too lightly…

“No…” He shook his head.

He just spread the question out and talked about it!

“If one day… I regret you, what should you do?” He turned his head and asked her.

The light in his eyes became a little vague.

The voice was hoarse.

This question is too realistic!!!

Because, she is too young, too immature, too many things, she doesn’t understand enough…

When she was an adult, he had passed away…

He was afraid, she regretted it at that time!!!

In the future, if only the original stupidity and regrets remain in the memory…

Well, he would rather, just like this, keep a proper distance between them!!!

“Will you make me regret it?” Amelia asked him in a soft voice.

The words are somewhat profound.

Small body, shrinks.

Consciously buried in his warm arms, snuggling against him.

Burton Liam’s charming lip line unconsciously bends a delicate arc, with shallow happiness.

He likes this answer.

It seems… there is a feeling of being trusted among… lovers!

The big palm tightened the small body in his arms.

He lowered his eyes and kissed her forehead gently.

His eyes were shining, looking at her pretentiously.

“Ah… It’s strange! For a moment, I feel like you have grown up a lot!” He sighed playfully.

This is a very strange feeling.

It’s like, heart and heart, much closer…

“Then your answer is-agree?” Amelia broke away from his arms suddenly excited and asked him eagerly.

The clear pupils are full of excitement and expectation.

“Hey! Why are you so excited!!?” He tapped her little head with very light movements.

“Answer…” Amelia shook his arm and began to coquettish unexpectedly.

“Ah…it’s too late, it’s time to go home!!”

He teased her deliberately and deliberately changed the subject.

The teasing eyes stared at her who was coquettish.

It’s rare for her to be so cute and gentle, and he couldn’t bear to tell her the answer so early.

“Liam…” She pursed her lips, a little unhappy.

The little hand holding his long arm shook a bit more severely.

“Ah…someone is going to dive!!” Suddenly, there was a shocking exclamation on the bridge, planning their conversation very untimely.

The two frolickings paused and looked at the sound source at the same time.

Suddenly, horrified.

On the bridge, stood a familiar figure…

The cold wind was blowing on her desperate little face as if it carried too much pain.

The white skirt fluttering in the wind, it seemed a little bit sadder…

“Harper?” Amelia couldn’t help but exclaim.

Why is she here?

With the sound of “Boom…,” enchanting water splashed in the muddy river…

Cold wind, biting…

It smells gloomy.

Amelia stood still in place, motionless.

The light in her eyes became a little loose.

Recalling, those sad and angry eyes…

Also, that resolute word!

(Adam Mason, I won’t make you feel better!!!)

Amelia trembled, is this woman a mindless person?

Could it be that she thought that if she died, that man would be in pain? Will he remember her forever??


“Ah…hurry up and save people!!! Hurry up!!!” The voice calling for help over the bridge was a bit sharp.

The people on the bridge are bustling.

Talking, screaming, endless.

But… it seems that no one wants to jump down and save others!

Because everyone knows…

In the water, saving a life, maybe… is the disappearance of another life!

“Burton…Liam, let’s go home…”

Her voice trembled too obvious.

She can swim…

However, she did not have the strength to save this woman!

Amelia tilted her head, with a pale face, preparing to drag the man beside her away.

Probably, if the eyes are gone, the heart… will not be so cold!

“Burton…Burton Liam, what are you going to do?” Amelia froze at that moment.

His coat has already faded.

He squatted on the ground, unfastening his shoelaces.

In the next instant, kicked off the high boots.

Then, a probe eagerly embraced the shocked Amelia who was aside.

Leaning over, kissed her cold lips heavily.

With deep reluctance, with too much love…

In the next instant, his lips were thin enough to pull away from her pink lips.

“Wait for me!” The deep blue pupil gave her a deep glance.

“Come back and tell you the answer!”

As soon as the voice fell, his sturdy body leaped sharply and fell heavily into the cold river water.

The body is still so noble, so calm, so elegant…

But, quickly, disappeared in the faint ripples…

Amelia froze in place, her body suddenly cold.

Tears… the vision was clouded.

Her face was pale and pale!

“Burton Liam, you idiot…” Amelia roared towards the ripples in the deep water.

Didn’t he know that in such an environment, diving to save people is almost another form of suicide?

Next to the week…

Everyone was taken aback, and in a moment, there were a lot of discussions.

Amelia on the bridgehead was already blank, and her pupils couldn’t find a trace of focus.

The cold lake water…

Harper’s body was struggling unwillingly.

She was crying for help and screaming, her voice was full of despair…

The desolate cry for help, little by little, was hidden in the icy river.

Like, the last moment before death, struggle!!!


On the surface of the river, there were terrible ripples, circle after circle, layer after layer.

Also, the blisters are pouring up little by little…with the last trace of desperate beauty!!!

And…Too much unwillingness!!!

She doesn’t know whether Burton Liam’s actions touched the bottom line of the conscience of the onlookers, or Harper’s miserable cry touched them…

People called the police one after another, murmured, “The police will be here soon and they will be fine!”

However, no one dared to jump down…

In the lake, Burton Liam tightly restrained Harper’s struggling body.

Row to the shore…

It seems…with struggle, with difficulty.

“Ah…she is saved, she is saved!!!” At that moment, the people around cheered.

There is only Amelia on the side…

All of a sudden, her face was pale as gray…

In the next moment, she bent over and anxiously unzipped the shoes on her feet.

Kicked away indiscriminately, and then, amidst everyone’s surprise, she took off her tutu skirt that was in the way without hesitation.

Such a skirt is too inconvenient in the water, and even… it will increase the weight of the body.

Her wateriness…not too good!!!

However, if the man can be saved, even if she died, she would be willing.

Because… she felt that the woman who committed suicide was frantically surviving, pulling Burton Liam frantically…

She wants to live!!!

She-mum!!! If she wants to live, don’t commit suicide!!!

When the skirt fell off, she was like wearing a bikini swimsuit.

In the next instant, she fell into the cold lake without hesitation…

In the slightest, she ignored the obsessive eyes of the crowd.

At that moment, she seemed to understand…

The so-called ‘heart dying’!!!

In the silent night…

She couldn’t see anything in the cold lake water.

She was upstream on the lake for a while, but… she never saw Liam coming up from the probe.

In the next instant, she smashed into the cold lake severely.

“Boom…” She just smashed into the lake, and soon another neat figure jumped into the cold lake without hesitation…


Visibility is poor in turbid lake water.

Amelia feels hard, hard to find…

Eyes, soaked in water, hurt and hurt…


It turns out that even if she stays in the water, as long as her heartaches, there will still be drops of water from her eyes.


She saw a figure!

A figure is no longer familiar…

In the water, constantly struggling…

Chapter 500

But Harper hugged his body tightly as if hanging a straw!!!

He was simply unable to struggle, unable to use his strength to dive out of the water.

Amelia swam over and frantically dragged the woman who was holding Burton Liam desperately.

Strong, heavy, and urgent.

But always… can’t pull it away!



Another figure suddenly appeared beside them.

It turned out to be… Adam Mason!

Amelia didn’t hesitate anymore…

Leaning close to Burton Liam, close to his lips, she let out a deep breath.

She could feel the excitement of Liam getting oxygen.

And… The slight astonishment of the man beside her.

Later… Amelia just passed out like this.

She didn’t even know… whether they came to save people or pay for their deaths!!!

In the cold lake water, holding back for too long…

Her body was too cold to bear it!!!

In the cold lake water, her legs are getting heavier and heavier…

The coquettish splashes, with the breath of death, a little bit on the calm sea, ripple…

The fingers are so cold that they hurt.

Small body, so cold and cold…

The lungs felt like they were about to explode, boring and painful.

Until breathing seems to be about to stop.

She suddenly saw a face…

That face, always holding her heart all the time!


He didn’t even get on the water!!!

With a big palm, he clung to her little sinking body…

Then, the thin lips of sex-feeling tightly pressed against Amelia’s cold pink lips, giving her the oxygen in his mouth.

Deep blue eyes are filled with regret…

At that moment, Amelia cried…

It’s painful to lose her voice, but she can’t feel it in the water.

The tears melt into the cold lake water. They were so bitter and bitter, but they were too sweet and greasy…

She can feel that their hearts are so tight, so tight!!!

The cold lake water…

The two people kissing each other completely ignored the existence of another man beside them…

After pushing Harper ashore, Adam Mason plunged into the icy lake again without hesitation.

What greeted him was another stinging sight!!!

Very long time…

He turned around and swam away!!!

Disappeared in the cold lake…


Harper gradually regained consciousness with the help of emergency personnel.

On the side, Amelia silently put on her skirt.

She got up and approached Harper who was trembling.

Harper’s pale little face seemed to be a little shocked.

Amelia walked there and looked at her squarely.

Then, one raised her hand without hesitation.

A “pop” and crisp applause resounded loudly in the crowd.

Somewhat harsh.

Then, there was a sigh.

Then, fell into a dead silence.

Amelia was angry and stared at Harper, who was in shock on the opposite side, with red eyes.

Cold lips, without a trace of emotion, “Death to death alone!”

As soon as the voice fell, Amelia turned around and left without waiting for Harper to return.

The little hand hanging on her shoulders shuddered.

Liam next to the car was stunned for a second.

After all…

The deep blue pupils tightened for a while, and a touch of complex sentiment jumped up, staring at Amelia who was coming towards him.

The heart throbbed fiercely, a bit sharp.

He seemed to understand the meaning of her slap…

She is scared!!!

In a deep panic…

She is afraid, afraid of him, will leave her because of that girl…

She is afraid that he just disappeared in the sea and can’t get up again!!!

With a long arm, he pulled the cold body into his arms.

The force in the hand, very hard, very hard…

It seems… He wants to rub her tightly into his body.

“Fool!!” He said, his low voice was choked, and there was too much distress.

With her weak back covered by the big palm, he comforted her with distress.

Amelia cried out of control in his arms, and her weak shoulders couldn’t help shaking.

Her small arms tightly encircled his sturdy body, as if trying very hard to feel his real existence and… the warm temperature of his body.

Her heart was so painful that she was about to die.

At that moment, she was really, so panic…

In Liam’s bedroom…

The heating is turned on to maximum.

Amelia was wearing pink wombat pajamas, with her legs crossed, sitting on his big bed.

Grinning, smiling sweetly, innocent.

And he, pestle by the bed.

Holding a white dry towel in his hand, he patiently wiped her long soaked hair.

“Little slacker!!” He hurt her, but his words were full of doting.

She said that starting from today, she will start to learn to cherish her long hair.

So… from now on, her seaweed-like curly hair will put an end to that pesky hairdryer.

Because of that thing, her beautiful hair will be blown dry, like straw.

So, she needs to use dry towels to wipe them clean little by little!


Later, she said, “Liam, I’m so tired to wipe my hair!”

A pair of innocent eyes stared at him pleadingly.

At that moment, he understood!!!

Probably… this work in the future will be completely his responsibility!!!

However, he has nothing to say…

He seems to be eaten to death by this little guy!

“Do not hit anyone in the future!” The voice was a little serious.

He was teaching her while wiping her wet hair.

In any case, she just started beating people, after all, it was wrong!

“Oh…” Amelia silently answered him and nodded heavily.

It seems, got it!

Long time…

Finally, the long wet hair was almost dry.

Throwing the towel in his hand casually, he threw his body heavily into the sofa, closed his eyes, and rested.

“Tired…” he murmured.

The hands are almost sore!!!

Amelia smiled badly, got up, and walked to him on the sofa.

Kneeling, her innocent face approached his beautiful face.

“Hey!” She whispered, her voice slightly soft.

It seems that there is also a curious temptation.

The heat of milky smell poured into his nose intentionally or unintentionally, overflowing with unusual bewitching.

The beautiful eyebrow moved slightly.

Turning his head without a trace, avoiding her heat…

Suddenly, his face became a little hot.


There are strange feelings, crazy running…

And he can only pretend not to feel it.

Close his eyes and be quiet.

Feeling his deliberate avoidance, Amelia pursed her lips, a little unhappy.

Putting out her little hand, she squeezed his handsome nose firmly, and cursed bitterly, “Liar!!”

Liam’s eyebrows were dazzling.

He opened his eyes, took her restless little hand, looked at her, a little puzzled.

“You said you wanted to tell me the answer!” Amelia glared at him, feeling aggrieved.

Then, sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, her pupils looked at him innocently for a moment.


In her eyes, a spray of grievance can appear at any time.

She looked at him.

He looked at her.


Life is so helpless.

As long as she looked at him, he seemed to be beaten to death by her!

He leaned on his side and fished his long arms. He lifted her squatting on the ground very easily, placed it on a small sofa free of his side, and sat down.

Then, leaning his hands behind her head, he looked at her teasingly.

“Fifteen years old, count it as a premature love!” The voice seemed serious.

Amelia’s pupils flickered.

In an instant, it was a little dark.

It’s a long time…

She was silent.

It seems, aware of his next answer.

However, she was still unwilling.

“So?” She tilted her head to ask him, her voice choked inexplicably.

“So I have to be single for another three years!” He didn’t look at her either.

Turned over to the other side and fell asleep.

It seems…this answer, he, is very casual.

It’s just… a wicked smirk was hidden inside the sofa, and Amelia couldn’t catch it at all.

In an instant…

Amelia was stunned.

She just felt that her mind was blank.

It’s just that she kept playing back his words…

“So I had to be single for another three years…”

Very long time…

Amelia shook her head, and the joy in her eyes was obvious.

Smile, blooming on the face.

She leaned over, with her small face leaning close to the handsome face who was snickering on the sofa.

“Liam, you don’t plan to get married?” she asked him badly.

“No!” He shook his head, “It’s just that I haven’t been married for the last three years!” He clarified his answer again.

He won’t get married forever?

What about her?

“Ah-great!!” Amelia raised her hand and exclaimed in exclamation.

Then, the small body leaped heavily on Burton Liam’s lying body and hugged him tightly, her small mouth kept pecking on his handsome face, chirp, water splashing.

The swooping action is as exaggerated as it is…

Just like that, children in the kindergarten see their favorite candies and slobber over them, wishing to swallow them alive in the next second.

Liam’s face is full of black lines…

He found that not only did this little guy have no awareness of the distinction between men and women, she even didn’t have the reservedness that girls should have!

Later, for a long time…

He has been poisoned by her saliva.

Until she seemed a little tired, she put her arms around him and stopped.

Buried in his arms, there are signs of falling asleep.

“Hey!” He probed his hand, rubbed her little head maliciously, and warned her.

“We still have a pure relationship between men and women, so we can’t be too close!!” He reminded her and also reminded himself.

“Um…” The little guy in his arms seemed to not hear his warning at all, her little cheek rubbed his sturdy chest and continued to sleep lightly.

“Hey! Go to sleep in your room!” He pushed her small body pretendingly.

If this continues, tonight will be a sleepless night.

“Hate! I’m going to…sleep next to…you!” In the dream, her delicate eyebrows frowned, and she murmured angrily.

The delicate little face was rubbed against his sex-sorrow chest, and the little mouth squirmed and murmured a few times.

“Hey! I said waiting for you to grow up!!” He frowned, somewhat innocent, calling her, but his words were still full of petting and helplessness.

Blue pupil looked at her with grievances and resentment.

This guy, does she want him to live?

Amelia frowned in her arms, a little impatient.

Annoying man!!!

“Anyway, I will sleep in the future, if I don’t sleep now, I won’t sleep…” She just moved the time a little earlier!

Amelia muttered uncomfortably, her words vague.

Liam was stunned.

Sure enough, this is the ‘Amelia-like’ thinking she wanted to question!!!


A whole night

Huge body, hardly nestled in the sofa, sleeping.

Or, to be precise, lying on a sofa and being used as a pillow.

Even more torture and suffering.

The small body was buried in his warm arms and fell asleep comfortably.

Had a rare spring and autumn dream in fifteen years…

He couldn’t bear to wake her sleeping in his arms.

Forget it!

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