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Chapter 529

Just now, her injury and panic…

It hurts her eyes so much!!!

She was scared…

Even so selfishly afraid, she will quit him completely!!!

Because, in that injury, she was still worried, despair…

In the bathroom…

The sound of the water continued to flow, icy and cold, cruelly sprinkled on his body that was getting colder.

He makes a fist, dead!

Between his fingers, there was a terrifying whiteness!!!


He almost got the little guy!!!

He was not drunk at all just now, his will is too clear!!!

He was just going crazy with the power of alcohol!

“Ah!!!” With a roar, he slammed his fist against the pale wall.

The thorny blood slid down the plain white tiles drop by drop…

But he didn’t feel the pain at all!!!

He, just remember, just… he almost raped his little girl with…!!!

What is the difference between this behavior and the bird-beast?!!!

He was naked, leaning against the cold wall, squatting there, motionless…

Let the cold water wash his unquenchable heart!

With both hands, covering him, time and time again, wipe off the water droplets on his face.

But found…

In the cold clear water, there were melting, hot water droplets!!!

He was in tears!!!

For her, the second time…

The scorching tears touched his cold palms as if being scorched by fire!

There was a piercing pain in the chest, one after another, one after another, more painful and intolerable!!!

Next day

Early in the morning, Amelia got up.

Deliberately procrastinated for some time in the bedroom, trying to let Liam go, and she went out again.

What happened last night, she didn’t know how to face…

It should be embarrassing, right? It is better to avoid some first!

When she went to class, Liam had already left.

He still didn’t go home until 11 p.m.

Amelia stayed in the hall, looking at the quartz clock on the wall from time to time.

She remembered that he didn’t seem to have the habit of coming home late!!!

“Miss, it’s eleven o’clock! Go to bed early!” Sister Mia stepped forward and persuaded Amelia who was staring at the animation on the sofa.

Amelia turned her head to look at her blankly and shook her head.

“I want to finish watching this animation!” Amelia insisted.

She has watched this animation more than ten times, and she can recite almost every line.

But, she just doesn’t want to go to sleep…

Just want to stay here and wait!!!

“Miss, let’s go to sleep! The young master just called back and said that he won’t be back tonight! Let you rest early!” Sister Mia seemed to see Amelia’s intention.

Amelia on the sofa was slightly startled and then turned her head to look at Sister Mia.

“Where did he go?”

The question was very soft as if there was no trace of anger.

“The young master didn’t say, but only said to let you rest!”

“Oh…” Amelia turned her head back, buried her knees, nodded, and responded.

Amelia’s pupils involuntarily went dark for a few minutes.

He… won’t come back…

In the meeting room

“Our newly developed products require a strong sales team. However, our company has always focused on directly attacking the market over the years. Therefore, this time we are looking for a partner with a strong sales force. Next, everyone will express their opinions and find out which one is most suitable!”

As the chairman, Mrs. Burton spoke.

The next time is when they express their opinions.

This meeting is the most important meeting of Burton Liam in recent years and the most important step in the company’s diversified transformation!

More…they planned, the first step!!!

On this project, he must perform well.

To be honest, he has always been not very interested in doing business. Before entering this company, he had been studying product development. It was not until he entered Burton Company that he officially started to enter the road of marketing.

It was not until their plan started that he began to seriously study the entire intriguing mall!

There are too many companies bidding for this cooperation plan, but in Liam’s view, no one except ICE is suitable for their cooperation this time.

“I think Spire is a good one! Both of us have maintained a good cooperative relationship and have the strongest advantage in terms of price. As for the sales team, it is clear that they have a group of elites with the most sales methods!” Burton Lucas put forward his views.

The old lady in the chairperson smiled at him, nodded, and agreed.

But for her, this is not the best plan.

“Do you have any other opinions?” The sharp eyes glanced at the high-level personnel below and then asked.

“I think we can consider ICE! As for sales methods, I think their strength is clear beyond doubt. More importantly, their company’s software can bring considerable benefits to our company!” Lifting his eyes, he glanced at Burton Lucas on the opposite side with a complicated look, then opened his mouth leisurely.

His purpose is to overwhelm the man opposite!

The old lady did not speak, and her vicissitudes of life seemed to flash through her eyes.

Burton Lucas chuckled, “ICE is indeed a good plan, but the high cost they proposed is not a small figure, right? Even if Burton has money, it is a business competition, and money does not spend like this. The truth!”

Liam smiled, nodded, agreeing with his words.

“That’s right! We can take a look. Of all the bidding companies, only this one is the most suitable product for this time. However, the price is also the highest. Even the company has already had a lot of senior staff to talk to the ICE senior staff. However, the price cannot be negotiated! Have you ever thought about the reason? Is it because ICE does not want to do this business? Or is it not sincere to cooperate with our Burton?”

Burton Liam smiled and asked all the people who questioned.

The elder lady in the chair lifted her lips tightly.

Indeed, ICE is their best choice, but because the cost is too high, so the plan has not been able to get down.

“Why is ICE unwilling to lower the price in the face of so much competition? Because foreign bosses like ICE also think that our Burton must choose them! Why? Because they also know that all companies are best for us! Since they think so and think that we must be them, then we will show ICE in a nice play!”

“Acting?” Burton Lucas sneered, “Do you think our Burton is a film and television company!”

As soon as Burton Lucas’s words fell, the general managers of other departments dared not speak anymore.

“How to act? Keep talking!” Mrs. Burton spoke.

There was a cheerful smile at the corner of her lips. She was very interested in this scene.

Burton Lucas glanced at the old lady with a slight appreciation, and his face changed slightly.

Burton Liam nodded and continued, “Since ICE feels that we must be theirs and has been reluctant to keep the price down, then we have to give in to Spire, and after the meeting is over today, we will talk with the people of Spire upper-level company. The contract is officially signed in two weeks, yes! Don’t forget to notify the reporters and the media! As soon as the news goes out, when the Spire boss is in place, I believe there will be new notices on the price from ICE! ICE believes what we want them to believe, and we will win this battle!!”

It’s as if he wants grandma and Burton Lucas to believe him, then they will win this battle!!!

It’s all the same, just rely on gambling!

“You mean to make ICE believe that we are going to sign a contract with Spire?”

Mrs. Burton asked him with a deep smile.

“Yes! If you are a smart person, you should know how big a business this cooperation plan is. I believe no one will want to miss this business! Including, ICE!” Burton Liam replied affirmatively.

“Isn’t this playing Spire as a monkey?” Burton Lucas was very unhappy.

The old lady just smiled, got up, and announced, “This is the end of today’s meeting, Liam, just do what you want! You will be there for signing the contract!”

After finishing speaking, she turned her head and glanced at Burton Lucas on the side, curled her lips, smiled deeply, “Burton Lucas, this mall is like a battlefield! If you don’t play other people like a monkey, others will still play you like a monkey! It needs a lot of training!”

“Liam, I will visit the office after the meeting is over! Let’s talk about the signing rules!” The old lady looked at Burton Liam’s eyes, and they all lit up.

The plan this time made her look amazing!

Behind him, Burton Lucas’s face became more and more ugly!

For the first time, he saw grandma’s admiring eyes…

Not on him, but the man!!!


This, they don’t know how many times…

Almost every day and night, there will be such a miserable cry.

The servants drooped their ears, and in the hall downstairs, each was busy, as long as they could not hear.

However, everyone’s body trembled slightly.

But… no one dared to knock on the closed door.


Allen Emily crawled hard on the cold floor naked, breathing a little weak.

Her voice was hoarse, and there was a tingling pain in her throat, just like those strange scars on her body.

There is blood, dripping out of her private-secret place…

Good…it hurts!!!

Her cold body was trembling, tears wet the floor…

She, struggling to climb up the bed step by step…

It was so cold on the ground, it was so cold that she hurt all over her body!!!

“Where are you going?!!!” He asked coldly, like the sound of the soul locked in hell.

“Ah…” With Allen Emily exclaimed, with a “slap”, she just climbed to the front of the bed and hit the hard floor heavily, making a harsh muffled sound.

Chapter 530

Her legs were grasped by him, and he pulled her mercilessly and dragged her to the cold floor…

Today, he seems to be more emotional and crazy!

As if he had been greatly irritated, he madly asked her when he came back, venting all his grief and anger on her!

He grabbed her, squeezed her body, and broke it over.

“Allen Emily, what are you crying? You are crying-do you still miss that man? Huh?” Burton Lucas pierced his eyes and stared at the nearly dying Allen Emily on the ground in anger.

Then, Evil eyes smiled.

One leaned over, bullied her, and penetrated her fiercely again without warning.


Fingers, embedded in her back, bloodshot running down her fingers, faintly overflowing…

The cold tears slid down and ended in a hurry…

Beneath him, the desolate blood water on the floor, dyed into a patch, like a coquettish poppy…glowing with a deceptive ghost!!!

The weak body, accompanied by his madness, kept shaking.

So…it hurts…

It hurts, almost dying!!!

“Allen Emily… I tell you, you are the woman of my Burton Lucas, now you are, and you will be for the rest of your life!!! Others don’t think about it…” he madly occupied her, while yelling angrily.

The red-blooded pupils and the raging flames of passion and desire are becoming more and more intense!!!

“Let…Let…I! Lucas…Lucas, I…I beg you…”

Allen Emily paled, her lips trembling, and begged him again and again.

Her voice was so hoarse that she could barely make it anymore…

Until the end, only tears kept pouring out, one after another, which could not be stopped, could not be stopped!

“I’m telling you, Burton Liam never wanted to grab my position! Grandma will give me what I want! Even you, Allen Emily, I want to come over from my grandma!! Hmph! He is just a wild- Kind, no one waits to see him!! Grandma knew that you two had a leg, and as a result, as soon as I said that, she immediately agreed to me! He thought he could take Grandma with one plan? He was dreaming!! Don’t think about it…don’t think about it…”

Burton Lucas roared, and the movements under him became crazier and crazier!!!

But he didn’t even care if the woman under him was still awake…

Allen Emily trembled, tears streaming endlessly…

Looking at the man whose face was almost distorted, as he moved more and more crazily, accompanied by deeper and deeper pain under him, finally, the pain was so painful that she passed out!

“Not bad! I heard that this time another big deal has been added to the company!” Brook Mike casually threw a hall of beer over.

“En…” Burton Liam nodded in response.

With the sound of “chicks”, he opened the beer, raised his head, and took a sip.

“What? The little guy still doesn’t want to talk to you?” Seeing that he still couldn’t lift his energy, Brook Mike knew what was going on.

“En…” Burton Liam nodded slightly, “By the way! I will sleep with you tonight!”

“Hey! Why are you avoiding her? Don’t you just get drunk and have sex? Besides, don’t you still have to go in? Is it necessary to think things so serious?” Brook Mike directly pierced him.

“Bah -” A pillow slammed at him fiercely.

“Shut up!” Burton Liam groaned at him in an angry voice.

“I don’t want her to hide from me tired! She doesn’t have to hide from me if I don’t go home!”

He avoided her actions, it was too obvious!!!

“Hehehe…” Burton Liam’s cell phone rang promptly.

“Hey! Hurry up and change your ringtone for me!” Brook Mike said every time he heard it.

Burton Liam ignored him and glanced at the caller ID, it turned out to be Blair Evelyn??

“Your future wife?” Burton Liam tilted his head and glanced suspiciously at Brook Mike on the side.

“Why is she looking for you?” Brook Mike was surprised for a second.

Liam shrugged and answered the phone.

“Liam… Allen Emily has just been sent to the hospital!”

It was a coincidence that she was invited by the old lady to ‘drink tea’ just now, and finally heard the news.

“Emily went to the hospital?” Burton Liam was startled for a second, “What the hell is going on?”

Brook Mike on the side, a beautiful handsome face, sank a bit.

“Listening to the old lady’s tone, it seems that Burton Lucas’s troubles have happened again. I heard from the phone that there is still a child in Allen Emily’s stomach who has miscarried! I don’t know exactly what happened. Just what I said!”

Blair Evelyn truthfully explained what she knew.

After Liam listened, his face instantly became extremely ugly.

After hanging up the phone, the two ran straight to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, he saw Burton Liam leaning against the wall of the ward just as soon as he opened the door, staring blankly at the pale and delicate face on the bed.

The look in his eyes was somewhat hollow.

Emily on the bed, pale little face, could not find a trace of anger, only a little blood oozing out on her forehead.

When they first came in, what the attending doctor said was still in their ears.

“The second youngest grandmother’s uterus has been destroyed and completely deformed. It may be difficult to conceive a child in the future!”

Burton Liam clenched his fists tightly, the blue veins on his forehead burst, and the anger in his eyes rose a little.

Brook Mike on the side was even angrier!

“What are you doing here?”

Burton Lucas, who was leaning against the wall, finally found two more figures suddenly appearing in the ward, and it was the person he was extremely unwelcome to Burton Liam!

Contemptuously glanced at Burton Liam, and asked aloud.

With a “pop”, a heavy fist hit Burton Lucas’s entire ‘ugly’ cheek.

Burton Liam couldn’t imagine that he would torture Emily into such an appearance!!!

“Asshole!!! Burton Lucas, you are still not a man!!! She is your wife! How can you do this to her? Ah?”

Burton Liam’s bloody eyes stared at the man in front of him angrily and roared.

Burton Lucas staggered, then raised his hand and wiped the corners of the painful mouth, there was a trace of blood oozing out.

He sneered, “Since she’s my wife, what are you worrying about? Or are you worried about your son who was killed by me!!! Ah?”

Burton Lucas let out a violent roar, and then made a fist and swung it straight to Burton Liam’s face without any explanation.

When he was too late, he was fast, and Burton Liam raised his hand and violently caught the fist he was struggling to swing.

“Papa…” There was another heavy punch. This time, it was Brook Mike.

A sturdy fist hit Burton Lucas’s distorted face fiercely, “Burton Lucas, you and ma are not humans at all!! You can get this murderous hand with your son!!

“He’s ma!!! He dared to beat me, I killed you!!!” Burton Lucas, who was smashed by two punches, was completely mad at once.

With the scarlet blood on his pupils, he clenched his fists tightly and slammed straight towards them.

“Stop it all!!!” Suddenly, with a violent cry, a vicious fight was stopped in time.

The old lady leaned on a cane and entered the ward with a cold face.

Behind her, still followed by two black bodyguards.

Burton Lucas was startled and unwillingly withdrew his fist.

“You are waiting outside!” Mrs. Burton coldly ordered and closed the door of the ward.

She glanced at Allen Emily lying on the bed, and her hands-on crutches trembled.

Then, folded and walked towards them.

The sharp eyes, revealing the extreme cold, forced people to stare at them for a moment.

The next moment…

“Papa…” A clear voice sounded throughout the silent ward.

A slap severely landed on Burton Lucas’s red and swollen left face.

The palms are trembling all the time…

The eyes staring at Burton Lucas were filled with pity, but there was also a deep disappointment!!!

“Grandma, even you… also, hit me?” Burton Lucas covered his face, staring at the old lady in disbelief.

“You should fight!!!” The old lady angered the crutches in her hand.

“Do you know that the woman lying on the bed is not only your wife!!! She is also your son’s mother!!!”

The old lady’s voice was trembling, pointing angrily at the almost dying woman on the bed, and yelling at him.

“The child in her belly can’t be mine!! It must be this animal-born wild-species!!!”

Burton Lucas pointed to Burton Liam on the side and roared hysterically.

Every time he does with this woman, he has protective measures, so the child refuses to be his!!!

“Burton Lucas, you and he are simply inferior to a beast!!!” Brook Mike on the side couldn’t help yelling, he didn’t care if there was an old lady present.

“Papa…” There was another sharp and crisp applause, which was thrown on Burton Lucas’s twisted cheeks without mercy.

“Tiger poisons don’t eat seeds, you are inferior to birds and beasts!!!”

Mrs. Burton’s voice trembled a little bit, staring at Burton Lucas with obvious disappointment and a hazy mist.

“I knew you would suspect that the child in Emily’s stomach was not yours! So, I asked someone to give you an answer, and you can see it!!!” A piece of paper was smashed On Burton Lucas’s red and swollen face.

Some tingling…

The big palm holding the piece of paper, from trembling to stiffness…

The answer is printed in the last column… exactly!

“Ah -” Burton Lucas roared wildly, with a heavy punch, slammed on the pale wall in the ward.

The blood is overflowing…

His legs kicked the cold wall like venting, forever.

“Harry, come in!” A cold command voice called the bodyguards waiting outside the ward.

“Madam…” Harry, a bodyguard dressed in black, came in and called respectfully.

“Send the young master back to me!” She glanced at the frantic man by the wall and gave a cold command.

“Yes…” Harry nodded, and then dragged the frantic Burton Lucas and walked out.

At last…

In the ward, it became quiet.

“Brook Mike?” The old lady’s complicated eyes glanced at Brook Mike who was extremely angry.

“Yes -” Brook mike nodded, suppressed the fire, and responded.

The behavior of the old lady just now surprised him. He didn’t expect that the old lady, who always loved her grandson more than herself, would slap Burton Lucas in the face.

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