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Chapter 527

There are many sights she can’t understand…

However, she was not in the mood to understand, and even more so!!!

She just attended a class but was inexplicably called out by the headteacher.

As soon as she stepped out of the classroom, she found that there was more than the class teacher standing outside the door.

“Mrs. Burton, Miss Amelia is here!” The headteacher respectfully said to the old lady with white sideburns.

Amelia was stunned, looking suspiciously at the old lady opposite.

Some are familiar, but she can’t remember where she saw her…

However, the old lady in the teacher’s mouth??

Amelia shook slightly, understanding.


She had seen her the day the little mother died!!!

Amelia looked at her straightforwardly and then bowed politely without speaking.

“Follow me…” The old lady gave a light command.

However, it seems that there is no way to resist.

Amelia doesn’t like walking with strangers!

But this one is different, she is Burton Liam’s grandmother!!!

And so…

She, without hesitation, followed her away.

She is his relative, so she respects her and does not defy her orders!

Later, they sat down in a noble and luxurious coffee shop.

The whole hall was unusually quiet.

Apart from them, there were only a few black bodyguards behind the old lady, and then there were no more guests.

Amelia thought that the business here was so bad that she didn’t come over until she saw the small plaque on the glass door.

It turned out that she was chartered!!!

This meeting seems to be too important!

The old lady sat opposite her, staring at her with sharp eyes for a moment.

As if to see her through for life!

Amelia didn’t speak, but just let her look at herself.

The atmosphere seemed a bit depressing.

The cold-faced bodyguards behind the old lady added a lot of coldness between them.

It’s a long time…

The old lady chuckled, “Long time no see, she’s beautiful again!!”

Amelia blinked her eyes in confusion, puzzled.

The old lady’s words seemed to praise her, but why…

It seemed to her ears, but it seemed to be full of ridicule!!!

“You look more and more like your mother Carter Ava…” The old lady said again.

There was still a smile on the vicissitudes of life, but this time, Amelia understood!!!

There is something in the words! She understands so much!!!

However, she remained silent.

Who made her the daughter of that woman named Carter Ava!!!

“I heard you committed suicide?” The old lady sneered and stared at her with disdain.

Her expression was gloating.

“I heard that you have been in love with my precious grandson? Huh…what’s wrong? When he is about to get married, you will commit suicide?” The old lady continued to interrogate her, and the tone of sarcasm became stronger and stronger.

“Heh… it is indeed a good way to tie up a man in this way!! Yes, there is a tendency for blue to outperform blue…”

The old lady lifted the cane in her hand, smiled, and sighed sincerely.

Amelia remained silent, and no longer looked at the old lady who was chattering on the other side.

She remembered that Burton Liam once said that when a person is talking, out of politeness, you should look at her to show that you are listening to her seriously.

In this way, it appears that you are polite to others!

But, she didn’t want to look at the old woman opposite!!!

Amelia toasted leisurely and took a sip of the strong coffee in the cup.

Her eyes narrowed slightly…

So bitter!!!

However, “It smells so good…”

Sure enough, it is the best coffee, and the rich will know how to enjoy it better!

The old lady on the opposite side suddenly turned black.

This little guy didn’t listen to her at all!

Otherwise, the face is too thick!!!

Nora fiercely slammed the cane in her hand, with a green face, staring at Amelia who was opposite.

“Sure enough, what good role would the daughter of that kind of woman be?! Uncultivated wild species!!!”

Amelia held the silver spoon’s small hand, suddenly stiff.

Then, she raised her head slightly, curled her lips, and smiled innocently.

“Old lady…” Amelia called her with a smile, “If I remember correctly, the woman who taught me to raise me seems to be your granddaughter?”

She asked very lightly and casually, her eyes…but with a strong provocation!

For a moment, the hand holding the cane was shaking, and the anger in her eyes seemed to accumulate.

The bodyguard behind her stared at her, and his eyes became sharper.

“Old madam, you’d better not get angry. For you, your body is the most important thing!!” Amelia smiled and gave her a point.

Looking down, she took a leisurely sip of the coffee in the cup.

This time, it seems, it’s bitterer!!!

There is a feeling of suffering deep in her heart…

It’s wired! Her life… always cannot do without Burton…

In the end, is the surname Burton owed them, or they owed the surname Burton!!!

Amelia could feel that the old lady on the opposite side was getting angrier and angrier…

But, soon, she retreated!

On the opposite side, there was a chuckle, which was full of ridicule.

“Originally, I was still thinking about whether it was time to end your life, and it was a hundred! As a result, today, it seems that you are living happily with our Liam! Yes… I decided to continue to let you live. And to live well…”

Take a good look at how her favorite man marries other women into the house, take a good look at how her favorite man and other women give birth to children, and then be a despised ‘little three’ role!!!

For a lifetime, she can’t hold her head up to meet people, and she’ll never get a name for a lifetime!!!

This is the fate that their Booth women should have!

“Don’t worry, if you don’t tell me, I will live well…” Amelia still smiled and answered calmly.

“Very good…” The old lady nodded ‘admiringly’, “Yes, don’t insult yourself anymore! If you want to die, just die a little bit more easily, and cut the knife on your wrist again. A little!!! Maybe, like that, my precious grandson may remember you for a while, but you are not dead, but it is very sad…” The old lady lowered her eyes, smiled, and then pretended to be sad. Sighed.

“Silly girl, if my dear grandson likes you, would you still have to commit suicide? Would he be willing to let you commit suicide? If this wedding wasn’t for the bride being held hostage by the kidnappers, I’m afraid they are already sweet. Go for their honeymoon!”

Amelia’s petite body froze suddenly.

For a moment, it seemed that there was something like a sharp knife, and it penetrated through her cold heart…

A twitch-like sting in the chest! Extremely uncomfortable!!!

She has to admit that the old lady has touched her sore spot!

Even so, the wedding was not successful… But her heart, cold, had already lost any temperature!

Capturing Amelia’s slight change, the corners of her stern lips were raised, and she smiled softly, “Okay, that’s the end of today’s conversation, go back to class obediently!”

The attitude of the old lady is still very calm and elegant…

“Harry, send my lady back to school!”

A faint command was heard, and then she got up and left.

Amelia didn’t take their car back to school, she would rather walk back by herself instead of throwing up in the car!

After school, Burton Liam came to pick her up.

However, she wants to go for a walk…

So she took Adam Mason, bypassed his car, and left.

When she went out, she deliberately threw the phone on the bedside, planning to quit that thing in the future…

It’s like quitting that man!!!

Mrs. Burton’s words are correct…

If he loves her, will she still have to commit suicide at ten o’clock?

Insult herself!!!

“Have you convulsed again today? You took the initiative to pull me out!!” Adam Mason was shocked by Amelia’s initiative.

“Yes! Take you to death together!” Amelia returned him angrily.

“I know you can’t do anything good with me!!” Adam Mason glanced at Amelia contemptuously.

“Hey! I just saw your uncle come to pick you up!” Adam Mason threw the schoolbag over his shoulder and stabbed Amelia aside.

“You are ill!!” Amelia cursed angrily, “I have no relatives!!!”

Where’s the uncle?!

“Heh…why do you want relatives? It’s enough to have your friend!! We don’t care about those characters!!” Adam Mason held Amelia’s shoulders, raised his head, and said triumphantly…

“Really?” Amelia curled her lips and smiled, “See if you-ma will say that when you die!”

“Hey!! Amelia, how do you-ma speak!!?” Adam Mason just wanted to kick Amelia over.

“Crow’s mouth! Pooh! Pooh!”

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at him pretendingly, “Don’t you care?”

“Hey! No conscience, didn’t I just comfort you?”

“Alright, alright! I see!” Amelia responded to him with an annoyed expression.

The topic that hurriedly changed, she was afraid that she would become the envy and sublimate to jealousy!!!

It’s wired…

She would envy him for having relatives!!! Damn it!

“Adam Mason, is there any way to make me forget someone?”

She tilted her head and asked him seriously.

“What?” Adam Mason squinted at her.

“Tired…” Amelia replied lightly, found a place at random, and sat down.

With complicated eyes, he glanced at Amelia, who was a little sad on the side and raised his beautiful sword eyebrows.

Nodded, “Yes!! Throw your head against the wall over there, no bleeding, and no concussion. Don’t relax, smash it for a day and a half, lie down in the hospital, come back and forget it, no one can remember!!”

Amelia raised her eyes and kicked him irritably, “Insane!!!”

“Okay, it’s okay! It was fun for you!” Adam Mason stepped aside from her invincible legs and sat down with a piece of land beside her.

The dazzling star eyes looked at her wickedly, “Have you ever tried to use one person to forget another person? The method is said to work well, do you want to try it?”

His voice is full of temptation-coaxing, and charm.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at him, her pretty lips smiled coldly, “Adam Mason, are you kidding me again?”

Chapter 528

“Cut! You don’t know what is good or bad! How many women who want to be kidnapped by me are not so lucky, I just think you are my friend, let you try it out to see the effect! The effect is better, I will pay it back later It can be used!” Adam Mason responded calmly.

Amelia raised her eyebrows and sneered, “The point is that you have a woman you remember?”

Adam Mason just tapped on Amelia’s little head without answering her question.

Does he remember, only he knows…

Just like the woman in front of him, she was born so special, it would be difficult for him not to remember!!!

When she got home, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

As soon as she walked in, she ran into Liam who was sitting in the hall with a cold face.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced lightly at him on the sofa.

After that, she changed her shoes and walked upstairs.

“Where did you go?” A cold voice snapped.

When the small body passed the sofa, the small hands were tightly clasped.

The steps under her feet stopped, “Went out with friends for a walk!”

She answered his question calmly.

He clasped the big palm on her arm and tightened it tightly.

“Adam Mason?” The voice sank for several minutes.

“En…” Amelia nodded without looking at him.

It’s a long time…

Liam did not say anything again.

Little hands struggled, but unexpectedly, they clasped the palm of his arm and tightened a bit.

Amelia’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, her lips were bitten, and she was silent.

The two have been deadlocked!

“Why don’t you answer my call?” A low voice popped from between his teeth.

“No!” Amelia replied simply, her voice so cold that there was no hint of temperature.

With… the palm of his arm was cold.

“Remember to bring it with you later!” He gave in…

The faint pupils became deeper and deeper, but they also became dull for a few minutes.

“No!” This time, Amelia finally turned her head.

Looking at him, there was a decisive coldness in her eyes, “I can’t use it!”

After speaking, the little hand struck hard, escaped from his confinement, tilted her head, and left without hesitation.

He froze there…

The cold palms were still in the air, and for a long time, some of them couldn’t recover.

Amelia turned around and went upstairs.

Her eyes fell on the dining table, and her heart trembled slightly.

The food on the table is cold…

Has he not eaten yet? Still, have been waiting for her?

After a moment of stunned, she went to the beginning, stopped thinking too much, and walked into the bedroom.

The phone lay peacefully next to the pillow, making harsh alarms.

Almost out of power…

Raise her hand, pick it up gently, and open it.

The beautiful pupils shrank, and the nose was a little sour.

52 missed calls!

Caller: Burton Liam.

A drop of clear tears slid down in the misty eyes without warning, landed on the dim phone screen, and fainted.

The heart seems to be grabbed by someone, and the pain is unbearable.

Raising her hand, cutting open the glass window, her arm raised…

With the sound of “pop”, something sadly passed by in the night sky, and then landed heavily.

Smash it…

Just like, her heart was shattered in an instant!

On the terrace, Burton Liam kept leaning on the handrail, smoking a cigarette lonely…

Suddenly, there was the sound of a window sliding open, and his heart trembled.

Turning his head to look over, a familiar little figure came out.

The little head was in the dim light, but there was a bit of coldness in the cuteness.

“Quick…” Something broke away from her hand…

Parabolic into the night sky, fell fiercely.

The moment it landed, he saw clearly…

It’s a cell phone!!!

The only thing he gave her…

One, something with special meaning!

Because he knows, there is only one person’s name on that phone, that is, him!!!

Not even Adam Mason!!!

Heart, a stagnation…

At that moment, there seemed to be something in his heart, thickly scratching…

So bitter, so astringent! It still oozes, the pain of the heart-shaking!!!

“Burton Liam – from today, I, Amelia – completely abstained from you …” At the window, her little hand trumpeted, hissing wildly.

Every time she shouted, her heart ached.

She doesn’t want this dog-shit love!!!

Everything is deceptive!

Fairy tales? Sleeping Beauty? Still want her for a lifetime!!!

Those are all lies, gorgeous and hurtful lies…

When the sharp blade was cut on her wrist, her heart was completely dead!!!

All emotions, with her blood… all flowed away!!!

It’s gone, it’s gone…

But why is it gone, and she… still crying and heartache!!!

On the terrace, his sturdy back stood motionless.

He didn’t come back to his senses until the smoke between his fingers burned out, and an unexplained pain struck, with a sound of “chih-“.

Fingers shook, reflexively throwing away the cigarette butt.

It hurts!!!

Even his eyes started to hurt!!!

Sour and swollen…

“Liam…From today, I, Amelia…quit you completely…”

In a word, it hit his chest mercilessly!!!

So hurtful, so decisive…

Said, she depends on him for a lifetime! She clearly said that she will never be forgotten, nor can he be forgotten!!!

It’s all dog-shit!!!

Shaking his hands, took out a cigarette and lit it.

He took a fierce sip, choking his heart hurt!!!

It turns out that this world is either love that can stand the test!


Love can’t stand the test at all!!!

He is and so is she!!!

Late at night…

She fell asleep, very shallow.

Her heart has been being pulled by people in her dreams, so painful that she even suppressed her breathing!

Suddenly, a strong smell of wine rushed straight into her nose.

Amelia’s eyebrows can’t help but frown, it smells so choking…

It choked her, even her nose was sore, and her heart ached!!!

In the next moment, the lips were heavily held by something, the aroma of wine was permeated, and there was a heart-wrenching taste…

It belongs to that man!!!

Suddenly, the muddled mind came to a sense of clarity, supported her eyes, and stared at the fascinated man.

He, unexpectedly, drank!!!

The hot palms ripped the clothes frantically.

Amelia just stared at him coldly, letting him go crazy.

His kisses fell on her densely, very urgent, and very hot.

“Liam, you are drunk!!”

She probed her hand, clasped his wandering lips, and said coldly.

In an instant, the man on her body froze for a second.

Then, he kissed her slightly opened lips heavily.

Domineering attacked her fragrant mouth and couldn’t resist.

The heat rushed fiercely around her, and her breathing was heavy and rapid.

Her body was aching.

The heart… followed, stinging intolerably.

It’s like being stunned by someone!!!

His kiss is getting more and more urgent and getting hotter…

“Burton Liam, you are drunk-let me go!!” This time, Amelia was a little annoyed.

Detective, clasping his restless head tightly, not allowing him to continue.

Because she was afraid that she would…can’t help but fall!!!

“I want you…”

His lips pressed against hers, his voice hoarse, announcing his answer.

Voice, trembling…

With a bit of sadness and helplessness!!!

With a “hiss…” and a big palm lifted, the silk pajamas on her body were torn apart without mercy.

In the next moment, he left.

Amelia was suddenly excited, and her whole body trembled.

“Liam, you are crazy!!! Uh-“

The sound of protest was concealed in his crazy kiss.

His scorching palm continues…

Wandering around Amelia’s petite body…

She can feel his panic and fear!!!

“Hiss…” Another sound of cloth shattering.

Heart panicked for a moment.

She was at a loss.

Tears pattered down without warning…

His kiss continued.

Her struggling arm was tightly restrained by him, and she did not move.

For the first time, she tasted the humiliation!!!

This feeling is terrible!

He, kissing her… in a hurry.

“I… want you… Amelia, I want you…” He kept muttering.

Talking while kissing.

Every word, like a sharp sword, pierced her heart deeply, so painful!!!

There is a faint mark on the tooth mark on the chest.

So dazzling!!!

He attached it, trying to kiss off the obtrusive mark

“I don’t want it, I don’t want…” Amelia struggled and resisted constantly.

However, to no avail!!!

His strength is surprisingly great!

Strangling her wrist, it hurts…

Amelia was suddenly scared!!! Hiss and cry…

“Liam, you are drunk! Wake up! Wake up! What the hell are you doing?”

Didn’t he always refuse to want her? What is he doing now? What does he think of her?!

Is he going crazy through wine, or is it a shame?!!!

“Burton Liam, I hate you!! I hate you!!” Amelia struggled and snarled.

With red eyes, she stared angrily at the man on her.

“Liam, if this continues, I will move out tomorrow…”

Amelia kept her voice cold and decisively pronounced the sentence in a low voice.

In an instant…

The man on her body trembled fiercely for a second, like an electric shock, and froze suddenly.

Lifting his eyes, with red eyes, he stared at the woman whose eyes were full of mist under him.

There is a ball of fireworks, rising continuously in the red eyes…

He is like a mad lion, full of irritability and anger!!!

“Where are you moving? This is your home, and you are not allowed to go anywhere!!!”

With a roar of anger, Burton Liam stood up, pulled the nightgown on the ground, and went out.

With a “bang…” the door was slammed heavily, and he resolutely left.

With a…wounded heart!!!

The small body trembled for a second, watching his leaving figure…

Amelia became more and more confused, hollow…

The breath of Amelia is still filled with his taste…

So familiar, so warm, but also, so painful!!!

She lowered her eyes, glanced at the dazzling hickey on her chest, then curled up in the quilt, crying!!!

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